Dr. Voddie Baucham Destroys the Liberal Idea of the Separation of Church and State

Dr. Voddie Baucham is a brilliant thinker and a passionate man of God. He is the Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas, just outside of Houston. Dr. Baucham gave a wonderful interview to the folks at “Speak Up Church” about this idea of the separation of Church and State that seems to permeate our American culture today. Sadly, he notes that it has also infected our church culture as well as modern American culture.

There is a lot of great stuff in here.

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“You talk to people about Pastor’s addressing political issues and their immediate response is ‘the Church doesn’t have any business in the political arena.’ That’s a very new idea. You know anything about the history of America, the history of the church, you know that that’s not been the case. We’ve always understood that as our culture faced these issues, that it’s the church that is uniquely equipped to face these issues. But there’s an irony there, I believe, in our context. And that irony is, Pastors stand up now in their pulpits, in our culture, and spout psychology left and right and nobody ever says, ‘Hey, this is not the place for psychology.’ Why do we believe it’s not the place for politics but that it’s okay for it to be the place for psychology? I’ll tell you why. Because the other side has been effective in causing us to believe in this mythological separation of Church and State that somehow makes it inappropriate for the church to have any say in what it is that the State does or thinks. Or how the State acts.”

“If the church is not going to speak to the issue of truth and be a herald for the state and point the state to where truth is – then what’s the only other alternative? The only other alternative is that man finds the truth in himself or in his courts. That’s an untenable position. We cannot allow it.”

The Bible does speak to every issue in life, and our political issues are informed by our theology. There’s no such thing as a politician or a political issue that is not theological. You cannot do politics without theology! So we have to break this false dichotomy.

“Let me put it this way. Nobody would have 50 or 100 years ago, shied away from dealing with homosexuality in those passages in the Bible that deal with homosexuality. Nobody would have shied away from dealing with marriage in those passages that deal with marriage. And nobody would have said that those passages were somehow political. Well now all of a sudden, the government comes in, walks onto our territory, and because the government has walked onto our territory, we now say that it belongs to them… They don’t get to do that! They cannot come into our territory and then say that we’re wrong for speaking about it. These issues are not just political issues, these issues are Biblical, theological issues, but beyond that, even issues that are political issues have Biblical and theological underpinnings.”

Dr. Baucham gets right to the heart of several different issues inside of the skewed perspective on separation of Church and State. Our Founders viewed the separation as a way to protect the church from the government – yet today, it is used as a tool to diminish the role of the church in government. That was never the intent. For the church not to be involved in politics means that Christians must become a subjected people – because our political beliefs are all born out of our religious beliefs. They are inseparable!

Therefore, we must not be cowed by the secular progressive left. Our rights as Americans demand that we speak out for what we believe and that we fight to improve our nation… even if our views are not culturally popular.

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