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Triple Amputee Soldier and Hero Destroys President Obama in Open Letter

Senior Airman Ret. Brian Kolfage is a real American hero. He has earned the right to speak out against the incompetence of the Obama administration… and so he does. Please take the time to read his open letter to President Obama which he released through 100 percent fed up.

Dear President Obama,

My name is Brian Kolfage, I’m a triple amputee and retired Air Force veteran who was severely wounded on September 11, 2004 in Iraq.

I nearly died in a war that most of your colleagues supported overwhelmingly, including the two presidents who came before you. Many citizens may not agree with waging war in Iraq to free the oppressed Iraqi citizens, but it’s something that warriors like myself have no control over. I joined to serve my country and to better my life.  I’ve seen things that you could never imagine, and they have made me the person I am today.

Mr. Obama, even though we have extreme opposite views, we have one thing in common, we both attended school in Hawaii. However, that’s where the similarities end.  You see, as you attended your exclusive, private school, I would ride my bike to Kaimuki High School in one of the roughest areas in Hawaii.  Every morning I would ride past Punahou, the exclusive private school you attended and I would notice all of the Bentleys, Maseratis, and fancy foreign cars that all the kids were dropped off in; wow it must have been extremely rough in Hawaii living that life, right? I could only imagine what it was like to have that kind of money. Fortunately for you, not many people are aware of the school that you and the upper class citizens of Hawaii attended. The tuition to attend your exclusive, private school was more than it cost me to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona. You talk a big game when it comes to financial inequality, yet I’m quite sure you have no idea what it’s truly like to have to sacrifice. You were one of the elitist children in Hawaii.

briankolfageAfter High School, we each chose very different paths. You were able to attend America’s finest Ivy League schools, while I pursued a career in the military, in hopes of earning a degree. What we have in life as children usually helps to set the tone for how we acheive success later in life. I worked to get where I am today, while it was HANDED TO YOU….Mr. Inequality.

I volunteered to go to Iraq on both of my deployments, and the second time I begged to go even after I wasn’t selected.  During that second deployment, I was ultimately placed on the team where I would lose both legs and my dominant arm.  Even though many Americans were against the war in Iraq, I’ve never asked myself if it was worth it after losing 3 of my limbs.

I am frequently reminded of the many young Iraqi children who would beg me for water, food, and toys while I was stationed in Iraq.  Children, who in all aspects made the poorest of poor American children look rich. You have no idea what it really means to be poor. It’s laughable that you, who would have no idea what it means to be poor would so frequently play the inequality card.

While I was in Iraq, our mission was to liberate the Iraqi citizens from a tyrant and that’s what we did. Never forget, it was your people who sent us there, like the Clintons, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi & Carl Levin.  However, since the day you busted onto the scene you’ve been talking about ending the war and pulling the troops out, not understanding the blood sweat and tears that so many Americans and Iraqi’s invested.  And with complete disregard for every life sacrificed, every limb lost, and every broken family, you bailed on our mission to pursue an agenda that was completely centered on your re-election in 2012. If you didn’t bail on Iraq you were worried that you may not get re-elected and that’s a fact. Just before elections on Oct 11, 2012 you said “Al Qaeda is on the run and Osama bin Laden is dead.”  Look at Iraq now, they are in shambles and the Al Qaeda flag is flying freely.  Clearly, you’re unfit for duty as a Commander in Chief. You put your own agenda ahead of America’s agenda, and now you have single handedly ruined and destroyed nearly everything we gained in Iraq. It clearly means nothing to you, because the only thing that you’ve personally invested in that country was a promise to bail on them. However, people like me gave limbs, friends have died, and we’ve watched families destroyed by war’s aftermath.

I’m not placing blame on you for the war, I’m placing blame on you for destroying what we’ve worked so hard to build. You’re not a leader, you’re a community organizer. A leader would have stood up regardless of the situation and put America’s agenda first and that is ensuring a secure Iraq even after 10 years of war. But, you placed Barack first, just as Robert Gates confirmed in his new book. I can’t help but think of those poor kids who I gave water and toys to 11 years ago. They’re probably 15 or 16 years old now, and I can only imagine what it’s like for them to have their nation being torn apart yet again; all because of your poor leadership qualities. Regardless of why we went to Iraq, its water under the bridge. We went there, we waged war, and we not only owed it to our KIA’s but we owed it to the citizens of Iraq. We invaded their country and turned it upside down, and you bailed on them. You bailed on our soldiers and you’ve wasted every death and every limb, it’s all for nothing.  And to make matters worse you blame others for your failures

You’re just another elitist rich thug who’s pretended to live the rough life growing up in the inner-city. You’re only worried about your own agenda and furthering your party instead of taking care of Americans.  Your inability to be a leader at some of the most critical points has caused both of our wars to fail. You’ve been a joke to most of our veteran community and we have no faith in your ability to lead.

Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage USAF

“The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it.”

— Lou Holtz

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

  • knight2

    Brave Warrior, continue to be strong. All is not lost, your words are true and your heart is one with the millions of citizens that support you and your fellow warriors. I’m a veteran myself and see everything you spoke of, as do millions of other citizens. America has not fallen, we have only lost our way because of the in-adept leadership we have now. We, The People will take our country back. God Bless You.

    • gai2012

      Amen knight! America is with you. Our brave Military has fought to keep us safe from these TYRANTS & we hear you. Obama the COMMUNIST MOSLIM & his DEMONIC DEMOCRAT/COMMUNIST PARTY will not prevail.
      God will prevail over these DEMON THUGS!

      • Ann

        You are telling it right! Obummer is a disgrace to this once great country! He is the enemy with-in! Benghazi tragedy was a cover up, only for him to make it to the White House again! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS WE THE PEOPLE!

        • podunk1

          A large number of “Progressive Socialists” (“People”); who pretend to be constitutionally bound democrat and republican “constitutionalists”; were elected as such; and individually swore oath/duty to defend the Constitution without ANY RESERVATION to become trusted government officials! Those progressive officers, as an organization and individuals, are openly using their trusted powers to overthrow the Constitution and loot the treasury and country, by enacting legislation, official orders, regulatory orders, and using fiat armed enforcement by their appointed agency officials and employees therein! That violates the Constitution and laws there-under! WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY (1967) defines TREASON as “any attempt to overthrow the government of a state to which one owes allegiance” Treason is a capital offense more than justified by the tens of millions of innocent people historically slaughtered by mentors of this organization (Mao, Stalin/Marx, Hitler, etc.).

          The question isn’t why supreme untouchable laws commanding “Shall make no law”, “shall not be infringed”, etc, are endlessly debated, challenged, violated, and mocked by these officials, it is why they and their appointees aren’t scourged by justice and in jail for the most heinous crimes of all – TREASON!

          The only remaining question is… are there enough “progressives” who aren’t traitors, who will “defend” and restore the Constitution against progressive traitors? Or, will treason and the glass swords of Obama, Reid, and Holder turn freedom into fire, ash, and chaos that will invite another Stalin, Mao, or Hitler? The choice is justice vs. tyranny!

  • KingofBeers

    So if I understand this correctly, because we have lost so many in Iraq, therefore we should continue to send soldiers to die in that lie of a war? I’ve never understood this logic? And we didn’t go there to free the Iraqi citizens, I think everyone knows that. The war was supported overwhelmingly only because Bush and company were not forthright with the truth about Saddams wmd’s.

    I appreciate Kollfage’s service, but his face book page was a vile racist condemnation of African Americans and other minorities. Due to all the hate mail he received, he has since removed all his offending posts and toned down his rhetoric.

    So, now he wants to blame Obama for getting us out of Iraq? His disparaging comments would be better placed on those who got us into that mess, but I’m certain he has to feel there was justification for the war and his own sacrifice, if only for his own sanity and peace of mind.

    I wish Kollfage all the best.

    • johnny yuma

      Hey you king of beers. You been drinking too much of that Obama Kool aid. So you are hurt that this brave soldier has told the truth about your emperor Obama . So you revert back to that old liberal goody, the race card. On top of that you then blame bush. Excuse me for not bowing down with your pathetic excuse of a human life and worshiping with you at the altar of your god Obama . Yeah, but I wish you well you liberal weasel. Not!

    • gai2012

      We went their because a BRUTAL MURDERING DICTATOR WAS FINANCING AL QUEDA & THE TERRORIST OF 9/11. Bush had Al Queda in the run. Obama the COMMUNIST MUSLIM TRAITOR has al Queda & the brotherhood on the up surge. The middle east & africa is a mess.



      • KingofBeers

        Everything you posted is a complete lie. Saddam was never financing Al Qeada, and the Bush war increased the ranks of Al Qeada.

        • Ed Shick

          Go back to your drunken bar! You are wasting our Time!

        • gai2012

          Really! Where did you get your information from George DEMONIC Soros who’s been financing the Boko Nigerian TERRORIST!


        • RETROBOB

          It has always amazed me how you folks parrot each other ad nauseum with the same ‘ol, same ‘ol obviously flawed logic. One would think that, sooner or later, you could present something that at least mimics real logic, with real facts. It’s also obvious that you folks are here only to foment some type of unrest, since you must know that you will change no minds with your drivel. If you feel that you must flail at windmills, please, be my guest.

          • TEK Aliance

            I am “here” because Diquss sends me notices without regard to my past posts. In being retro you have left your cerebral cortex behind. There has never been any admissible evidence produced to show that Sadaam supported bin Laden. If you knew anything about Islamic religious rivalries you would know how unlikely cooperation between a Wahib Shiite and a secular Sunni is on the religious differenced alone.

          • RETROBOB

            More lies and heaps of bovine excrement. I actually feel sorry for you, as well as pity. You’re here because, well, your handle explains it all, doesn’t it?

    • Blessings

      You can’t even give Brian the respect he deserves, without writing your disgusting, opinionated thoughts. You don’t have to agree with him, just SHUT UP for once..
      I could rip you to shreds with my tounge, however, I’ll hand this over to God and trust him to deal with you and pray your punishment is swift and justified.. You attack one of our honored soliders, that gave his flesh for us, that God holds in the highest regard and think you get a free pass….

    • crowvet

      Get off of it you traitor lover. Both Demorats and Repub ok’d the war in Iraq. Including the dead beat Hillary and Kerry. So the traitor inherited what is cabinet voted for. The slime is condeming himself.

    • drlent

      kak kak head

    • Remington 870

      You are looking foolish again by attacking anyone who disagrees with obama and his National Socialist agenda as racist. Most blacks are racist and hate whites. Most blacks are happy with the government taking care of them..yet are taught to hate those who contribute to their welfare…white people. The Left has overused the word racist and therefore it has little meaning.

      • Deborah G

        No meaning. If disagreeing with a racist is racist? I’m it

    • Navy Vet

      Shut the F-CK UP, TROLL .

    • Sam

      Sadam Did have WMDs. There was evidence of it. He sent them to Syria. Now the al qaeda rebels have control over them and have used them on the people. Sadam was a horrible tyrant so regardless if there were WMDs or not, he had to go. He gassed his own people so he did have chemical weapons.

      • Silver

        You are so right. I saw the film footage of truck after truck rolling to Syria. Everyone knew it was the WMD’s. but the Bush haters screamed that there were no WMD’s. even seeing the PROOF that Saddam trucked them to Syria they still denied it. They know it to be true, but liberals will lie their butts off EVERY TIME. Deny, dismiss and cover up. It’s what they do.

      • KingofBeers

        No proof of Saddam sending WMD to Syria. Listen everyone, it’s a terrible tragedy this soldier is a triple amputee, but that’s Bush’s fault, not Obama’s. And it doesn’t excuse the fact this soldier has exhibited terrible racism.

        • bbarnicle

          Silver had it right. A named, military gov. official admitted to seeing the shipments and paperwork for taking the gas into Syria and storing it. (name escapes me) Yes, the paperwork isn’t here as evidence, but the man outed himself as a witness and gave sources…enough to not dismiss him as a lone liar.

          Geesh, how hard is it to believe for that possibility, knowing that the borders are pourous and that arms cross borders daily in the middle east – Turkey to Syria, Iran to Iraq, Saudi Arabia to Hamas, Pakistan to Afghanistan, Russia to Syria, U.S. to Israel, Iran to Lebanon, …. In fact, it would be harder NOT to believe that Saddam moved weapons to Syria, knowing that U.S. troops were coming. Who wouldn’t?

          • KingofBeers

            Sorry, this is just an excuse for those trying to justify Iraq. We have credible evidence and multiple eye witness accounts saying Saddams WMD program was destroyed during the first war. Plus Saddam was enemies with both Syria and Iran. Why would he hand over WMD to his enemies? We also have satellite imagery which showed no sign of WMD movement. Also, the wmd in question has a very short shelf life of about 5 years, less if the two main chemicals are mixed. Also, we know Syria had its own chemical weapons program for over a decade.

            Seeing paperwork, and some unknown official doesn’t justify this war. Saddam was well known for creating false documents and telling his subordinates he still had an active WMD program…to keep his enemies at bay.

            Halliburton sure made a ton of money off the blood of our soldiers,didn’t they?

          • bbarnicle

            No, it was his job to visually compare the load to the paperwork. No proof now, though, other than his word.

            And just like what I just told you, you yourself shouldn’t be too quick to believe a satellite report just because it fits your narrative. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt of sincerity. The people in charge of the satellite feeds can say what they want. You and I don’t have access to such technology.

            You can’t prove he didn’t move them. A study after the gassing in Syria reported where the gas originated. Can we believe it? Believe what you want. I factor in past history and human behavior and motive to draw my own conclusions.

    • Loren Sidle

      Kingofbeers–Maybe you need to go back and reread this letter. Mainly the 2nd paragraph. Also Bush went into Iraq because of information he received from both republicans as well as democrats. And yes, obumber is a loser in all aspects of his presidency.

      • KingofBeers

        Bush went into Iraq for oil…period. And Bush had intel from the Iraq Survey Group, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and our own CIA, stating Iraq no longer had WMD. Bush did not share this intel with congress. Bush should be in federal prison for his war crimes, if there was any justice in the world! Not to worry, though, I’m sure Bush will invite Kollfage to one of his barbecue photo ops.

        • Ed Shick

          Talking about Oil , If we had an American President , we would have Signed the Keystone Pipeline 6 years ago ,, When does he answer to what happened in Benghazi and who supplied weapons to Al Qaeda ,,

          • KingofBeers

            Screw the keystone pipeline. All it does is pad the bank account of the Koch Brothers. We don’t get the oil. It goes on the world market. Why should we allow this sludge to go over one of the worlds largest reserves of fresh water? Not worth the risk.

            Reagan…241 Marines dead in Beirut attack and about 50 dead in an embassy attack, both committed by Iran, then Reagan, without congressional approval, secretly sells arms to Iran! Now there’s a Benghazi for you!

          • bbarnicle

            Obama and Kerry wrote and executed an equally illegal E.O., violating the exact same law as Iran-Contra. Theirs was to authorize the use of U.S. foreign aid to Hamas for military equipment.

            No one’s in jail for that one…because you have a corrupt DOJ! And, to make you happy, a corrupt Congress, including Republicans. I wrote to my Republican Congressman about the duplicity of that broken law….crickets.

            Yet, you Mr. Beers, a fair and honest man, should see that when an exact law is broken, the same justice should be applied, at least in America.

          • KingofBeers

            Since 1990 congress has approved apprx. $4 billion a year to the Palestinians, in effect Hamas. In 2006, Bush increased this aid. There is nothing that’s being done under the table without congressional approval. The fact, Palestine uses this money to militarize the Gaza Strip is just one of many reasons we should cut off aid.

          • bbarnicle

            The E.O. explicitly authorized the aid to be used for military equipment, contradicting the same law used to prosecute men into jail for Iran- Contra. We can dance all day long around the fact that the aid ends up as tanks and bullets. But lets not slip into anarchy. Throw the law a bone on this one. You can’t legislate crime.

          • KingofBeers

            That’s fine, but we can’t legislate what Palestine does with the money. All we can do is cut off aid, which I would support.

          • bbarnicle

            If I drank, we could share a beer over this.

          • DogWithoutSlippers

            I repeat……You are a real putz!~

        • DogWithoutSlippers

          You are a real putz!~

    • guest233

      Kingofbeers..I have not seen Killfages facebook. According to you it was filled with ‘vile racist condemnation of African americans’. But I and many americans don’t know what that means anymore.If someone speaks out over black youths maiming/killing whites because they are bored then they are ‘racist’ for objecting. Or if a young man assaulted with his attacker on top of him(who is black) and uses self defense then he is ‘racist’ for defending himself.Or if we disagree with anyone who happens to be black then we are racist. I for one am fed up with the issue of ‘racism’. And yes I have become offended and disgusted with many black americans. Not because they are black but because they use their skin colour as a tool to achieve or to get.

      • KingofBeers

        I have never denied there are probably just as many racists blacks as there are whites…doesn’t excuse it…it shouldn’t be a contest to see who is more racist. Racism of any form should be condemned.

    • axmickl

      Please don’t call it Bush’s war. I hated Bush for listening to the filthy Clintons and the rest of the filthy democrats for pushing the WMD stories on him. It was our CIA that convinced him we were in danger from Sadam. He just dallied too long to strike and gave Sadam the time he needed to hide and move his weapons. The point of the kids letter was once you take the steps to get to the middle of the bridge and encounter many losses, does it make sense to turn around and run back to where you started? I think not but would expect you to run because you glorify a community organizer and actually think he is a blameless leader. How do you live with yourself knowing the misery you are supporting.

    • dufus

      Another ill informed dumkoff! Hitler in disguise. You are a sorry excuse for an American! How many food stamps do you get every month? You don’t have the intelligence to get it! Just give me my free stuff!


      KINGOFBEERS< Crawl back in your beer can and continue what you and your
      HERO do best — BLAME SOME-ONE ELSE (BUSH) & play your race card..——BTW how many tours did you say you & your HERO served ??

    • Tony Wilson Sr

      If our military would have been allowed to COMPLETE the mission given without the ROE changing every day, Iraq wouldn’t be the mess it is now. Our military DESTROYED the 4th LARGEST army in the world in 100 hours in 1990. We pulled back because of politics. Our “elected” politicians need to learn that when you use military force, DON’T GET IN THE WAY!

      • KingofBeers

        We lost the war because Bush, Cheney..etc, had no plan and no idea how to win the peace. Bush thought he could spread democracy by driving around in a humvee throwing civics textbooks out the back.

        • DogWithoutSlippers

          Go have another beer Bozo!~

    • grumpybill

      Can you people not see that queenofbeers is nothing more than an angry troll who knows nothing about military life, only sucking up to his blowbuddy Ovomit?

      • KingofBeers

        I grew up in an Air Force family and served myself. I simply see the lie that was the Iraq war. To this day, a majority of low information voters believe Saddam attacked us on 9/11. No president should take us to war unless there is no other recourse, and Bush had intel stating there were no longer WMD in Iraq.

        • Ed Shick

          I have read you comments and in a Contest with Obama when it comes to lying you might lose

          • KingofBeers

            I understand…some people can’t stand the truth if it differs with their warped and biased view of the world.

          • bbarnicle

            I see corruption in all wars throughout all of history.(I’m a little soft hearted and biased toward the Revolutionary War.) That said, I only wish that the judicial powers would enforce laws against war crimes…but they never do. It’s so corrupt, all we can do is focus on each individual thread rather than the whole cloth. Please join with us in pulling at illegal threads, even if they involve this administration.

            For instance, (and focus on the threads, not the cloth), the wars in Libya and Congo were not approved by Congress. Even if Mickey Mouse were the Pres., what should the consequences be? If the law was broken, and Congress was nullified, we need a trial to verify it. Right? Why fight us on that? Admit a few, with the blindfold of lady justice.

          • KingofBeers

            We didn’t go to war in either Libya, or the Congo. Thank God!

          • bbarnicle

            Boots on the ground. Search “boots on the ground” and “republic of congo.”

    • Barbara

      Sounds like you don’t understand at all….and are incapable of understanding what obama is doing to America.

    • jack_parker

      Beerqueen, you are a smarmy, lying, America hating, kweer who’s intent on seeing this nation destroyed just so you don’t feel so ashamed of yourself. Stick to butt fu**ing and leave the politics to those who have made at least a minimal sacrifice in support of political, social and economic freedom in this once great Republic.

    • glenn

      kingofbeers you are disgusting.I am damn sick and tired of everytime someone post something everybody thinks it’s racist especially white people.It’s ok for everyone else,BUT not if your white. kingofbeers maybe you need to go over and fight in the war for a month or two maybe you would lose your arm and legs .I think you would look at it very differently.You must really love O’butthole you look just like the type that would.Trying to defend him anyway you can.

  • Denise

    Awesome!! I wish that this young man would run for President, or at least for a high public office. I wish that our Congress would read this letter to the Nation on prime time. He is what America used to stand for before we allowed the treasonous Marxist, satanic Progressives to steal and to destroy our nation. Every believer should keep this young man in their prayers.

    • Disappointed

      Do you have any idea what Marxism even is? Or do you just equate it with the broken Communism seen in China? Furthermore, if you’re a believer (I’m going to assume in Christianity, though if I’m wrong, I do apologize), then maybe you need to reread Romans 13.

      • Denise

        All human authority is limited. HaShem has given believers a spirit of discernment; the ability to know the difference between good and evil, and we are to always pursue goodness. Therefore, we are without excuse if we submit to any wicked ruler, or evil governmental authority. Remember, according to Romans 13, a government must not be a “terror to good works.” Obama is a terror to good works!
        When any governmental power oversteps its authority; It, not us, is in open rebellion against GOD.
        If you were living in an Islamic nation and were told to submit to Islam, and if you refused, are you then in rebellion against HaShem?
        What about Hitler, should everyone have submitted to him?
        Daniel refused to submit to Nebuchadnezzar’s edict, was he wrong not to concede to the demands of the King?
        By the way, I do know what Marxism is, and it is evil!

