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Democrats Making Disgusting Benghazi Jokes to Distract America

If you think the title of this piece is simply my attempt at pulling in readers… you’re sadly mistaken.


The Democrats have turned to making sick jokes about the Benghazi massacre in an attempt to deflect any negative attention to their role in the scandal.

It started with Democrat hero Howard Dean literally calling the idea of a Benghazi scandal a “laughable joke.” But the Democrats have now gone even further.

Recently, Rep. Stacey Newman (D-MO) decided to test out her stand-up routine on Twitter… it didn’t go over so well.



Rep. Newman wasn’t the only callous Democrat making light of the Benghazi scandal. Mississippi candidate for Congress Trish Causey (D-MS) had to one-up Newman by making this disgusting Benghazi joke (though she moved pretty quickly to delete it – the internet is forever).

(Warning – this next tweet is … off-color,  at best.)


Democrats Newman and Causey aren’t the only ones trying to make a mockery of what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012… the entire Democrat Party seems to be making light of what happened that night. From the President right on down – Democrat politicians have obviously decided that their grip on power is much more important than the lives of four innocent Americans. The good folks at Western Journalism have put together a video montage that should enrage every American.

See the video here.

It’s mind-blowing to see just how far the Democrat Party would sink just to maintain liberal power in Washington. Terrifying really. If they care this little about an ambassador… how much do they care about little people like you and me? Yikes.

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • James

    Wow what low life fools.

  • jessica22

    I think thou dost protest too much…

    • Bill Mullins

      To whom are you speaking, Jessica? Are we to infer from your response that you APPROVE of the smarmy, scrofulous comments of these two fine upstanding, sterling examples of progressive womanhood?

      Since the Ambassador who was murdered was a homosexual, where is the LGBT (etc) tribe’s outrage at the lie that the Ambassador died of “smoke inhalation”? Where is their public outrage at the trivializing of one of their own’s horrific death?

  • $36220896

    I wonder if the families of the murdered Americans think it was a joke?

  • Get Real

    There is no justice for those murdered at Benghazi……yet….It’s coming….

    • Beckah

      I do hope one day there is justice, but I fear the only justice in this case will be on Judgement Day.

      • Get Real

        When the whole of the Obama administration is corrupt, I fear your prediction will be correct…and America will sink even lower..

  • jarhead

    Liberals lack civility as well as common sense. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. Those retards in Washington should be retired……to a funny farm!

  • Ann Rand

    “On the other side of the coin “…. I saw a black man being interviewed (a self-proclaimed hillary fan )… When Jesse Waters (Fox News ) asked what he thinks about Benghazi , he replied that “I don’t know much about him .. Is he running against Hillary Clinton ?”

    • seeymour kleerly

      No Benghazi is the new messiah for the Conservative neanderthals!!

      • Ann Rand

        Like you ??

  • Bob

    Ditto that Jarhead. They all need to go. Dems have never had any class. And they are supposed to be leaders. What a joke

  • jdbixii

    Given the power of government to put people in harm’s way, it should be a warning to anyone considering government service to ponder the liabilities of the unforeseeable policies and policy changes that occur from one administration to another. Just Say “No,” is a logical option.

    • Beckah

      On this I would have to disagree. I think the problem is that we have allowed professional, lifelong politicians. What we desperately need is “We the People” to do more government service.

  • TPM

    What’s funny about 4 dead Americans & a Secretary of State who left them there, unprotected, on Sept 11th, despite multiple warnings of impending attacks?
    What’s funny about illegal sales (or giving) of guns and SAMs to Islamic Extremists?

    What’s going to be funny, when some of the SAMs we gave these Islamic Extremists are used to shoot down one or more commercial airliners?
    Think this can’t happen? It already has. Read up on TWA Flight 800, which Bill Clinton’s administration buried / called an “accident” to give cover to the same Islamic extremists that Hillary and Obama protect & support today.

    • Seldena

      I remeber something about that. I do remember when our assasin had Bin Ladin in his cross hairs and Bill Clinton refused to give the kill order. And his wife who loces to protect these people wants to be president! She is a clone of obummer and she is a liar just as he is and I pray to God the American voter will be intelligent enough to say NO CLINTON BACK IN THE WH!

    • bbarnicle

      Already some of the same terrorists have gone on to murder more: some were recognized (and named) at the Algiers attack.

      Libya had the terrorists in custody and asked the U.S. if they wanted to take them for investigation. Obama, still in coverup ‘video’ mode, said ‘let them go.’

      You progressives have no idea how much blood is on this administration’s hands. Gitmo prisoners released by Obama have gone on to commit more murderous acts of terror -named and identified individuals. Now he and Holder have released into your childrens’ neighborhoods thousands of violent offender/DUI illegal aliens (rather than deporting them). This is not conjecture. Progressives with a beating heart, look at what they’re doing, not saying…doing, out in the open, with evidence.

  • mbnick

    This is the “new” Democrat defense. They have so many scandals going on that now, as they start getting exposed, they start screaming it’s the Republicans fault. Most important is that some of them go to prison.

  • RandyRose

    The Democrats who are against finding the truth should be sent to embassies that have been or will be attacked. As the bullets and bombs are are coming at them they can do their jokes and see who is laughing.

  • mbnick

    Just add this to the ever growing list of why we must now remove ALL Democrats from public office, our Courts, and our schools. Nov. is coming. Be there and bring a friend.

    • patriotgirl

      Don’t forget the RINOs in that.ouster vote. We back to our conservative base.

      • mbnick

        A few RINOS is the least f my worried right now. It is Democrats we need to clean out. Once they are gone the RINOS will change their tune quick.

  • OldVeteran

    Ugly minds at work here……vicious evil people trying to make some people laugh at their idea of being above the people who want the truth. Vote Demon…..these are the kind of hearts and minds working in the government. Hitler, Stalin would be so proud of this behavior.

  • jwright673

    Victims of all crimes, not just Benghazi, must remember the vile comments by these sub-human and vote for people who have compassion for their fellow man. With demorats, it is all about me, me, me and getting re-elected, and they don’t care who suffers as a result. I have more love for a Burmese python…

  • horrible deplorable raynbene

    This type of juvenile, so-what nonsense is just more proof to me that these rotten democRATS really believe they are untouchable, above every law, and cannot be guilty of anything wrong ! ! Is it any wonder we are in the mess we are in ? No, it is not . . .

  • loulun

    All these worthless Democrats including Clinton and Obama should be feed to the families of the Victims but let the Victims use a blow torch on them till the tell the truth that Obama gave the stand down order than execute him by hanging

    • Mike Tanco

      Agree! Now let’s put the blame where it really belongs. First- the Repubs that let this Kenyan born Muslim communist get by with phony credentials and run for POTUS. Secondly- the stupid people that elected this fraud not once but twice. And last but not least- a Congress that has no guts to impeach this lying SOB.

      • Barbaree

        What is it with these two — obama and clinton — their minions will protect them to the death! Doesn’t matter what they do!

        • seeymour kleerly

          How about Bush/Cheney? Didn’t Fox News and Talk Radio protect them for 8 long, destructive years?

  • Maxwell

    Democrat Trish Causey is familiar enough with the term ‘Fluffer’ to embed that word in her routine tweets! One wonders who is Ms Causey’s ‘fluffer?’ She appears to be having a public orgasm over the terrorist attack on Benghazi. Perhaps her fluffer is one of the bad actors in Benghazi! What’s her, the fluffer, #? She’s doing yeoman’s work keeping Ms Causey’s attention orgasmicly away from the truth. Indeed, Ms Causey’s comments are just as ‘mind-blowing’ as Ms Pelosi’s chronic outbursts of insanity.

  • thegreatamerican

    I just sent Stacey a message by Facebook. She has zero class.
    Stop the hiding of the truth. Why was nothing done during the battle to help those engaged with the enemy? Stop blaming everyone else and take some responsibility you spineless trash.

  • DetroitDom

    GREAT IDEA! Let’s send a VERY CLOSE family member of each Democrat to Benghazi or some other Muslim-crazed part of the world without any military support and then taunt the Muslims with a Muhammad-hating video.

    In the aftermath, when the Dems are demanding for action against those that killed/ wounded their loved ones, we can all reply “What difference does it make?”

    I’ll bet it won’t be funny anymore.

  • Mark Tallman

    I think the family members of those murdered by muslims in Libya that sat night should respond to each of these Democrat low-lifes.

    The tweets by these two Democrat B&tches prove that even stupid c&nts can tweet disgusting crap and think it is clever. Anyonoe who now votes for these whores is a moron! I am more pissed than I believe I have EVER been in my life. I think Republicans in the House should read these tweets so they become part of the permanent Congressional Record and these whores have to answer in a public forum.

  • USMC 64-68

    Nothing new here. When have Democrat progressives ever defended traditional morality? They only defend the depraved, and mock the traditional.

    The democrat progressives are un-American and anti-American traitors.

    Hillary’s statement of values: what difference does it make? It’s obvious, it doesn’t make a difference to the Marxist democrats.

    • Ribbey

      Bad manners/Disrespect ( no humility in their souls) shows lack of intelligence and makes a person weak and unteachable….

  • eetamu81

    National Masturbation Month? Who would elect this dolt ? It has been already apparent that this was a cover up from the beginning. Four men were sacrificed, And for what? So OBama and Billary would not look bad? Their behavior is DESPICABLE.

  • Seldena

    I am not at all surprised at these two democrats being heartless. Reid called Americans that lost their insurance liars. Their corrupt minds are always at work. They only care about the blacks and hispanic votes. This is their agenda. They use these 2 races and then throw them away after the elections.I wonder if this had been a brother, husband or son of hers she would be so heartless? I just can’t figure out why the dumbocrats are so afraid at getting to the truth! Something is fishy here.

  • Blessings

    We know Democrats/liberals, don’t have the capacity to understand that their words have consequences..However, November will be a great opportunity for them to learn this valuable lesson…
    I’m also not at all surprised they’ve sunk this low, as they have evolved from typically being liars, rude and uncouth, into more disgusting and thoughtless…

  • Glen Saunders

    This Trish Causey has a serious problem if she thinks even Democrats are ignorant enough to find humor in the deaths of Americans…..Those are some seriously sick comments coming out of her sick mind.

  • Tank

    Seriously Trish Causey? What happened to being professional?? I work out of an engineering office, and if I was posting crap like this I could find myself in HR’s office… I’m all for jokes, even dirty jokes, but there is an appropriate time and place, like while having a beer with my pipe fitter friends after work. Just shows the character, or lack thereof, of folks in government… You think you’re funny, but you’re just plain pathetic.

  • Virginia Lindsey

    Over and over and over, Dr. Savage hit the nail on the head, if you will, “LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!”

  • TPM

    DEM Trish Causey has offended Americans, especially those whose loved ones were killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack.
    As a radical Democrat, she’s obviously a supporter of Islamic extremists. Under Sharia Law, since she is a women and as she has offended us, can we cut off her nose and ears? Can we whip up an honor killing, in her honor? Maybe toss a pile of rocks at this worthless POS?

  • cyberhackster

    They make disgusting jokes due to the fact that they themselves are dusgusting

  • mark

    Why aren’t all the little trolls here? Protecting their beloved scumocrats! When I added that word to my dictionary. Democrat came up in the spelling check! Who would have though?

