The Voter Suppression Lie

Democratic Representative Mark Pocan from Wisconisn’s 2nd District has written an editorial for CNN dubiously dubbed “Keep states’ hands off your right to vote.” With his opinion piece Representative Pocan continues to spread the voter suppression lie.

In his editorial, Mr. Pocan continually runs out the old, leftist canard that conservatives are trying to restrict the rights of voters. He opines that the recent Supreme Court decision striking down section4 of the Voting Rights Act has allowed states to move in and begin limiting the right to vote.

Pocan sees what he calls a “glimmer of hope” in that “the court merely ruled that the formula was outdated, and that Congress “may draft another formula based on current conditions.” He is right — the court did not rule the entire piece of legislation unconstitutional (as they should have), but only ruled that the formula for section 4 was outdated and could no longer be used. Therein lies the problem for Mr. Pocan, the voting rights worrywart. The Supreme Court had actually already warned Congress about the weaknesses of article 4 in 2009, and it was incumbent on the legislature to rewrite the formula. They did not; instead they simply reauthorized it, opening the door for the Supreme Court to invalidate the law which they had warned they would have to do.

Pocan’s “glimmer of hope” has been there for years, but the Democrat majority in the House, and the Supermajority in the Senate, and the President in the White House… didn’t care to even discuss changing the formula. Because they don’t really care. The “voter suppression” song and dance that they run out every four years is about one thing, and one thing only — getting votes. They do everything they can to make we conservatives look like evil fascists, and they don’t care what lies they have to tell to get the job done.

Is your “voter excitement” down this election cycle? No problem, let’s just run out the “War on Women” meme. Are you a little concerned that your candidate might not do as well in Ohio? We’ll bus in some supporters to get you the homeless or dead vote. Are you worried about losing the senior citizens in Florida? We’ll just send someone to slash the tires on the vans those Republicans were going to use to help people get to the polls. Wisconsin looks like a tough race this year? Well, let’s call the media and start complaining about voter suppression because Republicans want you to show an ID at the polls.

It’s all one big, steaming pile of stories. The left will do anything they can to win – and they know that in politics, optics is everything. “Your candidate may have better ideas and be more capable to serve, but he hates women and doesn’t want poor people to vote!” We can win on ideas and still lose, because the leftists take no prisoners. They are out for blood.

Here is Representative Pocan’s big gripe… are you ready? It’s a doozy.

“In 2013 more than 30 states, including my home state of Wisconsin, have introduced more than 80 bills that would restrict the right to vote. These bills would do everything from requiring photo identification at the polls, to limiting early voting opportunities, to creating burdensome registration requirements.”

Suppressing the vote by requiring a valid ID. “Limiting” early voting. Creating “burdensome” registration requirements.

voter_suppressionThis is a farce, folks. The person can get to the polls but can’t get valid ID? If they can’t get a valid ID, then they can’t get a host of government welfare benefits, they can’t use a credit card, they can’t buy alcohol or tobacco, they can’t get a library book or government assistance. They’ve got ID. The Democrats bring up the costs of getting driver’s license while forgetting to mention that getting a state ID is costs nothing. This is a joke.

Early voting is a relatively “new” thing in the world political landscape. Most of the states that do not allow early voting are lead by Democrat legislatures – Washington, D.C., the most Democrat heavy region of the country — did not allow early voting until 2010. Allowing any kind of early voting means that you are expanding opportunity to vote, not limiting it. However, in the small mind of Rep. Pocan “limiting” expanded early voting due to costs or availability of volunteers is “restricting voting rights.” Ridiculous.

Has anyone ever experienced a burdensome registration process for voter registration? The “burdens” that Representative Pocan is worried about is having to prove you are a citizen by showing some form of proof when you register. Folks, every person born in America has the ability to get a birth certificate! If you’re a citizen who wasn’t born here, then you already have the documentation to prove that you are a citizen. It’s amazing that the government would require more documentation from you to get a job than they do if you want to vote.

None of these things are “burdensome”, and the Democrats make little of true voter suppression when they make these small-minded arguments. In 1965 when the Civil Rights Act was passed the police were turning fire hoses on African Americans, and violent gangs were actively suppressing blacks from voting. They threatened and committed acts of violence to intimidate an entire community and keep them from the polls. States and municipalities passed laws that required different levels of verification for voters to vote. So a white person could simply walk into the ballot box, but an African American had to pass a test first. These are true discriminatory practices.

Mr. Pocan and Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) are planning to introduce legislation to fix this “problem.”

“This spring we introduced a “Right to Vote” amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would guarantee an affirmative right to vote for all Americans, no matter where they live.”

I’d hate to bust their bubble, but we already have a couple of amendments that do this. The 15th guarantees the right to vote no matter race, creed, or color or previous condition of servitude. The 19th guarantees the rights of women to vote. The 24th guarantees that you can vote even if you haven’t paid a poll tax. The 26th guarantees the right to vote to anyone over the age of 18. The only condition to any of these rights is that the person be an American citizen.

I think that pretty much covers it Rep. Pocan and Ellison! No need for any more of your little, small-minded attempts to demagogue the GOP.


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