        • TEK Aliance

          Have you read the Communist Manifesto, thanks Engels for supporting Marx, Das Kapital, or the Essays? “(On) The Jewish Question” is amusing and informative about the “New Hegelians,” as some of the associates of Marx were known. Evil, though? Get a sense of humor and curl up with some Marx. Know your enemies.

          • Denise

            As per your suggestion that..”I get a sense of humor,” I already have one, I simply don’t find Marx funny. And as for curling up with some Marx; No thanks, I’d rather curl up with an ebola ridden corps any day!
            As for membership in the “collective?” You can count me out! I believe the same demonic spirit that inhabited Nimrod, found it’s home in Marx and Engels.
            By the way; there is no “Jewish Question.” The GOD of Jacob, has from the time of Abraham, settled any and all questions that might arise concerning this people. HaShem has deemed them a special people, “the apple of His eye.” Who cares what mere flesh ponders?

          • Disappointed

            Denise, I suppose we just don’t see eye to eye on what “terror to good works” is. While yes, Obama has made mistakes, I’d challenge you to name one president that hasn’t. I’m also curious what exactly Obama has done to provoke the anger of Christians, aside from try to enforce the separation of church and state our country was founded on. I’m also a little unclear as to why Progressives are Satanic, or how the country was stolen. Unlike Bush, Obama actually won both the electoral votes, and the popular election, in both of his elections. Now for Marxism, I’d like to draw your attention to Acts 4:34 – 37ish, where the Apostles teach, and practice, almost exactly what Marx wrote about in his Manifesto. (And before you disagree, please remember, you’ve already admitted you haven’t read said manifesto). So, did Nimrod’s demon also make a pit-stop with the Apostles?

          • Denise

            This is typical of the word games that Progressives constantly play. They will use names and terms that sound noble but, when you take a closer look, and you discover the ugly truth that they meant to conceal, they quickly change the labels and the definitions, and continue their wicked assault.
            As for the evils of Obama, allow me to start with a crime of omission first. Obama, who claimed to be a “Christian” when he ran for office has not said, or done, anything about the thousands of Christians who are being murdered by Muslims around the globe.
            When we have the Islamic mass murder of our soldiers at Fort Hood deemed “workplace violence.,” by his administration. Or the Benghazi murders covered up, should Obama not to be held accountable?
            Allow me to quote his lowness: “The future should not belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam.” Should the future also not belong to those who murder Americans?
            As for treason, it is defined as; giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Obama has done that in spades.

          • Disappointed

            Personally, I don’t care if Obama is a Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or anything else on the religious spectrum. “Why?” you may ask. As I said before, separation of church and state. To put it simply, no church, Christian or otherwise, has any right to go poking into political affairs. If you’ll remember your grade-school History lessons, that is exactly why the founders of this great nation left England in the first place. To escape a country controlled by the church. Furthermore, seeing as it was in fact an American soldier that killed other American soldiers at an American army base, that would indeed qualify as “workplace violence”, regardless of the religions of either the shooter, or his victims. (Furthermore, I’d have you remember that the reason those victims were there, in the military, in the first place is to defend the right of all American to worship any god or goddess they please. As to the Benghazi murders, I will openly admit I don’t know enough of the facts to either blame or congratulate Obama for his handling of the situation. Now, if the future shouldn’t belong to those who murder Americans, I suggest you look to the number one killer of Americans, as far as countries go… Americans. Finally, if Obama is guilty of giving aid and comfort to the enemy, what can we say of Bush, Sr., and the multiple current enemies of the state that he knowingly gave weapons (aid) to?

          • Denise

            What was established in America was the freedom TO worship, without hinderance, and without the government establishing a State religion.
            As for not caring about Obama’s “faith,” at the very least, you should care that he is a bald faced liar, who has falsely represented who he is to the voter.
            The reason that you should care about Islam, is because it is spread through deception and violence. It is a legal, religious, political, and economic system, that demands the exclusive worship of Allah, aka Satan. If you want freedom FROM religion, why not start with Islam?
            I happen to agree with you on both Bushes, they too should be held accountable. Their actions however, do not give Obama a free pass.

          • Disappointed

            And, as someone who has spent time in Afghanistan, Allah is in fact not Satan. Allah is the same God worshipped by the Christians and Jews. It has some extremists, but let us not forget, Christianity was spread through the same kind of lies and deceit. Holidays were stolen from the “Pagan” religions of old, and Christianized, to trick people into converting. Honestly, I find that I’m more often bothered by Christians trying to bring me back “into the fold” than by Muslims trying to convert me. They tend to have a respect for personal choices, aside from the aforementioned extremists. Would you like all Christians to be judged based on the Westboro Baptist Church? That is the same as judging all Muslims on their religious extremists.

          • Denise

            Evidently you haven’t spent enough time in Afghanistan. Christians and Jews most certainly do not worship the same god as the Muslims. If that were so, then why is it that according to Islamic law, a Muslim is to be put to death for converting to Christianity?
            I agree that the larger part of so called “Christendom,” is nothing more than Paganism disguised in a flimsy christian dress.
            As a follower of Yeshua, I couldn’t possibly drag you into a fold that you were never part of to begin with.
            I’m sure that you have had the gospel presented to you. if you haven’t, then you are obviously more than capable of searching out the truth about salvation from the Scriptures, all by yourself. Besides, conversion is accomplished through the work of the Holy Spirit, and not by the will of any man.

          • Disappointed

            Have you ever researched the beginning of the Christian faith vs the Muslim faith? Do you realize that they speak of Jesus in Islam, though not as the son of God, but as a teacher? Islam is the exact same kind of offshoot religion that Christianity is, and they both spring from Judaism. Though, I could ask the same thing of Christianity. If a Christian leaves the faith and joins Islam, is he/she in fact sentenced to far worse than an Earthly death? According to Christianity, aren’t all non-Christians going to Hell? Not only has the gospel been presented to me, I spent years studying to be a youth minister, doing in-depth studies of Scripture, of the history of the Church, before finding my own way.

          • Denise

            Actually, I have. The beginning of the “Christian” faith started out as a Jewish sect. All of the problems began when the Gentiles chose to rid themselves of all things Jewish. They changed the Sabbath, stopped celebrating the Feasts of the Lord, and paganized their worship. All but a small remnant went into apostasy.
            As for the Muslims, they believe in a Jesus that is not the Son Of God, was not crucified, and so did not die for the sins of mankind. Their Jesus is a Muslim, and a fraud. They view their Jesus as a teacher, not as the Redeemer. The only Hebrew connection that Islam has, is Ishmael, period!

            The only people that are going to hell are the ones who choose to go there. There are only two eternal destinations. The first is eternal life, and the second is eternal separation from God, in hell. Those who refuse the free gift of salvation offered by Yeshua, have chosen their own destiny.

            I have attended several mainstream christian churches, the people are nice and all, but to be perfectly honest, most are pretty dull. They seldom preach more than just the superficial, and the sheep are spiritually starved.

            I have mostly attended Messianic Jewish Temples. I can only describe it as joyous, and spirit filled. They are a places of worship, fellowship, and learning. They are also the fulfillment of last days prophecy; Jews and Gentiles joined together as “one new man.”

          • Disappointed

            I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken. In the Qur’an, the Children of Israel are specifically referred to as God’s first chosen people. Granted, the Qur’an goes on to say they have been misguided, and need to be placed on the proper path, but they are still referred to as God’s people. Muslims view both the Old and New Testaments as useful works, flawed yes, but worthy of being studied. Can the same be said of Christian’s views on Islam? Do you look at the Qur’an as flawed but still valuable? Or as a Text from “Satan”? Furthermore, I’m not sure you have ever looked into the true teachings of the Qur’an. Murder is strictly forbidden, pushing Islam on others is forbidden (“There is no compulsion in religion. The right way has become distinct from error.” (-The Cow, 2:256)). Which is in direct opposition to Matthew 28:16-20, also called the Great Commission. True, like all religions, some of the teachings have been used for evil, but lets be honest, there have been plenty of awful murders and wars done in the name of Christianity.

          • Disappointed

            Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention… Do you know how Muhammad claimed to have written the Qur’an? The Angel Gabriel brought it to him from God. The same Gabriel spoken of by Jews and Christians both.

          • Denise

            You can quote the unholy Koran and try spread its venom until Yeshua returns, it will never make it into anything other that what it is; satanic and reprehensible! You act as though it is a valid source of information, that ends our discussion right there. There is nothing redeemable in that satanic handbook. You can see the evil fruit that it manifests today. You are without excuse if you even attempt to validate it. All the murders that are happening daily are evidence of its demonic influence.
            As for me, I’m not really interested in the debate, I’m tired! If you are unable to comprehend what is happening all around the globe in the name of Allah, then you are lost and you are willfully blind.
            As for me, I am in total agreement with you regarding the violent and corrupt history of “Pagan Catholicism” and frankly, not much has changed. Personally, I don’t even consider Catholicism Christian. The rest of what has become mainstream Christianity, also refuses to return to the ancient ways. It seems as though they love it out there i n Babylon.
            I am a Messianic believer in Yeshua, I believe that a separation work being done in our day. Some are heeding scriptural instructions and returning to the “Ancient paths.” True, it is only a remnant, but, that is biblical as well. The ancient Messianic Church as described in the book of Acts is being restored. Jew and Gentile worshiping together as “one new man,” is happening now.

          • TEK Aliance

            Denise, you can cry witch all you want, the fact is that Islam is an Abrahamic religion of semitic cultures that share a pre-Abrahamic religious history with the Judeo-Christian tradition. You are welcomed to lead a crusade of course. They have meds for your charismatic ecstasies, anti-psyhotics.

          • Disappointed

            I truly feel sorry for you. To distill such a beautiful, peaceful religion down to “Satanic and reprehensible” with no research into the religion besides what the US media has taught you is not only close minded, but judgemental. I won’t lie and say I’ll pray for you, but I do hope that something can happen to open your mind and heart to your fellow man.

          • TEK Aliance

            Until you messianic types modeled “hell” on Gehenna it was a sleepy place to live with taverns and the possibility of interesting people. I don’t need god, I will settle for a table at the Taverna and the company of Diogenes of Sinope. As for Mad John of Patmos who wrote Revelations as a warning that Nero (666) would return if they allowed the gentiles into the Yehua cult, which sect of Judaism do you have to join to correct your error?

          • TEK Aliance

            The Sixth article of the US Constitution prohibits religious tests to hold office. The First amendment has two prongs on religion. 1) no establishment, and 2) freedom of conscience: “…Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Freedom of has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to mean freedom from religion. Wouldn’t make sense to compel belief. You said nothing when Reagan and the Bush’s were committing malpractice and criminality.

          • Denise

            As for the bible verse that you quoted, those who gave to the needy among them, did so as a freewill offering, they were not forced, nor taxed.
            Who or what prevents all of you Marxist, and “social justice” freaks from starting an exclusive comune, and giving up all of your own hard earned money to each other? Then you could leave the rest of us Capitalist alone.
            Because of your obvious love of scripture, try quoting this one…. “If a man does not work, neither let him eat.”

          • Disappointed

            Would you provide a Book, Chapter, and Verse for that scripture, please? I don’t recall that one from my studies.

          • Denise

            Gladly, 2nd Thessalonians 3:10.

          • Disappointed

            “Unwilling”. The word is unwilling. Which gives the verse a very different meaning.

          • Denise

            There are many people in America who are “unwilling” to work. Unfortunately, there are many many more workers today who are willing to work, who were working, and had health insurance, who are today unwillingly unemployed, thanks to the Progressive policies of the Obama Administration.

          • Disappointed

            I would love to know where you get your information on the unemployment numbers in America. Everything I have read seems to indicate that unemployment is down, not up. Please, show me where I am wrong, with any credible source out there. If, however, you are right, unless I am much mistaken, all of these “unwillingly unemployed” are more than welcome to obtain health insurance, under the Affordable Care Act, that I myself have signed up for, since my employer has never offered health insurance.

          • Denise

            I did not provide any numbers, nor did you. Apparently, you get your information from Hillary’s favorite news outlet, Al Jazeera, or MSNBC, they are after all, indistinguishable.

          • Disappointed

            I tend to pull from the BBC, personally. And, to be quite honest, after a cursory google search, I can’t find the article I read a few months ago. My apologizes. I’m still curious to know where you get your information from.

          • Disappointed

            Actually, after widening my internet search, I found a graph that is similar to the one the BBC used.

          • TEK Aliance

            The county next to me is a meth and welfare county. The magnificent pear harvest rots on the trees because the welfare cases won’t, or can’t, pick the pears. It is one of the few counties Romney carried in my state. Go figure.

  • heidi

    Good for him let Obama have it, he needs to hear it.

  • Jr1776

    The man gave a lot, he deserves respect.

  • pappap42

    oBUMo does not care what you think or say because he only wants to destroy the United States. He is for himself and his handlers. (Soros) Thank you for your service.

  • C K Johnson

    Brian That was a great description of Obama. A community organizer ,Never a commander in chief. A commander who lied and so many DIED.

    • DNS Signs

      More like a community organizer who lied after so many died to further his agenda.

  • Deborah G

    This guy is the EXACT reason Obama and Democrats want to make sure the absentee Military ballots never get counted. I f-ing can’t stand Obama. He is a disgrace to everything American.

    • Gramma76

      Every military vote needs and must be counted! zero would not be in the seat he occupies if those vote were counted!

      • Deborah G

        which is exactly why the Dims make sure they are suppressed. We are a country that has planes that can be controlled from 1/2 way across the world yet you mean to tell me they can’t put voting machines at every base electronically? PULEEEEEEEZE this is a complete fraud scam.

        • don ellsworth

          we know all this but do we do anything? nope still setting an wanting someone anyone please fix OUr SCREW UP

      • fritzmerde

        Deborah & yourself are correct. In all of my years I never once was able to cast my absentee ballot, mainly because we didn’t have the correct paperwork. Many just gave up, why bother was the consensuses. I rose a stink, we’re here risking our lives & obviously the gov. could care less about getting our ballots – the main reason is that most militery members vote Republican

        • White Light

          Too bad you couldn’t find a way to get this on the national news. I never even knew this. it is appalling to say the least.

    • Ryan Cawdor

      When I was in the Navy we NEVER received our ballots. Never. There was always an excuse as to why they never arrived so in my career I never got to vote. Most of that time the presidents were Democrat. Does that tell you anything?

      • Deborah G

        Of course it does. Most Dems hate the military because they have REAL American values. They don’t want any votes negating the welfare,minoroity votes. The reality is the Dems are complete scamming corrupt people. I never met one that wouldn’t try to supress votes against them

    • bbarnicle

      Holder held up the printing and mailing of the military ballots. Remember citizens clamoring for months about it, like waiting for and watching a train wreck. Then he wouldn’t give them even a one week extension to return them. The delay was ILLEGAL…which is all Holder is capable of.

      • Deborah G

        Can you spell complete CORRUPTION?

        • bbarnicle

          It’s spelled O-B-A-M-A.

    • White Light

      Honestly, it’s like we have the Mafia running the government.

  • Darlene Ennis

    You should be more humble with all your injuries. God works in mysterious ways.You have too much hate in you

    • Osamabeenscrewed

      You ought to shut your Communist pie hole!

      • wearyconservative1946

        Short and sweet; nobody could have said better.

    • glop

      Because he airs his beliefs does not constitute hate. You are the one who should have a little sympathy. He is probably more humble than you.

    • grumpybill

      You democommies HATE the TRUTH! And you can spout all that “God works … ” phony bs till you’re blue in the face!! I believe in God, but wanna puke when I hear you libs twist it. It is secret communists like YOU who are totally wrecking MY great country … and YES, I’m a veteran, too!!!

    • johnanaguski

      It is no hate fool, it is common sense, sorry the truth hurts you so much.

    • SuzieQue

      Darlene, when you get out of bed in the morning, do you stand on two legs without pain? What can you do with your non-dominant hand–can you write, cut your steak, fix your hair, etc? This hero has to live with his injuries every day of his life and we need to listen to him. He was there, we weren’t. The scars he carries with him are not only physical, and I wish him the best in both his mental and physical rehabilitation.

      • wearyconservative1946

        Amen, sister.

    • You make me sick!!!!!!!!

      • Darlene Ennis

        When he joined the service he should of known the risks but blaming and hating will not make him whole again

        • craig

          we can fix his anger(if we wanted to)….but your ignorance is terminal

          • Darlene Ennis

            He better hurry up and fix it before the next election with Hillary being our president

          • craig

            That comment makes no sense ..It’s obvious that woman can’t even get laid let alone elected..maybe she should fix her own house before trying to fix others.

          • Ron G

            You just keep talking. People like you show us what to expect from hillary!

          • wearyconservative1946

            Don’t worry, hag hillary will NOT be our next president…or the one after that, or the one after that, or…………..

        • froggy

          You my dear ,you and your kind are the reason for this type of anger that you fill in real Americans ,keep watching dancing with the stars you bone head .

          • Darlene Ennis


        • Ron G

          The only one filled with hate is you! Perhaps all us Veterans should get together and decide that we sacrificed to defend the rights of everone but you!

        • bbarnicle

          He’s not complaining about the injuries. He’s complaining that the sacrifice was nullified for political gain. He complained that the children he hoped would be helped are probably in a worse off condition due to one man’s personal aspirations.

      • Darlene Ennis

        Use Obama Care to get well lol

        • Use Obama care and check into a Mental

          • bluejacket472

            Don’t feed the trolls.

          • Ryan Cawdor

            It certainly IS a troll!

          • bluejacket472

            “Trolls” only are here to antagonize, and disrupt the line of debate, just ignore them, they get bored, go somewhere else.

    • johnwlooper

      The truth hurts doesn’t it? You and the rest of you Leftist idiots are bent on the destruction of the greatest nation in the history of the world. I suggest you take your agenda to Russia or China or Cuba where they may be more receptive to it. The brave men and women like this young man will never let you pull that off here!

    • USA Lover

      You should cut off a few of your limbs and let us know how you feel humbled, [email protected]! Better yet someone should just cut off your air supply! Now you see real hate! Let our hero speak and be heard. If his message gets through to our most useless one in the WH that will prove God really does work in mysterious ways

      • Darlene Ennis

        Listen up pusasy and you know the correct spelling you are entitled to your opinion and so am I name calling does not faze me. God makes no mistakes

        • USA Lover

          I didn’t call you any names in that post you worthless piece of liberal cow dung! If you’d like I’d be more than happy to start shredding your sorry commie ass to pieces you little [email protected] worm! I’d also be more than happy to cut off your air supply for you too and in doing so I’d make no mistakes either. Shall we continue you [email protected] donkey?

        • Ryan Cawdor

          God certainly made a mistake with you.

          • craig

            she is part of GODS plan…even hell needs a little kindling

          • wearyconservative1946

            No, He didn’t make a mistake. He doesn’t suffer fools lightly, but He DOES suffer them as evidenced by darlene the dimwit obama a** kisser.

        • don ellsworth

          your right god makes no mistakes WE do an he does the correcting in the end–an even you will have to a day of wreching

        • Ron G

          Apparently inconsiderate, disrespectful, hateful remarks by yourself is to be considered OK?

          I don’t think so!

      • don ellsworth


    • glenn

      There is no hate in Brian .He is just stating the cold hard facts of obama. As to what he has done and will continue to do til he destroys this Nation.We are AMERICANS and we will fight him to the end with everything we have to fight with. One thing you said is right ,God does work in mysterious ways. God’s WILL will be done if we just ask Him and quit shutting Him out of our lives and everything else.God is in control of everything that happens.The people of this country have gotten just what they asked for and now we have to suffer until we decide we have enough and really start fighting back. It’s up to do it.

    • don ellsworth

      more humble with your injuries–now ennis you kidding? hate only hate i see is for this president that is hellbent to destorying us. but give you your due god does work in ways we don’t under stand. an lady he is not the only one hating this marixs at the wheel an a lot more should

    • wearyconservative1946

      Another moron heard from!

    • Dean Striker

      Okay, then just what do you suppose might be the proper amount of “hate?”

      • bbarnicle

        Also, there’s such a thing as righteous anger, not to be confused with hate.

        • Dean Striker

          Hate does come into play whenever some Ruler seeks to remove our right to life, liberty and prosperity. Those are the enemy of all mankind, and deserve all the anger and hate one can muster.

          • TEK Aliance

            Political Philosophers Well, ladeeda….

          • Dean Striker

            Yes, a philosophy, which we are bringing to Action.

          • TEK Aliance

            Menacing. Are you sure you are finished with the thinking and fancy rhetoric?

    • bbarnicle

      He speaks because “Love protects,” I Corin 13. To keep letting injustice happen is hateful and cowardly.


    Obama is America’s enemy. Every thing he has done has been detrimental to the nation. He is a revolutionary progressive. He WANTS to destroy America. He doesn’t care about American soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen, and seeks to weaken our military capabilities. He is not stupid, incompetent, or inexperienced. What he does is purposeful, but not the purpose Americans assume. He is not a stupid or incompetent commander-in -chief, he is our enemy, and is working successfully toward a destructive agenda.

    • Ryan Cawdor

      Well said and spot on. Remember when Obozo said our energy prices will have to skyrocket? Well, our natural gas price increased 41% last month and starting on 1 June our electricity rates increase by 21% because Obozo has the EPA shutting down coal plants. Obozo has shut down over 200 so far and is going to keep going until the U.S. falls. It’s all part of his plan to destroy the U.S. and Congress (for the most part) is complicit in this destruction.

    • don ellsworth

      your right–but why do you not call him what he is? a marixs-liberial-comminist none of them are stupid they have one thing in mind the uther destruction of our america as we know it.

    • Libsrlintlickers

      We need to take out the Commie TRASH NOW!! Call, Write and INSIST that he be REMOVED from office!!

  • Silas Longshot

    I see the lefties are going to do their usual ‘rebuttal’…..step 1. blame Bush. Step 2, play the race card.

