The Dishonoring of America

The news stories have been pouring in for days, each bringing a new and more bizarre revelation about the life of Bowe Bergdahl. We’ve learned much about his father Robert, what happened in Afghanistan, and why his return home hinged on the release from Guantanamo Bay five of the world’s most evil Islamists.

The story broke as a feel good account of America’s unwavering commitment to never leave a soldier behind. But as the story unfolded and those closest to the story began to talk — the picture became more and more clear. This was no American hero and the swap for the Taliban’s highest command at Gitmo was not done legally, but rather under cover of darkness as to leave Congress out of the loop.

I’m still amazed that there are some who continue to like President Obama, let alone trust him. I can no longer stomach to look at the man. This is clearly just another arrow in the American public’s quiver of evidence against this President as a complete narcissist. But then again, evidence isn’t much good on liberals or a media who are both delusional and look at facts much like a vampire sees garlic.

Fast and Furious was shocking, Benghazi astonishing, but this is perhaps the most unbelievable story yet under the Obama regime. Bill Clinton is starting to look like a ten foot tall statesman compared to this neophyte. In each of these scandals Americans died, yet the media doesn’t seem to really care. Well they care, but only about covering for the President and not the lives lost or the families who are in mourning.

obamawarLiberals who hate war turn a blind eye to real dead bodies that are a direct result of Obama’s policies. Typical! History is replete with regimes who claim for the benefit of the people some must be sacrificed and allow them to be killed. Let’s see… there was the French revolution, the Soviet Union and Communism and of course Hitler and Nazism. But there are others, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin. Heck, just look at the progressive abortion industry. For some reason liberals hate war but love death. If you can figure it — out let me know!

Obama is the most brazen and politically arrogant man I think I have ever had the frustration of knowing. The way he hip hops and skips around all cool is enough to not like the man’s sophomoric nature, but this political drama is what blockbuster movies are made of. A defector, a traitor, swapped for five of the most evil men on the planet? Six soldiers dead trying to find and rescue the guy? And Obama thinks this is a great thing? Obama thinks getting a traitor back — an American hating liar who wondered off to live among those who would kill his countryman — a good thing?

Then we’ve got the scruffy father who praises the god of our enemies, in their tongue, at the podium, to the American people, in front of the United States White House. Rather than dropping his head in shame, President Obama smiles and then embraces both parents and walks away? This is surreal. Someone wake me up!

Obama is our first hyphenated President, but when he was first elected I never thought it would be anti-American. According to Susan Rice we praise all those who “served the United States with honor and distinction” and apparently that does not just include the enlisted, veterans and fallen, but also those who are defectors & traitors. And get this, Bowe Bergdahl comes home to a hero’s welcome, all the while Eric Holder’s DOJ is setting forth guidelines for returning vets of combat for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). So our own government is saying that our vets are the new domestic terror threat?

It gets worse. When Obama said of the Bergdahl swap “We seized that opportunity,” did he mean he seized the opportunity to get those five jihadists out of Gitmo? He keeps saying he wants to close Gitmo, but I guess he has to get the terrorists out of there somehow before he can close the doors and turn out the lights. What better way than to simply release them back into the wild where they can again be a threat to our troops and interests around the world?

bergdahlWhen Obama said he wanted to “bring the troops home,” did anyone fully understand that he meant to bring the Taliban jihadist troops home? The media are so blind to think there are two sides to this story. They say that the information coming out is troubling — no kidding — but they need to yet hear Bowe’s side before they can make an informed decision. Really, seriously? There are two sides to this story, that part is without question… Obama, Bergdahl & the Afghan terrorists are on one side and the American people are on the other.

Another thing that is very disturbing about all of this is the video of Bowe acting as though he couldn’t speak English. On a Taliban Youtube video, Bowe was as phony as I’ve ever seen someone, trying to pretend to be illiterate. He was mimicking a caveman, not stumbling over words and pronunciation. That was as fake as the day is long. This also makes the words of his father at the White House all the more disingenuous. After praising Allah, why did his dad say to Bowe, “I’m your father, Bowe” in English rather than Arabic if his son was having trouble with the language after five years on the Taliban team? A patriot soldier does not adopt the traits & language of his enemy. Bob & Bowe Bergdahl did all of this as willing sympathizers (if not outright traitors to their nation).

The media again will spin this story until we are all dizzy and the truth will once again be stretched like taffy. They seriously must take us all for Obama voters. I think in November they’re going to hear from us in one giant rebel yell of FREEDOM. We are tired of the lies and we want our country back!

To the Republicans in Congress: now that the Obama White House has apologized (admitting they were wrong releasing five high risk Taliban commanders to return to the battlefield) to Sen. Feinstein for not giving notice on the Gitmo swap (that had been squashed two years prior by Republicans), impeachment proceedings should begin immediately.

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