Obama Double Standard on Marijuana and Hemp

Kentucky is working hard to begin once again growing hemp in the United States. If you know anything about American History you understand that hemp production has a long, rich and important place in our nation. Several of our founders, including George Washington himself, farmed large quantities of the plant.

Recently the state of Kentucky cleared the way legally to bring hemp production back to the Bluegrass state. Then Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) went to Congress and got his state clearance to begin growing hemp from hemp seeds at a national level. So everyone in Kentucky was a bit surprised when the DEA confiscated hemp seeds as they entered Kentucky before Kentucky’s Commissioner of Agriculture could get his hands on them.

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hempLook, to some, hemp is suspiciously close to its THC bearing cousin marijuana. But they aren’t the same. Hemp production could eliminate the need to cut down trees for paper – and not just paper, but all manner of paper products! Hemp is stronger than cotton and can grow all over the country, not just in warmer southern climes. Producing textiles would become cheaper, more efficient, more environmentally friendly, as well as opening up jobs all over the country… not just the south. Hemp can be used as a wood substitute in some construction. Hemp seeds are very nutritious and already found in some of the most popular granola and cereal health bars.

This is just scratching the surface of what hemp could do. It could be a major boon to our agricultural production, and it could be a major boon to our manufacturing sector. Hemp could help kick-start our floundering economy.

More than its benefits – one has to wonder about what the federal government is doing here.

The DEA will step in and get involved when federally legal hemp seeds make their way to Kentucky, but they won’t step in when federally illegal marijuana is sold and consumed in Colorado, California and other places? I am not arguing for them to crack down on Colorado and California’s marijuana dispensaries… I’m just wondering why they are spending their time on hemp seeds but not actual marijuana use.

Does that make any sense to you? I don’t get it…

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