    Weak presidents, topped for all time by 0bama, have lost every ‘war’ (all undeclared, since WW2) since WW2 by surrendering to public opinion for political gain and drew a line (Korea) or just quit, leaving the job unfinished and all the lives, limbs and treasure poured into these ventures WASTED by not finishing the task.

    Over 36,000 killed, over 92,000 wounded in Korea.
    Over 58,000 killed, over 153,000 wounded in Viet Nam.
    Afghanistan, over 2,000 killed, over 18,000 wounded.
    Iraq, over 4,000 killed, over 32,000 wounded.
    Plus the lives of allies who joined in these wastes of lives, limbs and untold billions in taxpayer dollars, unknowable civilian casualties, all thrown away, unfinished missions that have wasted all these men for the political gain of scum like 0bama. Finishing the mission is what brave men like this keep going back time and again for…..until they can proudly stand and state ‘Mission accomplished, sir!’.

    • Silver

      Right on the money…blame Bush…. ✅
      Play race card. ✅

      • bbarnicle

        It’s tattooed on their buttocks.

    • Rich

      Silas: Being an old vet, I agree with you 100% in your remarks. Thanks to the weak so called leaders this nation is fast becoming a Great Nation with compassion and strength to stand up for honesty, faith and greatness. Bless all of those that care as you do. Thank you.

    • Gramma76

      He must not be allowed to complete the destruction of America!

      • don ellsworth

        i agree gramma—but only WE can stop him now—fat chance of that

  • johnanaguski

    What a wonderful letter, the truth really hits the nail on the head.

  • art arlo 1

    Oh Oh the IRS is going to get him.

    • Ryan Cawdor

      Not much else they can take from him.

      • don ellsworth

        don’t say that–for life is a great thing

  • SandraJ

    I’m sure this was intercepted before it ever made it to the president’s desk, but it’s a good letter with many good points anyway, and now we constant readers know how the soldier feels. What a hero!

    • ChristianMan

      I have sons who have fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan and I can assure you they feel the same as this young hero.

      • wearyconservative1946

        At my age, my brothers and cousins all served in Viet Nam, and even they feel the same, in spite of the horrible treatment piled on them by stupid Americans when they returned.

  • Pat Alexander

    Corrupt government again and again!

  • johnwlooper

    The truth from one of America’s finest!

  • jack_parker

    This letter should be published on the front page of every news(?)paper in the U.S.

    • Walt

      I agree but I’ll bet you never see it again.

      • 58proudtobe

        Not if I can help it. Paste across the blogosphere until 2016 elections.

  • glenn

    Sr. Airman Ret. Brian Kolfage I Salute you for giving all you had so others could be free.As far as the joke we have in D.C. today he should have already been IMPEACHED and further more been tried for treason against America.When he pledged his oath to the constitution he might as well been giving America the finger with the other hand because that is how he has done things ever since he was elected.He is for everything that goes against America.The people that voted for him in both elections remind me so much as how it will be in the end times when so many people follow satan because they will think he is Christ and in the very end they find out they have been worshipping satan and they want be able to stand it when they find out they have been decieved.

    • don ellsworth

      all said an done glenn its US that has let this great nation down–by our act of no action–berry the marixs can only get away with what we let him

      • glenn

        The only problem with us letting him get away with it is we first have to clean house and get rid of ALL the senators and congressmen that back him.We have to start from the bottom and work our way up the chain of command.There are to many rotten eggs in the basket.

  • darylj46

    This is an awesome letter and he said it like it is except Obama did not go to school in Hawaii as he went in Kenya and Indonesia

    • bbarnicle

      He spent some time in Hawaii. Remember the pictures with his choom (sp?) gang?

  • allen goldberg

    incredible letter!! Should be sent to every congressman..and they should be made to read it!!!

    • Ron G

      Already forwarded it to both of mine.

  • Gramma76

    Thank you Brian for your service and sacrifices for America! The majority of Americans echo your sentiments exactly, obozo is a commie to the core! he and the moose hate America and what she stands for and they hate white people! This admin has set race relations back 50 years or more! God Bless America and God Bless you!

  • KC135TopBoom

    SRA (RET) Brian Kolfage, USAF, a true American HERO. Well done, sir.

  • Neal Rudin

    Ah, let me see, who sent him there in the first place?
    Why it was Buch and Chainy, Rummy and Weinberg, all chicken-hawks who never served a day in the military. Bush did serve as a sort of boyscout in the reserves. These people sent us into Iraq, a country that did not attack us and why, because Chainy the oilman and his co-conspirators wanted free rein of the oil.
    Oh, by the way, China now has it all tied up.
    Hundreds of thousands died because of this greedy exploit…

    • rehabber

      If you will read and understand the letter, he is complaining about NOT finishing the job in Iraq, the CYA from obama the community organizer.

      • Neal Rudin

        $6,000,000,000,000 later and there was no way to win it.
        What would we be doing there now? How long would you want us to stay. Forever?

        How, nuke them? We should have never started that one. Afghanistan was different, the only thing they had no oil,

        • rehabber

          I am not saying we should have gone or not, just what his letter was saying.

        • Ron G

          If the Democrats had not stabbed us in the back, we probably would have been out of Iraq long ago!

    • teamdawson1

      To say that you’re a maligned misinformed idiot would be a compliment. The “Blame Bush” slogan is worn out parrot speak. You forgot to thank this soldier for his service to our great nation but I’m sure that was just an oversight on your part. I never miss such an opportunity.

      • Neal Rudin

        I blame him because he did send us in. That is history.
        That is reality.
        I was in the service and I wouldn’t have wanted to be
        sent into a war for economic gain.

        I love our solders and wish none of the died for the likes

        of the Buch/ Chainy administration!

        • No Name

          You still are a twit. Anoher mouthpiece for your master.

          • seeymour kleerlyj

            And you clowns are still in serious denial!

          • Ron G

            And you do not live up to your name. It should be seenothing kleerlyj. the j must stand for jerk!

        • teamdawson1

          Wrong again, honey. We all had the same information. No one ever proved there WEREN’T wmds or chemical warfare. We didn’t get any oil. And you seem to have a spelling problem regarding President Bush’s name. I know that’s difficult – a four letter word that doesn’t need asterisks is hard to spell.
          If indeed you are a veteran then I thank you for your service too.
          As I said I NEVER pass up that opportunity.

          • Neal Rudin

            Thank you, but there was no “yellow cake” and the outed one of our spies, Ms. Plame, for political purposes. That is a treasonable offense!

          • teamdawson1

            What the Hell are you talking about? Sounds like somebody didn’t take their medication. Or didn’t proofread their post. Which one is it?

      • Beckah

        And thank you for pointing that out. I never miss an opportunity to thank them either, I’ve even been known to stop 5 lanes of traffic to do it!
        Our country has millions of men that make these sacrifices freely, it’s a shame that DC does nothing for them, worse yet we have a traitor in chief working for the other side!
        God Bless Brian Kolfage and all of those that serve beside him!

      • don ellsworth


    • Up Huff

      Yeah, zagozana. And you cheerfully drive around in your car burning the gas that you accuse them of invading a country for? Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, it appears to me that you’re a liberal Democrat which, by being either of those two, would make you a hypocrite. Twice over.
      You fools would most likely be on your prayer mats three times a day and screaming “Allahu Akbar” if it weren’t for the leaders who did what was expected of them by the Americans who elected them. And all done in response to fanatically crazy Muslims (whose battle cry, incidentally, is “Allahu Akbar!”) since such hypocrites don’t have the gonads to die for what is right and good instead of cringing and scraping before what is wrong and evil.
      American soldiers died, been terribly scarred, and had their lives turned upside down so that YOU could post such stupid comments. You believe the BS about “big oil”, but I’m thinking you stayed securely behind while others fought and died. I’m thinking you likely voted twice for the moron who has been blocking the development of America’s oil and gas reserves as well as the importation of a VERY friendly nation’s oil to our refineries. All of which would make America fully energy independent. My guess is you buy your gas at the Russian controlled gas stations so as to support a country you’d like to be a part of. I’m also thinking you probably approve of amnesty for those who’ve illegally invaded our country. No “Rule of Law” for such, eh?
      Frankly, I am fed up with fools. And you seem to me to lead their ranks.
      Learn to use your brain, and do the research to find the truth instead of simply appearing to be a mouthpiece channeling the lies of the most corrupt administration America has ever known. You, whatever gender you might assign yourself to at the moment, are part of the problem.
      Try becoming a rational thinker instead of part of that mass of Walking Dead, the “useless idiots”.
      At least that is how I see it.

      SRA (RET) Brian Kolfage, USAF. Thank you, sir, for you love of, and devotion to, your country. It is only because of the self-less sacrifice of you, and those like you, that posts such as that which I responded to, can be made. As so properly noted elsewhere, but not often enough, you, sir, are a true American hero and embody all that made and makes, America great. You have the thanks and undying gratitude of all Americans.

      • Neal Rudin

        Obviously you didn’t check the facts about oil production under President Obama…
        By the way I was in the service so shut the hell up. Twice as many Democrats served in the military as Republiwon’ts. They are called CHICKEN-HAWKS!
        The oil we used to fight that war would have kept us secure for as many as 20 years…. I cost America $6,000,000,000,000 and 100,000’s of lives…

    • moparfan54

      Bush pushed the button, but if you would look at who was screaming for justice and the destruction of Husseins weapons of mass destruction, it was your heroes, Hillary, Schummer, Reid, etc, etc,.By the way, what oil did we get out of the deal?

      • Neal Rudin

        We lost the oil to the Chinese!! There is a well documented case where a huge storehouse of weapons was left after its discovery and when they cam back…it was gone. We should have blown it up and not left it for the enemy to take…

    • don ellsworth

      your wrong zag–congress agrees to the man to go do what was done—your beloved marixs of a president asks us nothing an keeps on destorying america the one you lick the boots of what has he done but break our laws an stomp on our freedoms –this great marixs has blood on his hands too

    • Seldena

      Yes, we went to war and freed the iraqi’s from a dictator.Guess who agreed? Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, OBAMA, Shummer and many more. What oil? You need to check your facts zagozana before posting something stupid! I see you could not even thank this hero for his service. Liberals can only accuse and lie!

    • wearyconservative1946

      Same old stupid, democrat talking points we’ve been hearing for…what? ten? twelve years, now? Same morons spewing the same moronic blather, with no mention of the fact that the Iraqi conflict was approved by both houses of congress, including 82 democrats in the House, and 29 in the Senate and based ENTIRELY on the Intelligence reports given them by five countries, including the U.S., England, France, Israel, and Germany.

      Oil had not one damned thing to do with it.

    • Ron G

      So being in the Reserves is being a boyscout? When did obama serve? Why did biden get 5 deferments and never served.

      Why did the Democrats, who supported and pushed for the invasion, suddenly stab our troops in the back after we had feet on the ground, defeated Saddam’s army, Saddam was in hiding and the people of Iraq were greeting us in the streets. All this at the cost of 156 American lives. (156 to many).

      Why did the Democrats change their minds and encourage the insurgents to continue the war?

      In my opinion, the Democrats could not stand a Republican President winning a war. They had to fight it and didn’t care about the cost in lives.

      They proved it again during their “selective” shut down when they attempted to stop WWII Veterans from visiting a Veterans Memorial built to honor their sacrifices to keep our country free. They tried to deprive these Veterans, many of whom were on the last trip they would ever make, from enjoying those freedoms.

      Then they turned around and opened up the same grounds, during the same shutdown, to a rally for lillegals!

      • bbarnicle

        Imagine this soldier’s righteous anger in learning that his sacrifice was followed by Obama sitting in talks with the Taliban…then arming them!

      • DetroitDom

        Once again, Ron, you eloquently kicked in the teeth of this lib. Well Done Sir, Well Done!!

  • empty pockets

    We are so blessed to have heroes such as this airman. People of honor who put America and freedom first, even above their own lives. Even above their families.

    If it were possible, I would erase the betrayal of our heroes by the Community Organizer in Chief and his acolytes and minions. They deserved and still deserve so much better from us all. Alas, I am but one. One of many, but 4 million of those who should have gotten off their sorry butts and voted in 2012—didn’t bother. Shame on Obama and his sorry bunch, yes. But shame, too, on those who proclaim themselves opposed to him who couldn’t be bothered to actually oppose him. And no one was shooting at THEM!

    • don ellsworth

      the ones letting our heroes die from lack of treatment NEEDS TO BE SHOT

      • bbarnicle

        he’ll get a bonus and a promotion. Even you Dems on this thread can see the infuriating injustice to that. Why can’t you speak out when this administration breaks the law?

  • NHConstitutionalist

    A powerful letter because this hero speaks the Truth.

    I doubt that Obama will see this letter as he is blinded by his own ambition, But what is important is that Americans read it, understand it, and realize Obama would be drummed out of the service for his continual acts of Dereliction of Duty and subversion of the Constitution to which he swore an oath to uphold. Brian Kolfage took that oath and kept it with honor. He went though H3LL as did many of his brothers in arms. Obama has only fed those Flames with his arrogance, incompetence, and a complete disregard and disdain for the people he was supposed to represent. Obama is America’s greatest embarrassment while honorable men like Brian exemplify her greatest wealth, her honor, and the courage to speak the Truth.

    • USMC 64-68

      Dear Leader won’t see it because he doesn’t have any respect for those who serve in uniform, and he won’t see it because he simply doesn’t care.

      • don ellsworth

        its him aginst us an he is winning cause we are letting him

        • Seldena

          Go to the polls and VOTE! This is our chance to place a Constitutional Conservative that will uphold the Constitution and will rebuild our military! We can take our country back America. Please do everything you can to vote!

        • USMC 64-68

          I’ll agree with you, but say “so far.”

          The end has not yet been written. I’m counting on the same spirit that energized the Sons of Liberty manifesting itself again.

      • metheoldsarge

        He isn’t going to see it because it will be be trashed by the lap dogs who screen his mail. Since it will not be seen in the media, he may never even know about it.

    • sarcasticswede

      That was one hell of a letter.He won’t read it because his HANDLERS will see to it! How’s that hope and change working out for everyone?

  • USMC 64-68

    That hero’s letter hits the center of the bulls eye: Dear Leader trashed the sacrifices of all those who served, were wounded and lost their lives for one reason only: to advance his political ambitions. He’s a traitor.

  • HelpmeIvefallen

    Obama doesn’t care he’s just a puppet having his strings pulled by some of those same people who drive those cars at that rich elitist school. Obama’s family did not have the kind of money to send him there so who paid For his private educa tion? No one knows and no one ever asks.

    • don ellsworth

      it makes no diffrence who paid for what.—what matters is WE set an did nothing but bitch when with a little action we would not be talking about this

      • Herronridge

        Operation American Spring begins in 1 week, millions are participating There are also a number of very good efforts taking place with dedicated citizens working very hard to take back our country. Pick one and start

        • Gabriel_777

          When I click on you website, it goes nowhere.

          • Herronridge

            Please try again, I am on it now. Operation American Spring

          • Gabriel_777

            When I click on your link it goes nowhere, but I copied and pasted it to my BING search and the website came up.

          • bbarnicle

            Latest link is

            Check the forums
            Read the tab that covers FAQs and myths – most importantly, it’s been slammed as a militia movement (by the likes of Liar Glenn Beck), but it’s 100% peaceful assembly, with oaths to follow the D.C. laws.

      • Seldena

        We all know he is muslim, studied Islam, inside his ring is inscribed “No God but Mohammed” so no wonder they paid his way!

    • Herronridge

      It is not true that no one knows and no one ever asks who paid for Obama’s education. There have been many many articles on the net from a number of excellent news sources. Quite a few have detailed that the Saudi’s paid for Obama.

    • Lasher

      Zionists paid for it.

  • bluejacket472

    Obama’s handlers will prevent him from seeing this letter, but instead make sure the airman gets his IRS audit.
    You watch.

  • Retired Marine

    Well said, total agreement.
    Semper Fi, Senior Airman, God Bless and good luck.

  • Cynthia

    Dear Eagle rising every time I try and read comments it keeps popping back to the top. it is very frustrating for me to never get to read others responses .

  • John

    This man was right on the money,so I doubt obozo even got this or read it! He might if they put it on his teleprompter,otherwise he’s just a POS and a lost cause!

  • Richard

    Agreed ! Thank You for your service.
    May the good Lord take a liking to you !

  • jarnkm

    I wonder if Obama will consider this one of the “criminal comments” that HE considers ‘derogatory’, ‘demeaning’, etc.?? THIS SOLDIER has paid a very high price to be allowed to say anything that he wants to about Obama and it should appear in&on every news media source in/on American soil!!

  • don ellsworth

    to be truthful the man really went easy on this marixs. the things he has done an is doing to this country is sicking—but americans make me even more sick an i enclude my self my setting an watching an doing nothing as this president destorys what it took hundrens of years to build

  • pj720

    I am a 100% disabled veteran from before Desert Storm to all the military actions afterwards. Never have I seen such a blatant liar and open hatred of the military by a supposed Commander in Chief. I have communicated to the White House on numerous occasions about his lack of leadership and I am sure that i am on his “list”.
    It does no good to complain about anything that this rogue government is doing! All you have to do is look at the VA situation now! The VA cannot get my meds to me on time and my provider told me never to run out. Yet, every month I have to fight them for what I earned by my service. Nobody gets fired! Nobody gets reprimanded. They just get moved to another location where they can continue to abuse there power and screw the vets!! God Bless America and the troops who keep us safe. God Bless all veterans and their families who have to fight for their benefits they earned.

    • Seldena

      Thank you sir for your service. I hope the VA gets on the right track. I know many thay rely on them for treatment. So sad that the VA has been so bad for you. You earned so many rights and I am so sorry we do not have a real commander and chief that cares. I wish you vets would tell you stories so everyone could hear. You deserve the best in life and God bless you. I pray God will bless the U. S. again.

    • Ron G

      Thank you for your service and the sacrifices you made to give us the freedom we have today (or did have up to 6 yrs ago).

      I use the VA for service connected injuries and also primary care. I’m fortunate to go to a VA that is smaller then most located in a rural area. The treatment has been excellent. However, when I have been scheduled for treatment at a larger facility it is always a circle jerk.

      At the smaller facility they seem to care more. The staff lives in a rural area where people know one another.

      The lager VA’s, located in or near cities, seem to be staffed by people that think that it is just a job. Their attitude is totally different.

      My insurance company used to do a good job of covering non-service connected treatment.

      Since the first of the year this same company has increased my rate 15% above normal because I use the VA for Primary care. My deductible has doubled and they cover far less.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Thanks for your service and to all the Vets, reading this, There are a lot of us out here that REALLY do appreciate your service and you upholding your oath, too bad Obama doesn’t, nor did he intend to.

  • cleanwater2

    The real problem is the millions of corrupt people that put All those that are “Unfit to lead in power.”.
    This includes all the Democrats in Congress, many of the Republicans, George Soros ,Bill Gates, Tom Steyer and many millionaires and billionaires that plan to steal the 2014 election.
    Everyone of these people that have put billions of dollars into putting Obama and his “Unfit to command” into the government should be tried for treason.
    Obama told the world that he planed to change the country and he “is”!
    Just like Hitler told the world in “Mein Kampf”. The world did not understand what to believe from Hitler and they don’t want to believe what Obama really has in mind.

    • kyright

      I wonder if we really looked into the invention of “Windows” and Bill Gates, what we would find. I’d be willing to bet this lil rich boy Gates stole the idea from the real inventor. Now obami has him being the “Common Core” pusher for our children. Gates never graduated HS. WTH???

      • cleanwater2

        In general you are correct-Gates graduated HS but he did not graduate from college. There is credible information that some of his business practices have been bordering on fraud.
        There are parts of “Common Core” that are absolute lies” man-made global warming”. There are part that violate the First Amendment-the chapter on Islam is promoting a state sponsored religion-Islam is a fascist tyranny-it is not a religion of peace, if you don’t convert “off with your head”

  • pj720

    I hope that If this Airman gets screwed by Blobama and his handlers, he communicates his problems again!! SrA Kolfage, God Bless you for your service and your continued commitment to this nation. Your bravery is one of the greatest examples of Americas finest and their sacrifices to this nation.

  • jd1958

    Unfortunately, Barry Soetoro won’t give this “Hero” the wrong time of day. His handlers will ensure that Barry never sees the letter and that it is “round filed.” It is up to the rest of us to ensure wide dissemination of this open letter. USN/Ret.

  • Robert Kohinsky

    there is no letter to read , has been blocked of course

    • disgusted demacrat

      Mine too!!

    • metheoldsarge

      I was able to get it. Printed it too.

      • Jeanne Stotler

        Me too and I am forwarding it, maybe someone can forward to you and see if then you can open it.

    • Gabriel_777

      I am having the same problem

  • reepete

    Thank you for your patriotism, service and sacrifice Senior Airman! Thank you for speaking the truth. So many of us also understand this man and those who lie for him. We are not the fools this admin and dem congress believe us to be. God bless you and your family. I am Christian and highly recommend Jesus Christ.

  • Gabriel_777

    The space where the letter is supposed to be, is blank. Have any idea why?

    • Ron G

      I had no problem opening it. It is the same letter that is the article itself.

      • Gabriel_777

        I have opened this thing 5 times and get nothing in either place. STRANGE.

        • Ron G

          Probably the settings on my computer. I have problems opening things that others have no problem with.

  • seeymour kleerly

    More goofy PROPAGANDA. Bill Clinton never supported the Iraq invasion and If America had listened to Obama this guy and 30,000 other young Americans would not be maimed!

    • teamdawson1

      Yep. Instead people listened to Obama and now 330,000,000 Americans are screwed.

      • Jeanne Stotler

        Plus the disdain he shows toward our Veterans, NOTICE, HOW SILENT he is regarding the VA problems and disgrace.

    • Gabriel_777

      Do you live in the village of Denial, OH?

    • Ron G

      You seem to forget that it was the Democrats after 9/11 that were turning 9/11 into a politics when they were all over the news accusing President Bush of moving to slow in invading Iraq. It was the Democrats who kept waving the new proof they had against Iraq.

