Open Letter to President Trump Concerning the Media, US Search Engines, and Social Media

Dear Mr. President:

The time is long overdue for you to take action against the overall communications system here in the United States, from main media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, as well as the big 3 internet search engines and social media sites such as Facebook.

I’m sure you, of all people, know just how biased the mainstream media is against you in particular and the USA as a sovereign nation in general.

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Today’s main sources of news have become nothing more than propaganda machines for the socialist left. They no longer act as journalists reporting the news to the American public. Instead they are manipulating real news stories, hiding other news, while interjecting anti-American opinions into each report, and attacking everything having to do with American Patriotism. The main media, and some elected officials also promote violence against you, the people who work for you, and all those who support you not to mention the American way.

Take the recent discovery of a terrorist training camp found in the desert near Taos, New Mexico, for example. Here the main media said little if anything about the connections to radical Islam, the training of children ages 1 to 15 in school shootings and other terrorist activities, or the connection to Linda Sarsour via her mentor Imam Siraj Wahhaj. This occured because it does not fit into their open border, New World Order, Socialist agenda.

Also, they never mention the number of US citizens killed each year from illegal aliens or report the failure of sanctuary cities via news like that recently seen in Philadelphia where, due to Mayor Jim Kinney’s sanctuary city policy ignoring an ICE detainer, released criminal Juan Ramon Vasquez, an illegal alien from Honduras, only to have him rape a child. Instead, they choose to report how badly illegal aliens are treated by the US when they cross our border illegally.

Then there are the Internet-based services such as search engines Google, Yahoo, and MSN as well as social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Their bias and Nazi-like elimination of all news, opinion, and sources that are pro-American, conservative, or that show any American Patriotism, is clearly unconstitutional.

The bottom line is, they cannot call themselves search engines but if half of the information out there is censored. And how can these social media sites legitimately refer to themselves as such if they censor most groups and individuals based on political views these services don’t like.

The big 3 search engines and social media sites will claim they have a right to censor what content they want since they are privately owned. However, since they are in the business of providing news and information to the American public and supposedly providing a medium of discussion and at the same time running politically biased news, they too fall under the same category of free speech as does the news media.

This Communist China-type of political propaganda and censorship cannot be tolerated here in the USA and the time for you to act is now. Mr. President, you must pull the plug on all sources of propaganda and political censorship. You must take action either by Executive Order, government sanctions, fines, pulling credentials, or completely shut them down until they comply with the constitution’s tenets on freedom of speech.

This is a problem which must be addressed immediately if we are to restore the greatness of the USA.

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About the author

Tony Elliott

Tony Elliott

Tony Elliott is an investigative journalist, researcher, author, and established writer with articles in over 20 publications of differing topics Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003 generating the controversy he was hired for. Tony also was a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990's. BOOKS: Aura Visions: The Origin Prophecy, Enviroclowns: The Climate Change Circus, Strange Sounds: A Research Report

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