The Obamas think they are Royalty and we are just Peasants

No risks for Mrs. Obama – Plenty for Americans

Anyone paying attention cannot help notice the Obamas have taken on the affectations of royalty. The Orange Country Register reported a Placentia, California, high school teacher got a taste of this recently when she was being honored at a luncheon at the Nokia Club, Los Angeles, by the Grammy Museum, for using music to teach about money.

The teacher was to meet Michelle Obama, the featured speaker at the event, presumably for a photo op. But before she could do that, the Secret Service required she be investigated, not withstanding she is a veteran certified teacher, well-known in her community.

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Nonetheless, because she’d be standing with Mrs. Obama for a minute or two for a photo at the luncheon, thorough vetting was required.

Obama-the-KingMeanwhile, American citizens are under attack by massive invasions by hordes of unknown, un-vetted, unnamed disease-ridden criminals/illegals crashing across the border and being sent by the government by plane and buses to unsuspecting Americans in their cities across the USA.

Mrs. Obama apparently couldn’t risk standing next to a well-known California teacher. While the president, Mr. Obama, has ordered thousands of recently arrived criminals/illegals, who have swarmed across the border into USA cities to be “hosted” by unsuspecting, unwilling Americans at their dinner tables.

Citizens were not informed. Nor was permission requested.

While stating the tens of thousands of new criminals/illegals would be deported, Mr. Obama instead sent them by the planeload and busload into interior cities far from the border –actually dumping these disease-ridden invaders onto the laps of horrified citizens.

The patriots of Murrieta, California protested, standing in front of the buses, effectively protecting their city from the dangers presented by un-vetted foreign nationals…Who knows what criminals, terrorists, diseased people are among the groups. Presenting them as “children” is specious. The majority appear to be adults, with many teen males, some already involved with notorious gangs.

These people present risks too vast to catalog. No one can document with certainty their names, ages, nation of origin or anything else about them. Some did carry “cheat sheets” instructing them how to state reasons for breaking into the USA.

The enormous security, medical, economic and cultural risks from these tens of thousands foreign nationals are, according to the Obamas, acceptable for mere American “peasants,” but Mrs. Obama couldn’t be expected to risk meeting a lone school teacher without Secret Service protection.

It is now apparent. The president imagines himself not as a Constitutional executive, subject to the checks and balances of the Founding Father’s brilliant three-branches of government design, but as an absolute dictator. And not the good ancient Roman kind of dictator, who held what was then an honorable office for only six months, but rather as something else.

Today it is agreed, by political pundits, the current invasion by tens of thousands of criminals/illegals from south of the border has been orchestrated by the administration for purely political gain – stock the country with poor people, incompatible with democratic self-reliant society, who will vote for their own handouts, and eternal power is assured for the Leftist/Democrats.

Decent persons find this corruption as repellent as the enforced compromising of USA communities through the administration’s dumping of thousands of disease-ridden criminals/illegals into their towns with no warning or permission.

Now the teacher who was to meet Michelle Obama at the Grammy Museum event, presumably for a few minutes to pose for a photo, was required to hand over her Social Security number to the Secret Service for background, criminal investigation. Whether she was screened for disease is not known. She also had to surrender the use of her cell phone and her husband, who accompanied her to the award event, was barred from meeting Obama.

The honest law-abiding taxpayers, who are footing the bill for the invading burglars, have no access to Secret Service protection – or any protection — to vet the criminality or communicable diseases the law-breakers certainly have.

The soon-to-be hundreds of thousands of criminals/illegals, being shepherded by racketeering Mexico across thousands of miles at the behest of unnamed powers, are given no background or medical checks at all. Not even their real names or places of origin can be documented. They can say they are from warring planet Mars and it will be accepted.

The president has arrogantly placed them at the dinner tables of American citizens across the country, while Mrs. Obama cannot be subjected to standing next to an American teacher at a luncheon without having that person’s background investigated by the Secret Service. This, while entire American cities and towns are being exposed to virulent disease and crime and serious security risks of attack with no protections whatsoever.

Obamalied4That’s the difference between “royals” and those treated as “peasants” by the royals.

This exposure to disease-ridden invaders is not just for a few minutes of photo op.

You know…something like…OK, you Americans line up, and hold hands with the burglars that just broke into your home – country.

Not to worry. Your president says they will be deported.

But they are not being deported.

Instead he has given orders for them to be sent to your cities and towns across the country for you to MEDICATE, ACCOMMODATE, EDUCATE, hundreds of thousands of them.

So what if it will cost you millions.

While destroying the sanctity of your communities, schools, hospitals and country.

The courageous patriot citizens of Murrieta, California, were shocked to learn they were being targeted to act as unwilling hosts to these current invading criminals/illegals.They have prevailed. No criminals/illegals have been dumped on their city…but only because they protested. To stop the confiscation of their property – their city and all it contains – while subjecting them to disease and crime.

They and all America patriots must continue to oppose the dictatorial actions of the government to curtail free speech, free thoughts, rights to property, and freedom from invaders.

Americans are not peasants.

The Obamas are not royalty and should be subject to the Rule of Law they are denying citizens.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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