      When we did invade, not by ourselves, but with a coalition, and with the urging and support of the Democrats, we destroyed Iraq’s Army, Saddam was in hiding, the people of Iraq were greeting us in the street waving American Flags and toppling Saddam’s statues at the cost of 156 US lives. (In my opinion 156 to many).

      Then the Democrats decided it was a bad thing. After we had troops on the ground, they decided to stab our soldiers in the back and withdraw their support. That encouraged the insurgents and we all saw what happened and continues to happen.

      From that day forward, the blood was on the hands of the Democrats!

      Perhaps if you would forget the politics and take an honest look at real events you would indeed SEE MORE CLEARLY!

      • Lasher

        There are none so blind as those who will not see.

      • DetroitDom

        AWESOME reply Ron. Thank you!!!!

      • seeymour kleerly

        Couldn’t get past the first paragraph which is insane!

        • Ron G

          All backed up by tapes from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC.

          You just cannot stand the truth can you!

          • seeymour kleerly

            You must have meant Afganistan instead Iraq then! Bush rushed into Iraq! Only Fox News hard pushed for it!!!! CNN and ABC,NBC,CBS, were SILENT!

          • Ron G

            You apparently were not around during that time. You certainly know nothing about the timeline of events!

    • Wigglypoff

      Apparently you can see anything clearly, only from your warped view. Bill Clinton did support the iraq war and he stated this many times.

      • metheoldsarge

        His wife, Senator Clinton, also voted in favour of it.

        • seeymour kleerly

          True and that’s why Obama beat her. Don’t be suprised if the Left stops her again!

      • seeymour kleerly

        Clinton like everyone wanted Regime change but was smart enough not to INVADE the place to achieve it.

    • billyjshafer

      Maybe he didn’t on your planet. But on this planet he did.

  • metheoldsarge

    Another thing you will not see in the media. I don’t think that even FOX will show it. The lap dogs that screen his mail, most likely, have already fed it to the shredder monster. Thank you for your courage and devotion to this country and our way of life.

    • william russell

      Hey stupid liberal progressive democrat go to google and look at the vote by the house and senate control by the democrats that vote 99% to authorize bush to go to war. This included clinton, kerry, biden and so many others. Oh i forgot progressive liberal democrats do not read or understand facts just flap their lips.

      • Ron G

        Perhaps you should take a little time to read metheoldsarge’s comment. He seems to be on our side!

        • metheoldsarge

          Thanks but I have been called worse by far better people than him.

        • Rick

          That’s the problem Ron. Some these people don’t take the time to read. While I criticize Lasher when he criticizes Israel, I also complement him when he makes good comments.

      • metheoldsarge

        I was expressing gratitude and admiration to Brian Kolfage for his devotion to this country as a fellow veteran and his courage for standing up to the President. I also pointed out my disappointment that Obama’s lap dogs will, most likely, keep him from seeing it. If that makes me a “Stupid Liberal Progressive Democrat “ in your opinion, I couldn’t care less. In my twenty-two years in uniform I have been called much worse. I have been shot at, called a baby killer, murderer, storm trooper and a Nazi. My uniform has been smeared with fices, mud and urinated on by Anti Vietnam War protesters. I still devoted twenty-two years of my life helping to protect the rights to free expression and also the right, of self righteous jackass’ like you to call me a “Stupid Liberal Progressive Democrat”.

        • Lasher

          Way to tell it, Sarge.

    • Lasher

      Not only Obama’s lapdogs, but I contacted all three of my representatives in Congress about getting rid of the Federal Reserve System, and got not a single reply from any of them. They have been elected, so now, screw the people. I won’t forget like they did in November.

  • Tasine

    Brian, this is a GREAT letter. I cannot express the level to which I respect you nor the degree to which I think you for your sacrifices. It is people like YOU, NOT the Obama types, who have MADE America. It is people like YOU, NOT the Obama types whom people respect and admire.

    Obama is everything you say he is, and possibly more. Kudos for having the guts to directly confront him. I hope your letter means something to him, but, Brian, Obama is not one of us, not a red, white, and blue American. He doesn’t do well with any type of American except the thug variety. The American public knows this – and I will see to it that everyone I know gets your letter. Be well, and know that real Americans owe you FAR more than we can ever deliver. I shall not forget you or your letter. Thank you.

  • kyright

    Everyone reading this needs to forward this great letter to the POTUS.

    • NHConstitutionalist

      You’re right, great idea! Flood the White-house and send it to your reps as well, and don’t forget Senile Harry and Numb Butt Nancy.
      This wonderfully expressed letter is far superior than all those petitions I sign and fax.
      Brian Kolfage has given us a wonderful opportunity to support our country and our veterans . They put it on the line for us it’s our turn to support them.

  • Seldena

    I salute you and thank you Brian Kolfage for you r sacrifice and service to our “once” great America. You are a voice that needs to be heard all over the airways. Of course you could only get on FOX News because the others do not want to hear from you military greats. I am afraid Barry will not place any credibility in your letter. This is so sad for America that we have someone occupying the oval office that hates the military and the U.S. God Bless you sir and God please bless our nation.

  • Combatvet52

    Thank you brother for your service, Korea front line 52/53 love your letter to Bimbo the clown, with a little luck maybe we can kick all these fools out of office and take back our country.

  • jarhead

    Semper Fi . . . Gung HO . . . Well said!

  • DavidE

    Brian Kolfage, God bless you young man and thank you for your service and the ability to write such a fine letter which hit the nail on the head. As you know Obama is our greatest enemy and couldn’t be in a better position to destroy the USA and make our people squirm just trying to make a living. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Melody Martin

    Way to go, I thank you for your service to your country. I also served through the navy during the cold war. My gratitude goes to president Kennedy for standing his ground and making Russia back down. I only did my little part. You on the other hand gave much for your country. All I can do is say Thanks, and give a donation to the wounded warrior program in your name. God bless you. I add also Shame on you Mr. Obama. You don’t deserve the right to be called President.

  • Ann Rand

    All I can say is WOW !

  • Dean Gilbert

    This American Hero said it all. We get into a war to help the oppressed and bail out without finishing it. We end up with egg on our face at every turn. The Dumbocrats wouldn’t know how to handle it if we ever did finish what we set out to do. Odumbo is the worst “President” in the history of our Country. He will leave a legacy of how he destroyed not only the people of the middle east but the people of our own country. Why any ‘President/Commander in Chief’ would wan to aid our enemies and welcome them into our country with open arms is totally ridiculous. We need a Congress with the Balls to impeach this idiot.

  • slapjack

    God’s speed Brian Kolfage. Very well written letter and I support you in every sentence. Your remarkable COURAGE is an inspiration to all Americans. Semoer Fi and may God Bless you everyday.

  • Ed Shick

    This was a great letter, It tells of how many of our GI’s fought for our great nation , and now we learn our own VA and Washington have forgotten them. I was in Korea when we tried to go North in Nov- Dec 1950 ,, we lost a lot of men many to frost Bite and then we had to retreat ,,We had a great Commander , Major general Ed Almond ,, but when we returned home ,, It was like we had it easy ,, We did not need the UN then or now,, Would like to make DC on May 16 ,but I would need my Doctor with me ,,

    • metheoldsarge

      Actually I think the statement was: “We are not retreating. We are just attacking in a different direction.”

      • Ed Shick

        You are right ,, there was just so much happening that as an 18 Year old and temps much below Zero and as an Aid man with 9th Army ,, We knew would be on a Boat out of port of Hungnam, ,, We were fighting for ” Freedom was not Free ” , General McArther , then Got Fired ,, and we still have Communists now in our White House !

        • Lasher

          Get it right. Gen. McArthur.

          • Ed Shick

            You are right I wrote it but never actually seen Gen McArthur ,, I knew he was boss along with Harry Truman , but never was good on spelling and was past 80 before i tried a Computer and still know very little about them , I would be happier in my Work shop ,But knees do not work to good , but I guess that is the golden Years

          • Lasher

            No problem, sir. You are a good man.

          • Rick

            Get it right: general MacArthur.

    • smartgranny55

      Thank you for your service

      • Ed Shick

        Thanks , but I was just a draftee , and very lucky as when i went in I thought the worst place i could be was the medics ,, But it was a real learning experience ,,i learned more in a little over three years than I have the rest of My Life and i have had a Great life ,, There were many that made it through Basic at 19 or 20 who gave it all ,, A lot that you joked with in Basic ,, That we quickly found that , “freedom Is Not Free !”

    • Lasher

      If this “government” would just take the billions we are giving to Israel, the ones who got us into the war that soldier got ruined in, and spent it on our hero veterans care, it would be a great thing, but Israel owns this government.

      • DetroitDom

        The money we give to Israel is NOT the problem.

        It is the countless worthless programs this government continues to fund, as well as the corporate tax rate and the redundant social welfare programs. When these things are corrected, the government would have ample funds to care for our well deserved veterans.

        • Lasher

          And Israel is one of those worthless programs the government continues to fund. Not just the billions in cash, but the guaranteed loans we back for them from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (which Jews run) that we always have to repay, the billions in military materiel (planes, tanks, rockets, and all the state-of-the-art munitions they ask for), and on top of that, Israel is the smallest nation we give foreign aid to, yet they are the recipients of more than any other nation. They get more aid from the American taxpayers than the whole of the Pacific Rim nations combined and all of the sub-Saharan countries combined. Israel is one of the most economically well-off countries in the world, and Jews are the wealthiest people in the world. Someday soon, the American people will all be aware of these things and Israel will be a parasite without a host to suck dry. If the Rothschilds

          wanted to, they could afford to support Israel forever, but they had it created for us to raise.

  • johnstephano

    Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage USAF. SEMPER FI.

  • Maria castro

    Is he truth and nothing but the truth about the closet muslim anti American president.

  • LittleMoose

    I wonder how much press this letter will get? Don’t expect to see it in the Lame Stream Media. The only thing certain is that Brian Kolfage will be audited by the IRS.

  • Sportinlife10

    This is a remarkable piece. I am so glad to have read it.
    The courage of this man is awesome.
    The cowardice, mendacity and opportunism of our supposed “leaders” always makes me wonder how they sleep at night. I hate it that our military is expendable.

  • Slick401

    This letter will NEVER be read on the Lame Stream LIBERAL media. It is a wonderful letter written by a courageous young man..not any close to the coward we have as a president.

  • Bob509

    i keep hearing…”Never again , we will not abandon our troops like we did in Nam”

    well the same fools who abandoned us after Nam are in charge now… and what the hell are they doing to our troops…THE SAME DAM THING… i for one am sick and tired of these leftist commie bastards and there ruination of our Military and those who serve… DAM YOU POLITICIANS…DAM YOU TO HELL FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING…………

  • The Virginian

    The hero soldier who wrote this letter is a 1,000 % correct.obuma is not a Commander -in-Chief but a community orgainizer,along the likes of jesse jackson the loser and allen sharpton another loser.God help us not allah.

  • Shagnasty1

    We read this letter but Obama won’t. If it does gain national prominence Democrats will belittle and vilify Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage USAF. It is a good thing for him he is retired or else Obama’s Air Force would reprimand him for writing it. As it is he had better make sure his earned benefits aren’t reduced.
    Frightening, isn’t it, that we now live in an America where we must fear what our politicians are not only capable of but will actually do to retaliate against a citizen who speaks out against them. Reminds me of what I was taught about Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China, and a host of other dictatorships. Welcome to our new Obamanation.

  • Benjamin Marcoux


    • KingofBeers

      There was no stand down order. Do your research, and not on Fox or Limbaugh, or sites like this.

      • Jeanne Stotler

        Better stop drinking the KOOL_AID, a ret. Genera was in Italy and said he got the order, he could have been there in 2 hours.NO WHO DO I BELIEVE< you or a Gen of the USA??

        • KingofBeers

          I suggest you stop believing all the propaganda. You can’t even tell me this generals name. Here….maybe you’ll believe this from Fox, but there are numerous sites detailing how the stand down order was a initially a right wing lie….

          • Shadow_58

            Everyone on this site just ignore this worthless piece of sh*t.

          • Osamabeenscrewed

            He is a worthless piece of SHYT!

          • Rick

            I like your picture. It reminds me of Alfred E. Obozo.

          • Shadow_58


          • KingofBeers

            Shadow…and you’re a fine representative of the right wing, who rather than support your position, has to resort to juvenile insults. What are you, 10 years old? Just another reason why the GOP is a fractured party, who rather than run on a record of obstruction and filibusters, has to resort to lies and imaginary scandals…and now the GOP is fund raising off the death of those 4 Americans….it’s not about the death of 4 Americans, it’s about the midterms and 2016 for republicans. Now, there’s a scandal for you…using the death of 4 Americans for political gain.

          • DetroitDom

            We don’t need Benghazi to win in 2014. We have ObamaCare and every Democrat vote to give us the next election.

            And if Killary did her job by providing the additional defenses the Ambassador requested numerous times, he would be alive today. I guess that takes care of 2016.

            See that?? No name calling – JUST FACTS.

          • Shadow_58

            Everyone on this site just ignore this worthless piece of sh*t.

      • rick

        Please stay off sites like this. Neither we nor the USA need you. “King of Beers,” huh? Very very clever.

        • KingofBeers

          You’re just another who doesn’t like hearing the truth.

          • Shadow_58

            You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you between the eyes.

          • Lasher

            You’re just a faggot who likes to rile people.

          • Rick

            Now this time I agree with you. Try and keep up the good work.

          • Blessings

            Jeremiah 5:21
            Matthew 13:13
            Isaiah 6:9-10

          • NHConstitutionalist

            Who’s truth?
            The entire truth hasn’t come out yet. The Committee hearings haven’t even started.
            Obama and his slaves wouldn’t admit the truth or know how to tell it if it bit him and them in the As$.
            And as for the Benghazi bee-itch, Hellery. The truth could bite her in both fat cheeks and not penetrate old lead bottom.That preposterous tale she told about that cockamamie film causing the terrorist attack was uttered by her.Then to boot she apologizes to the damm ram shaggers for it for having offended them.
            I don’t care who it offended She and Obama along with their ilk are offensive, especially to the families of the 4 men who were murdered due to her incompetence as SOS and the that two faced fraudulent CIC.
            Go take another liberal gulp of that snake oil you’ve been imbibing.

          • KingofBeers

            They’ve had 8 hearings! This is the 9th! 2 years of investigations, and nothing. This is such hypocrisy, especially considering all the attacks under Bush and Reagan with about 20 times the number of deaths in embassy attacks. We had 20 other areas in the Middle East with violent protests directly related to the video, why is it such a stretch to believe this was also an attack related to the video? The American people are sick of this republican hypocrisy! If I’ve taken a gulp of snake oil, you’re bathing in an ocean of right wing snake oil.

      • Ted Crawford

        Yea! Right!
        “If you like your Doctor”
        “We only changed one word”
        “This was in response to a video”
        “Your health care cost will be reduced by $2,500”
        “I’ll cut the debt in half in my first administration”
        “I’ll reduce the deficit by half in my first administration”
        “There was no stand down order”
        These rank right up there with other truths, often told:
        “The Check is in the Mail”
        “I won’t foul your mouth”

      • Shadow_58

        Go play on the freeway, you liberal nut job.

      • Blessings

        No stand down… Then why no green light to go? One or the other, which is it? And don’t give me the B.S that they didn’t know how long it would last.. How in the heck would they know that… Bunch of cowards and criminals..
        I’ve asked you this same question before with no reply.. Why is that… Cat got your tongue!

      • DetroitDom

        So why was an Army General fired for disobeying the command to “stand down”??

        If a stand down order was not issued, there would have been PLENTY of military there to assist and all of the military branches have stated this. So, why didn’t they come to their aid?

        • KingofBeers

          Do you have this generals name?

          • Rick

            General Hamm numb nuts.

          • KingofBeers

            Spare me the insults. It only makes you look foolish and uneducated. Your another victim of a right wing internet hoax, but it’s easy to believe if it confirms your own bias and hatred….

            The U.S. Department of Defense released a statement on October 31, 2012 that said that “General Ham is doing an exceptional job leading Africa Command. He has the full confidence of the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His decision to retire has been an entirely personal decision to move on. People retire at certain stages of their career and that’s what’s happening in this case.”

            The release also said that on October 18th, President Barack Obama announced his plans to nominate Army Gen. David M. Rodriguez to replace the exiting General Ham.

            General Ham has been serving as commander of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) since March 2011 and has been responsible for the working relationships between the militaries of African countries and the United States military.

            “The statement went on to say, “There’s been a lot of rumor and speculation, particularly in the blogosphere, about General Ham, and that speculation and those rumors are absolutely, categorically false.”

    • fideux

      I think your “caps lock” may be stuck down.

    • jlbs

      I understand the words “stand down” were not used, but something along the line of “remain in place” were. Same difference.

      • bbarnicle

        Actually, for news junkies who watch and listen daily, within three weeks of the attack I saw an upper military man in a hearing telling Congress that he had a ship headed into the vicinity, and he was told to turn it around. Since then, that fact and recorded testimony has never resurfaced.

        Anyone else see that hearing?

    • Lasher

      Yep, just like the democrat, Lyin’ Lyndon Johnson, gave the order for the rescue ship and planes on their way to rescue the USS Liberty and its crew, the order to return to its original position to prevent Israel from being “embarrassed” by the attacks.

    • Rick

      What this phony administration is covering up is the secret sale of arms to the muslim terrorists in Syria Benjamin. I certainly hope this comes out in Gowdy’s investigation.

  • Insurgent

    The sad part is the half-breed muslim Kenyan does not care ———

  • Spark1845

    SO TRUE. Good for this TRUE AMERICAN. I love the guy. Thank you for your sacrifice for OUR FREEDOM. WE all appreciate it. The idiots in Washington expect it. WE APPRECIATE IT. May you be blessed in the future. This country owes you big time. AND, there are those of us who get it. THEY don’t.

  • Juanita

    I wonder if Brian Kofage knows just how gutsy he is to write this terrific letter when I read some of the personal accounts of those who have spoken out against Obama’s reign and have been hassled for years by the government.

  • MrLogical

    Poor kid. Now he’s marked for life. If the Commies in this administration and in the Democrat party retain control of the White House and Senate, and gain control of the House, this brave soldier will be spied upon, badgered, dogged, hassled and audited by the likes of the NSA, IRS, VA, DHS, FBI and probably even his local PD for the rest of his days.

    There’s one thing that Commies and Democrats are very good at: Punitive revenge.

    • smartgranny55

      Pray for his safety.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Words cannot express our gratitude for your loyal service. You are right in everything you say. God Bless you and damn Obama for his failures to this Great Nation.

    • jem

      yes sir, thank you for your service and I express my gratitude for your loyal service. From the niece of a combat medic who was KIA in WW II and who still remembers “duty, honor, country.”

  • MrLogical

    Just think: The once-freest and most egalitarian nation in the history of the world is now run by a bunch of street thugs and political organizers who will make certain that every federal agency they can rally will hound and harass this poor man to the end of his days.

    Wake up, America.

    Remember in November:


    • desertcelt

      Democrats are a dirty, morally corrupt, lower class of people, no matter how much wealth they have.

    • H. Gillingham

      Now, THAT took some cojones! In the aftermath, I wouldn’t be surprised if this fine young American didn’t suddenly die of (assisted) “natural causes”… or a Vince Foster (assisted) event – “it was reported today that Brian Kolfage, after a long bout of depression…”. It’s really sad when something of that type would NOT be UNexpected in a free and open society, governed by a constitution. My 2¢…

  • fideux

    I’ve never heard anyone in Chicago bragging about how well the community had been orginized either. Obama was probably a failure at that as well.

    • Ted Crawford

      Whether Obama was a failure or not, is subjective! If you are looking from the point of view of an inner city resident, Particularly a minority and your not a mindless partisan, he was clearly a failure!
      However from Obama’s perspective, he was a perfect success! His entire intent, from Day One was to appropiate as much money as possible from the Public Treasurys, both Illinois and the Federal. Use those fradulently obtained funds to buy the appropiate people and organizations, IE: Valerie Jarrett, Warren Buffett, Planned Parenthood, SEIU, ETC.! His disingenuous plan was to grease the wheels of Public support and end up Exactly where he now is!
      The only way for him to become more successful, would be if he can find some way around, through or over the 22nd. Amendment!

      • Lasher

        I don’t think Obama had much to do with raising the cash to run for office; I believe it was all supplied by the Zionist Jews who have groomed him from his early days to be the first black, treasonous president. George Soros probably supplied the lion’s share of the funds to finance this evil tool of the International Zionists, because Obama doesn’t seem to me to be intelligent enough to become president on his own. He is, in my opinion, just a dumb figurehead being used to get all the socialist, Marxist laws passed as possible, without shining a light on his real trainers and handlers – the Jews!

        • Rick

          There you go again, blaming the Jews again. You made one decent comment above, and now you come back to the sos that you continually spread. What in the hell is wrong with you?

          • Lasher

            As far as I can discern, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, what’s wrong with you? Anyone who doesn’t know that the whole world is controlled by Zionists, most of whom are Jewish, is sadly lacking in his political education.

      • fideux

        Reading between the lines of your post, Obama was successful in conniving and cheating his way into the Oval Office and appropriating support from fellow liberals but hasn’t provided anything of substance for “his” people. No jobs, and or the raising of their socio-economic well being. Handing them stuff just further enslaves them. The precious few thinking blacks understand that no one was ever raised to prosperity from the grasp of welfare.

      • Lasher

        George Soros, the Jew, is the one who funded all the programs and activities of Obama, George Soros – got it?

  • monacall

    Thank you for your service Airman. And your right on. Very very sad to say we have a commander in chief that’s a traitor.

  • T. Copps

    This makes me cry… this young man deserves every medal we have to give.. but mostly he deserves our undying gratitude.. For his service and now for this very brave and truthful letter. Obama did not know and does not know anything about our troops and what is sadder, he doesn’t care. you are right, he portrayed himself as a poor young half black boy, but in truth he was always of the upper class.. and didn’t suffer anything…He is such a liar it makes me sick. God Bless you young fighter, God Bless you!

