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Teen’s Simple Question Makes Nancy Pelosi Look Ridiculous

How sad is it that it takes a teenager to ask Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) a real question? Sure, if you watch the video it seems that a child has completely flummoxed the ancient Representative from Californai, but don’t judge her too harshly. The media is constantly treating the Democrat Party with kid gloves – so when somebody asks a Democrat a real question they get very flustered.

In an effort to not make any Democrat angry, folks in the media hardly ever ask questions as straightforward as teenager Andrew Demeter does here. Perhaps they should start, or we may begin turning to High School children for the news…

Watch Nancy get her hat handed to her by a child… it’s a lot of fun.

Nancy Pelosi: “Well, I…I do not…I have questions about the metadata collection that they were, uh, collecting unless they had a reason to do so. Uh, so I found…I was one who…I didn’t…I didn’t support Amash, that resolution. I didn’t think that was the appropriate resolution… but I do think that the burden is on the, uh, department and I have fought them for years on the wide swath that they have put out there.”

I enjoy her squirming… but I really enjoy that she reminds everyone about who is really fighting for our rights. Men like Justin Amash (R-MI). Amash, authored a bill that would keep the NSA from spying on innocent Americans without just cause and a warrant. Which is interesting because the law seems to require that already – it’s just that the NSA ignores the Constitution.

It seems that our young filmmaker is just getting started; Demeter followed up his Pelosi interview with a conversation with the folks at Info Wars.

We need more young people like Andrew Demeter who are ready, willing and obviously able to handle the lies, distortion and weaknesses displayed by our media and our politicians. Will you join the fight?

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