Carter Page Spied on for Fake Reasons

The FBI got a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page based on anti-Trump media stories!

It is sickening to see the anti-Trump media treat Carter Page as a criminal based on nothing but the FBI’s made-up evidence. Jake Tapper acts like a prosecutor, not a reporter.

Carter Page is an American citizen with a right to due process. But the media would rather lynch him than admit this fact. Because if the evidence against Carter Page was flimsy and contrived, then the DOJ/FBI conspired to frame him to get a way to engage in political spying.

The Washington Times reports, “FBI used anti-Trump media to obtain spy warrants on campaign.

The FBI continued to tell judges that dossier writer Christopher Steele wasn’t the source of a news article the bureau used to corroborate a wiretap application when in fact Mr. Steele had publicly acknowledged that he fed the anti-Trump story.

This chronology is contained in four heavily censored Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications obtained by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act.

The documents also show that the FBI relied as evidence on mainstream media stories that were critical of the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

The FBI submitted the warrants for surveillance on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page from October 2016 to September 2017. The FBI told surveillance court judges that Mr. Page was an illegal foreign agent of Russia. Mr. Page has repeatedly denied this and has not been charged.

The applications are heavily redacted. The FBI’s central piece of evidence in the unredacted parts is the dossier compiled by Mr. Steele, a former British spy hired by Fusion GPS with money from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. In other words, the FBI was relying on partisan opposition research to target Mr. Page for a year of intrusive phone and electronic intercepts.

Mr. Steele’s dossier made several charges against Mr. Page.

The paramount one is that, during a public speaking trip to Moscow in July 2016, he met with two U.S.-sanctioned Kremlin figures, Igor Sechin and Igor Diveykin. Mr. Steele said Mr. Page discussed sanctions relief for bribes. Mr. Page denies those charges.

To bolster Mr. Steele, the FBI presented to the judges as an independent source a Sept. 23, 2016, article by Michael Isikoff in Yahoo News. It reported the same supposed Sechin-Diveykin meetings.

The applications state, “[Steele] told the FBI that he/she only provided this information to the business associate [Fusion] and the FBI. … The FBI does not believe that [Steele] directly provided this information to the press.”

But in fact, he did. Mr. Isikoff has acknowledged that his source was Mr. Steele.

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