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Military Terrorism

Obama Administration Lied to Families of Fallen Soldiers!

In an explosive report for the Daily Mail Online the family of one soldier who was killed while searching for Sgt. Bowe Berdahl is finally speaking out about the lies they were told about their son’s death five years ago. The parents of Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews are furious about the way they are learning the truth about their son’s death in Afghanistan.

When Andrews was killed in 2009 his family was told that the soldier was “blown up while hunting for a Taliban commander.”

Now, they are hearing a very different story.

At the time his family say they were told that his men were hunting a Taliban commander and that the truck at the front of their group ended in a hole after being hit by an Improvised Explosive Device.

Speaking to Mail Online from his home in Cameron, Texas, Mr Andrews said: ‘When my son was killed there was no mention of searching for this guy (Bergdahl) but once all this has come out we got several emails and calls from soldiers who were with him in Afghanistan.

‘They say their mission was to search for Bergdahl. He (Lt Andrews) was killed in the search. We have no documentation of that.

‘The soldiers said they had to sign a letter saying that they wouldn’t discuss this… We cannot tell you how devastated we are that the government would do this. They lied to us’

hayes‘The soldiers said they had to sign a letter saying that they would not discuss this. I have no way of proving that apart from what they said. We cannot tell you how devastated we are that the government would do this. They lied to us.

‘It’s a big cover-up like Benghazi, just like everything Obama has done. We want the truth to come out.’

If their story is true, and it’s beginning to look like it is, this is yet another devastating blow to the government’s credibility. Why would they go to such lengths? Why lie to the families of dead soldiers about attempts to rescue one of their comrades? It seems likely that the military already knew that Bergdahl was a deserter and did not want the negative press about lives lost looking for someone who had run away.

The reasons why won’t satisfy the families of those lied to, though. It’s the height of disrespect to ask us to sacrifice our sons, daughters, parents, brothers, sisters, family and friends and then turn around and lie to us about how they lost their lives.

It’s also disgusting to see the government attempt to spin this as the rescue of a brave hero – when in reality this is just the reclamation of a man who has already caused much pain with his cowardice.

soldiersIn an exclusive interview his father Andy Andrews told MailOnline: ‘For his family it’s good to get him back but we will never be able to get our son back because of the actions of this guy (Bergdahl).

‘I think people need to be aware that the guy was not a hero and American lives have been lost trying to save this deserter’.

Lt Andrews was one of six men who died while apparently searching for Bergdahl, who is said to have voluntarily left his post in Afghanistan on June 30, 2009.

In the wake of finding out that they have been lied to, Mrs. Andrews was quick to forgive her son’s brothers-in-arms — but not his superiors.

She said: ‘When he was buried, soldiers from his outfit came down and that’s the story they told us. They are the same people now telling us something else.

‘I think it needs to be noted how duty driven they young men are. There’s an amount of respect they deserve for that. I resent the commanding officers and not the troops’.

Mr Andrews, 68, who served in the US Navy between 1968 and 1972, added: ‘I resent the men that gave the order (to search for Bergdahl) but not the men who got it’.

I hope and pray that the Andrews family can find some peace in the outrage and disgust of their fellow citizens at our corrupt and dishonest government. Their son, Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews, was and is a hero. He bravely sacrificed himself in an attempt to save the men with whom he served, and he is an example of the best of what our nation has to offer. Bowe Bergdahl should be forgotten as insignificant… but Darryn Andrews should forever be memorialized in our hearts and minds as a Hero and a Patriot.

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