  • Remington 870

    Rarely will you ever meet a liberal who served in the military. These people look down upon our military and regard them as expendable. There is no honor for those who call themself Democrap. Send all liberals to Afganistan and maybe they will understand what Duty, Honor & Country mean….NOT!

    • KingofBeers

      Washington Times, 2013….a little over 1/3 of military members say they support the Republican Party. Down form 50% in 2006. Another right wing myth destroyed.

      • Remington 870

        I hate Democraps and regard the GOP as cowards. Who will I vote for? Anyone who can prove they support the US Constitution. You like to write about Right Wing myths…but what about all the obama lies and deception? Time to turn this country upside down and get rid of both parties.

  • Art Hock

    Newman and Causey are fine examples of why there should be a mental test for these idiots before running for office. Their idiocy is surpassed only by their ugliness. Pigs.

  • NRApatriot

    These folks true and just reward is soon coming! Can you say wailing and gnashing of teeth? They will get to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with all their heroes!

  • Bruce M. Pierce

    The current trending levels of marginalization the older populations and the systematic murdering of our veterans should be well documented by now. What appears to be incompetence and cover-ups has now reached to the level of Holder’s office. Please note the thin veneer of Holder’s response. It works to the advantage of the Democrats that by minimizing the more conservative populations of this country and its retired military. The Socialists/Communists are slowly wiping out the old disciplines of hard work, freedom, representative government , our Judeao-Christian traditions and belief systems. And to replace it will their minions that come across the border with all its criminal element and then offering to them the opportunity of citizenship by joining the Armed Services. Apparently some of Obama’s shadow army is being trained to fire and/ or enslave his political opposition. And then to add insult upon injury, the Common Core curricula is enslaving the minds and psyches, the hearts, souls of our children. I defer to the books upon the histories and the studies of the Third Reich. You will need to read them before the Obama Quislings burns the documentation to cover their trails. You can trace their systematic and corrosive outline of which they are following and learned from. When you go to the polls in November, remember you are not only voting for your candidates that carry your voice in part to the Congress, but also the future direction of the country’s future. Will it be freedom and light or slavery and death. Yes, Virginia, it is that important. Winston Churchill once observed, “Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.”

    • Barbaree

      Right you are, Bruce! This is exactly what they’re doing!

  • barb patton

    It is perhaps a good thing that these Democrats – white females to boot – make sickening jokes about Benghazi – the more they do it – the more disgusted women and men will become with regard to their brazen disregard to someone else’s son/brother. Carry on Democrats – Benghazi is too big to slither under the belly of a snake –

    • fideux

      Somehow, the Watergate break in, and coverup seems to pale by comparison yet, the white guy was forced to leave public office, and the black guy has (so far) gotten a pass! Can you say racism?

  • Jim

    Never lower your standards to raise those of a Democrat

  • froggy

    These are not real women .The only action these bubble headed democratic little girls (for lack of a better term ) have ever seen was with their liberal Daddies while mommy was licking “LOLLY POP ” in the closet with her lady friends .Where do they find these trollops anyway ?

  • Rham

    Liberals are stupid and Trey Gowdy just told the lame stream media how things should have been, as far as the disregard of a very important story by the liberal media, which rather live in a fool’s world of being deceived than do their work. I despise the liberal media and thank god for FOX which still is able to raise the questions that need asking.

  • tom nogaro

    as to dean, we sensed he was certifiable nuts from his screeching “dean scream” dayz.

    we know now for sure, since dr. howard dean, as he is or was, is clearly of the schizoid personality, says my pet mouse shrink, curly young, since to a physican life and death do matter, and paramountly so (remember, the hypocratic oath?), but to a demrat like dean they’re a laughable joke.

    btw, did dean take the hypocratic or the hypocritic oath, or none at all? maybe the univ. of vermont veterinary school of diplodoci for mentally disfigured hematologists might illuminate the matter for us. in the meantime…

    honey, you seen my old strait jacket suit, you know the one with the bronze stars on the rubber helmet? good, get it outta da closet, i know a guy needs it bad, more than me.

  • con_c_kwense

    Really one does not need to know what these revolting sub-h*m*ns are saying or doing…just the mere fact that they have “D” for disgusting after their name is all you need to know…one inescapable fact, the uglier the ‘crat, the nastier they are…and as usual, masturbation is all that the one trollop can think about…

  • KingofBeers

    They aren’t making fun about the tragedy, they’re making fun of republican attempts to use the death of 4 Americans for political gain.

    • con_c_kwense

      …if that was what they were doing, they would be screeching to their media who*res to broadcast 24 hours of non-stop lies about how evil the Republican’s are…these filthy slimes – for whom you are shilling – are sick perverts who hate everything that is normal and decent…and love everything despicable and anti-American.

      • KingofBeers

        13 embassy attacks under Bush, with a good 60 dead, which includes 53 Americans. Did democrats demand investigations, did they demand to know where the president was, did they demand to know why help wasn’t sent in time? Almost 2 years of investigations, at least 8 different senate sub committee investigations, CIA, Homeland Security, independent journalistic investigations, 50,000 pages of documents, days of sworn testimony, and now republicans are fund raising off Benghazi? And John Boehner pretends to have no part in this fund raising, yet his name is signed on the bottom of the fund raising letter?!

        Republicans…a disgusting, obscene, unpatriotic excuse for a major political party.

        • grtlkesailor

          So, if the statistic is true, and I will accept it, we want better government. Wasn’t that what Obama supposed to do? Your argument is like saying of all those who failed, we failed least. Stupid. We need people in government who endeavor to do better, not provide lame excuses.

          • KingofBeers

            We are doing better…the economy has improved remarkably and we haven’t gotten involved in any more stupid Mid East wars.

          • pthor

            Sure we are, just like Obumbles has been saying for the last 6 years…. Thanks to adding 10’s of millions to welfare & keeping the unemployment historically high~ things are AWESOME!

          • KingofBeers

            Unemployment dropping nation wide, with some states reporting 6.1%. Over 50 straight months of private sector job growth, exceeding expectations. We just recently gained back all the jobs lost during the Bush recession…horrible news for republicans.

          • pthor

            Let me help you back to reality… The unemployment is still much higher than when Bush left office & your libtard friends controlled both houses (The real cause of the failing economy). The very marginal job growth is mostly part time jobs thanks to your saviors Socialized healthcare debacle. And Republicans will gain seats in both houses thanks to the Pelosi Reid/ obumbles recession~ You can bank on that! Welcome back…

          • KingofBeers

            The senate was 49 dems to 49 repubs with two independents. It’s another right wing distortion that dems controlled both houses.

          • pthor

            Really? Is the fact that your hero Biden makes it 50 to 49 a “Right wing distortion” ? Either you intentionally left out that fact, or are too ignorant to know it… Which one?

          • KingofBeers

            Why don’t you look it up? Don’t take my word for it. 49 dems, 49 repubs, 2 independents. Sheesh! Is that so hard for you to do?

          • pthor

            Biden??? No comment???

          • KingofBeers

            Perhaps I’m missing your point? Biden was a senator from Delaware and something like on the foreign relations committee? Right? I’m not looking this up, just trying to remember? 49 Dems…49 Repubs, two independents. You act like he was the tie breaker?

          • pthor

            Only according to the Constitution but that only matters to the libtards when it helps them…

          • con_c_kwense

            LOL!! you’re being sarcastic right?? No normal, reasonably intelligent American could possibly believe that…oh, wait, you’re a democrat…what a maroon…

          • KingofBeers

            Truth hurts doesn’t it? Truth to republicans is like a crucifix to vampires. The economic outlook, job creation (best since 1999), and the months of private sector job creation, is all readily available information.

            Net job creation under 8 years of Bush? Nada, nil, zero, goose egg.

          • con_c_kwense

            Oh my…oh my…and you want to be addressed in an educated manner when you write stuff like this??
            You’re living in your slave-master’s bizarro world…only a SEVERELY brain dead obamaslut could possibly believe that…tell you what, take a trip down to your local unemployment office and then over to the welfare office (i’m sure you know where that is being a ‘crat) and take a look at how many people are lining up for their pittance from the regime…over 50% of the population now rely on food stamps or some other form of regime handout…the only job creation by obumbler has been on golf courses and 5 star hotels and his local pot dealer, oh and his “boy-toys”…

          • KingofBeers

            Everything I posted is fact. All you have is grade school humor.

          • chiefjgmac

            “remarkably”??? Really………really…………really?????

          • minowe

            You know, this economy IS “remarkable.” Not in a good way, of course, but remarkable. (Except I imagine both 0 and Kingo are quite happy with this economy. American has just been too rich for too long; time to give someone else the chance.)

          • chiefjgmac

            Give them your money then.

          • grtlkesailor

            Slowest recovery since WWII, median income continues to decline, lowest labor participation level since the “70s”, reduced hours for unskilled labor due to Obamacare (my grandson), contract labor jobs increasing at the expense of full time employment (both contributing to declining income stats), over regulation slowing new business formation. How much more of the improving economy can we take under this administration can we take? And, Foreign Policy? Wonderful!!!!!

          • con_c_kwense

            Now I know you’re on something OR you’re just being satirical, right??
            Doing better…???ask the 93,000,000 Americans sitting home twiddling their thumbs…
            economy improved…less than 1/10 of 1% in the first quarter…
            if the lyin’ king and his minions reported the correct unemployment figures unemployment would be standing a 11 -17%…under President Bush (till the ‘crats stole the 2006 mid-terms) unemployment was between 4 – 5%…
            …no more middle-east wars…?? your beloved leader is sending arms to al Quaida in Syria (and goodness knows where else) he stoked the rebellions in Egypt, Libya etc., killing thousands in the process…there have been more (unreported by the bummermedia) American deaths in Afghanistan since the boy-child,s owner/operators have been in charge than in the whole of the Iraq war…
            …just like your muslim slave-owner, you’re gravely delusional.

          • minowe

            Stop it, con. If the MSM doesn’t report the rotten economy, the worst unemployment since the Great Depression, and the terrorist actions 0 is supporting in the Middle East, then those things don’t exist. Kingo knows that even if you don’t.

        • pthor

          Bush is still GONE Stupid! Try finding another excuse to protect your communist leaders & give the rest of us a break!

          • seeymour kleerly

            Did you clowns become hysterical then? Did Fox News play it up 24/7/365 ?

          • KingofBeers

            I’m only using Bush to point out the hypocrisy of the Republican Party, “stupid.”

          • pthor

            You use Bush in 50% of your comments because you have nothing let to defend your communist savior with ! It’s too bad you can’t see him for the scumbag he is, rather than excuse everything he does!

          • KingofBeers

            I support my comments with facts, and I certainly don’t support everything democrats do, nor our president. But Benghazi is the lowest form of scum bag republican theater I’ve seen in my lifetime.

          • pthor

            Well, if “facts” are your goal, why stop with Bush? He’s obviously your wiping-post for Obumbles failures! I have NEVER seen you admit to Obammy’s failures!!! And the only thing you should be concerned with in the Benghazi murders is finding who’s at fault & prosecuting them WITH those that killed our people rather than spewing liberal talking points about “Republicans using the murders for political gain” ! Your intentions are transparent and that’s the real “fact”.

