The Golden State Fades Into Mexifornia

It is a pathetic July Fourth.

Celebrating the birthday of the USA as it is under attack on several fronts, most prominently by the 20-30 million criminals/illegals, most from Mexico, who demand they are owed all the rights and benefits America’s Founding Fathers bestowed upon their fellow Americans and posterity.

News reports portray hobbled American citizens pleading to retain some scrap of control over their country. The recent Los Angeles meeting of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), to frame the design of driver licenses for criminals/illegals in the USA, is just one example. The criminals/illegals have a plethora of demands. Especially that the card look like USA citizens’ cards and that they not be inconvenienced in having to provide much identification.

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USA citizens reject the notion of giving any license. Such action will not make roads safer. As soon as a card is available, fakes will be sold on every street corner and roads will be flooded with even more non-English speaking, ignorant of rules of the road, criminals/illegals.

This unrelenting assault on the Rule of Law and citizens’ rights, conjures the need for a declared –


illegal immigrationAs corrupt elected officials have abandoned the law in favor of allowing the chaos of repeated incursions by criminals/illegals, American Citizens must ramp up resistance on all fronts.

Millions hold there is no legal, moral, ethical imperative that requires Americans to cede their country to Mexico and other countries, which is what is happening. This must be protested to all elected officials and media.

California’s legislature, dominated by Democrats,  whose actions speak of loyalty south of the border and not to the country and state they are sworn to uphold, is tripping over itself to disadvantage USA citizens.

The favored are Mexican and other Latin citizens who have broken into the USA by stealth, deception or massive invasion, such as the current children overrunning the border.

American citizens are being economically and culturally raped by the concerted assaults by those who have no legal permission to be in the USA.

The arrogance of these criminals/illegals is stunning. American citizens are reduced to the plight of being supplicants in their own country to stem the tide of the rampant lawlessness, with the cooperation of politicians and law makers. The criminals/illegals bring with them their habits of crime, violence, greed, disrespect for law, and contempt for America, while retaining loyalty to the country that abused them. Terrorists and other dangers lurk within the hordes invading.

Mexico’s 35 years of organized racketeering, exporting illegal drugs, guns and poor people into the USA for the purpose of psychological warfare, subversion and profit has been wildly successful.

Every year Mexico profits of $30-50 billion from the “poor” people exported into the USA where they take jobs from Americans, undermine education and medical delivery services, while fostering disrespect and crime in communities.

Some of these invaders announce their intention is to “reclaim” their territory. They are delusional and ignorant of history. Apparently, they wish to have the lands once under the control of Mexico in order to allow degeneration into the corruptive state of racist, elitist Mexico.

Virtually all of the regions south of the border show the effects of 400 years of corrupt Spanish Colonial policies unfavorable to the native populations. The history of the countries in that hemisphere are rife with strife, greed and disregard for the indigenous peoples.

The Spanish didn’t conquer to bring administrative order, dignity and education to the people, but to harvest gold and silver to finance Spain’s endless wars of hundreds of years ago.

Puzzled by the people encountered in Mexico and elsewhere, the Spanish Crown convened a commission to decide if those found were humans or animals. It was decided they were both and so they need not be given the dignity of education and other considerations. This has left the region in shambles, prey to racist, elitist rulers who have little consideration to the native population. Finally, the rampant corruption found in Mexico exported the worst of the region – drugs, crime, poor people – into the USA forcing it to submit to theft of all citizens.


Criminals/illegals are no different from the burglar that breaks into one’s house to steal property for the purpose of improving the burglar’s life. The Criminals/illegals’ motto – “we only want a better life” – is no different from any thief who doesn’t hesitate to steal whatever possible.

The other complaint of this group – not to separate families – is specious. There’s no Berlin wall around the USA. The families can be united in their home country.

When Ellis Island legal immigrants entered the USA many left their families behind and never saw them again. What makes corrupt Mexico’s citizens worthy of so much privilege at the expense of law-abiding USA citizens? Who is behind this invasion to strip American citizens of their country and their treasure?

The media has failed in its Constitutional duty to report the truth.

American Resistance must DEMAND ALL MEDIA TELL THE TRUTH.

USA citizens have the right to control their country, its borders, its culture, its treasure and communities. They are not expendable in the service of America-hating politicians.

A renewed determination to Save America as Founded is here. CITIZENS ARE PROTESTING.

Every citizen is a soldier in this fight.

There is no compromise. Only one side can prevail.

It must be America.

Thomas Paine
Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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