Media Refuses to Name Islam as Criminals of 9/11


A half-page newspaper article in the Orange County Register about the highly orchestrated preview opening of the new 9/11 museum at Ground Zero, New York City, leaves out the most important fact: WHO ATTACKED THE U.S. BY FLYING AMERICAN COMMERCIAL JETLINERS INTO THE TWIN TOWERS?

Shortly after the attack, the photographs and names of the Islamist terrorists were published world-wide. But they do not appear in this article nor, apparently, in the museum.

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In the most devastating air attack on American soil since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941, “A day that will live in infamy,” Islamist terrorists killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans in NYC, the Pentagon and in a Pennsylvania field.

The OC Register, on May 16, 2014, ran The New York Times article by Stephen Farrell on the preview opening of the New York City 9/11 Museum, formally known as The National September 11 Memorial Museum.

twintowersNo mention of terrorists, Muslims or Islamists can be found in the long article – either directly or by inference.

The writer noted the names of some victims and dignitaries, careful to focus on feelings…”…Poignant and moving…;” “…feeling inspired…” but no righteous anger was allowed to creep into the article. Instead showing Americans as meekly accepting brutal reality with no expressed justifiable outrage.

In a jab to heroic Republican, then NYC-Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who walked the streets inviting reporters to go with him and others to manage the nightmare engulfing the city, he was dismissed in his failure to win a third term. As though that was an important fact relevant to the story. It was not. However, the Democrats present were properly noted.

President Obama is portrayed in the story as obliquely referring …”our SEALs made sure that justice was done.'”…recalling the killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011.

Really? That ended the Islamist attacks by terrorism?

What was Benghazi?

Since 9/11/01 thousands of such attacks have taken place all over the world.

The New York Times is a well-known, a leftist publication, but even for it, this article failed the accuracy test. It just doesn’t smell right.

Americans are aware that since the 9/11/01 attack various Islamist pressure groups have publicly protested to avoid any mention of the attackers by name and to insist Islam is a faith of peace. They demanded the word “jihad” not be used in the museum’s video. Some wanted to place a mosque near Ground Zero, as is their custom.  The campaign to whitewash the brutality of Islamist terrorists continues today in school textbooks and in the media.

The truth is the truth.

Japanese attacked the United States December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor.

Islamists, using terror tactics, attacked the United States, September 11, 2001, at NYC. A day of infamy that is being obscured.

After WW I, French children were taught to have compassion & pity for the “poor” German soldiers. When WW II came it took just six weeks for the French to surrender.

Americans must ignore the campaigns to neutralize the perceptions of the intentions of the enemy of the Western World in general, and the United States in particular.

Lessons learned strengthen.

Thomas Paine
Save America as Founded

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Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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