          • KingofBeers

            Listen Thor from last night, throw some facts my way. Is that asking too much?

          • pthor

            Absolutely not! Pick anything I posted & I’ll be happy to do the search for you…

          • seeymour kleerly

            How do we prosecute anyone in a terrorist strong hold? Do you want to sacrifice even more Americans in this war?

          • pthor

            It’s no “war”, it’s a matter punishing the dirtbags responsible. Remember a goat-herder named Binladen? It’s even easier than that, (if they actually wanted to do something)!

          • seeymour kleerly

            I think it’s far to dangerous and complicated in Benghazi now to risk more American lives. Brains over Machismo from now on!

          • con_c_kwense

            You wouldn’t know a “fact” if your beloved slave-master slapped you up alongside the head with one…the truth and ‘crats are incompatible…obumscum has NEVER told the truth…the ‘crats only exist because they lie…

        • Marilyn Z

          Now tell me how many were BEGGING for help and none was sent because the leaders were in lala land or otherwise more importantly engaged?

          • KingofBeers

            Tell me why republicans cut funding for embassy security by $330 million the year of Benghazi then whine and scream scandal when our embassy is attacked?

          • Marilyn Z

            If you can answer a question with one, so can I.

            Tell me why there were men SET-UP at this tiny nothing of an embassy in the first place?

            BUSH was then, OBAMA and HILLARY are now.

            I lived in the Middle East and I saw instability first hand. As a mother I want to know why MY government did not protect these young men and I have a RIGHT to see the truth.

            If you liberal trolls think everything has already been answered, why are you running scared? Don’t tell me you aren’t cause the signs are everywhere.

          • KingofBeers

            Why were men at a tiny embassy? Because we have embassies all over the world. Democrats aren’t scared of this because they have truth on their side. Why didn’t our government protect these men? Gee, maybe because republicans cut funding two years in a row. Think that might have a little something to do with making our embassies less secure? No, of course you don’t.

          • con_c_kwense

            …you need to go put on you jammies and suck your thumb for a while…you have absolutely noo idea what your’re talking about…democrats NEVER have truth on their side…if it weren’t for lies, deceit corruption and a whole lotta perversion the ‘crat cabal wouldn’t exist.

          • Marilyn Z

            You did not answer my questions because you cannot. Remember when you point one finger at others, you are pointing at least three back at yourself.

          • minowe

            But “no funds for protection” does not mean “leave the dangerous place”? Only a brain-dead D could think like that. You and 0, you seem to think alike.

          • seeymour kleerly

            It was not an embassy. That’s in Tripoli 700 miles away.

          • con_c_kwense

            Obviously you’ve been smoking the same stuff as your anti-American, incompetent h*0m*[email protected] muslim slave-master,… the Benghazi attack was not on an embassy…and the Republicans couldn’t cut anything without the help of ‘crats..

          • KingofBeers

            Oh good grief! The disinformation and outright ignorance being displayed in these forums is frightening. Ok, consulates and embassies aren’t quite the same thing, but this whole right wing bizarro world scandal has been calling it an embassy since day one. Now you want to talk definitions? The English call their embassies consulates. On our side of the pond embassies and consulates are almost always in the same building, with perhaps different offices. So what? Is this the new republican scandal? Obama called it an embassy! Why did he lie when it was actually a consulate?!

          • chiefjgmac

            Benghazi was not an Embassy…….but maybe you can tell me what it actually was and why the US Ambassador was there in the first place???

          • minowe

            Actually, let’s pretend that $330 million cut WAS the reason we just couldn’t afford to send more protection for our AMBASSADOR. Then why did we not call him home, as every other country AND the Red Cross had done with their own people? There should be NO ONE stationed anywhere if we cannot protect him or her.

            Or did 0 and Hillary have a good reason for keeping those people there, without adequate protection?

          • KingofBeers

            Hindsight is always 20-20. Ambassador Stevens wanted the job.

          • minowe

            Lucky for every other country and the Red Cross, there was no hindsight necessary. They all seemed to use foresight, which may have been 20-20 in their cases, if not ours.

          • minowe

            Oh come on, Marilyn. It was very, VERY, SUPER-important that 0 practice for the next day’s fundraiser(s). He couldn’t be bothered with the problems of people who stayed in a very dangerous situation or those who did NOT stand down when they were told to stand down. It’s not 0’s fault if people put themselves in dangerous situations. Not even if he sent them there, but certainly not if they disobeyed his order. He does not tolerate disobedience well.

          • Marilyn Z

            It just gets curiouser and curiouser in this Alice in Wonderland world I live in. Hitler would have loved it here.

        • Korean War Vet

          And the Demoncrats are….?

        • con_c_kwense

          …and each time the patriotic Republican President Bush did something about the barbarians, the filthy disgusting, traitorous,anti-Americans of the ‘crat cabal got their media wh*r*es to drum up hate and lies – just for political gain, mind you – with their daily body count and their screeching pink commie slags…there have been more deaths and attacks -UNREPORTED by the bummer-media-slugs – since the treacherous muslim narcissist has been infecting the White House than there ever was under President Bush.

          • KingofBeers

            After 9/11, America rallied behind our president. Something republicans have never done. Based on the insidious nature of your rant, I suggest a good bowel movement. Perhaps you’d think more clearly?

          • con_c_kwense

            …again, too much weed?? Less than 2 months after 911 ‘crat scum were screeching about how it was America’s fault that the muslims were mad…remember, your precious man-child crack-smoking dog-eater refused to support America and President Bush…
            ..oh, and I have very good and rgular bowel movements ‘specially after reading brainless screeds from bummerbots like you…

          • KingofBeers

            Muslims are mad at us because of Bush’s stupid wars, and their belief we are encroaching on what they consider sacred and religious territory. I’d be happy if we cut off all aid to the Middle East, pulled all our troops out, and shuttered our embassies over there. Let Israel sort it out…they have nukes if it gets too tough. Why do we continue to be the worlds policemen? Oh, there’s oil over there, isn’t there?

          • con_c_kwense

            What an ignorant, uneducated fool you are…the muslims have been mad at us (and everyone else who ISN’T a muslim) since mohammed was marrying 9 year olds…
            Oh yeah…if obummertool didn’t have to pay off his crony “green” donors and saudi owners we would be able to drill for our own oil…and build the XL pipeline…
            and if idiot anti-semites such as yourself, clinton, kerry and the dogeater himself didn’t stop them the Israeli’s WOULD take care of the middle-east…

          • KingofBeers

            Spare me the insults. If you want to state your disagreement with my views in an educated manner, fine. Otherwise, I don’t have time for childish behavior. Drill for oil? You’re under the mistaken impression we get to keep this oil. All our oil goes on the world market and we have to buy it back. Canada gets all the benefit from keystone, meanwhile we have the worlds dirtiest sludge going over one of the worlds largest fresh water aquifers. Not worth the risk.

          • con_c_kwense

            Unfortunately it’s not possible to talk to an obummerbot in an educated manner…if the obummerbot had had any education he/she wouldn’t be an obummerbot…
            …your lack of knowledge on just about everything you’ve blamed on President Bush is breathtaking…but i’m sure glad you’re concerned about the 1 in 10,000 chance of sludge seeping into a fresh-water aquifer…the opportunity to be energy independent from oblamblam’s owner/operator the saudi’s definitely not worth that risk, huh…???
            ….definitely not worth working with Canada at the risk of upsetting oblimblam’s owners is it…

          • KingofBeers

            Can you understand one simple thing? It’s not our oil! We do not get to keep it in our stockpiles. This drill, baby, drill bs was exactly It all goes on the world market, with prices set by OPEC and oil speculators. You actually believe this keystone is going to help make us energy independent?!

            Not a chance.

          • seeymour kleerly

            King, remember, this is the slow class!

    • Samurai_Sam

      Would that be something like covering up the truth about the death of those Americans in order to retain political power?

      • KingofBeers

        If there was anything close to resembling logic behind your statement, I’d agree with you. No one has ever successfully explained what possible political benefit Obama might gain from labeling Benghazi a terrorist act, a result of a video, or a small band of rebels? Besides, Romney didn’t stand a chance.

        • Samurai_Sam

          Maybe you need to lay off the beer. The whole thing was called a retaliation for a video in order for King O to be able to make the claim that Al Qaeda was finished and so that his re-election chances wouldn’t be hurt .Tell me you know nothing about that fact! You seem to be the only one that this might be news to.The “fact” that this was clearly a terrorist attack unrelated to any video was kept under wraps until after the election. Those who quote BO as saying it was a terrorist attack prior to that are leaving out the words “may have been” which “is” what he said. My comment is actually very logical to anyone that watches real news.

          You are right about Romney though. How could a business man with a record of successes ever win an election in a country that treats business owners like criminals while promoting do nothing losers like BO as the next generation of leaders.

          • KingofBeers

            We have never had a business owner in the history of our nation make a good president. Romney successful? Yeah, if you call making a fortune out of outsourcing American jobs successful?

            Obama never claimed Al Qeada was finished. As long as we have republicans we will always have war, for profit. Just recently, a republican wants to send our troops into Nigeria?! America has had enough!

            And screw the video…we had 20 other areas under attack due to this video. This was last second CIA talking points. Nothing more.

            You’re not logical at all, and you don’t watch news…you watch Fox. Big difference.

            History shows us we rally around our presidents at times of crisis. What advantage would Obama gained by not labeling the attack as a terrorist action? The truth is, we didn’t know at the time.

          • Samurai_Sam

            King of Koolaid. I do watch news, not the liberal crap that you’ve been sucking down because it makes you feel good. Even your own party has started to recognise that the BO is a complete fool inspite of your medias attempts to prop him up.

            American jobs overseas! Maybe you should take your head out of the sand and see what all of the regulation and taxing this moron and his crew have been exacting on businesses has done to drive American businesses overseas.

            Inspite of your complete lack of understanding of economics the only way to run a country is to treat it like a business, Your guy treats it like a welfare office for every freeloading illegal deadbeat that will vote for him.

          • KingofBeers

            I’m sure you’re aware then that each year we give over 3 times as much away in corporate welfare than all forms of social welfare combined. Of course you don’t have the understanding of economics to realize republicans support these obscene giveaways…still believe in trickle down and the tooth fairy, I suppose?

          • Samurai_Sam

            Anyone that says that trickle down economics doesn’t work is a complete fool. I can explain how it works, however you can’t justify your claims that it doesn’t. All you’re doing is spouting the standard left wing mantra as you’ve been instructed and as far as the tooth fairy is concerned that’s the liberals domain.

            No argument about the fact that there is a lot of corporate welfare out there, I agree one hundred percent. But the major contributors to politicians are corporations and don’t try and tell me that the Republicans are the only ones taking the bribes because you know that’s a lie.

            I’m sure your one one of those that has bought into the old “rich white guys don’t pay their fair share” mantra. You have no clue as to how much the wealthy pay in taxes! This article from the left wing Huff-N_fluff website should explain it to you.

            While 46.4% of American workers pay no income taxes. In case you haven’t noticed that is hedging right up near 50% again who could you better trust than your own left wing rag the Washington Post.


            Those pesky facts continue to get in the way don’t they?

