Pregnant Woman to be Executed for Her Christian Faith – Sign the Petition to Save Her!

Last week we brought you the tragic story of Meriam Ibrahim – a Christian woman who’d been arrested and brought up on charges of apostasy in Sudan.

Why? Because she was a Christian woman from Sudan who had dared to marry a Christian man from South Sudan.

The government argues that Ibrahim had been a Muslim and had left Islam for Christianity – a crime punishable by death. They also argued that by marrying a Christian man she had committed another heinous crime.

The judge told her to renounce her Christian faith that she might live.

Her response?


Sign the Petition to demand that Sudan release her.

A judge in Sudan has sentenced Meriam Ibrahim to be tortured and executed.

Her only crime? Her Christian faith.


Born to a Christian mother and a Muslim father who abandoned her, Meriam was raised Christian, but the government of Sudan does not recognize her faith.

To Sudan, she is Muslim because her father was Muslim. Her Christianity makes her an apostate, a criminal.

The Sudanese judge gave her three days to recant her faith – to reject her Christian beliefs. She refused.

Meriam is pregnant, and her husband is an American citizen. After she gives birth, Sudan will punish her with 100 lashes, then kill her.

Time is of the essence. Add your name to the letter we’ll deliver to the government of Sudan. Be Heard for Meriam.


Sign the Petition: Save A Christian Mother from A Sudanese Death Sentence

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