Democrat Calls Republicans Racist – Republican Calls Him Out!

West Virginia’s senior (and thankfully retiring) Senator, Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), takes a very disgusting turn when, in the middle of a committee hearing on Obamacare, he decides to lob this rhetorical grenade.

Opposition to Obamacare is because people made up their mind they don’t like President Obama because of his color … or something of that sort.

See for yourself here –

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Yep. The only thing Jay Rockefeller can think that would make people be against Obamacare is that they don’t like the President because of his color.

Disgusting is too gentle of a word.

racist-obamacareThis kind of accusation flowing out of the mouth of a man who served for 25 years with Robert Byrd, who’d been a member of the KKK (and even founded his own chapter), but had never chastised Byrd for his racism… is more than ironic. If you asked Jay Rockefeller about his former colleague, I would almost guarantee that he wouldn’t have one bad thing to say about Robert Byrd. But if you oppose Obamacare… you are a vile racist.

Thankfully, there was one Republican sitting in the room when Rockefeller chose to say this. Ron Johnson (R-WI) was quick to defend himself and his anti-Obamacare Republican colleagues. And he did it in the best way possible… with factual and anecdotal information, even relying on the woman who was there testifying about the failures of Obamacare in California.

(The best parts of Sen. Johnson’s response come at the beginning, then again around 3:40 and then again around 6:30 when the two begin a back and forth.)

Damn right we’re offended. Senator Johnson is the only politician in the room who opposes Obamacare, so who is he supposed to think Senator Rockefeller was talking to (or about)? Rockefeller knows without a doubt that Senator Johnson opposes Obamacare, and since Rockefeller believes that opposition to Obamacare is driven by racism… then logically Senator Johnson is a RACIST. I’d be angry too, Senator.

I’m angry and I wasn’t even there!

Conservative opposition to Obamacare has nothing to do with race or the ethnicity of President Obama. Conservatives oppose Obamacare because it is a federal takeover of 1/6th of the nation’s economy. We oppose Obamacare because it stifles innovation. We oppose Obamacare because it forces Americans to be a part of a system of which they may not want to be a part. We oppose Obamacare because conservatives believe philosophically that less government involvement in the market is BEST. We oppose Obamacare for a host, a legion, of reasons. Obamacare may quite literally be the antithesis of how conservatives believe healthcare should be handled, It has nothing to do with racism.

This isn’t the first time that Senator Rockefeller has called Republicans racist for opposing Obamacare (and it won’t be the last time Democrats call us racist either); earlier this month he made similar comments.

liberal-progressives-shout-racismSen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., suggested that racism may be at the root of some of the country’s gridlock when he said that some people don’t want any progress to be made during President Obama’s term because of his skin color.

“It’s an American characteristic that you don’t do anything which displeases the voters, because you always have to get reelected here,” Rockefeller said at a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Tuesday. “I understand part of it. It has to do with — for some, it’s just we don’t want anything good to happen under this president, because he’s the wrong color.”

The other part of Senator Rockefeller’s little video note on racism that might get missed is how he responds to Senator Johnson’s rebuttal that he is not a racist and opposes Obamacare for very real philosophical reasons. It comes near the end of the second video, after Johnson has called him out for playing the race card.

Around the 6 minute mark in the video, Senator Rockefeller next implies that Senator Johnson’s opposition to Obamacare is because he doesn’t care about the people who suffered without healthcare coverage.

This is the second prong of the Democrat attack canard on Republicans.

“Oh, you’re a conservative? So you don’t care about poor people.”

Obamacare-Protest-2Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, we philosophically believe that the best way to help the poor and disenfranchised is to get government out of the way! Has anyone noticed that our welfare system has grown into a leviathan? It continues to grow every day. We continue to pour money into our welfare state, and yet somehow the people needing welfare help continues to grow! Logically speaking – if welfare really did help the poor, shouldn’t our welfare system be SHRINKING? It’s not, because government mandated welfare breeds corruption and lethargy.

It’s exactly the opposite of what you believe, Senator Rockefeller. We don’t oppose Obamacare because we don’t care. We oppose Obamacare precisely because WE DO CARE!

The Democrat system of providing welfare in ever increasing amounts is proving to be destructive, NOT constructive. We can better care for our poor, our tired, our naked and our downtrodden in smaller communities. If the government stopped welfare altogether and gave that money back to the people – we could use it to provide for the poor in our communities. Through our churches, our neighborhood associations, our local clubs and organizations. Provide incentive for giving, and more people will give. Stop taking and doling out our hard earned money in the least efficient way possible. Let us GIVE our money of our own free will and see how much better the system could work.

(That was probably a soapbox for another time.)

The point is that we don’t oppose Obamacare because of racism or because we don’t care about the poor.

We oppose Obamacare because Obamacare is bad for America. Period.

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