            The top 10 percent of earners in this country pay 71% of all taxes and by the way this is just one segment of how trickle down economics works. The fact that most of the people in this disgraceful economy are paying no taxes, but instead are sucking off of those tax dollars that the wealthy are paying. Welcome to the world of wealth redistribution brought to you by the same guy that has never held a real job in his life and has absolutely no concept of economics.

            Trickle down economics is as valid as it was when Ronald Reagan said it and even before that when JFK said it. BO’s concept of making the poor wealthier by making the wealthy poorer is just one more of his failed policies.

            By all means feel free to jump in here and tell the world that this mess we’re in today is all George Bush’s fault, or maybe it’s the ATM machines, or maybe it’s those evil Republicans. After all, your clueless savior has been saying it since he got into office. I don’t ever recall during his campaign speeches that he was going to find out the cause of the problems, he claimed he was going to fix the problems.

            If you like $4.00 a gallon gasoline and heating oil, if you like actual unemployment figures nearing 20% when not doctored up by this corrupt administration then just keep trying to prop your boy up. He has done absolutely nothing to fix the economy or even the lives of those who’s votes he bought with free cell phones. I can tell you what doesn’t work.”Trickle up Poverty”!

          • KingofBeers

            With all respect, you have some flawed thinking I’d like to address. Let’s suppose you’re right, 10% of earners pay 71% of taxes. Now let’s suppose we live in a world where everyone pays a 10%. Federal tax. One person makes $1 million a year, and pays 10%, $100,000 in taxes. The other makes $50,000 a year and pays 10%, $5,000. We now have a total of $105,000 in taxes paid. You would argue the first person pays something like 96% of all taxes! Technically correct, but morally flawed reasoning.

            Plus, you don’t even consider all the loopholes and shelters afforded the ultra rich, which brings their tax rate even lower. If I pay apprx 35% of my income in taxes and Romney, through his capital gains..etc has a tax rate of less than 20%, he’s still paying far more in taxes than I am! but I am payer a much larger percentage of my income in taxes.

            This is ultimate disparity we see in our tax system, which republicans want to swing even further in favor of the rich.

          • Samurai_Sam

            Why assume that I’m right you read it yourself, or were you afraid to see what the links said.

            Regarding your comment that someone making a million dollars a year pays 10% in taxes is one of the liberals ridiculous and out right deceitful talking points, unless of course you are referring to liberal democrat politicians.

            You need to stop falling for the insane party rhetoric that you keep repeating. There was a question asked of passersby on a city street recently. That question was how much of a percentage of the total taxes should 10% of the taxpayers be paying. Only one guy got it right. Some idiots claimed they should be paying 50%. The guy that got it right said they should be paying 10% of the taxes. The only right answer. Of course those who are living off the system would never go for an idea that meant they would have to pay anything because they’re special. That would be the 46.4% that are currently paying no taxes.

            A very simple solution is a tax on goods only. If you buy something you pay a tax on it if you buy something expensive you pay a higher tax on it. If you can’t afford to buy something you don’t (net tax zero) in other words this is a self regulating tax. luxury yachts and expensive homes and cars will still be sold, taxes will still be paid, but the people will have the ability to control how much they pay. Yeah the current 30,000 page tax code is riddled with loopholes put there by the same politicians that you are attempting to defend.

            Again a very simple solution which is probably why it escapes most politicians who would rather have a punitive tax system that they can meddle with at will.

            Want to tell me why SS and Medicare is so screwed up today? Hint, think democrats! If you’ve lost your job you should be happy you’ll have more time to spend with the family. Can you name the dumbass that made that statement? Again think democrat! Just why do you suppose she even found it necessary to make such a statement? Because jobs are so plentiful?

            This is what happens when you try to put an idiot in charge of leading the country. And speaking of said idiot can you name the politician that has put more self professed communists, anti capitalists and anti Americans, on his advisory boards? Oh goodness that is a tough one. But if you really don’t know I can provide you with the answer to that as well.

          • KingofBeers

            You need to stop falling for the republican talking points, like “10% pay 71% of the taxes.” I already proved how that’s a false premise. Of course they pay more…they make more.

            In the future I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from the novelettes. If you can’t express yourself in one two short paragraphs no one is going to read your posts.

          • Samurai_Sam

            Seems you are! I don’t really care too much if people who agree with me read them I prefer to engage someone who disagrees. I do appreciate your tenacity in exhibiting your total lack of common sense however.

          • KingofBeers

            Trickle down has never worked, and you can provide zero evidence of the fact. Sure republicans can spend like sailors on shore leave and provide a monetary boost to the economy, but it all comes crashing down. It’s said our debt is about $17 trillion…well it’s also said corporations have hidden a good $40 trillion in off shore accounts from the IRS.

          • Samurai_Sam

            You have absolutely zero understanding of trickle down, I can see that.
            Here is how it does work, keeping the government and taxes, offshore accounts and other red herring etc out of the equation.

            You earn a living and you have discretionary income. You spend that income, Maybe you buy a car. By being able to afford to buy that car you put several people to work. Those people also earn a paycheck, and now they can afford to buy a car or anything else they need. By having the ability to buy something they are putting someone else to work to provide that item that they need etc etc etc. This can trickle all the way down to the mechanic that now has a job fixing the car if it needs it, or the guy that works in a detailing shop. Each individual now has some money to do with as they wish or as they need. It really is that simple.

            Your claims that Republicans spend like drunken sailors is completely delusional. Have you noticed the fact that the national debt is at 17 trillion dollars well I guess you did because you pointed it out. Are you going to attempt to tell me that this debt is the result of Republican spending? What universe are you living in? One thing I have noticed about you libs. What ever you accuse the Repubs of doing is exactly what the liberals are doing.

            Of course you don’t see the fact that the Conservatives have been trying to curb spending because you’re not paying attention to what is going on you’re too busy listening to and repeating whatever your party tells you.

            I can tell you exactly what the libs are saying. Republicans are all rich white guys, racists, don’t care about the environment, don’t care about the little guy and whatever other bullshit they can conjure up to fit their warped agenda.

            Tell me something! are there any democrats that are wealthy? If you need help I can give you a list. Do you know how much money Romney gives to charity every year? Yes that too is trickle down economics. Stop trying to confuse a very simple concept by throwing in nonsense like hidden offshore accounts etc, and then claiming that the Republicans are the only ones doing it.

            You have several democrat politicians who refuse to pay their taxes, Do you want me to provide you with a list? You have Democrats who break laws such as engaging in illegal gun running. Don’t play that game you’re never going to win at it. If you were to do a search of percentage of Dems involved in criminal activity vs Republicans just since 2009 you will see what I am talking about. But it wouldn’t be very good for your argument.

            Yes I know both party’s are rotten to the core. Politicians on both sides deserve less respect than that stuff you scrape off your shoes if you’re not careful where you step. The difference between you and I is that I don’t ignore this fact whereas you have some jaded view of a democratic party that is out to help you. Help you how? More taxes? Higher food prices? Higher gas prices? regulating jobs out of existence? A healthcare program that is unsustainable, and has pitched more people off of insurance than it has insured? Great job your guys are doing the democrats “spend and tax” we’ll just hit the taxpayers with higher rates. Yeah that works glad your so happy with it! Your boy just spent how many trillion in a stimulus bill allegedly designed to bring jobs back. The CBO just released how much each job they created actually cost the American taxpayers. Are you ready for this $400,000.00 for each job it “alleges” it created. great investment huh? Look it up for yourself.

            A good business man would never have committed trillions of dollars to failing green technologies like OBozo and his team of idiots have done.

          • KingofBeers

            You have absolutely no understanding of trickle down. Trickle down is not some guy buying a car so multiple different people also have jobs, that’s supply and demand. One reason republicans won’t extend unemployment benefits, which affects some 40,000 of our veterans, is because it immediately boosts the economy. Why? Precisely the reasons you already stated. They spend this money because they have to, which creates more demand for products, more shipping and manufacturing, more jobs and a larger tax base. This would improve the economy, and republicans don’t want that because it decreases their chance at gaining more power.

            Trickle down is giving tax breaks to the rich, who do not spend this money…they hide it and invest it which does not have any kind of immediate impact on the economy. The economy stagnates. An exhaustive study concluded some $32 trillion is hidden in off shore accounts! $32 trillion!

            I never said dems weren’t also involved, but republicans want to keep this status quo, while democrats, and yes, President Obama want to end these tax havens, and want an nod to giving tax breaks to corps who outsource.

          • Samurai_Sam

            So what I described is supply and demand is it? No kidding! You’re exhibiting as much understanding of the economy as your president. Supply and demand is the condition that determines price. This is something that most all Conservatives understand but liberals can’t seem to grasp!

            I sent you a link so you don’t have to break your brain trying to figure it out.

            I guess if you believe that BO is actually against PACS then there is probably no hope for you. This would be the same President that promised he’d put an end to them in 2008, but later stated that he’d put an end to them after the 2012 election. Hmmm! I wonder why he postponed it!

            In the other post you claimed that I was making up the 10% pay 71% of the taxes in spite of the fact that I sent you a direct link to the CBO report. I guess that’s how one becomes a liberal. Ignore the facts and make up your own fantasy.

            I’m all for heavily taxing American corporations that locate overseas by the way.

          • KingofBeers

            You weren’t describing trickle down. I could take the lowest welfare recipient in the nation and make your argument, they get their check, they spend it, which helps provide additional jobs…this is not trickle down. Trickle down is from the top down…allowing the rich to keep more of their money in the hopes it eventually trickles down to the rest of us. This has never worked, which is why a good $32 trillion is hidden in off shore accounts! Are they spending this money? No, they’re sitting on it and hiding it away.

            I never said your 10%/71% comment was false. I simply pointed out how it has no real basis in logic. You make $1 million, my neighbor and I each make $50,000 , for a combined total of $100,000. Yes, you’re probably paying 10 times as much in taxes as my neighbor and myself combined. So what? Doesn’t prove a thing.

          • Samurai_Sam

            You got that right trickle down “is” from the top down just like I said. But it has nothing to do with allowing the rich to keep “more” of their money, that’s liberal drivel.
            You obviously have some impression that I am one of those wealthy ones, bad assumption! I do OK, but damned if I’ve ever been able to or even attempted to hide one dime from the government. I was proud to pay a lot in taxes back in the days when I made a lot. Many many years ago!

            Tell me just how much do you think a wealthy person should be allowed to keep in your marxist world?

            Then tell me at what point the lowest wage earners will not be considered the lowest wage earners, or is it your desire to make everyone equal on the pay scale no matter what their contribution is. That worked out really well in the USSR. Where everyone was allegedly treated equally!

            Mankind is inherently corrupt, and this administration has pointed that fact out very clearly.

            I am as against greedy people as you are. I don’t think anyone needs to have a billion dollars, but allowing our politicians to tell each individual how much they can keep is not going to result in the panacea that you envision.

            You keep claiming that the loopholes that are in our tax codes are there for the rich, as defined by you which I assume means any entrepreneur. This is another erroneous assessment on your part. The loopholes have been put in place to allow the politicians to take advantage of them, or they would never have passed.

            Liberal democrat John Kerry, decided to keep his boat registered in RI because his taxes would be less, while telling everyone else in Mass that they needed to pay more. You can look that up too! Liberal hypocrisy at it’s finest!