    • mcqueens2002

      Its true, this airman needs medals, but what he really wants and needs is to see all democrats out of office in November. I was a Viet Nam vet and I can understand what he is feeling towards this president. The best gift we can give him is this coming November with a senate changes. I am going to do my part are you.

  • Roger

    So well put .

  • Mys77

    Proud of this young man! Ashamed of our elected officials….so many inept, cowards in office. Would really like a complete cleansing of all offices, and a complete venting of our politicians characters, including a required mental evaluation and background check, before they are even on the ballot!

  • zrevtom

    BEAUTIFUL, just a Beautiful letter to a Wannabe President or man,
    You only left out the fact that this child called Obama was raised by well to do Communists who funded his education and making the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” come to life in for form of A muslim where murder is a way of life to expand their way of life, convert or die.
    Communist father whether Obama Sr or Davis. to teach how to destroy from within.
    Most of all Obama has shown that being gay is okay and teaching our children to be gay is fun in his world.
    This November let the American people tell Obama he is wrong, so damn wrong and the American people are going to destroy him before he destroys us.
    Vote the Democratic party out of office in every town, city and state governments and let us not take six Senate seats but 16 senate seats and give us the power to overide anything Obama tries until he is out of office one way or another.
    Tell Obama his Legacy to America is one of FAILURE AND DISGRACE, tell him his name will be as famous as the Traitor Benedict Arnold and his daughters will carry that around their necks, not their fault just their bad luck and ours for electing this immature and incompetent failure to an office he was never capable of holding except he was Black well half black and half a man.

  • Safetrucker

    Welcome home from a viet Nam vet that knows that wars should be run by soldiers NOT politicians

    • smartgranny55

      Thank you for your service.

  • Mary

    I’m making a copy of this letter and circulating it to every newspaper I can. My heart goes out to him and others like him. This president is too busy taking vacations with his family to Hawaii, Africa, China etc. ( The last I read, they took 13 so far). He’s too busy playing golf and being a clown at these celebrity galas. While these rich celebrities and politicians laugh at his jokes, our soldiers are being injured and dying. There’s nothing funny about that. He coudn’t care less. Michelle looks sad in a photo, holding a sign, “Bring Back Our Girls”. Where was she when our own 4 seals called for help? I’ll tell you where! The President and Michelle were in Vegas, at a fund raiser for Jay Z and Beyonce. This President needs to be impeached !!!!!!!!! He’s no leader! He’s a comedienne…a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His wife is too busy on proper nutrition, while others are starving. I don’t have much money but I have a heart. Every month, I send money to feed the poor… Mr. President, “You are a DISGRACE both here and around the GLOBE”. Hillary and you are cut from he same cloth. All she can think of is being, ” President of the United States of America”; THAT’S IT, NOTHING ELSE!!! She want’s to b the first woman president. Once in, she will kiss ass with Obama, Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Rev. Wright, Pelosi, etc. etc….Get the picture!!!! GOD HELP US!!!!!

    • Lasher

      “Comedienne” is a good word to describe Obama, considering he is such a gay blade.

  • Fred


  • jlbs

    Thank you, Brian, for your service and your sacrifices; also for writing this letter.

    My son, USMC during Desert Storm, worked in India for a time after college and he would agree with you in regards to being “poor”. He said the same: that people in this country have no idea what “poor” is.

    Along those same lines, HRC tried to convince people of her “hard” childhood. I know someone who lives in the same town she was raised, and this person would absolutely NOT agree. She had it pretty darn good! They’re all liars. As GB says, we have to do our own research.

    • Elton Robb

      I live on 10 dollars a day. It’s not cool. However, I still manage to have food, water, electricity, heat, and shelter. I even have clothes, and I’m grateful for them. The truly poor in the Developing Nations would kill to go to public school to learn how to read and write in English and have the opportunity to get a college degree.

      We absolutely have no idea how much our nation has been blessed Economically and we take this for granted. As much as the President is destroying the nation, we are mostly to blame for the destruction of our country.

      Americans don’t display gratitude for what they have. Americans always want more as a whole. American wickedness is the result of all the bad laws that we have today in America. T

      There is no Freedom of the Press for those who have less, and the Rich needs to pay lawyers in order to get their work cleared for Press (especially if they need to use someone else’s work). On the other side, the News Media plays politics in order to get ratings. And they have allowed their industry to be bought out by Anti-American interests.

      There is barely Freedom of Religion. While we are free to espouse what we believe and go to Church, all the Churches — to avoid paying taxes — had to register under the 503(c) Non-profit Corporation Act. Part of the stipulation is not to speak out against either Party (this was a Democratic law). And many Churches, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are forced to preach what the government wants them to preach. (The exception to this is the Corporation of the Kingdom of God; ran by the *legitimate* High Priest of God). Meanwhile, the Atheists have the government’s Ear and is twisting the government towards an official Establishment of a National Religion — ATHEISM (Atheism is a still a religion, since they proselyte and evangelize).

      The Freedom to Peaceably Assemble for a redress of Greviances is under attack. And that’s just the first amendment.

      The Second Amendment, the right to Bear Arms and to maintain a Citizen’s Militia, is under attack.

      The Third Amendment will come under attack. The reduction of pay to Veterans and the Armed Forces is just the first step.

      The Fourth Amendment is largely ignored by every Law Enforcement Agency in the Federal Government, and local police are starting to ignore it.

      The Fifth Amendment is pleaded by Criminals in the Government who wish to protect themselves from incarceration rather than testify.

      (I have to get back to work, but I’ll add more when it’s convenient, or somebody can put their own spin on the 6th through 13th Amendments).

    • Nealstar

      La Clinton is from Park Ridge, IL which is a very comfortable WASP bastion and she attended Maine Township High School East (also in Park Ridge) and graduated from Maine Township High School South. Also, nobody in Park Ridge speaks with a cracker accent. She’s a self promoting, duplicitous, phony opportunist and if she’s elected the next president, she will complete the job her “advance man”, PinocchiObama started of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” from a “shining city on a hill” into yet another third world Socialist Utopian cesspool.

      Having spent close to two years as a participant in the Southeast Asian War Games in the mid-late ’60s and then a couple of years living and working in Germany in the early ’70s as a civilian as well as briefly seeing many other parts of the world, I can attest to the fact that the “poor” in this country have a significantly higher standard of living than 90% of the population of the world and generally live better than the average middle class European.

      Please thank your son for his service on my behalf.

  • mcbee555

    A great, heartfelt, letter from

  • wearyconservative1946

    Everyone who sees this should print copies of the picture and the letter and stick them under windshild wipers of every car in every parking lot in their area of the country. As it stands, only perhaps one in a thousand or so will ever see it, and this kind of thing is something every American needs to see.

  • Shadow_58

    Welcome Home Brother. From a Vietnam Veteran that knows exactly what your saying.

  • Neal Rudin

    The Democrats after 911 were activated to fight the war until they found out it was all a big lie and that Sadam was only really threatening Iran.. Iran doesn’t have that fight any more and now they became the threat the Iraq wasn’t to America. Iran is much worse…. Thank Buch and Chainy….

    • Burton Pauly

      The potus can’t even hold W’s jock strap as a patriot, or as potus.

    • DetroitDom

      FIRST – Thank You Brian for your service and bravery!

      This brave airman could (and should) kick your ass ZZ with the one limb he didn’t lose for supporting this liberal moron you call a President!!

      The Democrats were dragged into 9/11? I guess the Democrats were dragged into ObamaCare too. Go find a grenade, pull the pin, and play catch with yourself.

  • Burton Pauly

    God bless you and yours service member. As a retired service member I concur with all that you wrote to the inept potus, and all of his minions in DC.

  • barb patton

    With a son who has also done 2 tours of duty, I thank God that he came home safe and sound, and I thank God that you are alive, brave and proud. As a mother I am very very proud of you. You have told King Krinkle Kut the truth but sadly it is water on a ducks back.

  • John Walt

    It’s past time to remove the CIC/Community Organizer. Dirty Harry, Piglosi, and Killer should go with him. They are at the top of the treason pyramid.

  • Mica

    May God bless you sir. Thank you and all of the American soldiers who have given life and limb, who have left families behind knowing that you may never see them again; thank you for fighting for we the American people keeping us safe irregardless of Barack Obama. He has not been a leader for this country. He has done nothing but tear it apart. It takes wonderful people like you to put that man in his place. Thank you Sir and God bless you for your service to our wonderful land and know that I and my family will be praying for you and your family.. and all of the soldiers that remain over there.

    • rose harris

      yes this man is right in everythinghe said god bless him

  • ECwashr

    Thank you for your service Brian and GOD Bless you!! The Bible states, “every whisper shall be heard, every action will be seen”. Our disgraceful, corrupt, criminal, pathological lying, muslim usurper in the white house will answer to GOD. I refuse to call him President, he’s not my President. I never voted for him, I knew he was a carpet bagger selling nothing but lies from day one….

  • scotthudson

    My most treasured possession is a flag that was flown in my honor over Basra, Iraq for my reporting and support of our soldiers back home. I tell people that if my house was burning down, I would save my child first and the flag second and let everything else burn. I am not trying to spam at all, but if you do not mind, I would like tell you about a book I wrote that I think everyone who is concerned about the current state of our national government should read. It is called The Contract On The Government. You can find out more at my website . Godspeed Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage, you are an American hero! HURAH!

  • 4grands

    It’s clear from your words that you have 100% more backbone that Obama ever had. Unfortunately he will never read your letter, it is beneath him to do so. How ever, you have stated what most of our country thinks as well. Thank you for putting it into words. We are stunned that a man with no country, is running our country into the ground, while a man such as yourself is struggling to learn to do everything, with one limb.

    God bless, and thank you for your service and your words, and for having the backbone to accomplish both.

  • jakex_iii

    WOW! love this one; thanks for the history lesson.

  • ray24

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice Mr. Kolfage. I share your insight about Obama.

    • nimbii

      Same here Mr. Kolfage.

  • Myrtle

    Brian Kolfage is one of America’s heroes, he gave up so much for America.

    Obama has only stolen and destroyed so much for America, he has taken away most of our freedom and is diligently working to steal the rest of it. His prime aim is to destroy our faith in JESUS CHRIST. That cannot be done

    All of true loyal Americans will always honor and love you.

  • CSURon

    How does one thank someone for their service who sacrificed so much? I can only try by simply saying “Thank you”. I too regret the sacrifice was betrayed by a president that more than half of the electorate placed in office because of his skin color and the free stuff he offered.

  • Larua

    You are one amazing hero Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage USAF.
    I as an American who is also sick and tired of obama’s mouth
    spouting off like he is one of us is nauseating to say the least,
    I am sharing your letter all over the internet because people need
    to see just what kind of real hero’s live among us and what kind
    of loser is occupying our white house illegally.
    Peace and Love to you.

  • BobDes

    t is my hope that hundreds of thousands of American citizens will read Brian Kolfage’s heartfelt letter to our “Commander in Chief” who is so clueless as to what a U.S. Citizen endures when serving in our military. Elitist Obama would never had volunterred for military service as Brian did, and if there were a draft (as there was in my day) he would have doged it, and if unable, most likely washed out two weeks into “boot camp” for lack of moral character and fortitude to achieve goals and commitments. He would have been soon labeled a “taker” and not a team player or “giver” by his fellow draftees! Senior Airman Brian Kolfage is a real proud American of the “First Water”, and our President has been rightly put in his proper place by Brian’s writing.
    Please search on “Triple Amputee Soldier and Hero Destroys President Obama”

  • disqus_oajLzmvtVa

    This is an outstanding letter. What a marvelous attitude about him self. Then the placement of his belief as a veteran of what a “commander-in-chief’ isn’t, fits the character of community organizer. Thank you Senior Airman Brian Kolfage USAF

  • Korean War Vet

    WOW!!! I love the way you chew ass, Brian Kolfage. Thank you for all of your sacrifices in serving America. You’ve put into very meaningful words in that letter more than any Washington politician I have ever read or heard. Thank you very much, sincerely!


    Welcome Home Brother. From a Vietnam Veteran that knows exactly what your saying. We share your pain, your loss and your disgust with the betrayal perpetrated by the politicians. It matters not about the causes of war, what matters; is your country called upon you to make a sacrifice and you answered. That has been my only consolation for the last 47 years. My deepest respect goes to you for speaking out and going public. We of Viet Nam hid in the shadows for years, made to feel ashamed by insane politicians with their own agenda. Tell it like it is and speak up for all those brothers and sisters whose sacrifices have been thrown to the winds. God bless you and God Bless America!!!!!!

  • Gin

    Dear Lou, Thank you for your service. I have no other words for you other than I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Daniel Gray

    Welcome home Son. You have earned the right to say what you did and you have earned the right to be left alone from Obamas thugs in the IRS and the VA. Rest now. I have your six.

    101st Airborne 22nd Combat/160th SOAR

  • mimi15

    What an incredible and amazing person you are. You have given so much for so many people you have never even met! You are truly an inspiration to others.
    The unfortunate part of our government is, they pick and chose words and never speak as honestly as you have.
    God Bless, and thank you for your service!

  • YellowJacket2

    I too had to hide my service for over twenty years. And it disgusted me that veterans of my era (Nam) had to leave the most momentous years of our lives off of our resumes because it offended a bunch of cowardly liberals. I salute this young Airman for his courage. And I add my voice to his. Our commander in chief is a cowardly elitist traitor who is both unqualified and unfit for office. Every vet needs to get to he polls in November and put an end to the Democrats reign. We owe it to this young man and each other.

  • jessica22

    Senior Airman Brian Klofage is wise beyond his years.
    What a sacrifice… what a man! Thank you, sir.

  • Tommy Tunez

    Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage,
    Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for risking everything to stand up to the conman that is occupying our White House. We need more brave and honest men like you leading our country.

  • Gidge713

    Brian, thank you for your service and to all who have or are now serving. It took quite a bit of courage to write this tetter to Obama. Obama the man who always said he grew up with a single mother who worked hard so he could get someplace. Well it has been known that the school he went to was a rivate school, how in all hell could he say his family struggled. True he lied to win in 2008 and 2012, thank goodness he won’t be able to lie to win in 2016. He wants a 3rd term, fat chance on that tho. Again, thank you for serviing and God Bless you and others serving before and present.

  • Barbaree

    Brian, you rock!!!!!!! God Bless You!!!!

  • margerry


  • survivor33

    I was extremely moved by Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfages letter to the “wanna be King” but I am very sure that HE will never read it. BUT all the true Americans thank you for your service and all the other military members that believe in taking care of our vets and country. God Bless You All.

    • Tony Donaldson

      I don’t think he’ll read it either. If he has some one monitoring sites for comments they’ll pick the ones that lift him up. They have to do a lot of lifting to get this fat snake to eye level with honest folks. We can make how we feel known in our votes this November.
      Thank You for telling it as you see it, Brian. There are good people in America who stand behind you. May God always bless you and give you what you need.

  • bigdog137

    Nobama is relatively easy to destroy when he has no tele-ptompter. He’s a total unmitigated loser in super need to Impeachment then jail!

    • JobRon

      bigdog137: Just make sure when he is in jail, he looses any and all comps, including any retirement or secret service protection, the office which he stole might entitle him or his family too.

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      Did you see the clip where Hillary was reading “her” speech & a page was missing? Reminded me of the joke where a speech-writer got chewed out by a pol, so he wrote HALF of a stem-winder of a speech. The last page had “You’re on your own, @$$&0!3

  • Randolph Rivers

    So true! He is the pussy in chief. Thank you for you service, and GOD BLESS.

  • Gray_Doug

    Thank you, Brian.

    Rest assured this xxxxxxx will do all he can to avoid meeting his maker, God, allah or whomever.

    The first question he never will be able to answer honestly — if ever there was a time he was honest — is “What did you do with the trust placed in your hands?” The second question will be “Why did you turn your back when it was time to shine?” The third question will be “What did you do to make it right?” And the last question will be “Where is your family?”

    Sooner or later this non-stick man will slip into his own trap and American History and American Justice will have their day. He cannot escape the past, but I still hope he redeems his future.

    Why he hates America and its armed forces is beyond me. The lawlessness he has allowed to grow in the vacuum is unbelievable, and it will take a long time for our people to heal and again respect one another.

    I hope the history books don’t leave out one true detail of this man’s life, what he has freely done and yet freely chooses to do. My God! This man had every chance to raise up the American People. He has, instead, built a house divided and full of hate, fanned the flames of discord, and permitted heinous evil unchecked. Anyone challenging him is a racist (in his mind). Forgive me for sounding judgmental, but he — I believe — is a bit racist. He mocks Dr. King’s message by hiding the actions and the content of his character by throwing the race card out as much as his business card. That’s sad.

    Barrack Obama has been given and entrusted with great opportunity to do great good. He — up to this point — has shown nothing matters except what’s in it for King Barrack I. Barrack, you don’t tell the King of this land what He can do with himself. He allows you to choose your way. You’ll never bullXXXX The Creator who made you.

    Brian, endure. You honor America with your sacrifice and your determination not to give up. You remind us every day that what we enjoy in America demands a high price. You also stand as a reminder to our comrades who remain on patrol — those whose voices, wisdom and laughter we no longer can hear. We remember them: we knew them. And they live in OUR hearts and the hearts of THEIR loved ones . . . those who also pay an immense sacrifice in blood and loss every day of their future lives.

    God bless you. May God bless the fallen and their families. And may God bless all who care about the right.

  • soldiermom11

    Thank you Senior Airman Kilfages. Your service is very precious to us. I would say to everyone to make sure you vote. All military must vote. All military families must vote. All friends of military must vote. Don’t stay home because your’re not real wild about who won the Republican nomination. If you do you will get another obama progressive.

    People all across this country have stories like yours. The stories of the little Iraqi children who can go to school now because our troops built them schools. The happy little girls who are no longer beaten for going to school. The women who can now vote and serve on town councils! I have a letter written by the Mayor of a little town in Iraq, called Tallafar. In the letter the mayor is begging the Third Armored Cavalry to stay. He refers to our soldiers as brave and honorable warriors and thanks Americans for sharing their sons and daughters with the Iraqi people. My son served 3 tours in Iraq and I get mad every time I think about what has been thrown away by this president.

    • GratefulAirmanfather

      Unfortunately they are stacking the deck now with all of the Gay and liberal Officers that are occupying ranks in the military and there’s no way they will vote this Bozo out of office!

  • Webb

    Mr.Kolfage….I Salute You and Your Sacrifice and Your Courage….Salute You, For Your Service to our Great Country….Your Sacrifice,which most of us will never Understand….Your Courage, For That Service and Your Courage To Move On With Your Life!! Your Words Are From A Person Beyond Your Years….God Bless You and Our Great Country! Vietnam Vet 66′-67′

  • bbarnicle

    “One Step at a Time” is a book about a Vietnam vet who lost both his legs, Bob Wieland. He went on to “walk” across America and get a Presidential medal of honor. His nickname now is Mr. Inspiration, and he does triathlons and speaks with Christian Athletes of America.

    The man won a national weightlifting contest only to be disqualified for not having shoes….he had no legs! The world is a cruel place. Get lemons, make lemonades, and never give up.

    Thank you for making the world a better place Sr. Airman Kolfage.

  • billh

    I think this is spot on……I would only add one thing to this very well written open letter….what I would add is this: While the world was preparing you for the position you now occupy, I was defending the very freedom that it took to insure you of a successful occupation…you didnt do it yourself…it was Heros like this that allowed you to occupy the highest office in the land, …I do not consider you as my president, because you have not earned my respect, of course I respect the office you finagled your way into, but you didnt earn it…. you are now wealthier than 90% of the population, while I, your protector, fight your directives to cut back on care for vererans, like myself, have raised you to the highest position in government. I beg for healthcare of my wounds, and have to fight daily just to get attention to them. You have given this great nation……”nothing but more Taxes”, how could you possibly think,… even remotely think, that you have accomplished or contributed anything of value to this nation….I stand with Brian Kolfage…my hero.

  • Bob

    This young gentleman and fellow veteran stated a lot of the same feelings I have had about vietnam and our lack of leadership back then. We BAILED, and my lifetime of health has been given away for NOTHING. At least the vietnamese are doing a fine job of surviving. I don’t believe the Iraqi’s will fare as well.
    You can rest assured that about 99% of the politicians only CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES! I served in vietnam in 1968 in the 25th Infantry Div.

    • Jim

      Agreed, but you could say the same thing about the mess in Korea which I remember well. look what Truman and the Democrats did to the leadership in Korea when they had the enemy completely run out of North Korea into China, they fired him and forced us to pull back to the 38th and at a very dear cost in life and limb. And look at North Korea today. Total disaster and still a threat to the world! The self interested politicians who make decisions for political reasons, and who never intentionally put themselves physically in harms way for anyone, let alone the american citizen, are slowly but surely demoralizing the entire military in this country by their actions, which I believe are intentional on their part.

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      There can never be enough said about heroes such as this man. I tried to join the Army 3 times, ’69, ’70, & ’71. The last time they 4-F’d me, saying that I couldn’t hear well enough to go into the noise of battle. You Viet vets deserve our thanks too, for a thankless job well done. Welcome home.

  • Janet


  • ActualConundrum

    This fine American military hero is correct in every point. The contrast of he and Obama makes the disgusting usurper in office look like the garbage he is.

  • Wallie

    Can’t add anything to this letter. Well said and to the point, no sense mincing words with this loser in chief

  • whoisshe?

    Thank you for your service, Brian Kolfage, thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts,
    thank you for your great empathy, thank you , to all who served this country. Thank you Brian and your family for giving all that you gave, I hope you write a book.

  • Don Merriam

    Bravo Airman! Obama’s actions say it all!

