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Poor Old Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky


Monica you were nothing to Bill and Bill was nothing to you.

He was the invention of your fame.


He was your notoriety and your rising from the Dead Sea

Like someone who was more than what she was

As Bill lapped salt with his tongue

And you floated to the surface of accidental fame.


You are jumping into the papers again like a Mexican bean.

You don’t exist.

You are an extension of Clinton’s legacy.

When you are separated from him you are not there.


clinton-lewinskyYou are the woman who fell into flashbulbs when her picture

Was invisible.


You want to be resurrected in Vanity Fair

But to come back you have to have first been here and

You never really existed.


You are the negative of film that was never placed

In the camera.


Hillary is running for president on the hem of your blue dress.

She won’t admit to having been involved in its manufacture.

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About the author

David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

  • seeymour kleerly

    Conservatives concentrated and obsessed about Clinton and this women to a disturbing degree forcing only the second IMPEACHMENT in American history.

    • Blessings

      What’s disturbing is an older Man, a president, had an affair with a young intern, then lied about it… Then he and his wife, the first Lady, destroyed her life along with the media… I guess that’s okay with you as your morals are twisted anyway! As Monica has chosen to come out with her side of the story.. .Her business, not your’s or anyone’s whatsoever!

      • seeymour kleerly

        I don’t condone his behavior but it wasn’t not even close to a threat to the republic and worthy of more than a censure! 70% of America agrees with me that Impeachment was Ridiculous and hurt America! What happens when Republicans are asked if they cheated on their wives, since many do?

        • NoCrud

          Impeachment proves and documents that We the People do not agree with something that is going on at the highest levels of government.

          Leftroids want to put down the Impeachment process because they know there is cause for impeaching The Obamaroid and they are desperate to make sure it does not happen with him. Why, just think of all the dirt that could emerge from impeaching this impostor who said he was going to be “the most transparent president in history.” Ha

          • seeymour kleerlyj

            Impeachment is now just a Republican tool and will backfire 100%.

          • seeymour kleerly

            That impeachment is only proof or a Right Wing hysterical over Clinton since day one. Worse is that they’ll do again if they could! What Patriots!

        • Webb

          The Highest Office in the Land….Clinton Disgraced IT By His Actions!

        • Blessings

          You mean 70% of liberals agreed! To answer your question on cheating, I cant think of one sitting Republican President that did this. However some democrats come to mind! The most despicable who wasn’t a president, was Edward.. Hes wife was dying of Cancer..

          • seeymour kleerly

            70% of ALL America were against Impeachment! Gingirich, Hyde, Livingston, Barr, all involved in the Impeachment were found to be Cheaters in court records. Ginrich’s wife was given divorce papers while suffering cancer in the hospital!!! Hypocrisy, no? The list grows every week.

  • bsfurg

    Monica must have meant something at the time for Bill to put his whole presidency in the limelight. So dont put all of the blaime on Monica who was 20 and Bill was in his 50s.. thats not sayming much for Bill at the time was it? Is that the way for a P> to act? but then if the Dems do it its ok but if the GOP and done it then it would have been the end of that person…Bill got off easy.. and Hillary has been thru it what3 times before

  • WrinkledThought

    Kids grow up so fast. Seems like yesterday Monica was crawling around on her hands and knees putting things in her mouth.

  • Eaglerock

    Billy Boy Clinton, just like his lying wife.
    “I did not have sex with that womnen .. . Miss Lewinsky.” yeah, right.

    • seeymour kleerly

      Was that worse than the Iraq War?

      • NoCrud

        Was that worse than being a Hack Troll for the Left? You should know…

        • seeymour kleerly

          I’m here out of love for my country, but I’ll admit it’s also an ego trip debating with Righties!

  • PatCindyCunningham

    I believe that this Woman was approached by Vanity Fair to do this article and that the Clinton’s instigated it. This poor Girl is guilty of home wrecking but, probably nothing more. We all know what a predator Bill Clinton was or is.