          • KingofBeers

            I support placing the tax rates on the rich back to the levels under the Clinton administration. This would only be a 3-5% increase, something they can easily afford. I want FICA levels increased…right now the cutoff is something like $106,000, after which it is no longer withdrawn. Any corporation who outsources jobs should not be able to bring foreign made products back into our markets free of tariffs. Any business who keeps jobs, production, manufacturing in the U.S. gets a tax break…this would come from ending tax breaks to the corps who moved over seas.

            In 2011, Romney made $22 million dollars, with an effective tax rate of just under 15%. Far less,than what either you or I pay, I’m sure. Under Paul Ryan’s budget plan, Romney’s effective tax rate would be less than 5%! Republicans are protecting the rich…and just last week proposed an additional $310 billion in tax breaks for the wealthy….with no idea or plan to pay for it.

            No republican president in my lifetime has ever been a fiscal conservative…it’s simply a worn out phrase used to fool the masses. No republican president has ever been a good steward of the economy in my lifetime…they have all increased the deficit, yet every democratic president since Einsenhower has decreased the deficit.

          • Samurai_Sam

            Most of what you say I agree with accept for the assertion that Romney who you seem so focused on would only be paying 5% that is pure liberal rhetoric with as much credibility as Harry Reid’s claim that he didn’t pay taxes. Pure and simple BS. There wouldn’t be a problem with increasing the FICA if the Democratic politicians in our government hadn’t set it up so it could be robbed at will.

            You can make the claim that the Republican administration runs up the deficit if you want to but I’d be very careful about doing that if I were you and don’t do it before you look into what party controlled the house and senate during every Republican presidency. Those are the folks that set the precedent on spending. Those are the folks that run up the deficit.I agree Clinton’s administration did bring down the deficit. See attached to find out who controlled the purse strings at that time.

            As far as spending money with no idea how to pay for it. Think Obamacare!

          • KingofBeers
          • Samurai_Sam

            I guess its fair to say that I can give the liberal Atlantic at least as much credibility as you give to the websites I sent you to. Like I already said I don’t think people need to make billions of dollars. Have you checked into what Soro’s pays in taxes? You act as if the only ones taking advantage of tax loopholes put into place by politicians are the republicans. is that because you believe the hyperbole about all rich white guys being Republicans while the democrats are the down and out party all for the poor? That’s worse than Kool-aid drinking that’s akin to drinking your own urine.

          • KingofBeers

            Stop putting words in my mouth. I never said democrats weren’t guilty of using tax breaks and loop holes. What I have said is republicans support these giveaways to the rich, while most democrats are trying to level the playing field.

          • Samurai_Sam

            No you didn’t outright say it, but like all good liberals you implied it by making the claim that the Democrats really are trying to do something about it. Which of course they are not. Please see my addendum to your previous comment. Gee this is fun!

          • KingofBeers

            The evidence is all over the internet. Democrats tried to end tax subsidies for corporations who outsource. Democrats have tried to end loopholes for yachts and vacation homes. Democrats have tried to increase the tax rate for capital gains. Republicans block all this and more, yet try to give corporations even more tax breaks?! What else is any sane person supposed to think?

          • Samurai_Sam

            Gee there king I think I’m beginning to like you especially when you use words like “think” So lets just say evidence “is” all over the internet. As the saying goes “it must be true, I saw it on the internet”! Well that is why I always try to go to websites that are unbiased. I realise that there are just as many right wing nut jobs out there as there are left wing nut jobs. Well almost anyway!

            If in fact the Democrats have actually attempted to end the subsidies I’m all for it. Exactly what needs to be done. I think that if American manufacturers bring in products from over seas they not only should be taxed they should be taxed at a higher rate just because of the damage that they are doing to the US economy. As far a ending tax loopholes for yachts and vacation homes, I ain’t buying it (see my comment regarding John Kerry and his attempts at avoiding taxes). I disagree with increasing the tax rate on capital gains however. This can apply to the house that you finally sold because you were now too old to afford it and need for the income in order to survive. This is after these same people have paid taxes on them for decades.

            You claim that the republicans try to give tax breaks to businesses and that is true, and necessary in order to promote business growth.

            I have been in my own business for more than 35 years, and I know how this works. At 70 years old I still can’t afford to retire. I had two options when the economy hit the skids. Lay people off or take a pay cut for everyone in the office at the rate of 20%. well the shop people are all still working and the pay cut we took in 2009 has not yet been reinstated. All office people are still on four day weeks to this day. Remember who is controlling the Senate today, Hint it ain’t the Republicans, and only recently did they take over the house. In order to block any bills there had to be Democrat support.

          • Samurai_Sam

            One other thing, since I have already proven that the Republicans controlled both houses during the last six years of the Clinton administration how does that stand up to your claims that the Republicans are all about reducing taxes on the rich? Seems to me you can’t have it both ways. The president doesn’t set the tax rates , congress does. You’ve already admitted that during Clinton’s term in office the deficit was reduced. I guess at least one of your theory’s may be in error. Was congress fiscally conservative during those years or was it not?

    • Marilyn Z

      I have NOTHING to gain from this investigation and I have been yelling it from the rooftops that I want an HONEST investigation. As the mother of an amazing son, I cannot imagine the hell it would be for me to lose him…my biggest fear in life in losing him or his daughter or my husband. If I were to lose any of them due to the neglect of my government, I would raise such a ruckus they would hear me in Siberia.

      You need a reality check.

      • pthor

        She needs a lot more than that!

        • Marilyn Z

          Hate to call this to your attention, but I think your *she* is a he.

          • pthor

            Only in the sense that her wedding-tackle is on the outside… Nothing else would indicate (Male)…

      • seeymour kleerly

        4500 amazing sons were killed by Bush/Cheney’s WAR of CHOICE in Iraq!!!

        • Marilyn Z

          Seriously? You cannot get past Bush to see what that muslim in the White House is doing to this country. Get over it unless you know how we can go back in time and right every wrong ever. People make choices…sometimes bad ones, but when FOUR American heroes are begging for help and NONE is given, we have a problem.

          • minowe

            Not to mention all the begging for help that went on in the months leading up to the massacre. But if they’d sent more men with guns, it might have looked like al Qaeda is NOT on the run.

          • seeymour kleerly

            4500 = 4 in the Conservative mind!! Good God!

        • minowe

          Please tell me that you’re unaware that more of our young men and women have died in Afghanistan since Obama became CIC than in all of Bush’s years. It’s just that no one is reporting those deaths–daily, in the headlines–because Obama is the president who will bring our young people home, not the awful warmonger, Bush. Or maybe sorta?

          • KingofBeers

            You’re right about Afghanistan…more have died under Obama, but only because Bush pulled most of our troops out to send to his lie in Iraq, and left Obama with the mess. If we count all deaths, from both wars, Bush still holds an insurmountable lead.

          • minowe

            I don’t know about the numbers. The MSM no longer finds military deaths to be “news.” But when he was running for office, Obama called Afghanistan “the good war”; what’s so good about sending kids into a meat grinder?

            Obama has bragged that he’s “unusually good at killing people.” Who knew he was referring to the kids fighting in Afghanistan.

          • seeymour kleerly

            Since Obama finally gave the generals the troops they wanted Obama told us to expect more casulaties. It’s always on PBS with their pictures!

        • chiefjgmac

          Don’t forget ALL the Democrats that voted FOR that WAR of CHOICE………..How soon we forget!!!

          • seeymour kleerly

            They and all of us were lied to!

          • chiefjgmac

            Not……. What about the current WH occupant’s current lies??

    • SadforCA

      You wouldn’t feel that way if it was your loved one who died in such a horrific manner and YOUR government (Democrats) did not give you answers and proceed to lie, cover-up and then go on to make disgusting jokes about their deaths. You are EXACTLY what is wrong with this country right now. You just blindly believe and follow a political party and never question whether what that party is saying makes sense. This is NOT about political gain this is about finding the truth that should have been done immediately after Beneghazi happened. And lets not forget that it is the Democrats who have hidden evidence, lied, stalled and refused to hold their President and Sec of State accountable for what happened. If you have the courage look back on all that we do know and ask yourself if a Republican were holding these offices and did what Obama, Clinton and all their minions have done would I being sitting back and accepting this or would I be screaming for an investigation? We all know the answer to this question!

      • KingofBeers

        Get a grip…multiple attacks under Bush with far more murdered and democrats didn’t use the occasion for political theater.

        • minowe

          Ya really can’t use it for political theater when you went along with and authorized it. Well, you can, and they did, as soon as they thought people had forgotten that they authorized it. Then it was shouted to the rooftops, daily. WHILE our people were still fighting.

          Yeah, the Dems are waaaay classier than the Republicans. Uh, NO Republican denied the ambassador more protection when he begged for it and NO Republican had the authority to send help, as those brave young guys fought and died, almost certainly believing that help WOULD come. Naw, that’s not sad at all.

          • KingofBeers

            We were sending help but it was too far away. Research! And I don’t mean Rush, Hannity, Fox, Heritage, Americans for Prosperity, tea party, or sites like this!

          • minowe

            Were we? I’ve only heard that it was too far away, so they didn’t send anyone. If it had gone on for a week or so, well, maybe they’d have thought about sending someone to intervene–IF they had the government’s permission first.

        • grtlkesailor

          Tell me Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi aren’t political theatre! All Harry does, besides block House legislation, is name call Republicans and the Koch brothers. And why, to deflect all of the problems of this Administration. And don’t go back to. “Well the Republicans did whatever!”. That doesn’t cut it anymore. I expect better from all.

          • KingofBeers

            House legislation? You mean ramming Paul Ryan’s budget down our throats, and giving even more tax breaks to millionaires? Just last week House republicans passed another $330 billion in tax breaks for the rich, with absolutely no way to pay for it. Such concern about our deficit! Someone should tell them trickle down (on) has never worked.

          • grtlkesailor

            Gee, does ramming mean the passing of Obamacare? Does ramming mean passage of the non-effective stimulus bill? I guess the house learned it from the Democrats. Tax cuts benefit all, but AGAIN let’s ASSUME you are correct, only rich people benefit. Let’s then ask the question, what do rich people do with their money? Do they hide it, do they sit on it? No, they spend on personal consumption, they put it in the bank, they invest it, etc. All of these activities create demand for products and labor. I think even you can figure out what happens after that. Tax cuts are better than government stimulus in that consumers spend it where they want (viz a viz government) and a dollar spent by consumers is a full dollar into the economy as opposed to the government where they take a dollar in taxes and only $.50 comes out. But, you are a redistribution guy and so this reasoning won’t appeal to you. Oh, the trickle down of Reagan created longest sustained economic growth since WWII. But you have to study economics to know that.

        • SadforCA

          One problem with your logic. First the Democrats authorized and approved the military actions taken under Bush even though they want to backtrack on that it’s part of the history records. Second under Bush we DID NOT leave four Americans to be savagely killed without lifting a finger to provide them any kind of help. Third under Bush never was any diplomatic station anywhere in the world ever denied security when requested. Fourth under Bush or for that fact any other President up to Obama have there ever been such a massive cover up of information. Fifth under Obama and his appointees we have seen more scandals, i.e. the gun running scandal which cost at least one American life that we know, the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal and the list goes on. Then as if this isn’t bad enough now we have Democrat making disgusting comments about the Benghazi special investigation. What a shame that people like you don’t really look at what is happening without political bias and see that there is something very wrong with the President and those he has chosen to surround himself with. By the way you didn’t bother to answer the question, if this was a Republican President and Republican members of Congress where acting this way would you be screaming for an investigation? I would!!!!

