ObamaCare Already Downgrading Employment Options

It appears that two of Obama’s favorite talking points are, in reality, mutually exclusive. Obama likes to talk about both “creating jobs” and “universal healthcare.” But reports are coming in that are so obvious that even the mainstream media can’t ignore them: businesses are reducing full-time employment options in order to avoid having to pay health insurance premiums for full-time employees.

This is even after it was announced that the implementation of ObamaCare will be delayed.  This is especially the case for high-turnover jobs in the hospitality and service industry. The Wall Street Journal reports: “A number of restaurants and other low-wage employers say they are increasing their staffs by hiring more part-time workers to reduce reliance on full-timers before the health-care law takes effect.”

So I guess Obama’s talking points aren’t mutually exclusive. He has created more jobs in a manner of speaking. It’s just that those jobs are hardly worth having and promise little future potential for promotion. But, never one to be daunted by the facts, Obama will more than likely point to the increase in hiring numbers without pointing out that this increase is actually a bad thing. The quantity of jobs has increased, but the quality of those jobs has actually diminished.

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It is possible that, in order to seal up this loophole, the Obamacare might be amended. But the only amendment that would “work” would mean that all employees (no matter how part-time they are) would have to be covered by health insurance. Such a burdensome and unenforceable law would likely be dead in the water on both sides of the aisle.

So, in the meantime, employment opportunities in general will be of lesser quality for the people who most desperately need good jobs: low-income wage earners with few marketable skills. These people will be even more likely now to go on government assistance. And those companies who continue to hire full-time employees—mostly in the manufacturing and production sector—will have to raise prices in order to pay for increased ObamaCare health insurance costs. And who do you think will be most harmed by these higher prices? Again, low-income wage earners. Added to this, the extraordinary amount of debt ObamaCare will require will likely result in even more inflation. And who will be most harmed by a worthless dollar? You guessed it: low-income wage earners.

And Obama is trying to help the poor? I would hate to see what he would do if he were trying to harm them.

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