  • fritzmerde

    Amen brother, nobody knows the truth because the press doesn’t want people to know the truth. I’ve had people get into my face & tell me that they wished all US soldiers were killed as payback. This from Americans, brainwashed over years by the same pitiful government schools that you learned new history, new law, new socially accepted behaviors, new religion, so many new educational concepts. They’re wrong & they’re lies. The problem is that most folks are willing to buy into the BS as long as they get something for nothing. Those screaming the loudest have never done a thing for the country. There are many stories out there like yours & for sure the press will bury it asap. None of the good deeds (which far out way the negatives)are ever reported, it goes against the Democraps agenda, God Bless you brother- you’re never alone

  • jabaldo

    Good job Brian. You have don your country proud, if only our so called leader would do the same. My only regret about your letter is that it might not get the media attention it deserves. May God bless you.

    • Deborah G

      It won’t get NY unless we post it to Facebook then risk having it taken down but I did anyway

  • chrisplumber

    God bless you Sir

  • latinababe

    Thanking you for your service we donate every dime we have for soldiers like you. God bless america and we as American’s need to have every Obama administration in prison for life!! They have done more damage to every soldier in the military!! KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT !! PEACE AND LOVE TO EVERY SOLDIER !!

  • Warrior07

    Brian, you fired a silver bullet into the heart of every leftist in America. Bless your heart. You are the face of the consummate survivor.

  • Bama Bill

    Thanks for your sacrifice! I am a U.S. Navy veteran, but all I gave was six years of my life. I agree with all you say, Barry has accomplished nothing that I wanted, but much that Mr. Soros paid him to do, which made Soros much richer. I’m sure he “Earned” the 27 million Soros “Donated” to him in one shot. And all the other millions to support Barry’s “Mission”. May God richly bless and keep you! Again, “Thanks”!

  • Shirley Harlan

    Brian, First and for most I want to thank you for your bravery in service. Your willingness to fight for the freedom of our country. You and your family have sacrificed a lot to protect us and for this I am truly grateful. Secondly, thank you for standing firm for the truth about the present government and their stand. I do hope this gets to everyone and that they read every word you have written. May God bless you and your entire family. From a military brat.

  • whatistruth

    Were is the article which he wrote? Was it taken down?

    • Korean War Vet

      NO, it was NOT taken down: It’s out there. Go back to the opening page of this story and scroll down.

  • Nealstar

    Senior Airman Kolfage,
    As a Viet Nam veteran who voluntarily spent close to two years incountry, I consider anything I experienced there or in the years since a minor inconvenience not worthy of mentioning compared to what you gave in service to our country.

    Thank you for your service and welcome home brother!

    US Army vet, RVN, ’67-’69

  • David Sparkman

    One of the unspoken reasons for ending the draft was to provide an “out” for the elite. With the draft, rich and poor served together. Status had little bearing on the call to service. Sure people whose families had influence got them shuttled off to safe jobs, but even those could be dangerous. Twenty years ago, having done military service was considered a plus to political office. Today, the elite consider it a foolish waste of time. Now we only have the poor and the patriotic serving. Asimov speculated (Star Ship Troopers) that in the future, only those who had served their country would be allowed to vote. That wouldn’t be such a bad idea. So let me too say: thanks for your service and your sacrifice.

    • Gary_L_Thompson

      I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think it would be a great idea if they would be the only ones allowed to vote who took any money (aid recipient, employee, contractor, etc.) from the federal government at all.

    • Nealstar

      A prerequisite to citizenship in ancient Sparta was military service. As far as I know it was the only culture that honored its military and veterans in war and peace.

    • FactChecker

      Just a random point, but Asimov most certainly did NOT write Starship Troopers. That was Robert Heinlein, who, believe it or not, was an active Socialist, as were many Sci Fi writers.

  • thecelt1

    You are absolutely right Brian! I am a Air Force Veteran of the Korean War. I’m fortunate that I didn’t get wounded. I was a Fire Fighter serving on an Air/Evac Base Crash Crew. Brian, I thank you for your service. Sorry that you were wounded so badly. May you recover from your wounds and have a reasonably good life under the conditions that you suffered!
    You served well. Stand proud for you are GOOD, HONORABLE and a REAL AMERICAN. I SALUTE YOU for I too a an America and proud fit!

  • Traveller62

    Brian, thank you for your bravery, your service, and your sacrifice from one USAF Vietnam-era vet to another Iraqi vet.

  • americanpatriot

    If anyone every asks you, what’s the use in voting, have them read this letter. Humanity is what it is; greed for power is what it is; so unfortunately, heroes, like Brian may be unavoidable. Most can accept wars tragic unintended consequences as long as in their hearts and minds the loyalty and patriotism they displayed was for a just cause.
    From one soldier to another, I proudly salute you.



  • Custom gun

    Very well said Brian, and thank you for your sacrifice. As a 100% disabled Vietnam vet and a retiree from the U.S. Navy I understand your frustration. I’ve watched our once fine country become the laughing stock of the world. All because we have a commander in chief who would rather continue his deliberate destruction of this once proud nation. Unless the November elections bring about massive change to the “status quo” we will never see a return to the country we once held dear. Not only must we vote, we must pray that God have mercy on us.

  • silvernotes

    Between the open letter and comments, there is nothing more to be said.

    Thank you Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage USAF for your service, and to all the other military service and verterans (and affected families) out there who took a stand on my behalf to protect our Constitution and way of life; they truely provide fuel for the proverbial light on the hill.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Sir , thank you for your service and sacrifice…..however I fear that this letter will never reach the President, because he seems to be protected from the truth. Even if he does have the opportunity to read it , he will most likely shrug it off because these battles , the struggles of others do not now or ever will concern him.

    • Down to Earth Thinking

      Doesn’t even matter if it reaches the pres? Do you think it would change his mind or actions ?

  • Mary Mohanan

    Thank you, Brian!!

  • DocJimmy

    Sr.Airman Kolfage; I don’t know if you will read this or not (I hope you do), but; as a Fellow Combat Veteran I’m not going to thank you for your service. Instead, I will extend my personal gratification to you and ALL those who have served their country with honor in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. For this reason I say the following too you:
    Saepius Exertus = Often Tested
    Semper Fidelis = Always Faithful
    Semper Paratus = Always Ready
    Frater Infinitas = Brothers Forever

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      I’ll add De Oprresso Liber

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    Kolfage hit the nail on the head for many tens of thousand or hundreds of thousands of our military. Nothing Obama and crew can do because he already lost everything by many peoples standards ? But this man has the most important asset in life ? Something Obama and crew would not understand or grasp . As they are all about power and control at any cost and using your money against you every single second of everyday to accomplish their agendas!

    Mr. Kolfage , Good on Ya sir ! You speak the truth. I will be using your letter on my site . Excellent indeed. Current military listen up ! this man is talking for you .

  • Marilyn Z

    Where did Obama’s tuition money come from for this exclusive private school? It was my understanding that his grandparents were not at all wealthy.

    It is so easy for these old men in Congress to decide to send our young people off to war.

    Thank you for your service, Brian Kolfage. You are a true patriot and warrior.

  • Mary

    Thank you Brian Kolfage for your intellect of what is going on in this country today. I agree with you as to the fact that all of the military lives and loses have been to no avail with this presidents leadership. The greatest part of the citizens in USA are fed up!

  • Racine Woodward

    This hero hit the nail on the head. But remember, you can’t make a leader out of a puppet.

  • Rachel

    Well stated! I salute Sr. Airman Kolfage.

  • Cameron Triplett Sr

    PRESENT ARMS! Sr. Airman Kolfage, you are a true, unrecognized, hero, not only in America, but around this World as well. I personally believe that every American President should be a veteran of combat so he will know what a real sacrifice is. God bless you.

  • grannie

    To say “Thank You” Sr. Airman Kolfage, is nowhere near enough to express our feelings for your sacrifices and your dedication, and your love of country. Our fraudulent president is not worthy to speak to you. But your fellow Americans stand and salute you, Sir. God bless you.

  • mathis1689

    Very well stated soldier! Know this sir-the illegal alien fraud currently cursing the Oval Office with his presence is not worthy to lick the bottom of your boots! God bless you and thank you!

  • treilly0414

    God love, ‘im!

  • rs1123

    And that’s why the Democrats know they have to try and throw out as many of our military’s votes as they can, because they have this justifiable attitude towards Obama and Democrats.

  • Nuf Sed

    Thank you for your service Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage USAF. You are a true American hero.

    I agree with your take on Barack Obama. Never has a man been more unfit to lead this nation.

    I am sometimes amazed about how Obama could actually become President. He is a man who had accomplished absolutely nothing in his life and then had the temerity to write an autobiography at the age of 34.

    He spend his formative years high on drugs and the only leadership role he ever had was as a “Community Organizer” where he learned how to agitate and use the uneducated and unmotivated dummies to put pressure on businesses.

    He has zero business acumen and he doesn’t understand the free market. This shows up in his policies all the time. He has done absolutely nothing to improve the business environment in this country. In fact, everything Obama has done is slowly destroying the greatest economy in the world.

  • SATCitizen

    Thank you Sr. Airman (Retired) Kolfage for such a great sacrifice for this nation and I for one, an Air Force Brat, know of the great sacrifice our men and women in uniform make out of love for this nation. I am not alone as I give great thanks to those who serve this nation with dignity and honor. I am sadden that the commander-in-cheat has great disrespect for dedicated warriors like yourself and he proves what a fraud he is daily. Through the grace of God maybe one day we will shine once more for the world and under a Commander-in-Chief that loves this nation. Your sacrifice will always be carried in my heart as you are America: land of the brave.

  • bigdog137

    Can you imagine Nobama without a tele-prompter. He’d be an even bigger disaster than he usually is.

  • bigdog137

    Absolutely no perks or benefits for this loser for thetural lifethe rest of his natural life. Banned from any public office for life also, same for Mrs.AND Hillary AND Pelosi, Reid, Holder, etc.

  • Ovomit1

    Thank you sir for your unselfish sacrifice for our nation…..Jihad Barry is a disgrace to anyone that has ever fought for this country or has ever worked for a living

  • ynot202

    Sir, all of what you say is true, but Barry is only a front man, a puppet who will [for a hefty price] do what his overseers tell him to do. Barry doesn’t have the balls to be a leader, as I posted once before and as you state in your letter, Barry’s talent is limited to community organizing [and reading tele-prompters.]

  • JESUSfreeq Dad

    Thank you, Airman Kolfage, for your service, dedication and your great love of this country! Too bad your shining character qualities can never be matched by the imposter in the Oval Office right now! I hope yours and many of our dreams of a restored and respectable America can be realized very soon, because I’m almost ashamed to admit what country I live in, because of the extreme degradation that has been done to it in the last 5-6 years.
    Thank you also for exercising your First Amendment right to tell the “embarrassment in the Oval Office” how you REALLY feel about him and the destruction he has done to the country MOST of us love so dearly! GOD bless you, Sir! You are an inspiration, and I can tell you in all honesty that if you (or someone like you) was to run for high office I would be honored to vote for you, because America needs MORE people like YOU in high offices in this country and LESS people like the freeloaders we have there now! Again, thank you and GOD bless you!

  • Rocketman

    Obama’s grandparents certainly weren’t wealthy and neither was his mother so where did he get the money to go to that expensive school? That just one of the questions that I have about Obama but his files are all sealed so Americans just don’t know. My guess is that he was groomed practically from birth to high political office so he advance his own personal brand of communism.

    • Pam Dunn

      BULL His Grandmother was th Vice President of a Bank and If you think that’s not a position of wealth you have rocks in your head.

      • ExposeThem

        Especially back then. VP’s of banks had a lot of power at that time.

  • Michael Cooper

    He is also the biggest liar ever

    • Rick

      And you are the biggest fool ever.

    • frog-out-of-kettle

      Explain..who is the biggest liar?

      • WVF

        If an explanation is needed, you are mentally challenged.

  • Marisol Sullivan

    I Love Onan Coca’s articles. And I love this letter. God Bless this soldier he spoke everything I’ve been saying but he lived it.

  • buck80ish

    I do not know your plans Brian, but you possess something that this country desperately needs. We need men of your character and integrity to fight their way into political positions of leadership at the highest levels. If you read these comments and the comments of others here you will see a thread. I hope that you will seriously consider politics or “serving in a different capacity” than your prior military service. Very few men stand as tall as you , even with both legs. May God be with you , and bless you .

    • ExposeThem


  • dogmop53

    Amen, Brian.

  • Joe Ferro

    With all the bullets in this country…. ?

    • Jacfkfeld

      Joe Ferro! I feel the same as you… But, we can’t kill him. That would just bring dud Joe into play…
      We must arrest him while still in office; Force him out of office; Convict him of all the Treason, murder, Gun Running, etc. that his cabinet members are also mixed up in, and run the whole lot into the same cell in some Southern prison for life!!
      Brian, we can’t thank you enough for your sacrifice!
      Suz is right about him being seen as a poor example of a clown in every country throughout the world!

  • Cincinnatus

    Not much to add brother but that he is the first president (notice the small p), who gave aid and comfort to the enemy. I’m sure he understands what he did and hope he will finally take responsibility for his own actions, since he has never done it so far.

    • frog-out-of-kettle

      0bama (notice the zero in place of the O) only knows how to take credit. He has no idea how to take responsiblity.

  • suz

    What a great letter to send to a poor rich kid who pretends he’s life was so rough. That’s why he’s the clown seen around the world. He does not nor will he ever represent the USA

  • frog-out-of-kettle

    Brian Kolfage for president. Now he will surely be on the domestic terrorist watch list. Welcome to the club and you have our deepest thanks and appreciation for your extreme sacrifice.

  • Watchdogman

    Send the Sargent of Arms in to arrest obama

  • sfcpete

    Bravo Brian well stated – I SALUTE YOU may God Bless you and your family. THANK YOU

  • WVF

    Probably, no one could have said it better than a man who walked in this man’s shoes. Obama is a disgrace!

    • Jackfeld

      WVF, “Tricky Dickey” (Nixon, in case you are too young to remember… ) was a disgrace! This poor excuse for a “Knock-off” human is worse than 3 disasters on the same day!

      • WVF

        Jackfeld, unfortunately, I am not too young to remember Nixon. In fact, I remember August 8, 1974 when he resigned. Yes, “disgrace” is not a strong enough word to describe the dictator in chief, because he is evil to the core. In the case of Nixon and Watergate, unlike in Benghazi, no one lost their life.

  • katjan68

    Very well said, but maybe just a tad too polite! Thank you four your service!

  • ExposeThem


  • paulrph1

    I am just curious to know how Obama could afford all of these things. I mean from what I read his situation did not afford him these luxuries. The son of a single mother, excuse me a sheepherder father from Nigeria. Where does all of this golden spoon stuff come from?

    • Jay Star

      Could be from his maternal grandparents and other marxist bigshots taking him under their wing is what I heard. Everything seems to have been given to him, or foreign student grants for schooling. Who knows for sure, his records are sealed, remember?

      • Jackfeld

        Consider his age then. Even the Marxist bigshots couldn’t have guessed he’d become CiC of The Republic of The United States of America when he was a school-queer in Hawaii.
        Arrest him now; Drag him out of office, finally; Charge him with Gun Running, Treason, Murder by proxy, etc.. Stick him in with the other Chicago gangster-like low lifes and crack-snorting queers rotting in the various pens around the country.
        Have the White House completely Steam-cleaned right down to the plaster on the walls and the bare wood on the floors and totally redecorated for the next occupant.
        Never permit a person with a law degree to run for President again!

      • Surly Curmudgen

        I have wondered how many other “Obama’s” are out there having been prepped from birth for this shot at the white house and the power needed to burn and destroy the constitution. It is obvious that the far left network has strove for decades preparing Obama for the position he now has and it should be obvious there would not be just one prepared in this way.

    • Jackfeld

      Paulrph1, Consider the source. He lied his way out of the womb. What would you expect?

  • nick

    i can verify the comments about Punahou, I had friends who went there while I went to Leilehua, a public school, sometimes refered to as all nippon high My wife and I are both service brats, my father flew out Iwo Jima in the war and hers went ashore at D-day. I served my time and my son is still serving. I salute you Brian and I have never forgotten the line from the band of brothers, “you salute the rank and not the man.” I can respect the office of the president, but I have no,nadda, respect for the shmuck that occupies it right now.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      I was born and raised in Hawaii. Punahou was known as the “Rich Kids School.” Re: Obama. He wouldn’t have been able to pass the most basic FBI check to be allowed into the Military, but now he’s the Commander in Chief. What a sick joke.

      • Surly Curmudgen

        I have some doubts of him being able to pass the ASVAB with a score high enough to join the military as an enlisted man let alone the background check.

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          Oh, he probably would have scored 100% on the BS aptitude test portion.

  • Flunking_retirement

    I like your letter, but I like your grit and fight even better. America was not made by boys like Obama, but men like you. Sadly, there are damned few left in Washington these days..

  • ABBAsFernando

    I know exactly how he feels. As a combat veteran of Viet Nam which was won on the battlefield after 1968 TET by the way. Mainstream media communist owned and controlled snatched victory on the battlefield into defeat using SOVIET DISINFORMATION. The same corrupt communist owned mainstream media continues using DISINFORMATION to fool the gullible in America. Obama is a master of DISINFORMATION.

    I remember John Kerry openly LYING before Congress about Viet Nam. Complete and total DISINFORMATION.

    The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Vietnam War (The Politically Incorrect Guides)

    • $104618240

      Thank you for serving our country. God Bless.

      • ABBAsFernando

        Thank you very much. It was an HONOR.

    • jjkrjw

      We won the Vietnam War. Their leaders were within a week of surrendering and have admitted their amazement at our foolishness. Now the Pentagon has been so wussified that our soldiers hardly have a chance on the battlefield. If we go to war, we should go to win and to Hell with collateral damage. Get it over with fast and there will actually be less collateral damage. I wouldn’t care if we bombed those muslim countries into glass. And I detest their barbaric so-called religion.

      • ABBAsFernando

        VILE LIBERAL SCUM are directly to BLAME for Viet Nam. We the People loyal to the United States Constitution have the MORAL DUTY to identify and remove communist agents from any and all positions of authority. By any and all means necessary!

    • Ron G

      Glad you made it home brother.

      • ABBAsFernando

        Were you there?

  • Keith Pallo

    Has he been audited yet? Has the FBI come to pay him a visit? Afterall anyone who questions or disagrees with the almighty Barak is to be punished!!

    • jjkrjw

      I’m sure Eric Holder can find some reason to indict him like he did Dinesh D’Souza. Or audit him like he did Dr. Ben Carson. Nah, Holder will leave Kolfage alone because it wouldn’t be a good PR move. Patriotic Americans wouldn’t like to see a veteran punished for using his free speech rights, the very rights this administration would like to abolish.

  • RobertNorwood

    Wow, couldn’t have said it better.

  • dfwliberalGOP

    I could not disagree more. I have found the last two Democrats elected as President to be two of the finest Presidents since JFK.

    • zookeeper216

      You must have very low

    • jjkrjw

      The last two dem presidents are people JFK would certainly not identify with. Since JFK was killed, “The dem party has become the communist party,” according to David Horowitz, and I agree with him. JFK was, I assure you, NOT a communist like Carter, Clinton or obama.

    • ONTIME

      Really, you like historical jokes..?

    • Jessie Phillips

      LOL that was funny, evidently you are the comedian of the bunch

    • Surly Curmudgen

      The last Democrat president who was good in the position was Grover Cleveland. Even JFK who had a superb facade had very little backing that up. Not a single Democrat president since Cleveland was good enough to shine Grover’s shoes.

    • Ron G

      The last two Democratic Presidents were a disgrace!

    • jessica22

      What a brave thing to say… ABSOLUTELY ASININE… but brave.

    • Howard Terry

      The blind leading the blind

  • kalli

    Bravo, to this true Patriot who honors the oath he took, and even without 3 limbs knows how to deliver a punch. This letter would not have been written if the dipstick-in-chief had honored his oath instead of spitting on the Constitution and stomping on the liberties and freedoms afforded American citizens for over 230 years. He has done everything to devalue the service of our Veterans and is dismantling, demoralizing and humiliating our Armed Forces. May his days be numbered.

    • Howard Terry

      Fore the fella that want to see God restore this vet’s legs. He will and does every time when a person dies saved or unsaved. you will spend eternity one place or the other with all your limbs and every thing else including to sins you have not ask Christ to forgive you for. Now try to tell me God can raise the dead and can not restore limbs.


    Only cowards lead from behind…….Barry is the picture above the word in the dictionary…

    Ouuuurah Soldier……..all prayers to you..

  • jjkrjw

    I wonder who paid for obama’s elite education. Was it Saudi Arabia? Didn’t the Saudis grease his way into Harvard with a big donation to Harvard’s Endowment Fund?

  • Jeffrey

    I’m pretty sure President Bush, not President Obama, who started the Iraq war. And I’m pretty sure this comment will be removed like many others before this.

    • Jessie Phillips

      my guess is that you didn’t even read the letter. I didn’t think so, he sated “I’m not placing blame on you for the war, I’m placing blame on you for destroying what we’ve worked so hard to build.” it must really suck to be you

      • Jeffrey

        “While I was in Iraq, our mission was to liberate the Iraqi citizens from a tyrant and that’s what we did. Never forget, it was your people who sent us there, like the Clintons, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi & Carl Levin.” Merely pointing out the fact. Not discrediting his service.

        • VICE

          Yes they all voted affirmative on the resolution to go there.

        • Jessie Phillips

          and just who were john kerry, nancy pelosi, carl levin and the clintons? (hillary was a senator and clinton, in 1999, called for a war with iraq) they were senators and house member that voted for the war with iraq

    • dr jon

      jeff,you fool—only congress can declare war–and they did–presidents cant declare war…you liberal obummer clone whack jobs are fun to laugh at

  • Alan Lee

    This is some pretty wacky stuff… wow

    • Mike_Travis

      Only a real, certified wack job like you would think the words of a true Warrior are wacky.