          • KingofBeers

            1). Bush hid intel which did not support his case for war, so congress did not authorize war based on the best available intelligence.

            2). Under Bush we left 53 Americans to be savagely murdered in 13 different embassy attacks. Why didn’t we send help? Where was Bush? Wah, wah, wah.

            3). Bush sent our soldiers into war without body armor and armor for the humvees, and Bush tried to cut hazardous duty pay for our troops.

            4). Bush covered up intel saying Iraq no longer had WMD, he covered up the fact he was wire tapping against FISA courts, without congressional approval, in violation of our constitution, and covered up outing our own CIA agent in an act of political revenge.

            5). All the scandals you mention are not scandals at all, but obscene republican attempts to gain power by bringing down a duly elected president.

            Democrats don’t lower themselves to republican standards by making up lies to gain power at the expense of our nation.

          • Blessings

            Why do you consistently bring up bush and what you determine as his failures, some accurate, some not..
            SO, is that how you base in giving Obama a free pass by using a comparison..You hold obama accountable on some isuues, however, you don’t hold him accountable for his lies..Why is that?

          • KingofBeers

            It’s to show the hypocrisy of most of the posters in this forum, and the Republican Party in general.

          • SadforCA

            You still failed to answer the question. If Bush were in office and these exact same scandals were going on would you be screaming for an investigation?

          • SadforCA

            Oh and by the way ya’ll did scream and call for investigations on all of the points you mentioned above!

          • KingofBeers

            Personally, Bush should be in federal prison, but democrats don’t make up scandals and demand investigations to bring down a duly elected president for political power.

          • SadforCA

            You still failed to answer the question. Why is that? Maybe it’s just a Democrat disease blame Bush or any other Republican but don’t answer the straight up question.

    • phishing4men

      You must have had one too many beers when you posted this. Brain dead liberal.

      • KingofBeers

        Phish? Another Dead head? Too much LSD in your youth?

    • HappyClinger

      As opposed to letting them die for political gain?

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Héll awaits their arrival. Maybe they can put on a show down there and take people’s minds off of the pain and torment. Probably not, as they will be screaming and writhing in torment along with everyone there.

    • Korean War Vet

      Screaming and writhing with agonizing thirst for all Eternity to come!

  • James

    The democrats are so stupid that they do not realize that
    they are making the point for the GOP.
    With their joking and treating this the way they are they are indeed
    proving that they did not care about the American losing their lives in
    Benghazi and that is the whole point of the GOP bringing up Benghazi. The sad part of all of this is these people
    are that stupid.

  • SadforCA

    The best revenge we can have on the Democrats is to speak out loud and often about what they have done and to remove them all from office. None of them will give a rats behind what we think until they lose their control through the power of the voting citizens who stand up and let them know we are finished with them and their type of politics. We cannot let them pull us down to their level and the Republicans needs to be sure to run a very strong candidate for every office that is up for reelection. We need people like Allen West, Ben Carson and Trey Gowdy holding office and we need to remove weak Republicans from office. We have to stand up as Americans and let ALL those who hold political office on any level know that we are finished with the old crappy politics, you are elected to office to SERVE the people NOT yourselves. Political office is not a career so DON’t plan on staying for a lifetime.

  • gekruckeberg

    Read my blog post this morning “Why The Panic?” at
    This ain’t funny, folks!

    • KingofBeers

      A blog? One persons opinion? Wow! Heavy truth, there. You’ve got nothing but your own political bias and hatred. How about throwing some truth our way? Oh…never mind.

      • Marilyn Z

        It is an excellent blog..I read it. You TROLLS just repeat the same things over and over. Can your handlers not come up with something new?

      • HappyClinger

        It’d be wasted.

      • minowe

        King, you’re no one to point out hate in others. You’re so full of hate that I almost feel sorry for you.

        • KingofBeers

          You’re right, I hate today’s Republican Party for what they’re trying to do to our nation. Actually, after how they tried to drag Clinton down, I swore I would never vote republican again. Happy now?

          • minowe

            Not really. You need to read up on what Clinton the Wonderful did to the various women he molested. Talk about your war on women!! Rape, groping, not-sex in the Oval Office, yeah, he was somethin’ special all right.

            And would it really be such Hell if the Republicans started paying attention to our top rule book, the U.S. Constitution? Not to worry, it won’t happen, but they do come closer to it than your power-grabbing Ds do.

          • KingofBeers

            You can’t name a single thing Obama has done against our constitution, but I can name a few Bush did.

          • minowe

            Silly goose! I could spend the afternoon listing the things Obama (as well as Bush) has done which violate the Constitution. Most obviously, every time he changes his signature legislation, ObamaCare, he violates the Constitution; neither the Constitution nor the Act itself authorizes Obama to change the legislation one bit, even if it WILL help the Democrats who passed it.

            Why doesn’t he go to Congress to request these changes? You know how he likes to “cooperate” with both parties. I dunno why he doesn’t just ask; do you?

          • KingofBeers

            The Secretary of DHS has the right to delay portions of the ACA until the end of the year, such as the employer mandate. It’s in the law as passed by congress and affirmed by the Supreme Court.

          • Blessings

            Hate is against God and he places it in the punishable category of murder…People expect to disagree with you, throw even harsh words around, but hate..Come on..

          • KingofBeers

            I said I hate what republicans are trying to do to our nation. Bit of a difference there, my dear.

          • Blessings

            No, you said you hate the Republican Party for what THEY’RE trying to do to our nation..Isn’t THEY’RE, the people…You so conveniently left that out if your example of what you said, however, I’m not going to split hairs with you..If you didn’t mean it the way it sounded that’s fine, my dear!

  • hagar2935

    Democrats = the Party of HATE!

  • seeymour kleerly

    Once again Conservatives are pinning their dwindling hopes on a FALSE concept. They’ve got no other way to power and it really shows their weakness and ignorance! Yet again, with their low brow, 24/7 Benghazi hype, Fox News has helped destroy the GOP.!

    • gekruckeberg

      Um — I think you need to clean our glasses, Seymour Kleerly. When you have, check out “Why The Panic?” at
      G. E. Kruckeberg

      • seeymour kleerly

        Please don’t waste my time with another low brow Right Wing site!

    • jas1019

      So seeymour, you think it was a video that led to the killing of 4 americans?

      One question. Who gave the order to stand down?

      • KingofBeers

        There was no stand down order. Research! Also, we had 20 other violent conflicts in the Middle East directly traced to the video. Why is it such a stretch to believe Benghazi was also a result of the video? Instead of playing political games, why couldn’t republicans focus their energies on getting the ones involved in the attack? No, you’d rather use these 4 deaths as political leverage.

        • Marilyn Z

          DELUSIONAL TROLL…go back under your bridge.

          • KingofBeers

            Give me some facts and truth to make me shut up, Marilyn, you delusional teahadist.

          • Average Joe

            I gave you the FACT you just don’t like it so you denied it. But that don’t change it.

          • KingofBeers

            What fact? About the general? Look it up. He retired.

          • Average Joe

            OK A general retired. You believe that he was replaced by nobody? I’ve been in the military, It’s called the chain of command. some one is ALWAYS IN CHARGE! If there was no stand down order why didn’t the commanding officer send troop’s to Benghazi and save 4 American’s including the ambassador? Your statement fall’s apart in a logical discussion.

        • Average Joe

          According to the commanding officer at Africa command there was. He was going to go in anyway and was ARRESTED AND RELIEVED OF COMMAND! So apparently there was.

          • KingofBeers

            Right wing lie…he retired, and if you know anything about military life, and all the paperwork involved, retirement doesn’t happen over night.

          • Average Joe

            So drinking dose kill brain cells. You need to start going to AA

        • HappyClinger

          You haven’t been keeping up with the issue. You do know about the emails that were recently discovered proving the WH told Susan Rice to lie and say it was a reaction to a video, aren’t you? If not, you’re grossly and perhaps willfully ignorant of the facts.

          • KingofBeers

            The Benghazi emails prove nothing new. Susan Rice got talking points from CIA intelligence reports.


          • minowe

            Heh, or not. Then again, what difference, at this point, does it make?!!!

          • Blessings

            If you think for one minute we Americans, that demand the truth behind these Benghazi lies, are going away, you are one huge dreamer and easily fooled..
            Watch, listen and be prepared as God reveals the truth…

          • KingofBeers

            No, thankfully people like you are an ever dwindling percentage of the electorate.

          • Blessings

            Yeah right….according to you…

          • jessica22

            Nonbelievers keep telling themselves we’re going away…
            Maybe they just hope we’re going away.
            Either way, aren’t you glad you have your faith? I am.

          • Blessings

            Jessica, I’m so deeply in love God that I couldn’t imagine life without Him… So, yes, I’m glad I have my faith…

          • jessica22

            I’m right there with you, girl!!!!

          • KingofBeers

            If you’re listening to republicans, you may have forgotten to pay your bill for a direct line to God?

          • Blessings

            Don’t you know you can’t buy God.. However, Christ was his payment to me!

          • jessica22

            Nice try, Blessings… but you can’t scare an atheist with God’s revelations.

          • Onan Coca


            The Ben Rhodes emails prove it had nothing to do with CIA “intelligence.” It was a cover-up coordinated from within the White House.

          • KingofBeers

            Breitbart? You might as well post a quote from Sean Hannity! C’mon, Ona.

          • OKCPatriot

            CBS News? They are as unreliable as MSNBC. They’re as creditable as the White House Press Corps. All liars.

        • minowe

          I don’t think the Republicans are in charge of the hunt for the, uh, guys out for a walk who decided to kill some Americans. How’s Obama doin’ on that?

        • jas1019

          You’re right “King”, it’s just Republicans and Conservatives using it as “political leverage”.


      • seeymour kleerly

        1. Don’t care and 2. don’t know!

        • OKCPatriot

          Of course you don’t care, Bammie and Hillary didn’t care either. Democrat/communists are heartless and murderers.

          • seeymour kleerly

            By that logic I too am a murderer of those 4 Americans. Bummer!

    • phishing4men

      Strange you should choose seeymour kleerly for a screen name when you are totally blind.

      • HappyClinger

        Uh, no, that’s not strange for a liberal. It’s typical!

    • LittleMoose

      The Democrats seem more concerned about the reputation of the idiot in office then they do about the deaths of four Americans. It’s a sad state of affairs when Democratic politics is all about “cover your ass” rather then governing. This is what happens when you cover up rather then tell the truth.

    • grtlkesailor

      The political environment for Democrats today is very much like it was in 2010. One reads daily in even the major media, the Senate is up for grabs, the House safe. Time will tell us if that is true. I for one expect it to be so because of increasing dissatisfaction with the Independents regarding this Administration and the Senate. We will see but it sure looks like change is in the offing.

      • Marilyn Z

        I pray you are right.

    • James.E Hay

      Hey Clown You Missed The Circus Train!

    • gplucas

      As my Grandfather once said: “Empty wagons rattle the loudest” and you, sir, have proven his point. If you could only get your head out of your ass, you could actually “seeymour kleerly”.

