Sen. Ben Sasse TOTALLY Schools Democrats Over Their Disruption at Supreme Court Hearings

Nebraska’s Republican Senator Ben Sasse delivered an incredible opening speech shredding the liberals for their obstruction of the American system of appointing judges to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Sasse excoriated the Democrats mostly because he rightly sees that all the theatrics against Brett Kavanaugh has nothing at all to do with anything Kavanaugh has said or done. It’s all about the Democrats pushing their left-wing agenda and not about confirming a judge.

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As Law & Crime Blog notes:

“Congratulations and condolences,” Sasse said to Kavanaugh at the beginning of his remarks before giving examples of the harsh criticism that has been lobbed at President Donald Trump‘s nominee.

“Since July, you’ve been accused of hating women, hating children, hating clean air, wanting dirty water; you’ve been declared a quote-unquote ‘existential threat to our nation,’” Sasse rattled off.

“This drivel is patently absurd,” he said, “and I worry that we’re going to hear more of it over the next few days.”

Sasse insisted, “This stuff isn’t about Brett Kavanaugh. … The people who know you better, not those who are trying to get on TV, they tell a completely different story about who Brett Kavanaugh is,” noting the praise that Kavanaugh has received from those in the legal community.”


“The hysteria surrounding Supreme Court confirmation hearings is coming from the fact that we have a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the Supreme Court in American life now.”

He said that political discussion paints a picture of justices as “people wearing red and blue jerseys,” instead of jurists who make legal decisions based on existing laws instead of personal beliefs. If justices were political figures, Sasse said, he’d be in favor of passing a law to get rid of lifetime appointments.

“Until you introduce that legislation,” he said, addressing his fellow Senators, “I don’t believe you really want the Supreme Court to be a politicized body, though that’s they way we constantly talk about it now.”

Sasse went on to excoriate Congress for being the cause of much of the current state of affairs, blaming the Senate and House for shirking their responsibilities by punting most of the real work to federal agencies in the executive branch, or failing to take action on hot-button issues so they end up before the Supreme Court.

“This body is the political branch where policy-making fights should happen,” he said about Congress.

Sasse said that Supreme Court justices are not there to set policy or act based on their political beliefs or represent parties. They’re there to put all of that aside.

“The question before us is whether or not [Kavanaugh] has the temperament and the character to take his policy views and political preferences and put them in a box marked ‘irrelevant,’ and set it aside every morning when he puts on the black robe,” Sasse said.

“If you don’t think he does, vote no. If you do, stop the charades.”

Sasse — not the most reliable of Republicans — hit the nail on the head with this one.

Meanwhile, there are reports of some of the other antics over this hearing.

According to Adam W. Schindler, not only were the Democrats in the Senate organized, the protestors who over ran the public ticket line were also organized. You must give it to their persistence. But the demonstrators were paid by anti-Trump groups as eye witnesses can account for. I respect their right to pay people to exercise free speech. But make no mistake, these disruptive views are not representative at most of America. They are paid political operatives working at the direction of their superiors, not the people.

Typical Democrats making fake activists and presenting them like they are real.

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