You Won’t Like This – I Don’t Like Homosexuality

I like gay men.  I don’t like gay sexuality and displays of homosexual affection.  I don’t even like men and women making out in public but it doesn’t bother me as much as men and men kissing.  My aversion is natural like gay men’s aversion to kissing women.  What is, is.  Why twist reality for a political purpose.

I have a liberal friend who dropped me because I criticized gays in an article.  I didn’t drop him for failing to understand the complexity of my finding homosexual acts organically difficult for me to accept.

He thought that acceptance of his gay view should be a walk in the park.  He didn’t understand that there were ditches and violence in that park. He didn’t understand that there were difficulties in gay adoption and same sex marriage.  He thought it was just same old same old. Everything is acceptable because he says so.

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gaymobGays make me uncomfortable. What’s the big deal?  Well, not them but what they feel. So what?  Should I lie?  Should I lead them on?

Gays don’t like me.  Oh, they do.  They just do what they do which I don’t do. I am friendly. But if they knew that I didn’t like their sexual practices and their pride in what they do they wouldn’t understand why I see things as they don’t. I like them.  I just don’t like their sexual proclivities whether genetic or environmental.  Does that make me a bad person who just someone who is in touch with his feelings?

I had an obsession compulsion where I was worried about poking my eyes out. I don’t want to have to blind myself to pretend that gay sex is alright with me.  It’s none of my business, but it’s not.

The sexual urge is as powerful as hunger or fighting.  Should it come as a surprise that a disruption in the sexual desire should make me uncomfortable?  Am I supposed to witness something as remote from me as same sex and not be horrified?  Horrified even if I rationalize it and want to accept it.  Even if I want to be the nice guy who condemns nothing.

Homosexuals think that men kissing men is beautiful.  My hands shake on the gun of negation.  What is wrong is wrong in its failure to accommodate itself to the acceptance of the body. I get nauseous when I see beards nuzzling. Don’t I have the right to be upset?  I am what I am.  Most men feel the way that I do.  Because of the gay mafia they have become afraid to admit it.

gayrollerGays can’t force me to see them the way they see them because people are built differently and that is their whole argument for self-defense.  They want to be themselves.  On the other side of the universe, I want to be myself and accept them for themselves but still be secretly horrified.

If they insist that I accept them, I must insist that they accept me.  I would demand that they love my prejudice, accept my bigotry, and praise my homophobia.

I see gay liberals sitting in a tree—k-i-s-s-i-n-g.   If you can’t appreciate the sexes you can’t know that difference makes attraction as beautiful as political incorrectness. You say that I am homophobic.  I am pretty fearless.

I am uncomfortable around their sexual complacencies.

Let our differences rise in the wind at the dock at Montauk like flags.  Like flags of our own individuality representing ourselves and a nation of being what we are not, what we mistakenly aspire to be.

Gays are more sensitive to insults than blacks.  Most of my black friends don’t feel that gays deserve the same breaks. In New York I can insult a black sooner than a gay.  The gays have no sense of humor. They are prissy.  They are girls. The blacks know it.  They have experienced real pain for a little pigmentation.  The gays see the world upside down and are attracted to the wrong end.

michael-samNow Michael Sam has announced that he’s gay ahead of the NFL draft.  He has been praised for his courage.  I would criticize him for his compulsion to bare his soul in order to get some sort of titillation from his confessional.  No one wants to know that he is gay. He shows no empathy for most of his audience.  He only understands his own compulsions. That’s his business.  Is he showing off his perversion for some deeper, sick reason? Did he kiss his boyfriend on television because the liberals have fooled him into thinking that he is not different from us and he was unaware that he offended us?

A few weeks earlier Jason Collins, an NBA center, announced that he is gay. Why?  Is he proud or is he flagellating himself?  The liberals who pretend that gays don’t make them uneasy pretend. They feel that acceptance of perversions makes them larger, more accepting people.

It would have been braver to live with their gayness and to keep it secret.  They would have had to deal with the contradictions privately and man-up to the silent pressure of their dereliction. Confession is like self-exposure.  It is another form of perversion. Jason Collins showering in the locker room is like me showering in a girls’ volleyball locker room.  It’s emotionally and manifestly wrong. I don’t want to change things.  I just don’t want to enter where I don’t belong.


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David Lawrence

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