  • Average Joe

    It’s getting to the point the entire democratic party should just be arrested and jailed for stupidity. All these crimes against our way of life and scandal’s and corruptions. Bribes land grabs are directed by DEMOCRAT’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PatCindyCunningham

    Democrats have been making fools of themselves for years and nobody is paying attention. The Media isn’t showing it unless you watch Fox. Another thing, I am tired of supposed Conservatives lambasting Fox News. They are under a microscope and one mistake the Media and the White House will jump down their throat. They have to walk a fine line and be as balanced as possible.

    Considering what we have to choose from Conservatives need to get behind Fox and support them. Yes their is a few who drive you nuts but, most of the time they are the only TV station telling the truth. I have watched Fox News since 9/11, they were the only News Station not blaming America for the attack. Conservatives don’t have many who stick up for us so we shouldn’t bite the hand, if you know what I mean?

    • HappyClinger

      I hope you know that conservatives outnumber liberals by 2-to-1 in this country, so we have the numbers to stick up for each other.

      • PatCindyCunningham

        With all due respect! WHEN? I have been waiting ever since Barack Obama started destroying this Country. The word “Conservative,” is misused. Almost like a Christian. Many People say they are Christian but don’t mind abortion and illegal immigrants stealing from America. It is way past time for real Conservatives stand up and be counted. Why in the World isn’t their a march on DC by at least 10,000,000 angry citizens? Congress can’t do anything, unfortunately, the Founding Fathers didn’t think ahead and protect us from an Obamanation. So, it’s up to we the People and I’m ready who else?

        • washington22

          May 16th march on WDC is upon us……… should be much bigger than 10,000 so enjoy………….

          • PatCindyCunningham

            Hope you are right!

      • livefreeordiehard

        Yeah, but they cast three ballots to our one (each).


          Sometimes 6 or even 10 like the lady in Ohio who got caught and the attorney general of this POS administration did nothing but make her sit in jail until someone bailed her out for $250.00
          and the same day she was the guest speaker that was attended by non other than Holder himself.

      • KingofBeers

        Only 23% call themselves republicans.

      • seeymour kleerly

        The Tea Party makes the word Conservative toxic!

  • afanaglenn

    There is only one thing this group of democrats care about, and that is their elected position. It is that position that continues to gain them all kinds of wealth by raping the voters, and I don’t say that easily.

  • $104618240

    It takes a lot for me to be offended, however, Ms. Trish Causey has managed to take me there. Four dead men is nothing to joke about, and I believe she would take offense if they were talking about her dead relative. Fairly certain, if the tables were turned, the Democratic Party would be screaming from the rafters if Republicans were spewing such vitriolic, offensive tripe. I urge people in Mississippi NOT to vote for this person in November. Wow! Just disgusting…

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    There is nothing lower than a democRAT politician with the exception of a liberal democRAT politician. Every time you think they have reached the bottom they lower the bar.

  • Calvin

    The Democrat Party is the real joke. Led by incompetents, persons in senior positions mentally ill, a closet muslim, and most members and those who vote for it are stuck on stupid, it is the real joke. However, this joke is the threat to the well being of the country. The party should be outlawed as a subversive group.

    • freedomringsforall


      This liberalism or if they now want to call it progressivism is just simply an unbelievably sick and twisted suicide cult.

      Everything they believe in and fight for, in the end, is self destructive.

      They want family planning, good idea, but the end result of their plan is to slaughter the would be family.

      They want socialism/communism and in the end if they get it instituted the liberals that were traitors to their country will be the first to be marginalized or killed because the new socialist/communist dictators will not trust them. It is the way it always happens.

      They are all so groovy and buddy, buddy with muslims. Well it is the same story there that if the muslims ever get any control the useful idiot liberals will be the first to be marginalized or killed because the new leaders will not trust them.

      They are all groovy and buddy, buddy with the NWO internationalist elites; yet same end game again. If they take over they will not trust the traitorous useful idiot liberals and they will be the first to be marginalized or killed in that scenario also.

      Oh yeah the global warming deal is sooooo cool (pun intended) so they want to go along mindlessly and stupidly with the idea that carbon is a life killer and we must rid the planet of as much carbon as possible instead of recognizing that God gave carbon as a base element of life (essential for life and people to exist). So, in the end they will get enslaved in the internationalist elites war against carbon (or life) to help terminate a great deal of life on the planet with the war on carbon thus greatly lessening the number of people on earth and thus making us all a more manageable enslaved population to their carbon (life) taxing plan.

      All their economic policies end in economic suicide.

      All their social policies end up in social suicide.

      All their governance and foreign policies end up in national and international suicide.

      Over and over and over liberalism looks more and more like simply a new name for an old game a dictatorial, or in more modern terms, you can call it a Nazi, or socialist, or commie, or fascist demonic suicide pack.

      Wow aren’t liberals just soooo warm and cuddly and sooo concerned about man-kind.

      Considering so many of them over the years have dedicated so many lives, and writings, and endeavors, etc., etc. to satan I guess we really shouldn’t be too surprised.

  • disqus_oajLzmvtVa

    I’d like to put each and everyone of those democrats at Benghazi the very time these brave men were being tortured and shot and killed. What would be there response then?

    • minowe

      It was pretty clear that the situation was very dangerous in Benghazi. What makes you think there’s anything in the entire world that could have forced any one of today’s Democrats (except Ambassador Stevens, of course) to set foot there??


      They would have no response because they to would be dead. YEPEEEEE!!!!!!!

  • jd1958

    What do you expect from the GODless, heartless, liars?

  • ToniStimmel

    This joke would be much, much funnier if the setting was in the Oval Office or DNC headquarters.


      Where the hell do you think these jokes were written, those who said or tweeted them are just the scapegoats who will take the Rath for what their supervisors have written and told them to say just like Susan Rice did on the 5 Sunday talk shows after the Benghazi murders were complete and ready to be blamed on some god forsaken video that no one has ever seen.

      • ourzoo10

        Curiosity drew me to that inane video..a kindergarten class could have done a better job..I kid you not.

  • James.E Hay

    The Democrats Are Worst Than Just Being An Joke Themselves They Have Proven Themselves Of Being Traitors, Liars, Thieves And As Well As Cold Blooded Mass Murderers Who Are Right Up There With The Communists, And Nazis And Much Alike Their Heroes Like Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin And Adolph Hitler Has No Regard For The Sanctity Of Human Life This Is Well Illustrated By Their Attitudes,And Actions And The Mass Of Dead Bodies Left In Their Wake From F.D.R To The Present Occupant Of The White House (N.I.T.W.H). So It’s Not Surprises Me That The Deaths Of Four Americans Is To Them Something To Callously And Hatefully Laugh At. But Will They Still Be Laughing When They Are Driven From Power Possibly For Good? It Would Be An Great Service To This Country If Those Callous, Hateful, Lawless Democrats Who Are Responsible For Imperiling This Country Through Their Various Acts Of Treason Would Be Prosecuted And Executed Or Imprisoned For The Rest Of Their Malevolent Lives. But These Days That Is Unlikely To Happen Given The Rampant Corruption In Both Of The Dominant Political Parties Who’s Party Members Arrogantly Puts Their Selfish Political Party Agendas And Themselves Above This Country And The American People.

    • livefreeordiehard

      I like the way you think.

    • Marilyn Z

      Too much shift key for me…makes it hard to read, but I do agree with you.

  • livefreeordiehard

    P.S. Trish and Stacy – WISH YOU HAD BEEN THERE.

    • Donald York

      These two degenerates are the types of people that are in the Democratic party. They have nothing between their ears. Complete airhead bimbos. No disrespect for human life is as low as you can go, and then to joke about this tragedy? Unthinkable!

  • James Maxwell

    The Socialist Democrats and the Muzzily in the house of whut make joke to try and
    divert attention away from the fact that while men of honor fought and died they
    sat on their asses or in bed asleep ignoring the plight of the military men and our
    Ambassador. These are the cowards who send our young men and women in
    harms way then turn their back upon them in time of need with callous disregard
    for their lives or safety. So much for elected responsible leadership or total
    lack there of by both O’socialist and Killery who told the response forces to
    “Stand Down” and not respond to the crys for help from Americans in harms way.

  • Maggietish

    If the Democrats thought that the strategy of making a joke about pissing bolder remarks about the deaths of four brave Americans in Benghazi is okay, then the more twisted than any of us thought. Do they even have any kind of normal human feelings that they would actually think that something like that would be funny, who does that? They have disrespected the families of these for brave men who were murdered and tortured and they’re so cavalier about their deaths this actually disgusting. Hillary Clinton said it all, “what difference does it make” so it’s apparent that that’s now the Democratic mantra. The president even called is a phony scandal and his Jay Carney said it was a sideshow – really? The series was not be going on right now if the documents that were requested have been presented when asked. Where why the cover up? Why did the Democrats come to the conclusion the Pres. Obama’s reelection was much more important than saving for Americans lives. This so-called humorous approach that they’ve taken about the deaths of these four Americans is going to backfire on them. Any normal person sees it nothing short and disgusting. I will not vote for any Democrat in the immediate future and I will vote against any Democratic incumbent. What a total disgrace the Democratic Party is.


      Maggietish I am glad to see that you have finally woke up and realize that the Democraps in the government today are MEAN, EVIL, WICKED, and NASTY.
      I believe in November of 2014 they are in for a realexperience to finally see how much they are hated today for all the lies and deceit they have abounded by since OBUMMER was elected and took office. The people are finally FED-UP
      just like you.

  • Marc Jeric

    These Democrat criminals should be made to suffer the treatment our Ambassador Stevens suffered at the hands of the members of Obama-installed Libyan jihadist government. He was caught alive, stripped naked, placed on a horse-driven cart, sodomized by a broom handle, paraded through the city streets, and finally executed by a bullet in the head and his corpse thrown in the city garbage site.

    • KingofBeers

      Stop believing the right wing lies! Ambassador Stevens was not tortured. He was taken to a local hospital where he died from smoke inhalation.

      • mesaman

        . . . .and the moon is really made of green cheese, and Bammie doesn’t tell lies, and King of the Rears has a vacancy sign between his ears.

      • Blessings

        Don’t know, however, he was left behind to die by your president and hillary!

  • mesaman

    The democrat party is disgusting!! They speak from their colons since their brains have been exculpated and rendered useless by Bammie Bojangles lies and deceit.

  • DebraJMSmith


  • egalicki

    Probably too bad they weren’t there to enjoy the real funny parts – then their families could make even funnier jokes being tied closely to victims.

  • guymacher

    I had to go to the Slick Willy porn shop to find out what “fluffer” meant. Looks as if these Defocrap women have been in the porn trade.

    • Marilyn Z

      I’ve never heard it before, but judging by what you say, I think I don’t even want it in my head.

      • jessica22

        FYI… you can look it up in… but I don’t think it’s as bad as you’re thinking…

        • Marilyn Z

          I am not a prude and I am a retired librarian and accustomed to keeping up with pop culture, but you and I are certainly of different generations.

          THAT is DISGUSTING…MUCH worse than I imagined. ICK ICK ICK….I need a brain revitalization.

          I guess I have a poor imagination….can’t imagine anything worse. Somehow I was hoping it was someone waving feathers around for some bizarre reason. I think I am bright red.

