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Examples of Democrat Racism and the Media’s Silence

Republicans and Conservatives are often mischaracterized by our enemies as “racists.” Many of our views on economics and freedom are twisted beyond recognition and turned against us as proof of some deeper malingering angst. The truth of the matter is that we are no more racist than our liberal detractors. Race baiting is just easier than debating ideas for the left.

Sadly, the media is complicit in the mud-slinging of small minded liberals.

Just in the last month, four high profile instances of Democrat politicians saying/doing some extremely racist things have gone almost unnoticed by the main stream media. If any of these folks had been Republicans… well, you know what would have happened. It would have run on a 24 hour loop on MSNBC, CNN and many of the liberal web sites.

Racist Democrat #1- Marie Strumolo Burke (D-NJ)

Ms. Burke is running for Mayor of Belleville, NJ. In a voicemail message left on another local politician’s answering machine (from 2013), she can be heard (around 1:14 in the recording) yelling some horribly racist things. Just as concerning, her fellow politician leaving the message seems unfazed by the terrible comments she makes. How many racist Democrats are there in New Jersey?

In the voicemail, left by the former chairman of Belleville’s planning board, Sam Papa, on the phone of Councilman Kevin Kennedy, a voice thought to be Burke’s can be heard in the background screaming the angry racist comment.

“This is terrible. This is terrible. This is gonna be a f—— n—– town,” Burke is allegedly heard yelling in the background, as Papa is heard discussing tax changes.

Racist Democrat #2 – Representative Bennie Thompson (D-MS)

Interestingly, there are some Democrats who will argue that Mr. Thompson can’t be a racist, because he happens to be a black man. Yet those same Democrats (who are oftentimes white) will argue that conservative black men can hate their own race – simply because they are conservative. Twisted, isn’t it?

Mr. Thompson recently caused a stir by going on a New Nation of Islam radio show (the New Nation of Islam itself being explicitly racist) and calling Mitch McConnell and all other Republicans racist, as well as saying that Clarence Thomas (the lone black Supreme Court Justice) is an “Uncle Tom.”

Republicans are Racist

Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom

Like so many other liberals, he believes that Republicans are only against the Democrat Party because President Obama is black. He claims that no other President has ever been treated as harshly as President Obama has and that Justice Thomas “doesn’t like black people and doesn’t like being black” because he thinks that affirmative action is Unconstitutional.

Republicans are generally against Democrat ideas. It’s why we have two parties in the first place – it has nothing to do with the color of the President’s skin. If Biden or Clinton had been elected, our response would be exactly the same.

Mr. Thompson must not have been paying attention when Democrats were busy comparing President Bush to Hitler, calling him an alcoholic and drug addict and constantly calling him stupid. He must have missed the dozens of examples of the President being burned in effigy and the countless protests that happened everywhere the President went. Saying that Obama has been treated harsher than president Bush is simply insane.

It is a fool who responds to criticism with ad hominem attacks like “Uncle Tom.” Justice Thomas is a brilliant man who is greatly respected in the legal community. The problem for Mr. Thompson is that in a debate over the history, legality and usefulness of affirmative action, Justice Thomas would mop the floor with Rep. Thompson… so Thompson does what he must. He uses the tactics of a coward and questions Justice Thomas’ ethnic credentials. It’s sad, and it’s despicable.

Racist Democrat #3 – Representative Alvin Holmes (D-AL)

This is almost too easy, really. Rep. Alvin Holmes first launched an attack against the white community of Alabama by saying that all white people are racist because they won’t adopt black babies. Only Holmes said it in a much more disgusting way

State representative Alvin Holmes (D) Montgomery, said republican lawmakers would support abortion if their daughters became pregnant by black men. Holmes later said he would offer $100,000 cash to anyone who could show “a whole bunch of whites” have adopted black children in Alabama.

So a bunch of mixed-raced Alabama families showed up in Montgomery to prove to Mr. Holmes that they did indeed exist. He didn’t apologize. Nope. He doubled down and got even more racist.

“The majority of white people in the state of Alabama are against adopting black children and the majority of white people in the state of Alabama are against their daughters having babies by black men and I stand by that comment,” he says…

“The majority of white people in my opinion in the state of Alabama do not want their daughters having black babies,” he says. “They know it’s true. I know it’s true. And they’re not going to say, yes Alvin Holmes is right.”…

“I know it’s embarrassing to them,” he says. “When they go out and say, well it doesn’t matter to me and then most of them catch they daughter having a black baby, they’d have a conniption fit.”

This was just a few months after Rep. Holmes got into a bit of trouble for also calling Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom” and criticizing Justice Thomas for marrying a white woman. Here’s my question. What would the media do if a Republican politician criticized a white Democrat for marrying a black woman? They’d go crazy! But when Rep. Holmes does it? Silence.

Racist Democrat #4 – State Representative Brett Hulsey (D-WI)

State Rep. Brett Hulsey has been making a lot of waves of late. First, by suggesting that he would give out KKK hoods at the Republican state convention. Then, by dressing up as a confederate soldier to continue the idea that Republicans in Wisconsin are racists. The dude is obviously a clown.

(An aside here. White liberals like Brett Hulsey disgust me. Not because racism doesn’t exist, but because liberals like him make racism a trite issue. They see it everywhere. Because they see it everywhere, they miss the real instances of racism that should be dealt with. I have experienced racism. It is not trite. It hurts. It’s personal. It’s serious. Men like Brett Hulsey make a mockery of its seriousness with their hackneyed attitude and irreverent disregard for what others have had to face.)

Fortunately for everyone, Mr. Hulsey runs into a bit of a problem when he is confronted by an African-American Wisconsin Republican. She very quickly dismantles his little charade.

I am a big fan of this wonderful Republican lady.

So. Much. Fun.

I have just introduced you to four very racist Democrats. Have you heard anyone in the mainstream media discussing these stories? No. That’s odd, isn’t it?

The media is committing malpractice when they buy into the liberal/Democrat storyline that Republicans are racists and Democrats are colorblind. Racism is real – but it is an issue that both parties and every political ideology must deal with. The media should be just as quick to call out Democrat sins as they are to publicize Republican sins.


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