Joe Scarborough Calls Race-Baiting Democrat Stupid and Offensive

One of the few Republican voices on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, is wading in on the horrible comments that Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) made the other day about Republican opposition to Obamacare being based on racism.

Scarborough took a few minutes to destroy the Democrats ridiculous comments before asking the liberal panel members what they thought.

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“I must say, I have been behind closed doors with thousands of conservatives through the years. I have never once heard one of them say in the deep south or in the northeast or in South Boston, ‘Boy, I really hate Obamacare because that black president’ — no, I’ve never heard anybody come close to saying that. And I have spoken to some wildly right wing groups. I have never heard it once…

racismsucksHe’s the only Republican in the room, and Sen. Rockefeller suggested that millions and millions of Americans who opposed the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as the President likes it to be called, have racist reasons for doing that. That’s one of the stupidest, most offensive things I’ve heard a sitting senator say…

He owes Ron Johnson an apology.”

Scarborough also pointed out in the discussion (not on video) that Senator Rockefeller should know better because he was around during the Clinton years when President Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton were excoriated by the Republican party (and the rest of the nation) for trying to bring socialized medicine to our country. (Remember how badly the Democrats lost in 1994?)

Scarborough said that, he expected more of Rockefeller, who served in the Senate when both former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary were “savaged” for trying to set up a national health care system. He said Rockefeller should have acknowledged that anyone opposing Obama because of his race is on the margins of public opinion.

“I don’t think that’s constructive at all, when Hillary Clinton faced as much or more animosity in 1993 or 1994 than Barack Obama,” he said.

Instead of apologizing, Rockefeller has essentially dug in on the Obamacare opponents are racists issue saying,

racism“People oppose things for a variety of reasons. That’s all you’re going to get from me,” Rockefeller said of his “wrong color” comment. “It’s a part of life. And it is a part of American life, and world life, and it’s a part — just a part — of why they oppose absolutely everything that this president does. It’s basically for political reasons, they do that. But at some point, you can’t exclude other factors … as they say, everything is on the table.”

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) who is black and opposes Obamacare had this to say about the sad situation.

Scott said Rockefeller appeared to be appealing to the “lowest common denominator” in his remarks, which the GOP senator called them “inconsistent with the truth.”

“The president in my presence has said himself that Obamacare is a name that he likes. So to think that somehow there is a racial component to the name of Obamacare, is just ridiculous. And to think that we don’t like the health care law because of race is ridiculous,” Scott said. “Obviously, I have no ill will toward the president because of his race.”

Scott wasn’t sure whether offering his opinion to Rockefeller would make much difference and seemed to harbor no anger toward Rockefeller, regardless of how strongly he disagreed with him.

“You know I just think it’s unfortunate that we find a way to try to divide and conquer,” Scott said. But, he added, “I can’t judge another man’s heart.”

Scarborough is right – Rockefeller’s comments were stupid and offensive. If the Senator from West Virginia had any class he would apologize profusely. But he doesn’t. Rockefeller is a brute and he is using the racism bludgeon to try to help his party maintain their power. He doesn’t care about truth, honesty or morality… his only concern is power.

Rockefeller will be gone (retired) by this time next year. The best I can say is good riddance.

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