Paul Ryan Discusses the State of our Democracy in the Trump Era

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In today’s America it is the Republican Party that finds itself defending traditional “liberal” values.

Now before you protest, I don’t mean “liberal” in the way that the media and our culture uses the world today. I mean it in its historical context – I mean that today’s GOP (particularly the libertarian leaning members) are the true protectors of “classical liberalism” and our liberty.

It’s conservatives (mainly in the GOP) that speak out to defend free speech, religious liberty, freedom of assembly, limited government, lower taxes, and government restraint. It’s conservatives who have become the true “liberals” willing to defend our LIBERTIES, even as leftists (who call themselves ‘liberal’) fight to end free speech and curb religious liberty.

In the Trump era these divisions seem to have exacerbated and both poles of the political divide have grown even further apart.

Recently, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI), sat down with the National Review’s Jonah Goldberg to discuss politics in the Trump era, political polarization, and classical liberalism.

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