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Liberals make a Mountain out of a Mole Hill with Hobby Lobby

A very wise friend of the Eagle Rising family was watching as the Hobby Lobby news was handed down and was amazed to see the response from the left on the issue. I think her reaction is probably what a lot of us Hobby Lobby supporters were thinking in the hours and days following the decision.

The Hobby Lobby decision was extremely important as a defense of religious liberty – but as an attack on liberalism… it really meant nothing. Its major view as a major threat to the left is vastly overstated in every way but one… the ruling slowed government overreach. So is that the real reason the liberals are so angry?

I amazed that people do not “get” the real truth in the Hobby Lobby ruling:

1) Hobby Lobby is NOT stopping anyone from getting the specific 4 types of birth control they object to PAYING for. Big difference there.
2) They DO cover ALL other types of birth control so this whole “paying for employees sex live” with the Viagra argument is moot.
3) Funny to me that those that are CONSTANTLY telling us if we do not like the laws to “change them” are the same liberals that are so upset about this decision.
4) It is not the proper role of government to FORCE a company to pay for or support the religious beliefs of their employees. And asking them to support something they feel is against the Bible is exactly that.
5) The rights of the employees ends where the rights of the owners of the company begin. It is not about the corporation. it is about the people that make up that corporation, WHO is paying for these treatments or not paying for it, it is not an entity. It is PEOPLE. People who DO have a right to not be forced by government to abandon their beliefs TO SUPPORT someone else’s. Neither should the employee be forced to pay for the beliefs of the employers.
6) Why do liberals feel that one set of rights should be ignored while the others should be support even with the threat of government force?
7) The birth control issue is NOT about “rights”. Take regular birth control pills, practice responsibility and there is no reason for the hate against Hobby Lobby.
8) Hobby Lobby is not keeping women from getting an IUD or from taking Plan B, and does and will not discriminate against those that do. There are many many other options than IUD and Plan B ( In Florida) is $40.

So really, let’s stop pretending like those that are upset about this are upset because it took away a woman’s rights ( it doesn’t, it just does not PAY for those rights) or that it is “pro corporations” because, really, it is the PEOPLE that run Hobby Lobby that are paying for this… or that Hobby Lobby is against paying for people’s sex lives… since they cover every other form of Birth Control.

In my opinion those upset about this ruling are upset that the SCOTUS actually ruled against the growth and over reach of the government. And any time the government is limited (even is a common sense way) they get upset.

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

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