President Obama’s Poll Numbers Tanking!

A new poll released by reputable though left of center Quinnipiac University finds that President’s Obama’s poll numbers are tanking!

While it makes perfect sense that a President who has presided over the worst economic collapse we’ve seen since the Great Depression, and who’s had the most scandal plagued administration since the Grant presidency would have abysmal poll numbers, for many Republicans the time for these numbers has long since passed.

Many of us sat in dumbfounded horror as we watched this President pummel the Republican candidate for President on Election Day. It was, of course, inevitable once the GOP establishment got their way and nominated yet another RINO for the Presidency. The autopsy of the 2012 election found that most of the same problems which plagued Republicans during the 2008 election stuck around in 2012.

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But it shouldn’t have happened that way.

The country was no longer facing the same kind of Bush fatigue that swept Obama into office in 2008, and the President had been an abysmal failure for four years. The albatross that should have been his undoing, Obamacare, was (and is) deeply unpopular and Republicans should have been ready to pounce in 2012. Instead the establishment drove Mitt Romney into the candidacy and what could have been, what should have been, never was.

Here we sit, now in 2013, and again we see the weaknesses of this failed Presidency. President Obama is underwater in nearly every category of Quinnipiac’s most recent poll. The man has engineered failed policy after failed policy, and entrusted the most immoral and disreputable people with great power. He has shown how one man can single handedly bring ruination down on a country and all but the most rabidly partisan leftists are starting to recognize what a disaster Obama has been as President.

On immigration, 41% approve, 50% disapprove of the President’s handling of the situation. This number is dramatically telling even as the media attempts to make Republicans out to be hard hearted belligerents on the immigration issue, we find that most Americans agree with Republicans about how the policy should be handled.

On foreign policy, 40% approve, 52% disapprove. The administration has oftentimes come off looking like it was lost on how to handle the issues gripping our planet, and that’s not lost on voters. On Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, and Palestine the administration has time and again made the wrong move, and Americans have taken notice. We are pouring billions of dollars in aid into Egypt even though we can’t make ends meet here at home; folks are tired of this President’s foreign policy failures and they don’t mind saying so.obama_fail1

The most dramatic number in this poll comes on the economy. The President is underwater — 41% approve, but 55% of Americans think that President Obama has been and continues to be an abject failure on the economy. In many of our standard economic measurements, the great recession has actually be far worse than the Great Depression, and we have this President to thank for that. In a time when we should have been cutting spending, shrinking government, abolishing regulations and encouraging business growth… we were doing the opposite. President Obama’s legacy will be one of an economic executioner. He may very well be the man who presides over the death of the American superpower, and it will be because of his own political hubris and economic fatuousness.

The most surprising number in this poll to me is the fact that the President has a 44% approval rating. 48% of the voters polled disapprove, which puts the President underwater by “just” 4% points. Giving how abysmal his other numbers look, it’s a testament to the mainstream leftist media and the Teflon President that he is able to keep his overall approval numbers from plummeting as well.

It doesn’t matter what this President and his backside kissing media do, sooner or later Obama’s horrific polarizing political course, coupled with his horrific decision making, will lay waste to his overall approval ratings.

I just hope it happens before the 2014 midterm elections so that conservatives can reap the maximum benefit.


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