Marco Rubio Falls

My how far Marco Rubio has fallen. Marco Rubio has proven to be a pretty amazing political navigator. He was one of the few more well-rounded Tea Party candidates in his debut Senatorial run in 2010. He was able to outmaneuver a slippery political veteran in Charlie Crist, even without the endorsement of the GOP establishment. In fact, Rubio was on such an upward trajectory that he was selected to give the GOP response to the State of the Union address.

Perhaps in hindsight, that State of the Union rebuttal should have been seen as a bad omen for the talented man from South Florida. The media and the Left had their long knives out, and when not able to find fault with his rhetoric – they attacked his sip of water. Rubio, ever the politician, rolled with the punches and took the media ribbing graciously. It’s all felt kind of downhill since then.

rubio waterThroughout his first two years in the Senate, Rubio could be counted on to be a strong voice of conservatism in the upper House. He made his Tea Party following proud in vote after vote and was headed for much bigger things, and fast.

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Then it happened.

Rubio got lost in the siren song of the “middle road.” He thought that he had the pathos and the know-how to bring together two disparate sides and find common ground to move forward on an issue that hasn’t ever seen true bipartisanship. Marco Rubio allowed himself to get caught up in the Gang of Eight’s hopeless adventure.

You see, the Democrats (as a whole) will never work towards a truly secure border because there is nothing but pain down that road for them. So any attempt to work at immigration reform with the Democrat Party must recognize the contempt they hold for border security measures. If you take this as a basic truth, then no conservative Republican should ever try and work with the Democrats on immigration reform. This is where John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the rest of the RINO pack come in.

The moderate Republicans (the only “true” moderates in the legislature), are happy to vote with Democrats on immigration reform because the creation of larger government doesn’t conflict with their basic values. So increasing the tax base through amnesty and enlarging the federal bureaucracy through legislation is all good… even if it doesn’t do anything for security but pay it lip service.

I can almost see the phone call from Graham and McCain to Marco Rubio: “Sure Marco, of course security is a must. There is no way any of us will ever let this legislation come to a vote without first securing the border.” All the while they were probably giggling like schoolgirls at the idea that they had just snookered the Tea Party darling, Marco Rubio, into helping them pass amnesty.

Well Marco, there is a price to pay for wanting to be popular, for trying to build your signature legislation on the backs of Democrats and RINO’s… and that price is hefty. In the latest Public Policy Polling (PPP) tracking poll of Iowa Republicans, Marco Rubio has fallen from the lead to 5th place. Rand Paul (R-KY) now holds the lead, and is sure to look strong after fighting the administration on drone policy, Obamacare, involvement in Syria, and billions of dollars in aid to Egypt even though the government has collapsed. Rand Paul even voted against the Gang of Eight immigration bill which will boost him even further over his rival Rubio.

rubio-facepalmWhat may be more surprising is that Rubio’s seeming leadership of the Gang of Eight is likely hurting him most of all. He has fallen behind Rep. Paul Ryan and ex-Florida Governor Jeb Bush as well, even though both men are supporters of the immigration reform package.

Rubio’s attachment to the immigration bill is even more of a drag than New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s stance on gun control and his recent chumminess with President Obama.

If Rubio wants to right this ship, he has a lot of work to do. If he is unable to win in Iowa his path to the Presidential nomination will be pretty steep, maybe even insurmountable.


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