Corrupt Media – Cheerleaders for Mexico’s Racketeering

The Orange County Register (California) newspaper has decided to portray the 50,000 criminals/illegals, currently breaking into the USA, as “refugees.” Other media may be doing the same. An absurd locution.

But it has the benefit of enabling the Leftist media to launch a new slew of propaganda “sob stories” detailing the “plight” of these invading burglars.

Meanwhile, American citizens are portrayed in the press as unsympathetic to being economically and culturally raped by Mexico’s decades-long racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns, poor people, for the purpose of psychological warfare, subversion and profit. The press is manipulating to force acceptance of the unacceptable – wholesale theft of the USA and all that citizens possess.

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It is not likely any reporter would dare to write on the catastrophic damage done to the USA and its citizens by criminals/illegals. Who cares about citizens? Nobody.

The derelict press has fostered the ridiculous notion, which is not believed, that ignorant, uneducated, poor people, living in Third-World villages 2,000 miles from the USA border, could have conceived of such an audacious enterprise.


Such a massive “troop maneuver” required logistical operatives. Someone had to conceive the idea of the invasion of 50,000 criminals/illegals. Gather resources of enormous amounts of money, supplies, even maps. Those villagers didn’t spontaneously do this, in fact, had no money to even think it, and the public has been lied to with such preposterous fairy tales. It is left to intelligent Americans to analyze and determine who is the “man behind the curtain?” Or men. The usual suspects?

As a consequence of previous Mexican massive invasions, entire communities have gone to gang infested barrios from middle-class enclaves. Schools wrecked. Medical care hijacked. Jails filled. Increased crime. Every form of welfare appropriated through various means, including fraud. Hundreds of billions devoured by non-citizens, harvesting billions to send out of the USA.

Wait…they only want a “better life” the media tells us.

Well, so does the burglar who breaks into a house to steal the owner’s property.

Criminals/illegals break into the USA to steal citizen’s property. Couldn’t be clearer.

Americans have no moral, legal, ethical obligation to the native populations of Mexico, etc., who have been disadvantaged by the corrupt Spanish Colonial policies of 400 years of  racism, elitism and non-democratic regimes. Chaos and corruption reign in these places. That is unfortunate. BUT IT IS NO FAULT OF AMERICANS. It is their problem to repair. But they’ve been successful in sifting it onto the unwilling backs of hard-working lawful USA citizens. Talk about abuse!

Mexico receives $40-50 billion –THAT’S BILLION WITH A B – yearly from criminals/illegals in the USA…of course, that’s not counting the graft that goes to those, on both sides of the border, that make the scheme work.

The money comes from jobs taken from Americans, no taxes paid, so it’s pure profit for the criminals/illegal and Mexico. Economic disaster for Americans. Who dares to say “cheap labor?”.

Actually, one might say these criminals/illegals are what’s known as “mules” – those who transport illegal money or drugs or other contraband.

No matter what the Mexicans and South Americans are named…migrants, undocumented workers, illegals, dreamers and now the biggest lie, refugees…they are actually burglars breaking and entering for the sole purpose of stealing what American citizens have created for their country and its citizens.

immigration2A perfect example is Cal State Fullerton, where an official  stated publicly the university  was being made into a “…Hispanic…institution…”  complete with a campus recruiting center for criminals/illegals students/staff…these people have no concern of the discrimination against the very people who funded the California university system. They have a dysfunctional attitude of entitlement…”We’re here – stick ‘em up.”

Such people bring with them habits of their nations’ culture of disrespect for the law and greed as revenge against those who have built something good.

These thieves could not do this without the support and active help of the Leftist media and government.

The boldness of the invasion demonstrates deep contempt for America by all parties involved – on both sides of the border. It also disrespects the celebrated American compassion the world has come to recognize and admire.

Americans are being played – have been played — big time.

And the press shows every sign of going along with the con game.

Has there been any investigative reporting on how such an enormous criminal action could be done without any opposition? We haven’t seen any such news articles.

The drumbeat is all about “the children”…really…? Many of those children look like they need a shave.

Does anyone know how many terrorists are embedded in this new mass of invaders? Is anyone looking to find out?

Certainly not the Leftist press, educated – or indoctrinated – to be cheerleaders for the Leftist agenda of taking down America as founded.

Tens of thousands cross Mexico illegally, and that’s just fine – while that nation holds a lone United States military veteran, Andrew Tahmooressi, suffering from battle trauma, because he accidentally set foot on the other side of the border, March 31, with his personal weapons.  The USA’s government has done nothing to secure his release. Instead has made welcome 50,000 criminals/illegals.

The administration knew this was brewing for years. An “escorts wanted” ad was posted last January to take care of coming invaders.

muriettaThe president tells Americans these criminals/illegals will be deported, while he sends them by the planeload and busload into the interior of the country where they will be released and never seen again…until they show up at the welfare offices, ERs, schools, to begin their careers of theft from citizens.

The Patriots of Murrieta, CA., blocked the buses that carried disease-ridden criminals/illegals, including it is alleged, signs of leprosy.

Murrieta protested as valiant patriots for the rule of law.

One man was quoted in the press, asking why laws are suspended for those people, while he would get a traffic ticket if he drove above the speed limit.

And the activists, criminals/illegals apparently not hiding in the shadows, held signs proclaiming their loyalty to their beloved Mexico while demanding USA “citizenship…citizenship.”  Talk about the nerve of a burglar.

A brilliant scheme.  Highly orchestrated. Well-planned. Obviously lushly financed. Executed with arrogant greed.



Racketeering by Mexico is bad enough, but when the nation’s government appears to be facilitating this nefarious assault on citizens, it’s time for everyone to protest vigorously. Don’t listen to what is said. Watch what is being done.

American Colonists were able to defeat the world’s greatest power when they secured victory over the British forces in the Revolutionary War.

Americans can – and must – win back their country from the clandestine forces now in view by confronting the Leftist press and demanding honest reporting of damage to USA & citizens. The organizers must be exposed.

All must protest attempted placement of criminals/illegals anywhere except back to Mexico.

Let Mexico pay to send them back to their villages.

Not a penny of taxpayer money should go to this fraudulent crisis.

Thomas Paine
Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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