  • eddyjames

    Great letter right on the money. He’s right about about most veterans know that Obama couldn’t get a security clearance to guard a latrine being a communist dope smoker and crack head. How he became commander and chief blows every one in the military’s mind. He can’t even prove he’s a citizen with his forged birth certificate. Fraud after fraud, lie after lie. Boy did we ever get the shaft

    • dr jon

      how dare you call obummer a crack head–crack wasnt available back then..However,if it was, obummer and mooch shell would have smoked it

      • Jessie Phillips

        actually he was/is a coke head and even sold himself for coke, to older men

      • insaney

        Crack has. Been around a good 30 years, but I think it was the powder variety that he traded BJs for at the bath houses

  • CJ

    God bless you young warrior. You are far braver than many of the disrespectful people who comment on this blog. Jesus encourages us to stand up for truth and you have done just that. Stay strong and hold on to your faith! –

  • Mike_Travis

    Airman Kolfage:
    You Sir, are a testament to true warriors. We who appreciate what it means to be American, thank you for your service and sacrifice. May God Bless you now and in eternity.

    As for your letter, it is extremely well written, though I doubt that Ovomit ever read it. If we had a real media, your letter would be on every TV and newspaper in America. Instead, with the dnc controlled media, you, your service & sacrifice, and that of all other Warriors is ignored, or worse yet, despised and ridiculed. I also pray that those in media and government who talk about supporting our Troops but secretly only want to use them for personal gain, will have to explain to God why they betrayed those they sent to war.

  • The duck

    “The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it.”

    — Lou Holtz
    Obama never dropped his ball. His ball is to distroy America and blame Bush, the American Patriot, and the RNC and Tea Party or everyone who believes in our costitution as the upree law of the land. Holder stated to th NAACP “We can pick and chose the laws e like today,” that was in reference to this adminiistrations policy of “We can do it.”
    May his reign be shortened soon.

  • Paul Decker


    • thebackwoods

      Don’t forget the multimillion dollar vacations!!!

  • smknnjoe

    Brian Kolfage is not the only veteran that holds Obama in disdain. The damage that Carter did to the military pales in comparison to what the Poser has done.

    • Ted Crawford

      Exactly, in fact Obama’s influence on our Military is much more closely parallel to the effects of Stalin on Russias Military!

    • survivor33

      smknnjoe, surely you gest….No body, even Carter, has done the damage to the military and our country thatOvomit has done and is continuing to do. At the rate he is going we will have NO military to protect us.

      • smknnjoe

        That’s why I said what Carter did pales in comparison. I joined the Navy shortly after Carter bacame President and it was not a happy time, even worse now. Were I just coming under this president (lower case p intentional) it would probably be one tour and out instead of a 20 year career. Thank God Reagan came along and restored honor and respect for the military from the Oval Office.

    • Robert Ivy

      I am not a Carter fan. However, he loved this country. He did not go overseas and down the country.

      • smknnjoe

        You are correct there but the surpising thing with him being a former Navy nuclear power officer he did no favors for the military. In my 20 years in the Navy he did less for the military than the others.

        • Robert Ivy

          Thank you for your service. I volunteered for the navy during WWII. I know carter had his failures. I was not aware of how he treaded the military. I knew that his economic plans were poor. As a navy Academy we should have had better leadership from him.

          • Sharon

            Thank you for your service Robert Ivy.

          • Robert Ivy

            I appreciate your kind words. I offered my life, but for most of my life I never really felt much like a veteran, because I never was in any battles, or did anything special. The experiences were something that I could never have afforded. I got my ship at Eniwetok, Marshall Islands. I got to go to Japan. As we entered Tokyo Bay, I got to see Mount Fuji. In Tokyo, I saw General Douglas McArthur as he came from a hotel across from Emperor Hiryhito’s (sp) Place grounds. We stopped at the Hawaiian Islands. We went through the Panama Canal. Of course, I has duties, but all of the place, I saw were once in a lifetime experiences . And I was paid for that.

        • Sharon

          Thank you for your service smknnjoe.

  • freeman

    LaBOOB, liberal IDIOT!

  • Concerned

    I think his blame is misplaced, especially in light of the fact that the Republicans vowed from day one of this administration to block every move of the President.

    • St. Geraldo

      Obama is not a strong leader. He is completly impotent, at everything. He can not unite or lead, only create further division in a country divided. However; a strong leader unites those of different views and accepts responsiblity for outcomes. It’s been 6.5 years, stop blaming Bush already.

    • DCW16

      For the first TWO YEARS there was NO Republican opposition . . . . but the community organizer from Chitcago could not Lead them either ! ! !
      The big question now is . . . will the US survive the next 2 1/2 years?

    • taz8233

      Read the story before you comment. Harry Reids puppet in Chief has not been any more willing to compromise than has Harry or Nancy.
      They continue to lie to ALL Americans as your ilk continues to bow and drink every drop of the kool-aide that the leftist media offers you.

    • Ted Crawford

      Whenever a necrotic agend is introduced into a system, immediate, aggressive and adaquate counter measures MUST be employed to prevent the total atrophy of the organism!

    • survivor33

      You know concerned, the reason the Rep’s vowed to block Ovomits every move because they could see what a corrupt, greedy, America/White Man hater and no respect for the constitution and they could see what he vowed to do to America.

    • Blessings

      BLAME! Let’s talk Blame…. My nephew came home in a coffin, under obamas administration and his failed policies on rules of engagement.. How’s that for Blame….
      Also, at least respect this soliders opinion or be silent, I’d say he’s earned it! Do you have your limbs, is your mind clear of the horrific memories that give you nightmares?
      99% of soliders feel the same way this honored solider does..I’d say, that overrides your thinking his blame is misplaced!

    • Robert Ivy

      The veteran placed it correctly. If everything Obama tried to do had been blocked, we would be in better shape. So you think Valerie is dong a good job thinking for him?

      • BenCats1

        If we gain the Senate he can go play golf for a long time, cause getting anything done in Washington will be over!

        • Robert Ivy

          Yes, if the Republicans win the senate, then impeachment would probably take place and the senate would try him and have him removed from office. I could be worse than that for him since he aided the enemy Al Qaeda.

  • lovesvacations

    Brian told it like it is, and I applaud him the courage it took to speak his mind. I believe everything he wrote. I will always help the veterans who are the true American hero’s, like Brian. I pray we get that ego-maniac traitor out of the white house and replace him with a real American, that is for Americans and not himself alone and the Muslim agenda.

  • Dawn

    Brian , know that you are a hero among us, and
    you have written a letter that all should read. Post
    it everywhere. I wish more service men and women
    would come forth and express the same feelings as you
    did. Kudos to you. You are to be commended. The strong
    survive, the unfit, and we know who that is, will die by the

  • cheongyei

    Calling out the communist choomer. Well done.

    • elmcqueen3

      As favored by all American “CommieCRats”…Not necessarily all Democrats but most!

  • Francie26

    Brian, you are a personal hero to so many of us, American’s all. Obama doesn’t care about you because he isn’t an American. He cares about his rich life, golf, sending his family on a filthy-rich man’s vacations while we are forced to pay for it, but can only watch from afar, and getting his way in all things. And to that end, “his way” means destruction of America. This man may not have your back, Brian, but all real Americans do, and we are here for you. Go, Brian!! Good job!!!

  • Phil

    Brian is a young man who had a great future ahead of him and could be sour, bitter and full of hatred for his injuries. He chose to speak the truth with integrity and valor instead, while many able bodied people choose silence, and THAT makes him a true hero. Unlike Obama, liberals, progressives and trolls like LABobE, he chose sacrificial love, the very essence of who God is, and his masculinity, reality and intelligence are in line with the true God. He is physically a triple amputee but Obama, his zombies and trolls are triple mental and spiritual amputees, with their masculinity/femininity, reality and intelligence in line with the false god, the prince of lies, the deity of hatred: Satan. The Devil and his children hate for us to stand up for God and Country and speak the truth. Let’s continue to do so, just like the triple amputee and the crucified God Man. Sacrificial love is both the weapon and the victory.

  • Francie26

    Obama who is so concerned about his “legacy,” will go down in history as “the great betrayer,” Seems only fitting given how much he obviously hates our country.

    • thebackwoods

      And real Americans hate him, he only won reelection by pandering to the mindless poor black people and immigrants from south of the border with empty promises!!!

    • elmcqueen3

      Sorry…You don’t seem to understand how history books are written…Obama will go down in history as the great emancipator of American blacks…Even though he has done nothing for them other that give them a free cell phone…More blacks are unemployed today than ever before…But why work when blacks can trade votes for freebies…It the way of the Democrats!

    • rafiel hernandez

      history will see the grandiose accomplishment Obungle made in his first couple months in office, then fully carried them out into the end of his second term. To be known as the very worst of the presidents the world has ever seen, this includes making a peanut farmer president who was until the Obungling administration the prize winning ashwipe. Obungle made Carter look like a Pulitzer piece prize winner. Oh NO! that was Obungle too. Way to go OBunghole you will be remembered as the Kenision, non citizen joke on the former United States, who brought the country to its knees according to his original plan, A follower of Karl Marx and Lennon, he has done what the Russians or Chinese haven’t been able to do ; destroy America from within with the help of the democrat half of congress.

      • BenCats1

        There’s a lot of truth in what you just said! I just turned 70 today and I hope I’m not around when we get another President worse than Obama, who’s nothing but a Socialist following Lenin’s game plan! If we can somehow win the Senate we can put “Mr Do What He Wants” in a straight jacket and he’ll not be able to do anything the rest of his term. At this moment that’s the best thing that could happen for our beloved Country!

  • Mark


  • PM

    The letter written by this veteran speaks of Obama more eloquently that any Democrat or Republican Congressman. An impotent Congress has allowed a ravaging Wolf in OUR White House to roam at will, destroying what millions upon millions of veterans have fought for over the last two centuries. Obama has promoted immorality, appointed hard-line Muslims to sensitive positions within his administration as well as Marxists, Communists and Atheists. Obama has placed this country on a political, social and economic path from which we may never recover. The letter written by this courageous veteran is correct, Obama is not a leader, he is a Community Organizer which I define as someone who works the street crowds into a frenzy much as Adolph Hitler.

    • elmcqueen3

      Your last sentence “hit the nail squarely on the head!”

    • Observing Christian

      Hitler was an unscrupulous, elitist, fear mongering, lying opportunist. When people were no longer of use these him, they were “thrown under the (proverbial) bus”. Guess who else in our time fits that description?

  • patriotgirl

    Incredible letter Airman! Thank you for your service, and for still fighting the fight. You embody everything we are fighting for in this country, and your letter serves to encourage us to continue the fight and not become discouraged. Thank you!

    • elmcqueen3

      Brian: Our hearts go out to you and all of our service men who are doing what you did without question…In defense of our country…Especiall those like yourself who came back disabled and scarred physically and mentally…They deserve the best care and treatment our VA hospitals can give them…America salutes you…God Bless our troops!

  • David Rodden

    Awesome..Spot On..God Bless You and Your Family Airman and Thanks For Being There…

  • Capt Bob

    I also agree with the Airman.; Also Obama hasn’t helped the 62,000 (According to HUD) Homeless American Veterans that are cold and hungry on the streets of America. What happen to “We take care of our Own.

    • Pendy1

      We “elected” Mr. “We take care of me.”

  • Pendy1

    Triple amputee or not, the IRS will be contacting Mr. Kolfage.

    • elmcqueen3

      He just made it to Obama’s Kill List!

  • Betty Hanner

    obama doesen care about any one ecepte him self he is no leader he it not fit to be a leader

    • TEK Aliance

      Can you spell? At all?

  • Braxton Lee Anderson III

    Speak for yourself Airman, it was time to close the book on Iraq. We removed the Dictator, restored the Parliament and ELECTION Process. Dismantled and retrained both the Military and the Local Police. And put TRILLIONS into shoring up the infrastructure and other things a nation with resources needs to capitalize on those resources. Sorry you feel you fought for nothing and are bitter. But it is NO NATION’s PLACE to sit up and babysit another nation. If those confused people wanna destroy themselves over which version of Islamic practice to follow. Then its time for the military we trained from the lowest ranking private to the highest ranking General to restore DEMOCRATIC Order. If they are incapable of doing that, then WE MUST BE SOME PRETTY SCREWED UP TRAINERS. Which means we have no need to go back.

    • txn

      Brax, so are you saying it was a mistake for us to stay in Europe and Japan after WWII? Germany, England, Italy and Japan certainly are better off that we stayed there ensuring that another dictator didn’t gain power.

      I agree with Senior Airman Kolfage, having an American presence would have been better than just leaving Iraq. Certainly training and working with the Iraqi military and police would have been required, just like in South Korea and Japan, but leaving a newly formed military and police force to fend for themselves was ignorant.

      • TEK Aliance

        Americans in Iraq would be sitting ducks for the Shia majority driving the bus now. The Iraqis would have criminal jurisdiction over our troops because that was their condition for our staying. We would still be in combat as an unwelcomed occupier. Are you saying that Obama should have given criminal jurisdiction over our forces to the Shia allies of Iran for the honor of continuing Bush’s folly? Do you know anything about what is going on in that “country?”

      • Braxton Lee Anderson III

        We stayed in honor of our NATO Commitment to thwart Communist Aggression we have no such Alliances in that Region. We could end ALL PROBLEMS in the Middle East with a Mutual Aggression Pact with Israel. To compare Cold War Europe to Iraq is insane by the way.

        If it takes more than FIVE Years for those people to be trained then they are beyond INTELLIGENCE TO TRAIN.

  • TEK Aliance

    Brian Kolfage, “warrior?” I joined the Air Force during Viet Nam because fly boy meter monkeys did not have to get killed for the Johnson-Nixon cluster f—k. Kolfage got dinged because Bush planned so poorly that there were not enough troops in Iraq to maintain proper mission disposition of the forces in country. This half-smart two-stripe, E-3, talks a lot about Iraq to reveal he doesn’t know anything about it. Iraq would not enter a status of forces agreement with the U.S. because Obama would not subject American combat forces to Iraqi legal jurisdiction. So, we left the
    rubble of Iraq. Our military does not operate in a war zone without a status
    agreement. Bush started the war, mismanaged it and Afghanistan, and left it for someone else to deal with. Who are the two Democratic presidents that supported the Iraq Invasion and occupation after Bush left office? Zero. Kolfage
    flunks current events class for not knowing that Obama is the only president
    other than Bush/Cheney to hold office in the Iraq war era. Maybe he thinks that presidents prior to Bush had power over the decisions in Iraq. Kolfage is entitled to his opinion of whether we did more than waste blood and treasure in Iraq, including that of the little kids who begged for food. The evidence, however, is that we only made a bad situation worse and provided al Quaida with a recruiting tool. I say this as one who never supported Bush/Cheney, of course. Obama opposed the use of military force in Iraq as an Illinois state senator, as did one hundred and twenty-six House and 29 senate Democrats. As for things being handed to Obama, his mother was a working single mother. He wasn’t rich. Maybe he was a bright charity admit at the good school? I know he ran up student loan debt to get through college. Is Kolfage tickling the white resentment of fictional black privilege here? If not the basis for the elite advantage of Obama is non-existent anyway.

    • Wilson

      If Iraq isn’t better off without the Hussein family I’ve been severely misinformed.

      • TEK Aliance

        You are dead wrong. Daily life sucks worse, it is bloody as ever. Just keep your head in the hole and breath. Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki, the prime minister who wanted criminal jurisdiction over US forces in return or a status of forces agreement, is tossing out the last constitutional restrictions on his power. We created nothing worthwhile in Bush’s war.

    • barbaro70

      Kolfage said in his letter, “most of your colleagues supported overwhelmingly, including the two presidents who came before you.” He did not say they were Democrat. The two presidents who came before Obama were Bush and Clinton, the former started the war, the second one supported the war although he was no longer in office. Hey, godless: Read much?
      Typical lib/lefty. Grow up. Get informed.

      • TEK Aliance

        Distinction without a difference and an irrelevancy, There was only one president before Obama in the Iraq equation who bore any responsibility for US conduct in that time. Pimplewit. You are a charter member of the Kolfage Mediocrity Association of Wingnut Lies Regurgitation. Clinton had no power as an ex-president. He was backing the former “Goldwater Girl,” that is what they called them in ’64. The former “Goldwater Girl” was Senator Hillary Clinton (Dem. New York). Not binding on Obama who opposed the Iraq invasion. I referenced Democratic presidents precisely because they don’t exist in the Iraq war timeline. Kolfage’s incompetent prose suggests otherwise by extension. I only care about the ones Kolfage would want to hang around the Democrat’s neck. Kolfage, graduate of the Harvard of the butt crack of the South West, can roll in the Republican stink. I have been a prolific and advanced reader since the age of five, poopflinger.

    • JoJo58

      You’re certainly living up to your user name….emphasis on “white trash”.

      • fbpdplt

        The only correct part is the” Trash” part of his name…that’s all he posted…pure trash!

    • txn

      Hey whitetrash, boy do you not get anything right, first off a Senior Airman (SrA) is not an E-3, a SrA is an E-4, second a SrA has 3 stripes not 2, third signing a status of forces agreement (SOFA) does not hand over our military to the host country (Iraq in this case) a SOFA protects our troops from the host country’s judicial system among other safety nets. Forth Bush had plenty of troops in Iraq to complete the mission, it was the Democrats who started demanding a withdrawal of forces. Fifth, if you read obama’s autobiography you’ll find that his mother raised him in Indonesia until the age of 10 (while she was married) at which point she sent him to live with his wealthy grandparents in Hawaii where he was enrolled in an exclusive private school. Obama tries to convince us in his book that his grandparents were middle income, but it’s hard to convince any intelligent person how the vice president of a bank (his grandmother) and the store manager for an exclusive furniture store in Hawaii were middle income back in the 70s. Obama’s mother was married to Lolo Sotero of Indonesia from 1965 to 1980, hardly a single mother raising her son on her own. According to Obama’s own book he was raised for most of his informative years by his grandparents and not his mother, she was either to busy getting degrees or working in Indonesia. Sixth, how do you know obama ran up student debt? Obama won’t release anything from his college years so we don’t know if he had massive debt or if he took advantage of affirmative action and scholarships. Obama has pulled a mind f***k on you just like he has on all the other ignorant white people who voted for him because of white guilt lol.

  • seenitb4

    If you believe Bush 41 and Bush 43’s B.S. about the reasons we went to war with Iraq and just about everyone else in the region then you are among the most gullible on the planet. If victory to you looks like more than 4000 killed and 30,000 horribly injured young American men and women plus the billions in cost of prosecuting the wars then I guess you can say we won. The soaring cost of caring for these fine young men and women over their life time will eventually equal the cost of the war itself.

  • torbuktu

    John Kennedy also went to private schools and yet started many great things that raised the level of the working class and increased racial equality. It doesn’t matter where the education comes from but what one does with that education.

    Choosing to end a 10-year war that should NEVER have been started, was one of President Obama’s greatest decisions. We don’t need oil that badly. Anyone who believes that we were in Iraq for honorable reasons is deluded. We were there to rape the country of its oil and increase the profits of our untaxed (subsidized) oil companies, PERIOD. End of story.

    • barbaro70

      Hey, tor: You didn´t read Kolfage´s letter to Obama very well, did you? Read it again and especially the parts about who voted for the war. Here´s a hint, they were Democrat pols who were for the war before they found phony reasons to become pacificists again. Hypocrites, all of them.
      And, since then, the US has done a lot of raping “the country of [sic] its oil,” haven´t we?
      Grow up. Get informed.

    • Tagdogs

      Bozo torbuktu–what oil did we get? If we got oil, why are the gas prices still so high. I think you need to lay off whatever it is that you’re smoking, it’s making you brain dead.

    • JoJo58

      Yes. I especially liked how JFK as a senator voted against the civil rights act during the Eisenhower administration.

      • Txn

        That one tidbit is completely ignored by the JFK lovers. They also ignore the fact that LBJ had to get the Republicans to vote for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because he (LBJ) couldn’t convince enough Democrats to vote for it. The Democrats have mind f**k*d us minorities for a long time now!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          LBJ also said after the passage of the civil rights act, “That’ll keep those nigger’s voting democrat for the next 200 yrs.”

        • Ted Crawford

          Not only did they refuse to vote for it, (only 34% finally did), they launched a filibuster to prevent it! Lead by Senator Robert Byrd (D) W. Virginia (Grand Kleagle and Exaulted Cyclops of the Sophia Clan, KKK) and Al Gore Sr. (D) Tenn.! These same “minority loving Democrats”, also argued, strenuously, but without a filibuster, against the 1965 Voters Rights Act!

    • Txn

      torbuktu how much oil have we gotten out of Iraq since the beginning of the war?

  • LEHensonPROAmerica

    Let’s see Bush was flying JETS while the little LIAR was in a clown suit FACT (see his own book). The obamination hates ALL Americans as he’s NOT ONE. SEE “complete LIVES chart” = Death Care, based on age. Same “progressive” play book hitler used, from the racist dictator Woodrow Wilson created!

  • LEHensonPROAmerica

    PS kenndy was a DRUG ADDICT and put 6,000 FBI agents on MLK, until he changed to a demon-rat. The “I have a dream” speech was first given at the RNC 1952 TELIVISED that’s were He copied, and copyrighted (stole) it. His Birth Certificate name was MICHEAL, NOT Martin! FACTS

    • Dong Xia

      Another fact. Everywhere he went preaching non-violence his group stirred up unrest and they rioted as he left town.

  • remnantofthed

    Hmmm, I’ve just gotten half way down this page of comments and it would appear that NONE of you read Sr. Airman Kofage’ Letter?
    What, for instance does JFK’s drug habit, or MLK’s name have to do with the price of peanut butter, exactly?

    What is wrong with you people? The answers are right in front of you! I for one, fully support Sr. Airman Kolfage in all that he does! As an American, As a Veteran, and as a husband and father! He is far more suited to public office than most of the crooks, and lier’s we currently have!

