7 Crazy Tweets from Iran’s Supreme Leader – Since We Announced the Nuke Deal

The English-language Twitter page for Iran’s supreme leader is full of crazy tidbits ranging from the newly-announced framework for a nuclear deal to the Islamic State.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s tweets since the announcement of the nuclear framework on April 2, agreed upon by Iran, the U.S. and European allies, actually call out the U.S. for being deceptive and breaching promises.

Far from a turnabout in diplomatic relations, the supreme leader criticizes the U.S. at every turn – even alleging America is “pleased” the Islamic State is killing Muslims.


He appears to reject one of the most critical aspects of any agreement over Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Contrary to statements by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama economic sanctions against Iran would be lifted as it adhered to the terms of the agreement, Iran’s supreme leader says they should be removed immediately.

He’s worried the White House is lying.

This White House statement is contrary to the agreement signed in Switzerland, last week, according to the supreme leader.

He’s encouraging underdeveloped countries to pursue nuclear weapons.

Unsurprisingly, he predicted U.S. failure in its supporting the Saudi-led offensive against Iran-backed, Houthi rebels in Yemen.


Last fall, the supreme leader casually tweeted “how can #Israel be eliminated?” and then claimed the U.S. is the world’s sole nuclear criminal.


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