Church Teaches Bible Police Investigate for Hate Speech!

Our politically correct culture is killing freedom. Across the Western world the ideals that made us great are being devalued and it’s costing us our most precious commodity… our freedom.

Not sure things are all that bad?

Recently local police paid a visit to Attleborough Baptist Church because 20 year old Robert Gladwin believed that the church sign was hate speech. So obviously, instead of contacting the church directly and asking to speak to the person who put the sign up… He called the cops.

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What did the sign say that forced Mr. Gladwin to call the police?

“If you think there is no God, you’d better be right.” Below the phrase were some flames. Obviously the posted message intended to convey the idea that non-Christians were destined for hell. A clear Biblical teaching.

Somehow, Mr. Gladwin decided that the posting of this Biblical teaching was hate speech and must be dealt with by the law post-haste.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Norfolk Constabulary received a report regarding a poster outside a church in Attleborough which was deemed offensive by the complainant.

“National guidance required us to investigate the circumstances and the matter has been recorded as a hate incident. Having spoken to the pastor of the church, it has been agreed the poster will be taken down.”

Brad Stine deals with people who are this easily offended…

The easily offended Mr. Gladwin said that, “It is my basic understanding that Christianity is inclusive and loving in nature. The message being displayed outside of the church could not be further from the often uttered phrase ‘love thy neighbour’.”

(Interesting point, Mr. Gladwin. Let me ask you this in reply. If the Bible is true and non-Christians will go to hell for eternity… what is the most loving thing a Christian can do? I’ll tell you. The most loving thing they could do is WARN you that if you don’t change you are going to hell. So you’re right and you’re wrong. But I digress.)

churchHow easily the stated religious belief of a church can be misconstrued and characterized as hate speech should terrify us all. If a basic doctrine like the reality of Hell can become Hate Speech… then what part of our beliefs could possibly be safe for public discourse?

Folks, this may have happened in England… but we are not that far behind the British when it comes to the observance or political correctness as religion. On college campuses and government grounds all over America conservatives are being told to keep their mouths shut because our beliefs are not politically correct.

Terry Sanderson of the British National Secular Society brought a little bit of sanity to this row.

“Personally I don’t find it offensive. But we did fight a long battle of freedom of speech together with Christian groups because we believe that freedom of speech is essential to a functioning society.

“If you don’t give it to everybody then it isn’t free speech and as long as they aren’t inciting violence or trying to get people to do things that are against the law then I think it is acceptable to say whatever you want to say.”

Mr Sanderson added that if he felt uncomfortable with the sign, he would put up one himself – and said that police activity over the message was equivalent to “banning the Bible”.

It may not be long now, dear reader. We Christians and conservatives may find our free speech rights severely curtailed by the prevailing political winds of our day. This is not simply one random incident in some far-flung country… this is another in a series of attacks on our freedom of religion and our freedom of speech.

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