Free Speech Dies – Religious Freedom Next?

In the United States of America we have long valued our traditions (both codified and unspoken) of liberty. Much of the freedom that we enjoy here in the USA was born out of our history as citizens in the British Empire. While we may look back on our separation with the British as a rebellion against tyranny (which it was), we should also remember that at that time, the British Empire was the “freest” nation in the “civilized” world. No people on the planet had the legal rights and protections from their government that the citizens of the British Empire enjoyed.

In fact, our uprising was in response to having those rights trampled upon by a power hungry Parliament and king. When we voiced out concerns to King George III, we argued that the freedoms we were guaranteed under the Magna Carta and English common law were being trampled by an over aggressive, greedy Parliament. And many in Parliament agreed! From Edmund Burke:

AGAIN, and again, revert to your old principles—seek peace, and ensue it—leave America, if she has taxable matter in her, to tax herself…Nobody will be argued into slavery. Sir, let the gentlemen on the other side [of the House of Commons] call forth all their ability; let the best of them get up, and tell me, what one character of liberty the Americans have, and what one brand of slavery they are free from, if they are bound in their property and industry, by all the restraints you can imagine on commerce, and at the same time are made pack-horses of every tax you choose to impose, without the least share in granting them?”

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Once upon a time the leaders in Britain forgot about the freedoms they were elected to uphold, and the American people were forced to remind them… violently. It seems that over the years the British have not learned from their previous mistakes and freedom has slowly been eroding there (and in other parts of the old British empire as well).

An American evangelist had travelled to England during the Wimbledon Tennis tournament with a group called Sports Fan Outreach International. Tony Miano was standing at the corner of an intersection preaching against “immoral living” in general, when he made a statement about the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. A passerby took offense, and let her feelings be known as she walked away. She later returned and began filming Miano as he spoke, and a short while after she returned police arrived to question and then arrest the American.

What was Miano’s “crime?” The preacher spoke about various other subjects in his time standing on that corner, but the only thing that concerned police were Miano’s views on homosexuality. Under questioning they asked him if he believed homosexuality to be sin and they asked whether or not he would help someone who was gay if they needed it. They also asked Miano if he thought he was 100% right about the things that he was saying. The preacher was astonished, he said he felt that he, was actually going to be tried for how I thought.”

As to how he would handle helping someone who was gay, “The Christian faith is dictated by the two greatest commandments – to love the Lord your God and to love your neighbor… As such, I am compelled to love all people. Had a gay come up and asked me for something to eat, I would have fed him.”

truth_is_the_new_hate_speechAndrea Williams who heads the British Christian Legal Centre believes that, “It’s clear that there is already a clamp down on freedom of speech where people publicly express mainstream Christian views on sexual ethics.”

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this could only happen in England.

In Canada there are stringent laws in place dictating what is and is not acceptable forms of speech – especially when dealing with the subject of homosexuality. The European Union has also in recent years decided that limiting free speech is in the best interests of society. Lithuania recently invited the wrath of the EU for daring to pass a law that would “prohibit the promotion” of homosexuality to children. The law does not stop discussion, or debate, or other types of conversation – it simply stops the promotion of homosexuality to kids. For this, they considered kicking Lithuania out of the European Union.

The entire Western world is turning against the Christian values that made our culture the dominant force on this planet for the last five hundred years.

America is not immune to the forces that have so radically altered the cultures of our allies; in fact, we are already beginning to see these humanist values take root. Wake up brothers and sisters, we need to kick harder against the pricks of political correctness. If we lose free speech, freedom of religion cannot be far behind.


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