    A young naive Girl with the President of the United States? She didn’t have a chance. Then of course others tried to make her a celebrity and that was a horrible mistake. Once they tired of her they cast her away like garbage. Just another toy of the elitist Liberals.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      The global elites of the devil loved what Slick Willy did: he convinced a whole generation of youth that it was OK to lie and that oral sex is not sex so that American youth would engage in both behaviors endlessly, to their spiritual demise. Tell me Satan isn’t real…

    • violater1

      Naive? Give me a break paleease! She was more like hoping for advancement you know like movie stars do to get to the top when fledglings! Perhaps she had no medical talents and knew she could never work for hospital circumcision surgery with a chance to make 3 skins a day with the possibility to get a head? But she knew she might get ahead with a bit of performance that ranked right up there with slick dick willie!
      Be for real she is riding her performance all the way to the bank! No different than a prostitute at work with her daily job performances!

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Maybe! We will never know that. Of course there is Bill Clinton, a known Predator. Now a days, I would agree. More and more Women are using their bodies and sexuality to get ahead. Pardon the pun.

    • NoCrud

      Most of what you say makes good sense. But the “home wrecking” part is a bit shaky but not for what it should have meant to an honest and good family, but because the Clintoons did not really have a home life.

      Most who have studied the Clinton’s past together have concluded that the marriage was not one of “convenience” as much as of “Political Expediency.”

      I also remember a “story” about Bill and Hillary when he was president and they stopped at a traffic light in Little Rock. Hillary looked at a gas station and said, “I know that guy pumping gas there. I had a date with him in college.”

      Bill slapped the steering wheel, laughed and said, “And if you married him, you’d be married to a gas jockey.”

      Hillary replied, “No, if I had married him, he’d be the president.”

      • PatCindyCunningham

        I was in my 20’s in the 70’s. I had a lot of fun accept the part where my health is not so good. I was drunk at a bar and was picked up by a young lady. We went out to my car and you may guess the rest. Afterward she told me she was married and they both did these things. I felt like a fool. I kind of imagine Bill & Hillary like that couple. Of course, I wasn’t President material.

  • Liberty Bell

    She must be out of money!!

    • NoCrud

      It was more like HilLIARy’s people getting in touch with Vanity Fair and saying, “You know what? It would be a good time to revisit Monica Lewinski and her ‘meetings’ with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.”

      Obfuscation: It’s the political thing to do for the Left.

  • Liberty Bell

    While all this was in the media,what was the Clintons doing? It was all a distraction!

    • NoCrud

      You are right. The Obamaroid uses distraction per Rahm Emackerel’s “never let a good crisis go to waste” and now the distraction is from HilLIARy being under fire because of Benghazi.

      They are willing to bring up Monica and her Oval Office “fun” with Bubba to give the Media something to talk about other than Benghazi.

      They will try every other trick imaginable, to distract and divert attention from Benghazi, the closer they come to finding the real truth behind Benghazi. Before, this obfuscation was more the preferred tactic of Da Prez but it has obviously now spread to other Dimocrats.

  • Liberty Bell
    • NoCrud

      What a rich website! Thanks — bookmarked…

  • mwl

    Come on give Monica “The Hoover” Lewisnski a break. She could have easily been in advertisement for the vacuum company or a good cigar. The knee pad companies could have made millions from her face on them. Ball Park franks another opportunity for her new found fame…
    Bill is well versed on his sexual escapades and it doesnt matter with whom or it. Lewinski’s it was her mouth. She was ensuring a ride to the top.
    Oh in response to the $50 bill claim. bill didnt need the fifty and lewinski is still tasting her fame.
    Both of them are nothing more than gutter people. And both got what they deserved, and history will always confirm that.

  • NoCrud

    This author has many good articles but this one is lame compared to the others I’ve read.

    Her “fame” was not a result of Bill Clintoon, it was a result of people wanting to see Bubba take a hit after knowing his bent for hunkering down on women he considered weaker than he is.

    What gave her “fame” was the Main Sham Media knowing that it was a good mix of the prurient and that if they related it to the First Pervert in the White House, it would make good copy to pass on to viewers/readers. In this case, the Mediaroids were going to “make it bleed” so they could lead with it.

    Who knows what Monica could have become without the Media linking her with Clintoon? Once she was tainted by him, there was nothing more desirable for the Media to do than just mention her name like they do with McCarthy and McCarthyism. (And McCarthy WAS right, after all…!).

    Considering all the others who were literally and factually destroyed by their posing a threat to the Clintons, I just hope that Monica has made provisions for either a strong bodyguard team around her or, if not, has made plans for life beyond this one.

