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Harry Reid is Going Senile

I have often wondered about the leader of the Senate Democrats. Harry Reid seems to transition from insane to angry to crude to conspiratorial and then right back to insane. It’s amazing to me that he has held elected office for as long as he has. But now the senator from Nevada’s time may be short, as it seems he may indeed be going senile. (Not to mention the many rumors that abound linking Reid to pederasty.) I know, how can you trust someone who stands against everything that Harry Reid stands for to know that the VERY senior Senator from Nevada is incompetent?

Well, I have video evidence of the fact for you to consider.

I love the incredulity from Joe Scarborough and the laughs from the rest of the Morning Joe crew.

Do you get Harry Reid’s reasoning here – for being against the Koch brothers but for Sheldon Adelson (who happens to be a billionaire from Nevada)? The Koch’s are in it for themselves, while Sheldon Adelson agrees with the Democrats on social issues… so he’s okay. In fact Reid goes further than that when he says, “I know Sheldon Adelson… he’s in it because he has certain ideological views… so don’t pick on him! He’s not in it to make money.”

Mr. Reid is a senile fool.

Adelson’s perfectly happy to shower cash on members of Congress in the name of protecting his business. He and his family have donated tens of thousands to Lindsey Graham, for instance; coincidentally, Graham introduced a bill just last month that wouldban online gambling, thus killing potential competition for Adelson’s casinos. Reid supports online gambling but only with respect to poker, and had nothing but nice things to say about Adelson’s lobbying when asked about it recently. Go figure.

harry-reid-noseThe truth of the matter is that Reid is happy with Adelson because Adelson supports establishment Republicans like John McCain and Mitt Romney. Reid is happy with Adelson because Adelson is a liberal who only supports Republicans because he knows that Republican policy is better for business than Democrat policy. Meanwhile, the Koch’s are libertarian-ish in their politics and have much broader agreement with economic conservatism than Adelson does.

So Reid attacks the Koch’s and protects Adelson because the reality is that if conservative economics triumphs in America… then liberal power has vastly waned. Meanwhile, if the Republicans that Adelson supports are leading the party… then it doesn’t really matter if Democrats lose… because liberal Republicans (or RINO’s) have won.

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