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Obama is Losing in Syria



When an Obama cheerleader like former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says something like this… you know that things must be bad.

“If ‘winning’ means remaining as president of Syria, I think [Assad] is winning… I think last fall was a real low point where we went in the space of a week from saying ‘Assad must go’ to ‘Assad must stay’ in order to fulfill the agreement sponsored by Putin to get rid of the chemical weapons that Assad had used against his own people…”

Can we all just face facts, please? The Obama administration’s foreign policy has been a train wreck since the very beginning. We focus on his domestic failures (which are monumental to be sure), but Obama’s foreign policy has been at Obamacare destructive levels since day one.

At some point in the near future we are going to have come to grips with the fact that the worst President in American history was elected to a second term. Partly because of Democrat intransigence, but also partly because of Republican incompetence.

Syria is simply more evidence of what we already know – Barack Obama has been an unmitigated disaster as the President of the United States.

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