          • jessica22

            Sorry if I offended you … I like your definition better…

  • afanaglenn

    It’s not a joke when one person aspires to run for the presidency speaks to the loss of American lives in Benghazi and says “Four Americans lost their lives, so what. Let’s move on.” (Paraphrased but essentially that) When she said that, I wish that I could have punched her in the mouth, one of the most disgusting remarks ever made by a senator, or any American.

    • Marilyn Z

      I sat in front of that TV with my jaw hanging open and blinking back tears. That might have been my precious son. She is a mother; how can she be so unfeeling? To talk like that means she is totally lacking in compassion.

      Did you know that if a child does not learn compassion by about 5, they will NEVER learn it? Scary, isn’t it? And very insightful about some people’s childhoods.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Democrats revel in dead Americans. Recall the daily death counts from Iraq and Afghanistan when there was a Republican President?

    • Marilyn Z

      Recall that we NEVER hear about the deaths on Obama’s hands unless we go to battle for the info. We also never ever see men being welcomed back from those godless countries unless it is on a local channel. We used to see their caskets and the Honor Guard meeting them. Are they no longer important enough?

    • luci

      also recall, the dems voted for the wars also, my how you forget that, bush did not do that alone. and get a new line,

  • Terminator

    I am totally disgusted with those pathetic leaches we call members of Congress and that includes the leach we have in the White House. Most of all I am fed up with the “Demorats” who are totally worthless parasites leaching off the rest of the population.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    I do so love how the left trot out the same old talking points, issue after issue. Use Benghazi because it’s politically expedient? Of course. Why not? The walking t—s on the left would do the same thing, would the positions be reversed. They are just trying to deflect and minimize its importance because they are scared to death of it. The truth needs to be known, and I’ll take that kind of political expediency any day of the week.

  • luic

    dems are sick, vote them all out, tell them to get lost, who needs people like them to represent them. tell them to tell their jokes to the parents of the 4 that got killed to their face and see how many laughs they get.

  • William M Durham

    The Demo-rats make the whole situation more likely to contain evil deeds and facts because fools always laugh to hide their fear. These sorry SOB’s are scared to death that the truth will come out and the whole world will actually see what true scum and cowards they are. Look forward to a bunch of people that are called to testify using the 5th amendment to try to hide the truth. If Congress has the balls to put them in prison and actually fine them millions for it and ruining their lives and that of their familys to force the truth out and past the fear of obama retaliation then we will know the truth, Other wise, we will learn nothing and they and their scum will again lie there way out.

  • nimbii

    As disgusting as Dems have become, even worse are the MSM people megaphoning the deceit. It is reprehensible to disparage Benghazi as another circled wagons tactic.

    Also: I simply wonder how all these persons and their ilk think they have a ride on the New World Order train? Someone please enlighten me.

    There isn’t enough corruption to go around…or is it fractional corruption much like banks with fractional lending?

    Guess they’ll cross that bridge after they burn it.

  • ibcyn

    These statements make me physically ill. True Americans died in a terrorist attack and there was no protection ordered for them by this administration, now these so called representatives of the people (their comments show they aren’t) are “trying” to make light of this tragedy and the investigation. I’m from Missouri and if I ever see Stacey Newman’s name on a ballot she will NOT get my vote. And Trish Causey, you are not only a poor excuse for a woman but you are also a poor excuse for a human being. Take your trash talk and your activism and talk to the hand.

  • shamu9

    These Traitorous Lying “Jassacks” need to Suffer of a Series of Unfortunate Events!!

  • mike slaney

    Mentally sick.

  • John D.

    Unfortunate attitudes coming from hateful people who haven’t even considered…it was a fellow Democrat “John Christopher Stevens”, appointed by Obama to Libya just months before his unfortunate and unnecessary death. They’re upset, downplaying and causing interference with the Blame Game again as if “political gain” for Republicans, is what this is all about. This is Men & Woman who are relentlessly searching for the Truth for “one” of the oppositions party. Now figure that one out, if they don’t care about the “Truth” for one of their Democrats, what do they care about…other than protecting the image of their party and Hillary’s and Obama’s political ambitions

  • john

    as if any democrats give a rats ass about any body but their half ass black/white mohama and low life voters.keep the power at any cost. traitors

  • vinagaroon

    Trish you filthy skank, what would you know about what a man sounds like when he orgasms?

  • colleenf

    As usual the dem(wit)s have to see just how low the next one can go in the sewer.
    I seriously pray that no one in your family is ever subjected to this kind of loss.
    Amazing at how cheap life is to these liars, creeps and thugs that call themselves democraps.
    Convicted murderers and illegals who commit crimes are far more important to them.

  • Bill Mullins

    I for one am never surprised at the depths to which leftists will stoop. I consider these to tweets to be merely par for the course, nothing more.

  • ChaplainPeter

    Amazing how many whores, adulterers,murderers, perverts are running the country. Is it any wonder everything is about to fall apart. Pray for them in authority if possible they may be granted repentance.

    Dan 7:27

    And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.

  • higgy01

    More evidence the democrats are tolerant, diverse and empathetic. Or is it intolerant, narrow minded, uncaring and stupid.

  • gepops58

    Those folks are just sickening! They have no business being in politics nor do the rest of those immature idiots….I just cannot find any thing funny about the loss of American life much less four lives, and this comedy of idiots running this country are actually stupid enough to think us common slobs would think any of this is a joke!!! Its not funny I would also think the family members wouldn’t find any humor in this either, these jokers should all be thrown out of office starting with Obama……..we’ll see who’s laughing when Trey Gowdy gets through

  • aurora9

    Trish Causey, a candidate for Congress? Someone should wash her mouth out with soap. I hope the good people of Mississippi elect a person who has a clean heart, clean mind and a clean mouth!

    • Joyce Bolen

      She makes me sick in saying I am from Mississippi. But she is not representative us the majority of Mississippians. Please people, get out and vote in the up coming elections.

  • Dasgeiss

    Well what do you expect from “bottom feeders”?

  • Chuck Rogers II

    I agree as the bottom feeders they have achieved a new low, I hope they never loose any family in combat

  • T. Copps

    Always knew the Democrats were a bunch of sick pigs. Boy what a different story this would have been had it bene four black diplomats… This administration makes me want to puke!

    • Chuck Rogers II

      Now that Bill and Hilly are going to be grand parents I wonder if their view of abortion has changed or is it still a choice?

      • Most Rev. Gregori

        Their views have not changed.

  • Ednar


    The 2014 United States elections will be held Tuesday,
    November 4, 2014.

    During this midterm election year, all 435 seats in the United
    States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States
    Senate will be contested in this election. Get out and VOTE!!!!)

    A movement has been started by our armed forces to get out
    the vote in 2014.

    They are organizing themselves, but this can be done by all of us.

    The President, the Commander in Chief, has made the Rules
    of Engagement (ROE) so difficult, that our troops are often killed before they
    can even get permission to fight. Nothing has been done to stop our troops from
    being Murdered by the Afghanis they are training, either.

    Now, the President wants the US to sign on to the UNs
    International Criminal Court (ICC), which would allow the UN’s ICC to arrest
    and try US troops for War Crimes, without the legal protections guaranteed
    under US Law, and from which there is no appeal.

    The President, with his Democratic control of the Senate, has nearly all
    the power.

    If the Non-Establishment Republicans, and Conservatives, can take back the
    Senate in 2014, our troops can once again be protected from unnecessary danger.

    Please consider this, and send it on to your mailing lists.

    Thank You!​

    ​Semper Fi!​

  • Tonto

    Dang! Is it drugs, booze, or some form of group insanity? There can be no other explanation. These democrats are just plain evil and WRONG.

  • Alondra

    “18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.

    24 Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, 25 who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” (Romans 1)

  • ABBAsFernando

    Isaiah says it ALL:

    Isaiah 32:5-8

    King James Version (KJV)

    5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

    6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

    7 The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

    8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

    The Churl is a miser that fits today’s banker quite well indeed.

  • DustyFae

    That is a disgrace…

  • Helen Tritt

    The democrats never seem to fail with the facts in which they open their filthy mouths, nothing comes out except words showing their RELENTLESS STUPIDITY! They TRULY ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS COUNTRY. And if they do not like the country as a REPUBLIC, they should move to COMMUNIST CHINA TO SEE IF THEY WOULD MISS THE FREEDOMS WE HAVE THAT CHINA DOES NOT.

  • adrianvance

    Michael Savage is right, “Liberalism is mental illness.”

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative via Google or and you will be the hit of your next dinner
    party, barbecue or church picnic.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    I’m sorry and I hope God forgives me, but I feel compelled to state exactly how I feel about Trish4Congress’ twitter statement, and I will NOT use PC correct language. Trish, (with no due respect) you are one filthy disgusting B*^ch who has no place in an outhouse, let alone Congress. Your twitter statement shows just what a disrespectful, immoral piece of human excrement you are. May God forgive you, I cannot.

    • dangkids


  • empty pockets

    Calling the Democrat Party and its members/acolytes “the tolerant ones” is as accurate as calling Islam “the religion of peace”. It’s Orwell’s newspeak where lies are truth…just 30 years later than he figured.

  • dextermassolettisr

    We have the dopes on dope running guns and making laws. How sweet.
    With a regime more intent on the obstruction of justice than anything else it should be no surprise they can think there is nothing we can do about it but watch them buying bullets and sending us the bill under a gun — as the dollar drops their lives won’t be worth 29 cents.
    No amnesty for anyone for anything.
    A Change that has been needed for nearly 100 years is soon coming to a street corner near you.

  • hookemowls

    And to think that it may have changed the outcome if the 2012 election. DC is an infestation of corruption, thievery, and liars.

  • dangkids


  • fixitcr63

    I say for every one of the grey matter challenged left leaning morons, we take at least 4 of their dearest relatives, (hoping that some of them, at least, will be young people, just starting their lives), and string them up in the highest tree around. Then set the morons who’ve made fun of those who sacrificed their young warriors and peacemakers, in a spot where they could have the best seats in the house for the hangings. They could watch every jerk, twitch, tug, moan and scream from their young people as they are hoisted up into the air. Maybe by the end, after the last one had died,,, maybe, just maybe they might be able to grasp the enormity of the injustice and disrespect they have shown toward our brave young soldiers and a very brave representative to that country. They can never make up for what they’ve done, but at least they might be better equipped to understand it.

    • NRApatriot

      I seriously doubt they will be able to grasp it! When you are a walking zombie you can’t grasp anything! They’re products of the liberal controlled school system which began the dumbing down of Americas students over sixty years ago so that they would vote someone who was not born in this country and an enemy of the Constitution into the highest office in the land! Don’t know if your old enough to remember but when Kennedy made Russia back down during the Cuban missile crisis Nikita Kruschev the Russian leader at the time gave a speech at the Kremlin where he said that “they would defeat America without firing a single shot because they would do it from within!” We thought he was nuts then but now I think he may have been prophetic!

    • violater1

      I like your idea but you know what they would not get it for firstly they do not respect the lives of others and second they are immoral unethical sons and bitches of bitches! They are cold as a slab of ice and they do not give a second thought to killing and maiming in the name of power and control! Everyone of these hardcore basturds think they are above you and I in intellect and they feel that they can dictate the lives of others with impunity and the peasants need them to live while they will starve and enslave them!

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