    Did you hear anything he said? The fact that Obummer has had everything “handed” to him on a platter? And, even after that good fortune, he has used his position for evil, not for good?

    WTH? It would be nice if American’s once again learned to READ what is written, and not just jump to illogical conclusions. Especially when they have NOTHING to do with the current situation! ( Rant over) Happy Mother’s Day, to all American Mom’s – especially those whose children serve, or have served in our Military. God bless you!

    • JoJo58

      I agree and I also support Kolfage. It’s amazing how people will bring up people/things that have NOTHING to do with the article and when it’s pointed out, they immediately accuse you of being an MSNBC viewer, a Rachael Maddow fan, or use filthy language that is usually reserved for liberals.

  • David Thompson

    Well done you are so very right

  • Paul Frohlich

    Wow! I wish this is published in all news media for all to see. They will not. They mostly doped up as this so called president is.

  • CharlieFromMass

    Yep…about says it all.

    Good luck to you, Sir. And thank you for the great sacrifices you made.

  • DevelDoc1

    Well said there Sr. Airman. As a Vietnam vet I can feel some of your pain – the Dems have hung us out to dry once gain and this guy in the front office is far worse than Johnson and his ‘Great Society’ and the peanut guy Carter from Georgia. I wish you the very best and a speedy road to recovery and a great future.
    Semper Fidelis

  • isthisnameokay

    Brian should be President.

  • Tim

    Awesome letter!

    But I’m pretty certain the NSA, the FBI and the IRS will now be paying very close attention to Mr Kolfage.

    One doesn’t cross our boy-king without suffering the consequences.

    • We The People

      wow, it sounds like you are scared of the “boy-king”

      as a disabled veteran…you cant take any more from me…
      i say the lying king has NO CLOTHES!
      to hell with him, we are the real men, not that boy. PERIOD!

      • Ted Crawford

        You and I (also a disabled veteran) and clearly Airman Kolfage hold a similar philosophy; IE: “you might have the power to do many things to me, even kill me, but you will NEVER have the power to Intimidate me!”
        It is simply a choice. ALLONS!

      • Tim

        (Quote) wow, it sounds like you are scared of the “boy-king” (End Quote)

        No, but I’m well aware of what Obama is capable of.

        I use the term “boy-king” derogatorily.

  • Mark Tallman

    Wait until Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s whores attach this man.

  • Surfer4314

    What a great letter. I think it should be printed on every newspaper in America. I am going to foreword it to my mailing list

  • glop

    Why don’t you make it easy to read the entire letter here? I haven’t been able to get it yet.

  • Michael Tichonuk

    This We do so Others may Live!! God Bless!


    This is a letter Obama will never read. Our president is not a leader but only a puppet. A puppet that is controlled out of sight from above. The only talent this man has is he can read a teleprompter. Remove that and he is confused and lost. Obama is a front for government who uses the so called black president to make all feel uncomfortable asking the hard questions. To do this is requesting a claim of racism against the people who only want answers. How many race cards do you get in a deck. If you find five aces you know the deck is crooked. I ask who is more qualified to lead this country our community organizer or a one armed hero? How many of our troupes followed our presidents only to return in part or not at all. How many would rather follow this man who is more man in part than Obama is in whole.

  • Patty

    This letter will never make it to Obama. Again, he will be protected from criticism.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Brian, as well as with ALL of Our Nations Defenders! Your words have not fallen on deaf ears, but will be ignored by those that put you in harm’s way!
    We hope that you will support your Fellow Americans, in the coming Revolution, as We have supported Our Soldiers in your conflicts!

    May God have mercy upon us all!!!

  • barbaro70

    Hey godless: Your shotgun approach did not work, typical lib/lefty approach, shoot first and aim later, YOU WERE WRONG ABOUT WHAT THE AUTHOR OF THE LETTER SAID, and you do not have the manhood to admit it, resorting to the baloney about “difference without a distinction,” or “distinction without a difference,” or whatever nonsense your lib/lefty masters tell you. Then there is the insults–yes, when you have no substance, you resort to insults to cover up, to distract. Pathetic fools, you libs/lefties.

    • TEK Aliance

      Well then REFUTE IT ALL with facts of your own from you own research.

    • TEK Aliance

      And, it is “distinction without a difference.” Sorry you do not know the origin, but it is not from any “masters.” It refers to an erroneous conclusion that there is a dispositive difference of substance, where in fact there is a difference in rhetoric only, not in fact or logic that runs against the challenged assertion.

      • barbaro70

        Oh, yes: It is a difference without a distinction, and at the same time a distinction without a difference and your distinction without a difference is meaningless–you are a deficient, immature, pathetically uninformed lib/lefty and that says it all. Your lib/lefty masters are telling you exactly what to swallow. Grow up. Get informed about life.

    • TEK Aliance

      I keep forgetting parts of my response. So, let me acknowledge that you are doing well for a dead horse.

      • barbaro70

        Yes, libs/lefties do forget things when it is convenient or when they have spouted something foolish, which is always.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    I support and love our military!! But I will not raise my flag until this THUG who sits in the highest office in the land is gone and bannished from this country. Then and only then will I fly my FLAG once again…. P.S. Can someone get this letter to Judge Jenine on FOX news, maybe she will read it. She’s not afraid of OBUMMER.

    • TEK Aliance

      This is a surprise. Somebody is scared of Obama?

  • GrandmaAmerica

    P.S. Eagle rising, why do you accept liberal ads?? Governor Walker is one the brightest Governors we have had in a long time. Why have you purchased an anti-Walker ad?? Are you just being PC?? Or the money is just tooooo gooood? Sorry I just hate people who are two-faced..

    • cHUCK

      I’m another Wisconsin resident, and I agree completely. Why does a site that publishes as conservative forum also publish liberal propaganda?

    • TEK Aliance

      Dear Clueless: Advertisers buy ad space, publishers sell it. Anti-Walker forces purchased the space. You are backwards, of course.

      • GrandmaAmerica

        Oh sweetie, I feel for you. People like you I pray for every day. So angry, so pitiful! I wish I could meet you and give you a big hug.Something, obviously you haven’t had in a very long time. I hope someday you see the light. God bless you!

        • TEK Aliance

          Ok, friendly deluded bag lady. Learn how to use the right words for transactional components. You will make a better argument. Walker is soon to be in trobule. You have been fooled again.

  • Eric

    How did Obama afford the elite school. Born in Kena, moved to Hawaii at one with his mother, where did the money come from??????? Did the jews pick him for presidents at one yrs. old. ????

    • Python

      Its not the jews its the muslims you goose

      • TEK Aliance

        They hired Russian geneticists to cook him up in a stew of anti-colonial stew of socialist and Nazi DNA. Then snuck him into the US in a crate of jackals. Nazis and socialists are mortal enemies so the DNA cancel out producing the timid creature in the White House who gets his butt kicked by the R-tards all of the time.

    • freeamericausa1 .

      He probably got his bowing, and kneeling training in Pelosi-ville Francisco. I wonder why they haven’t replaced HAIL TO THE CHIEF with Y.M.C.A.?

  • Libsrlintlickers

    Let’s LOSE this Lying FRAUD NOW!! INSIST that your Congress Rep REMOVE/IMPEACH AND JAIL this disgusting low life commie trash! Restore all that Obama has worked so hard to destroy and give America back her pride!!!

    • TEK Aliance

      The R-tard controlled house of reps has the authority to issue letters of impeachment and refer hem to the senate. After five years of investigations there must be evidence to support issuing the letters. Even if the senate rejected the letters it would make quite a point, wouldn’t it? So, do you lack evidence or are the congressional RINOS just afraid that it could be their heads on the block one day?

  • netandyawho

    And lets face reality. The generals and admirals Obama has appointed to replace the old guard in the Pentagon are, for the most part, godless a$$ kissers who have a yellow streak down their spines that highlight Obama’s evil One’s complexion.

  • freeamericausa1 .

    Great letter all of us as Veterans probably have written hundreds of times. The idiot who supports Obama below, bragging about how expensive his cars are. Probably just got the gift from Mommy, and Daddy after he graduated PRE-School, Pre-school. If he’s as smart, and wealthy as he brags. What reason would he have to come here, other than to pretend…Like Obama, that he’s more important. But then. That’s how LIARS operate. Pretending to be something they are not, and never will be…as in Human, with a brain.

  • yourmom

    While Airman Kolfage is clearly a hero and entitled to his opinion he is off the mark with his criticism of The President. Holding a persons upbringing against them is not fair, children are not responsible for the situation they are born into, poor or rich. He still had to have the grades and test scores to get into that Ivy League school! And he still had to pass that incredibly difficult Ivy league school. Don’t hate on success, Airman Kolfage had the same opportunity as President Obama, they choose different paths. I feel like you all are angry about some injustice you have suffered and blame the black man in charge. I dunno, just feels like a lot of hate.

    • Ken

      I, for one, do not hate the man, I only hate what he is doing to our great country. Skin color makes no difference when your goal is to destroy America, except it does give him an advantage in that many stupid people will call everything racist!

    • Kay Pointer

      Lord you are naive. Now explain why black people are allowed to blame white people for all of their problems when slavery happened a long time ago. As for Obama being smart and having to have the grades to get in the Ivy League schools, I guess you never heard of a little thing called “Affirmative Action.” He got in those schools strictly because of the color of his skins. This airmen has a greater understanding of this fraud in chief most of the black people who voted for him strictly because he is black. All of the people who voted for this idiot were war weary and bought into all the hype about hope and change. Just answer one question, are you better off now then you were in 5 or 6 years ago? I doubt it unless you consider having a free phone, more welfare and food stamps better off. Just know that that free phone is not free. The rest of America is paying for it. And before you accuse me of hating Obama let me just say I don’t hate him but I definitely hate what he was done to the country and the American people and our soldiers. And I would hate those actions whether they were commited by a white President or a black one!

      • yourmom

        ok, first off black people are allowed to blame white people for all of thier problems because of the 1st ammendment, freedom of speech, fyi. you can’t silence someone because you don’t agree with thier opinion, regardless of how uninformed it may be. You think Obama got into Columbia and then Harvard Law because of Affirmative Action? You need to check your facts. He’s incredibly intelligent. You said most black people voted for him because he’s black, most blacks are democrats anyway but there is validity in your statement. Let me ask you a question, How many voted for Romney because he’s not black? To answer your question, I am way better off than I was 5 or 6 years ago.You are drinking the I hate lazy poor people koolaid! All I hear is disdain for poor people, blaming them for our problems, calling the less fortunate lazy! Granted there are those who take advantage but the problem is not our poor or our rich. Our problem is greed, a deadly sin, has somehow become an American virtue! Don’t let the anger in you eclipse the love in your heart.

        • Kay Pointer

          I have known and loved many black people over my 67 years and admire anyone of any race who goes out and works for what they want. I am assuming you are not one of them because you can not spell certain words. Have you ever listened to Bill Cosby taking black people to task for the fact that they have numerous children by numerous men, non of which stay around to be fathers. There has been a serious breakdown of family for years in the black community. How long are you going to blame white people for this? I was raised by a single mother of four, who worked her ass off to provide for her children and at the same time managed to instill in three of us a strong work ethic.My father was an abusive alcoholic who eventually was shot by his girlfriend, while my mother was pregnant with me.Not the greatest start in life. But, my mother never allowed me to use that as an excuse and I never heard my mother speak a bad word about my father. Unfortunately, I did lose one sibling to drug addiction that started when he was in the military. I understand slavery was a horrible situation I did not have anything to do with it. It is time for all of us to move on. Think about all of the “Jewish, Germans, Italians and Irish that came here because of Hitler or religious freedom. They were treated as bad as black people. But did they spend the all their time blaming everyone else. No, they worked very hard and assimilated themselves to the ways of this country and made successful lives. This is truly the greatest country in the world and if you cannot make a successful life here, then you are really not trying!

          • yourmom

            I’d like to point out that you would assume a misspelled word or two would automatically classify me as someone who doesnt work for what they want. But that does bring insight into who you are! Apparently we have similar backgrounds, I too come from an abusive alcoholic family. The difference is you have let the negative life experiences jade your otherwise good heart. You are hard working and take pride in that, you, like me, love this great country. We believe that anyone can be successful in America if they really try. Do you hate the ones that don’t try? Are you angry because they get something for free that you and I have worked so tirelessly for? America provides freedom, freedom to suceed, freedom to fail but we shouldn’t condemn the less fortunate to death because they have made bad choices. So what if some fools choose to spend thier miserable lives cheating and manipulating the system, does it really sound that great! They are still Americans, still human beings…who knows maybe one of thier children will be President!

  • Ken

    yourmom, Airman Kolfage is not diparaging Barry for his ease of access to schooling but his disingenuous attempts to appear the underdog when he never was. He had everything handed to him including most of his college, which he still has refused to release any records on. BHO is a fraud and committed fraud in claiming to be a foreign student from Indonesia so as to get a free ride through college. He even created an alias name in so doing. Not only is he the worst leader we have ever had but he never was eligible to run for president. There still has been no actual birth certificate produced to show where he was born. I could go on for hours with all the fraud, deceit, and unconstitutional acts he has committed. We now know that he was listening and learning during those 20 years he sat in Reverand Wright’s anti-American church. His goal is to destroy America and he is having success.

    • TEK Aliance

      Why don’t you report back on Obama’s student loans. What is your source for the Indonesian connection? The hatred and blame of Obama is so evident that only a willful confederate would refuse to see it. Obama’s working single mother and salt-of-the-earth grandparents didn’t have the upper crust life of privilege and Ivy League legacy entitlement many on this thread seem to think they did. For all of his faults he is a very intelligent and hard working man.

      • Ken

        Where do you think he got the name, Barry Sotoro? And why won’t he release any of his college transcripts? He has never worked for anything in his life. Unless you call “community organizing” work? If you actually check what you can find I think you will find that he did lead a privileged life.

    • yourmom

      The only thing you got on him are his attempts to appear as an underdog, although some would say becoming the first black President would automatically classify him as an underdog at some point in his life. Anyway, I digress…everything else you said is complete right wing whacko bullshiz! No birth certificate, really, still! Let it go. An alis, fraud, Rev. Wright……crazy speculation and far reaching 6 degrees of separation shenanigans! You Sir are a fool!

      • Ken

        Yourmom you are a member of an every decreasing minority. If there is a real birth certificate how come nobody can produce it? He continues, as he has done all his life, to use his race as a club to beat up his opposition. Holder, likewise. Sad that people approve of that!

        • yourmom

          Im the decreasing minority. Says who? Fox News! Demographics show with the increasing hispanic, asian and black population the current GOP, as it stands is actually dying. Backboned by primarily retired whites who vote every time, your literally dying off, it’s just a matter of time. I’m not saying I want a world without a Republican party but if they don’t change directions fast that’s how it’s gonna be. We need pragmatism and compromise, neither side is doing that! I’ve digressed again… you know you sound like a bigot when you say he uses the race card for everything?No body approves of him using his race to beat up opposition, because he doesn’t, your just regurgitating some hate crap you heard on Limbaugh or Savage or some other website. I’m sorry your so angry, I love you and wish you peace and acceptance in your heart?

          • Ken

            I was referring to BHO approval ratings when I said you are a shrinking minority because his approval numbers go down every time he lies to the American people, as well they should. He has told so many lies now that he no longer has any credibility with anybody with even half a brain. If you can not trust him why would you support him? His use of race is obvious to anyone who is honest enough to be objective.

          • yourmom

            Your mad at him for being black? How could he avoid using being black? Say to the voters..don’t vote for me because I’m black. He cant control if some people voted for him because hes black, just like he cant control some people not voting for him because hes black. It is what it is, let the Black thing go. As far as his lying, he definitely lied about the ACA, but the ACA now appears to be successful despite his lie. And he lied or at least manipulated Benghazi, for sure. Why hold him to a higher standard than any other politician? They all lie! Im picking the lesser of two evils. The GOP has no plan. Nothing! I can’t vote for pure obstructionism, give me something besides lower taxes, guns and repeal the ACA.

          • Ken

            How about the things that made this country great? Freedom, liberty, and the free market!. He lies about everything and it isn’t because he is black, but he gets away with it because he is black. People are afraid to hold him accountable for his actions because of his race, they are afraid of being called racist, which you have called me several times already. If the ACA is something that you think is working, I am afraid to ask for an example of something that doesn’t work? You have the distiinction of being the first person I have ever heard who doesn’t want lower taxes. Most Democrats want lower taxes for themselves but higher taxes for those mean rich Republicans, When someone tries to kill you with a gun you will wish you had one. You will long be dead before the police get there.

          • yourmom

            Wait…freedom, liberty and a free market! You sound like a Heritage Foundation Ad. We currently have those things you listed. Give me a feasible idea, not fluff bs. If you think the ACA hasn’t been successful your in denial, the numbers speak for themselves. As a Veteran myself, I’ve spent a lot of time in countries with low taxes, no social programs and poor infrastructure. I know where our taxes go, I also know our rates are as low as they have been in 50 years, the last thing I know is we are running a deficit. How oh how can you think lower taxes is a good idea. Greed?Ill gladly pay more to ensure America succeeds!
            I wasn’t calling you a racist, just saying you sounded like one. I belive you are a good person who wants his country to suceed as I do, we just disagree on how to do it.
            FYI I have lots of guns, but they fall very low on my voting priority list.

            this is fun!

          • TEK Aliance

            It’s funny that people say lower taxes with religious certainty that it will be good for all to do so. Cut government to pay for it. We spend 25% of our budget on foreign aid. Get rid of that. Alright, now cut…what, F.A. is less than 1% of the budget? Taxes at the lowest overall rate in 60 years? Lies from the pit of hell I say! No post Kennedy tax cut has delivered meaningful economic stimulus and the rich are paying less as a percentage than ever. Have you ever used a firearm against another in a panic situation? What I know is that cops with high accuracy on the range suffer huge loss in accuracy in a fire fight. Enjoy the squalor.

  • mg67

    Hat’s off to this soldier. This guy is awesome!!! Spoke the same way I
    feel. The Iraqi people that were finely freed are subject to a different
    form of abusive power by Muslim haters. At least there was peace for
    those that wanted it until the Bush haters and “O” got their way and
    screwed the Iraqi’s over. As he said “O” bailed on the Iraqis and are
    now facing the same horrors as under Saddam Hussein (“O”s middle name he
    wishes he could use). “O” and the scum supporters that pushed for the
    bailing on the Iraqi’s should be haunted by the soldiers KIA and the
    Iraqi’s that lost their lives fighting with our troops for freedom.

    • TEK Aliance

      He is an Airman. That is what they call Air Force personnel. It has been rare for flyboys to get dinged since WW II on a scale with Soldiers and Marines. In Iraq Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld planned so poorly that they had to use E-3’s (two stripes in the Air Force) to temporarily post some combat positions associated with Marine and Army duty. The Iraqi people are subject o the Sunni-Shia sectarian split that began with the disputed succession at the death of Mohammed. There is no Iraqi people. The country was patched together by the British out of different Sunni and Shia tribes who had kept their distance from each other and sought no shared identity. That is what drives the violence in Iraq today. The US left because the Shia leadership wanted to hold US troops under Iraqi criminal jurisdiction. The Shia prime minister is friendly with Shia dominated Iran to whom Reagan sold arms in violation of law. He is a friend of one of our most determined enemies.

      • One tour two go

        FYI a Corporal or Specialist 4th Class in the Army are E-4’s. Both out rank a Senior Airman which is a E-3. It’s not the the same. In actual combat situations the serviceman with combat arms MOS out ranks other services members of the same or lower pay grade regardless of branch of service.

        • TEK Aliance

          Thanks, its been over 40 years. E- grades are pay grades. If I had thought about that I might have remembered. E-5 and above are NCO’s and take charge within their unit structure over the enlisted and delegate authority according to their relative status as NCO’s, all things being equal.

      • mg67

        Thanks for sharing your hatred for this country, the praise of communism, and support of a **LOSER** president that doesn’t deserve the title as president in lower case letters. Take the rainbow tinted sunglasses off and get off the “O”-bomba cocktail, the mix of dumb-ass and stupid juice stupor has you in a fog. Get control and dry out because there’s no cure for this stupor under “O”-bomba-care. Many are finely on the wagon and can see once again.

        • TEK Aliance

          I think you sent this to the wrong person. I am with Twain: “Support your country all of the time and your government when it deserves it.” Everything I wrote is correct. I volunteered in 1970. So, you are completely uninformed about me and Iraq.

  • Leo Klaudi

    Well put Airman Kolfage! Barry O is a genuine dirtbag.

    • TEK Aliance

      Because somebody told you so.

      • DGJC

        Absolutely! After all, it’s not like those beguiled by repetitions of “hope” and “change” and Styrofoam Greek columns are easily-led, right?

        • TEK Aliance

          Which of Reagan’s campaign themes are you referring to?

  • Denise

    “Abraham believed God and that was accounted to him for righteousness.” Abraham never started a “religion.” Abraham walked with God, and it was Moses who received the Torah.
    Abraham was the father to Ishmael, and to Isaac, as well as other children. It is through Isaac’s seed, then through Jacob’s, and so on through David, and ultimately through Yeshua, that the Jewish line was established. This lineage has nothing to do whatsoever with Islam, or their lying prophet, Muhammad..
    Ishmael, the sons of Lot, and Esau, became the eventual progenitors of Islam. The link to Abraham is only through Ishmael, it is a blood link, not a theological one. Ismael and Isaac went their own ways. Abraham never fathered a religion.
    This is the last exchange that I will have with you. You are intellectually dishonest, and I refuse to continue to engage in a discourse that in any way attempts to validate Islam. It is satanic! Period!

    • TEK Aliance

      Nothing worse than a chick who has spent a some nights with a Gideon’s bible. I didn’t say that Abe started a religion. He is recognized within a tradition that preceded him, like Abe Lincoln reformed the republic, like it or not.. What did the prophet lie about? Inquiring minds are kinda curious. You are proposing all out war, after all.

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