Silly Transgender Argument Has Big Implications

Last week we learned that California was about to do away with gender specific restrooms in their schools. The ridiculous legislation that would have boys and girls using the same restrooms is an attempt by California legislators to appease the “transgender” community. The silly transgender argument is that they feel out of place when forced to use restrooms due to their actual physical and biological sexual makeup. Transgender groups argue that they would feel more comfortable using the restrooms of the sex that they “identify” with psychologically instead.

Well, now a nursing student in Florida is making the news for a similar argument. Alex Wilson, a biological male who “identifies” as a woman, had been using the women’s facilities on campus. Until another female student, apparently uncomfortable with a man in the restroom complained. Campus authorities stepped in and told Alex that he could no longer use the women’s facilities. Instead the school provided an alternate, private restroom. A sensible solution… but not for Alex. “It’s not right. And the fact that I would have to continue to use that restroom for the continuation of my education, that’s not right,” said Wilson.

In California, the solution was to ban gender exclusive bathrooms and create gender neutral bathrooms throughout the state’s schools. Problem solved, right? Well, except for the 98%+ of students who are not transgender and who may feel uncomfortable having to share a restroom with the opposite sex.

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The transgender community seems to think that California’s decision ranks right up there in its wisdom with the decision of Solomon to cut a baby in half. What they forget is that in the story of Solomon, the mother of the child instead gave in and told the King to give the baby to the other woman.

The transgender community’s support of California’s legislation shows just how depraved they are. Let me explain.

The transgender community did not feel comfortable using the bathrooms of their biological sexual identity, they wanted to use the restrooms of their psychological sexual identity. So California’s answer is to make bathrooms unisex? What sense does that make? Won’t transgender people still feel uncomfortable using the bathroom with the “opposite” sex?

whosinthebathrromCalifornia’s answer to the problem of 1-2% of the population feeling uncomfortable is to make EVERYONE uncomfortable.

Like the other woman in the story of Solomon, the transgender community has welcomed the new legislation. They have shown their true colors. They didn’t care about having to use the bathroom with members of the same biological sex, it was all about control. This was a play to make themselves the center of attention and the focus of the California community.

If the transgender community really cared about how people “feel” in being forced to use the bathroom of a gender they don’t “identify” with – how could the solution be to make everyone use the same bathrooms? The have now forced the entire population to use the restroom with people they don’t identify with.

The truth of the matter is that this is an attempt by the LGBT community and California’s leftist government to force society to become “comfortable” with the transgender community. The left wants to push its immoral worldview on to everyone who disagrees, and they see this as a way to “normalize” transgender people. Our Christian worldview and ethic says that being transgender is not normative, and that it is also immoral. The Left hates that, so they will force a cultural shift by making our children use the restrooms together.

The Left and the transgender community don’t care about a transgender man who has to use the bathroom with other men. (Because their solution doesn’t change this.)

They care about making being transgender seem normal. That’s it.


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