Liberal Democrats Join Forces with Mexican Invaders

As the American southwest border with Mexico is overrun by illegals, mostly children, at least one reported death, and many cases of disease, American liberals look for new ways to exploit another crisis for their benefit — at the expense of the American taxpayer.

If liberals can just muster enough voters addicted to the narcotic of the public purse — taking other people’s money for their own benefit — the well of votes will never go dry. At least until the borrowing has ended in bankruptcy. As anyone beyond the age of 3 understands selfishness will continue to increase once the voters discover that they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury through the candidate most willing to give it away. Today the Democrat Party is literally giving away the country and they never miss an opportunity to pat themselves on the back for doing it.

Is there anyone left who will stand for America? Anyone willing to stand on principle?

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The LA Times reported on June 26 that Governor Brown was in San Diego pandering to the Latino contingency of elected representatives, saying, “The power you represent is growing and it is growing in very important ways.”

The article goes on to say that two decades after California voters approved Proposition 187, barring public services to illegals, the political tide has turned, and Latinos are demanding more tolerant policies from Sacramento.

illegalsForgive me, but Proposition 187 was a rally cry by the people, the taxpayers of California, because the policies from Sacramento were far too tolerant of illegals and far too intolerant of the taxpayers who were footing the bill. The politicians wouldn’t do their job; they were giving away the treasure of the working class to those who had broken into the country illegally. This left no alternative than for the people to take a stand, and it ended in a historic victory. The citizens of California weren’t going to take it anymore.

What happened next was truly appalling. The politicians and the courts (politicized under liberal leadership) gutted the will of the people — in favor of the invaders — and it was all eventually left on the vine to die by Gray Davis, who would not allow it to be argued before the Supreme Court of the United States. We know what happened to Gray Davis, right? Hasta La Vista Baby!

How it is that these whiny little groups can get together and hold conferences to strategize on an “agenda” and still be considered part of the American family? Their “agenda” what is a “Latino” agenda? I don’t believe for a second that it’s an American agenda. Anyone who marches with their native flag surely doesn’t have their adopted home at the center of their heart and soul.

Their agenda is to subvert the culture, take it back for the homeland — and when they do, it won’t be long before it’s as worthless and uninviting as where they came from. They have turned much of California, Arizona and Texas into ghettos, and other areas into cesspools. They aren’t coming to assimilate and become American, despite what they say. They are bringing Mexico with them and they are proud of it.

In 1995, then Democrat Party Chairman of California Art Torres, said, “Remember Prop 187 is the last gasp of White America in California.” They believed then and they believe now that this is an issue of race and conquest. They called it a white proposition then, and ever since they have been working towards a “Latino” counter attack. To them it is war, to those who fought for Prop 187 who knew it was war, the victory was sweet. But to the rest of the nation who is asleep at the wheel, wake up or lose your country. A nation that doesn’t control its borders is no nation at all.

It is quite amusing to hear the Brown Berets, AZTLAN, La Raza, MEChA, MALDEF, LULAC, and the ACLU all working together to undermine the people, the middle class, the taxpayers of California. They’re always talking about “their” community. It’s always us versus them. They want citizenship, but not to become Americans, only to be able to siphon off the treasure of hard working Americans for their benefit and the benefit of their families and their communities. They even tell us they have come to “reclaim what we lost when los gabachos (white people) took over our territory.”

I’ve got some news for the Ameriphobes, like Kevin de Leon, the last time “your” people picked a fight with America, you lost your entire country — from Mexico city to Utah. Lucky our forefathers gave half of it back to you. But look what you did with it. Do you really want to risk losing it all again? On second thought, no one wants that shanty town wasteland below the border — that’s why you’re here. The problem is you’re remaking American cities to look like Mexico. Another few generations and you’ll have to hope the next fence into Canada is as easy to hop, because nothing here will be worth saving. Coming to America is one thing, bringing Mexico and third world life with you is quite another. You had better hope you don’t take over because what you will end up with you had before you hopped the fence and polluted the southern states.

Full Disclosure: Be aware that Kevin de Leon, an activist during the prop 187 campaign, may soon be the majority leader of the state senate in California. If that happens, he will make every attempt to remove the language of Prop 187 from the official record, attempting to hide the will of the people from history. Kevin is no better than the book burners of Nazi Germany. Make no mistake about it, California State Sen. Kevin de Leon has authored a bill (SB396) to wipe Prop 187 language off the books.

muriettaWhen thousands marched with Mexican and Central American flags back in the early 1990’s with Mariachi’s playing the U.S. National Anthem, we knew we were dealing with an enemy. Kevin even said at the time it was “disappointing that not all Latino elected officials… were not present to welcome our people…”

In 1995 in Riverside California, not far from Murrieta, Fabian Nunez, Juan Jose Gutierrez of the SEIU, Armando Navarro (Prof. Ethnic Studies), Antonio Villaraigosa, Carlos Arango, and many others were all foot soldiers and mouthpieces in the war against America.

Prop. 187, born of a landslide victory, was immediately challenged in court, where the Latino cabal strangled it in its infancy with the help of likeminded judges. The will of the people was murdered. The rule of law had been killed. They say “democracy, democracy” but when they don’t win at the ballot box, they thwart it in the legislature or kill it in the courts. Just think what they’ll do with real power. Just think what they’ll do with millions more of like mind.

Make no mistake, America is being invaded. America is being overrun. America is under assault. The army of illegals already here and who are streaming across our borders daily are a Trojan horse filled with unAmerican sentiment. It is like kindling just waiting to be ignited. Once given Amnesty, the majority will not become loyal Americans — they will become activists against American ideals.

Today many of these Latino activists have worked their way through the elective process and influenced many more working in and out of government. These leaders in the Latino community are as unAmerican as any Communists working in the US government in the 1950’s. What is needed today is a new revised committee to investigate the unAmerican activities of groups who act in ways that undermine American Constitutional government and American exceptionalism.

What these leaders wanted for their “illegal” (undocumented worker) constituency back then was free public education, free housing, voting rights, a minimum wage and citizenship. What they want now hasn’t changed, except many of them are now in positions of power and greater influence to bring about that change. We already have driver’s licenses for illegals. We already have city and state governments being told by the federal government that they cannot protect themselves from “illegals” all the while the feds work as chaperones to those crossing the border.

Americans need to be ever more vocal, vigilant and determined to force the politicians, the legislatures, the administrators and the courts do the right thing. We need for all levels of government to recognize that “illegal” immigrants are a parasitic disease upon the fabric of America — whether or not they are bringing with them TB, Cholera, Typhoid, Typhus, Smallpox, Yellow Fever, Spanish Flu, Malaria, Measles, or AIDS. Their very arrogant presence, along with our do nothing federal government, is truly sickening.

True Patriotic Americans need to rally and support Murrieta city councilwoman Diana Serafin; U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents Steven Golda and Gabe Pacheo; Murrieta mayor Alan Long, protest leader Patrice Lynes; the Murrieta Police Department, and the local residents.

Contact the Mayor today and let him know that not just Californians, but the whole nation, stands with him.
Murrieta City Hall (951) 304-2489
Murrieta Mayor Alan Long <[email protected]>

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David is a deacon at his local church and a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history. Author, speaker, blogger, David lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus or online at He's available for speaking engagements upon request.

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