Muslim Leader Sexually Assaults Little Girl – Parents Cut Off His…

People all over the world are waking up to the sexual deviancy of extremist Islam. These terrorist we’re fighting and their supporters all seem to have some weird, sick twisted mentality on sexuality. It seems that the Muslim extremists all have some weird sexual fantasies that either include little girls or deviant sexual activity with other men.

The world is finally taking note after the kidnapping of over 300 young Nigerian girls by the Islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram. The monsters at Boko Haram murdered hundreds of boys and took the girls prisoner, and now seem to be playing with the rest of the world as we all join in the effort to find them. But Boko Haram is not the first instance of Islamic extremists being oddly focused on sexualizing children… sadly, it probably won’t be the last either.

We have another story of a Muslim holy man sexually assaulting a young girl – happily, this story ends with the attacker facing a father’s retribution.

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A mullah in Afghanistan is said to have sexually assaulted a young girl in his care. She told her parents who then went about setting the trap for their revenge.

mullahA mother and father in Afghanistan sliced off the ears and nose of a local cleric in revenge for his alleged sexual abuse of their teenage daughter.

Abdul and Sultana Qahar, from northern Afghanistan’s Baghlan province, lured the mullah to their house with a dinner invitation, tied him up, then set about carving up his face.

‘I cut off his ears and nose,’ Qahar told Reuters from the regional police chief’s office, where he is under arrest. ‘I don’t know if a cat ate his ears, but his nose went down the drain.’

‘If there was a functioning rule of law, then he would be punished even more severely,’ said the girl’s mother, who was wearing a traditional all-covering burqa.

Right activists say there has been a sharp rise in violent attacks against women in the deeply conservative Muslim country, where women have fought hard to gain rights after the collapse of Taliban government in 2001.

These incidents happen with tremendous frequency in the Islamic world, and all too often there seems to be no justice for the grieved parties. In fact, many of these stories end with the victims in prison or dead, because the families don’t want to be dishonored.

The world must stand together to speak out against the Islamic war on women – or we risk allowing the plague of destruction to spread.

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