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GOP “Bending” on Obamacare?

Has anyone else noticed the change in tone towards Obamacare that many of the establishment GOP leaders have been speaking with? They’ve gone from repeal to tweak at break-neck speeds… which is why conservatives can never trust the GOP moderates. They blow with the wind. They have no convictions except the conviction to keep power.



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  • Mark Tallman

    Obama/Democrat Care MUST be fully repealed. If Republicans try to fix Obama/Democrat Care, when it blows up (and it will all by itself), the Democrats will start blaming Republicans. This is the narrative you will witness: “The Afordable Care Act was going to work perfectly and would have if those evil Republicans hadn’t messed with it.” Write it down. Remember where you heard this first.

    • smilee

      We will remember you are wrong, have you not noticed that tea party GOP have been losing in the primaries to establishment GOP and that the polls are showing the tea party dying with the public so your in a too small minority to be taken seriously any more. The establishment GOP has wised up to this and that Obamacare can not be gotten rid of and the public is liking it more and more and as they personally experience its benefits that we are starting to here so much from those now and that is why repealing Obamacare would be a disaster for the GOP and the wise ones in the party have figured that out. No one ever said that Obamacare would work perfectly at first but as the Mayo doctors have said it is a good start and it needs improvement and that will happen once the GOP decides to cooperate in a solution rather that just say no and offer no real solutions. Your on the losing end of the stick.

      • Mark Tallman

        What color is the sky in your world? Obama/Democrat Care is losing more and more support almost every week. There are NO benefits. Higher premiums. Higher deductibles. Higher maximum out-of-pockets amounts. Where is it better? Also, just because a certain number of people created accounts, my guess is that less than 30% have actually paid premiums (i.e., completely checked out what is in their shopping cart.). This is a very consistent number for websites. Historically, less than one-third of all people who place items in a website shopping cart actually complete the sale. Have you noticed how Barack HUSSEIN Obama has yet to say how many people actually completed their transactions? You keep hearing about the number who signed up, not the number who purchased their healthcare plan.

        The percentage of people who complete purchases placed in a shopping cart (~30%) is not my number. American Demographics magazine has done this study annually for almost 20 years. This means that only about 2 million people (~ 1.2 million are medicaid…free) have insurance through Obama/Democrat Care. This is far less than the number of people who lost their existing insurance plans (“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Nobody can take that away from you. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”) Are this f&cking stupid?

        • smilee

          Silly, Obamacare is here to stay and all your BS means nothing so get over it, there will be improvements as time goes by and it will become more and more liked by the public as SS and Medicare are now and they were at one time like Obamacare is today. There is no chance of repeal and the sooner the GOP gets over it the sooner it can be improved upon. There is no denying for preexisting conditions and you say no benefits, what joke and that is just one of many improvements from before and the rise in premiums is the lowest this year in over ten years an average of just under 4%. You just repeat all that propaganda the far right is feeding you. Be smart become part of the solution rather than a part of the problem which you now are. You have lost this battle man up and accept you lost.

      • ToniStimmel

        You might consider the veracity of your sources and note which side they always favor.

        ObozoCare is only growing in popularity among those who don’t have to pay any premiums, musloids, undocumented demoncrat voters, and the demoncrat plantation voters. Note that they never tell you how much premium income is attributable to those new policy holders.

        • smilee

          Then why is the GOP backing away from their previous positions.

          • ToniStimmel

            Because the GOP leadership, all RINOs, is owned and operated by the demoncrats. That why Round-Heeled BoneHead always caves.

          • smilee

            Regardless your still SOL

  • ToniStimmel

    The GOP leadership is owned and operated by the demoncrats, on command they will bend like a slinky on a staircase.

  • DOOM161

    The GOP’S only problem with obamacare is who is currently in charge of it.

  • givenswayne

    It sucks to hear this , I know we need health care but we need something we can afford and there are many good ideas to promote from the republican party that work and ring costs down , not to mention that were footing the bill for millions of illegals health insurance , thats just one reason the price of health care is skyrocketing . We need to stop paying for people who are not citizens and those who refuse to work and get as job , Then come up with a capitalist approach to healthcare where you can buy insurance from the lowest biudder in the country , not be held up by a government gone commiie and just wanting to ontrol your life while giving everything away and ruining the best healthcare system in the world .

  • Pissed Off

    GOP seeks coverage choices in health law they hate

    At the prodding of business organizations, House Republicans quietly secured a recent change in President Barack Obama’s health law to expand coverage choices, a striking, one-of-a-kind departure from dozens of high-decibel attempts to repeal or dismember it.

    Democrats describe the change involving small-business coverage options as a straightforward improvement of the type they are eager to make, and Obama signed it into law. Republicans are loath to agree, given the strong sentiment among the rank and file that the only fix the law deserves is a burial.

    You didn’t think they would repeal it, did you?

    4-9-14 Links

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