Orange County Sheriff Happy to let Criminals Skip

The Orange County, California, sheriff’s office has decided to let USA citizens fend for themselves when it comes to the release from incarceration of criminals/illegals.

Instead of cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to put holds on such individuals for pick up, the sheriff will apparently let all go who have “…questionable immigration status…”  In the past ICE was to be alerted ahead of time to prevent such individuals from being released into the population.

According to an unsigned editorial in the area’s largest newspaper, the OC Register, the OC sheriff – like some across the USA making this a national issue  – apparently prefers to let the crooks go free instead of incurring the inconvenience of putting ICE holds on them. What?

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The editorial states, “…alerting immigration authorities so they can snatch up individuals as they walk out the door of the jail doesn’t solve the perception problem in segments of the community…immigration debate…is not the Orange County Sheriff Department’s problem…shouldn’t have to take on duties that should be left to federal…”


Notice the choice of language of the article: “snatch up”…as though these people are out for an innocent stroll so are not to be snatched. “Immigration debate.” As though breaking immigrations law is a matter of opinion. “Perception problem.” Whose perception of what? That holding on to criminals/illegals is a bad thing…not to citizens. Exactly what “segments of the community” are referenced? The criminals/illegals’ community?  These veiled supports for criminals/illegals undermines the Rule of Law and fails in the protection of USA citizens which law enforcement and elected officials swear an oath to uphold.

illegalsThe Federal Bureau of Investigation has over 200 categories of federal crimes/criminals. Would any sheriff’s office decline to cooperate in dealing with criminals of other federal crimes?


Certainly citizens wouldn’t infer any sheriff’s office would ignore any crook involved in federal law-breaking. Sadly, it is known that criminals/illegals once in the USA engage in all kinds of other crimes…including welfare fraud, and other similar crimes.

In Pennsylvania, a couple was arrested for sending their five-year old daughter to a school outside their ZIP…the charge was “theft of education.” A felony.

Meanwhile, USA citizens are harnessed into paying hundreds of billions to accommodate, medicate and educate 20-30 million criminals/illegals, most from Mexico.

The fact is criminals/illegals are being released into the general population all the time.  This is a dangerous position for USA citizens and the communities in which they live. Citizens are outraged by the practices of protection of criminals/illegals by law enforcement and government.

Investor’s Business Daily reported on May 21, 2014, an “…Immigration and Customs Enforcement document obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies, earlier in May, revealed the release of over 36,000 aliens convicted of close to 88,000 crimes, including homicide, violent sex crimes and kidnapping.”

Stop. Think about that.

Criminals responsible for 88,000 crimes set loose on an unsuspecting public.

antiimmigrationThe article went on to state President Obama will nationalize about a half million acres of New Mexico bordering Mexico as the new Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, infuriating local police who warn that Mexican drug cartels will use it as a “…pathway for criminals to get into this country to do their criminal acts…’”

The rampant environment of lawlessness created by Mexico’s 25 years of unreported organized racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns and people, into the USA, for the purpose of psychological warfare, subversion and profit ($50 billion back to Mexico yearly) has created an industry of activists, promoting and protecting the criminals/illegals to the detriment of the USA and its law-abiding citizens.

Leaving citizens at the mercy of ever-growing populations of known criminals should not be tolerated. The unprotected border offers terrorists a vast opportunity. Why isn’t the government alarmed by that and other problems — such as the diseases being found in the current wave of criminals/illegals, including, it was alleged, leprosy.

The police chiefs of Los Angeles and Anaheim (Disneyland locale) were quoted in media they would not enforce car impound laws on criminals/illegals when such individuals are stopped for traffic violations. The chiefs stated because most such cases involve criminals/illegals it was seen as too great a burden on that segment of the population. Citizens would continue to be held to the laws.

Does this sound as though Mexico is running USA law enforcement?

Well, listen to this:

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Department,” the June 25, 2014, OC Register article states, “should sever that association (with ICE) completely in order to improve its relations with the communities it serves and to apply even greater pressure on the federal government to make real strides toward actual (immigration) reform.”

This seems to be stating that OC law enforcement must stop upholding laws which deal with criminals/illegals in order to not have that group and its supporters mad at them. Can there be any other interpretation?

Further on the articles states, “The federal government must start reforming the nation’s broken immigration system.”

Actually, immigration laws are adequate.

Politicians will not enforce the laws. Current waves of illegals into the USA, as well as past incursions, demonstrate the intention to flood the USA with those who will be likely Democratic voters.

Americans must wake up to the grave danger criminals/illegals present…to characterize them as “dreamers,’ as US congressman Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill, does, is an immense insult to USA citizens who, themselves, are entitled to be the legitimate Dreamers who benefit from their funding of every USA institution.

Cal State Fullerton’s president, Mildred Garcia, stated in a public speech she was making the university funded by USA citizens for USA citizens, a “Hispanic…institution” complete with a criminals/illegals campus center for recruiting…denying USA citizens equal opportunity.

Those who break into the USA and steal the use of citizen-created institutions are no more than burglars, thieves, being wrongly protected for political purposes.

USA citizens demand all criminals/illegals be deported. And all laws enforced.

Fat chance. Unless citizens yell, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”
Thomas Paine
Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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