  • KingofBeers

    I’ve said this before, but here’s what really bothers me about the Monica mess…

    The republicans tried desperately to bring Clinton down, so a civil court case was allowed to proceed against a sitting president. (Jones v Clinton). If not for this civil case, we probably never would’ve heard about Monica. All members of congress, all Supreme Court justices, and even a grunt private in the military, are allowed to delay civil trials while in service for their nation. This is all Clinton asked for…a delay in the civil trial. But republicans screamed, “No one’s above the law!” So the single most important man in the free world has to forgo his duties to face charges in civil court?!

    This set a very dangerous precedent for all future presidents, but I don’t expect any right wing supporters to understand this point.

    • NoCrud

      Twisted Logic…

      • KingofBeers

        Only because you refuse to see the bigger picture, allowing our president to have his focus on his elected duties, or to have endless civil court cases filed against him, which takes him away from his elected duties? Again, all he asked for was a stay, meaning a delay in the proceedings, but republicans, in their obscene lust for power, wouldn’t hear of it. It was then I knew republicans did not have the best interests of our nation at heart.

        • NoCrud

          I do not “refuse to see the bigger picture” and you assume grossly in error to have such a “bigger picture.”

          Now, why don’t you go into some detail as to the Pros & Cons of OJ Simpson’s going to Civil Court and THEN going to jail because of it. Want to say that should not have happened, either?


          • KingofBeers

            Read Vincent Bugliosi’s excellent book, “Outrage,” about the OJ trial. And people don’t go to jail for civil matters. OJ is in jail for pulling a gun in a hotel room and stealing back memorabilia.


    • Blessings

      He didn’t care about his duty’s while hiding Monica under his desk, while on the phone talking Military strategy with his zipper down, did he..

      You make excuses for everyone, liberal that is…

      • NoCrud

        A decent comment… Thanks.

        At first, Disgus balled up and had your comment attributed to someone else. Or, maybe you changed your screen name and “personality.”

      • KingofBeers

        You don’t get it..I’m not making excuses for Clinton’s behavior, I’m appalled at the idea that our president, any president, should be dragged into civil court!

        Excuse me for repeating this, but suppose I live next to Bush in Crawford, TX, and I believe he put a fence on my property? Should one individual take precedent over all the American people to have our leader focused on his duties, or should I be able to drag him into civil court, say on 9/11. After all, no one’s above the law, right?

        • Blessings

          Kingofbeer, you’re kidding me..
          So, let me ask you, when would it have been a convenient time?

          • KingofBeers

            After our president is out of office. After all, Paula Jones only brought forward her civil case because she needed money, and she was approached by right wing people who persuaded her, almost after the statute of limitations had passed….which is something like 10 years!? If not for the civil trial we probably wouldn’t have heard of Monica. No president should be placed under oath over civil matters. The job is too important to have our president’s attention diverted.

        • SandraJ

          Christians are being silenced by single individuals every day, and the minority is making rules more than ever. If you do wrong, you pay the price. Do you really think Clinton focused on his duties?

    • Webb

      “No One’s Above The Law”…….That Phrase Should Come From All Voices, Democrat Or Republican……Especially When Our Highest Office In this Country is Disgraced By A Sitting President…..Regardless Of Party!

      • KingofBeers

        I didn’t expect you to understand. Clinton never said he was above the law, he merely asked for a delay in the civil trial, something every single member of congress enjoys, but the single most important man in the world doesn’t have this same right? Civil trials are delayed every day in every court room in our nation!

        • Webb

          Beers….You know lf a republican had been president…the Democrats would have done Exactly the Same!

  • NoCrud

    A good topic for consideration and discussion is regarding the many women who were political threats to the Clintoons and how they were literally destroyed. That I know of, there was one that had a somewhat mysterious death come her way, also.

    The bodies in the wake of the Clintoons is a wake-up call for people. And considering how Bubba is still an “advisor” to the Present (what he answered most when in the State Senate and in the Senate in Washington) and that he still is in the pocket of the “Elect Hillary movement,” it becomes significant enough to remember.

    Monica had best be watching her back.

  • ABBAsFernando

    Monica was used by Bill and abused by Hillary!

  • