Killing Free Speech in America

Americans’ free speech rights are being abridged right now.

Contrary to the United States Constitution, which states in the First Amendment, “…no law respecting…or prohibiting…or abridging the freedom of speech…”

Better watch what you think and say.

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The Left, and its handmaiden media, are using strong-arm tactics that resemble bullying, but have more in common with totalitarian tactics.  All citizens should beware. Your fortune, your job, your ability to practice your profession, can be confiscated by the Politically Correct police for private or public comments deemed “wrong.”  Conservative journalists better beware, too.

Who decides what is wrong?

Well, those holding the reins of power – right now that’s the Leftist/Dems cohort. It’s all about pandering to the Left’s favored groups – usually self-proclaimed “victim groups,” which entail tiny percentages of the US population but exercise enormous clout due to the activist Leftist media.

donald sterlingDonald Sterling did nothing illegal. The woman who recorded his private benign comments, in his own private home, did do something illegal. However, she was not held to account, but Sterling was tried and convicted in the court of sleazy gossip TV for expressing his jealously to his girlfriend.

He is being drawn and quartered financially for what the Left characterized as wrong private comments which tarnished the image of professional basketball league.


An old man’s private goofy comments hurt the image of basketball, but the infamous off-court bad-behavior of the players themselves did not?

Basketball commissioner Adam Silver was virtually shivering with indignation at the press conference where he demanded Sterling’s head, so to speak.

Sterling will do the country a service if he fights the commissioner’s threats to take away Sterling’s property and impose an enormous fine.

freedomspeechA New Hampshire police commissioner lost his job due to private comments he made disparaging the current occupant of the White House. Today, no one is permitted to hold and express a negative opinion of the president without consequences.

Leftists, who publicly abused President George W. Bush…even with a film of his killing…were immune from condemnation. But this 82 year old police commissioner uses a colloquial word, now deemed so negative it cannot be uttered, and he’s gone from his job.  Oh, wait…the word is routinely used by basketball players in referring to each other. Additionally, the Left embraces practically every foul word ever heard…and the right of every actor, comedian to say it on air, but Sterling’s vague complaints would not be tolerated.

Mozilla CEO Brandon Eich was forced to resign April 4, 2014, for supporting the historical cornerstone of civilization – traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Clearly, strong-arm tactics can rob a man of his livelihood for supporting what has been the standard for thousands of years.

Conservative political groups were stopped by the IRS to activate financially before the 2012 election to support their candidates. The IRS delays prevented these American citizens from exercising their free speech rights because they were opposed to the Left’s candidate.

Acclaimed author, filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza, author of more than a dozen books and two documentaries, praising America, Ronald Reagan, but not the president, believes he has been targeted by the feds because of his work.

dineshIn fact, he was indicted for a minor campaign finance misstep. Four US senators wrote a letter to the FBI requesting details on how and why D’Souza was singled out. It is not known what came of that inquiry.

His new book, “America” is just out and the documentary film, based upon it, will debut in theaters July 4th — unless more pressure is applied to derail him, which appears to be the intention.

These are just a few instances when the ruling agenda punishes those who exercise their FREE SPEECH RIGHTS, GUARANTEED IN US FOUNDING DOCUMENTS.

These actions of the bullying of Americans by the Left are meant to be chilling. Very chilling indeed.

Intelligent Americans know totalitarian tactics when seen.

When domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, Chicago chum of the president, was exercising his dissenting opinions by bombing government buildings that action did not prevent him from later being hired to teach at the University of Illinois. Imagine having your son or daughter instructed by such a person.

So the question must be asked: why were benign private comments unacceptable, causing loss of employment and reputation, while actual notorious public actions – such as sports figures engage in and often brag about – are given a pass?

If Sterling can be forced to surrender his property by the basketball league for benign private comments, all Americans are under threat. The other basketball team owners – in fact all Americans – must face the fact there is no operation of Rule of Law or Constitution to protect them and their property.

Where are the guys in the white hats?

Someone better ride to the battle to save Americans and their Constitutional Rights to Free Speech and their property. Or the US is doomed.

Perhaps Dave Brat, the Virginian Republican who astounded Congressman Eric Cantor by winning the primary race and dethroning Cantor politically is leading the cavalry… Americans hope to God someone comes to the rescue.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, in a Wall Street Journal article stated, “But just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does. Senate Democrats have promised a vote this year on a constitutional amendment to expressly repeal the free-speech protections of the First Amendment.”


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