61% of Democrats Say Republicans ‘Racist,’ ‘Bigoted,’ ‘Sexist’

According to a new poll, the majority of Democrats believe Republicans are racist, bigoted and sexist.

The Axios poll published Monday found that 61 percent of those who identified as Democrats responded that they think Republicans are “racist/bigoted/sexist,” while 31 percent of Republicans surveyed said they feel the same way about them.

The poll also found that 54 percent of Democrats surveyed said they see Republicans as “ignorant,” 44 percent said they see them as “spiteful” and 21 percent said they think Republicans are “evil.”

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A majority of Democrats — 61 percent — describe Republicans as “racist, “bigoted,” and “sexist,” according to a Monday-published poll commissioned by Axios. Thirty-one percent of Republicans describe Democrats the same way.

The online poll surveyed 3,215 U.S. adults, and has a margin of error of three percentage points.

Fifty-four percent of Democrats view Republicans as “ignorant,” with 49 percent of Republicans similarly viewing Democrats.

Fifty percent of Republicans cast Democrats as “evil,” with 44 percent of Democrats doing the same with Republicans.

Minorities of Democrats described Republicans as “fair” (four percent), “thoughtful” (three percent), and “kind” (two percent). Similar fractions of Republicans described Democrats as “fair” (four percent), and “thoughtful.”

Democrats are twice as likely (six percent) as Republicans (three percent) to be “extremely disappointed” if a close family member were to marry a Republican. More


The suspicion runs so deep that a third of all Americans say they’d be disappointed if a close family member married someone whose partisanship didn’t match their own:

The percentage saying they’d be at least somewhat bothered by this jumps to 50% among liberal Democrats; it’s 32% among conservative Republicans.

For both parties, more moderate affiliates are about 20 percentage points less likely to say they’d be disappointed. More

Conservatives can empathize with liberals because we were once children. Liberals, however, cannot empathize with conservatives, because they’ve never acted like adults. This is absolutely the root of the issue. 

This just goes to prove the MSM’s constant droning on and on about the people on the right are bigots, sexists, and racists is working as they intended.


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