Depressed (But Laughing) On Our Nation’s Birthday

I was feeling dejected on waking this morning. No bad and foreboding dreams, just the usual low feeling. Probably due to the symptom the Bible refers to when it says “When there is no vision the people perish.” And if you hadn’t noticed the current “vision” for our Nation is pretty grim. The worst economy since the Great Depression, horrible unemployment, a serious new scandal or two every week, Obama knows nothin’ and only learns of these things when he reads the paper. So, naturally, no one gets fired and the administration cannot get to the bottom of anything. This leaves us with only one plausible conclusion; It’s Bush’s fault.

Hopeless. Very depressing.

But then I read the Bible for a bit.  It always helps. It’s very encouraging. I had just read Hosea, a very interesting Prophet who was Divinely instructed to do a very strange thing as an object lesson for Israel and Judah. But then I decided to go backward and read the preceding Prophet, Daniel. I hadn’t perused Daniel for a while, and it is always a fun read, if for no other reason than the fact “liberal” scholars hate it. When the word “liberal” qualifies the word “scholar” it means the same thing as when it qualifies “politician.” It means what you are about to hear from the “liberal scholar” is utter claptrap. What you will be told is not based on fact or real scholarship. It is not the result of honest archeologist’s labors or accurate ancient textual study, neither of which ever repudiate anything contained in the Book of Books. Look it up. And Daniel is one of the best places to start your examination.

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Liberal scholars hate Daniel because it contains so much prophecy. Prophecy which accurately foretold so many things about history, which, in Daniel’s day had not yet transpired. Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream about the four kingdoms which would follow Babylon. Babylon was soon followed by the Median/Persian Empire, which was followed by Alexander and those brazen Greeks. (Where did you think the expression “brazen Greeks” came from? They were the first to utilize bronze technology in their armor making.  It was strong and light. A few decades ago the tomb of Phillip, Big Al’s Dad, was opened and his armor was bronze…just as one would expect unless one had been “educated” in a liberal school of history or theology. Heck…if one had been educated by any form of liberal teachers, one probably didn’t even believe Phillip of Macedon even existed. Or Big Al, either.)

But back to Neb’s dream. The Greeks of Alexander’s time were succeeded by the Iron Empire of Rome, which collapsed, and will one day be reconstituted from ten nations, indicated by the toes of the feet of the statue of Neb’s dream. The details of the statue in Neb’s dream so accurately forecast the history of the ancient world, which would follow Babylon, that “liberal” scholars hated the Prophet. It drove them nuts! They had always enjoyed sitting around and demolishing the Biblical faith of the young heads entrusted to them. (Why people pay tuition costs for schools where their children will be ridiculed for what they learned in Sunday School and laughed at by infidel professors has always flummoxed me.) And how did “liberal” scholars attack Daniel? It was easy. Just say the Prophet wrote his prophecies after the history occurred. No problem. They simply asserted the statue in Neb’s dream had been dreamt up by Daniel and their “proof” of Daniel’s whimsy was that they “knew” the Greeks and Babylon (where Daniel lived most of his life) had absolutely no contact during the time described in Scripture. Which, of course, was not true. As was proven by later discoveries of ancient texts from Daniel’s time in Babylon, containing Greek words and references to forms of contact with the Greeks.

uncle samThe problem with the logic of the liberal scholars was they argued that “an absence of evidence is irrefutable proof that no evidence exists.” (A very recent illustration of how wrong-headed this can be was seen a few weeks ago when those fun-loving guys from ISIS trotted out Saddam Hussein’s poison gas stores while rampaging across parts of Iraq. This stuff wasn’t supposed to exist. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Saddam’s arsenal. Isn’t that what the “liberal” talking heads, politicians and pundits told us?) (A pal was discussing the fact that George Bush had lied about Saddam possessing weapons of mass destruction. I suggested the newly found caches of gas by ISIS refuted his point. He countered by stating the poison gas doesn’t count because …get ready…”it is old.” I suggested he open a canister and breathe in the fumes, if being “old” means it is harmless. Maybe poison gas becomes beneficial, even salubrious, when it gets “old.” Maybe it cures cancer.)

My pal’s response to my suggestion he imbibe the old gas was identical to those of “liberal” scholars to the discovery of ancient contacts and trade between Babylon and Greeks. He changed the subject. Which is exactly what the “scholars” do. They still hate Daniel, but they just ignore him.

All the preceding is a round-about way of getting to my uplifting point I garnered from reading Daniel this morning. Our country is in deep trouble. But there is hope. We could follow King Neb’s policy. Neb’s dream, which spanned three or four different kings’ reigns, was very disturbing to Neb, but he had also forgotten the dream on rising from sleep. He immediately tasked the wise men and soothsayers of Babylon to not only interpret the dream, but also recall it to Neb. Therein was the rub. The soothsayers had a racket going in Babylon. They interpreted dreams. But they weren’t very accomplished at “remembering” the dreams of others. Who is?

Now soothsayers in Babylon seem to be the equivalent of modern politicians or lawyers or…psychiatrists. Like those three groups, they had little true intrinsic value. They could be described as bureaucrats at any rate. Useless at crunch time. And we are awash with them today.  But Nebuchadnezzar had a solution. When he perceived the soothsayer/politicians/lawyers/ bureaucrats were playing for time – stalling — Neb issued a death decree for them, coupled with a promise to turn their houses into “dung heaps.” This was a favorite execration of Neb. He was always threatening it. Maybe there was a shortage of “public accommodations”/public toilets in ancient Babylon. Who can say? Not “liberal” scholars, certainly.

Back to point. Neb’s policy would work today. When Neb knew the soothsayers/politicians/lawyers/psychiatrists were stalling, he took action.

We could do the same today. Once it is proven that the soothsayers modern brothers have no honest and real function, we could get rid of them. No executions, just fire ’em and take their pensions. Prison would work also. They should be tried individually, not like Nebuchadnezzar (an entire professional group) or as Napoleon and the honchos of the French Revolution did (by the roomful). Anything would work better than what we do now.

And I hesitate to suggest we turn the White House into a public crapper, but it would only be temporary. Just a couple more years. We could clean it up.

But what an object lesson it would make.

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Stephen Bowers

I am an attorney in Las Vegas who has always wanted to draw political cartoons, partly because I like drawing, but mostly because I enjoy ridiculing pompous know-nothings. Verbally debating them gets nowhere. They don't know they're beaten. But poking fun at them in a drawing leaves them without recourse or rebuttal. What can they do...? Call me names, whine, cuss me ... or maybe draw a witty riposte? Unlikely.
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