Pittsburg: Trump Surprises Overjoyed Hospital Staff

Sheryl Mascio a Pittsburgh resident captured a behind-the-scenes moment of President Trump and Melania as they visited survivors of the shooting at the hospital. Mascio posted the video on Twitter and it went viral.

Enjoy the video below it’s way different than what the MSM has reported on it. It shows our president and his lovely wife exhibiting true class. The fake news media couldn’t bear to show us this clip.


Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump visited Pittsburgh Tuesday in the aftermath of the horrific Synagogue shooting that left 11 dead.

The president and first lady traveled to the Tree of Life Synagogue to pay their respects at the memorial erected to honor the dead. The first couple placed stones and flowers on a memorial as a sign of respect.

A gathering of demonstrators, however, was also present, protesting the president’s visit from a good distance away. They chanted, “President Hate, leave our state!” and “Trump, renounce white nationalism now!” More

But if your Trump derangement syndrome is so out of whack that you’d travel to a hospital where there are shooting victims to follow Trump, that’s just disgusting. The sacrifice and abuse this family endures is very disheartening.

I truly believe they aren’t about the power or money. They just truly love America. Nice to see so much genuine appreciation and hospitality.

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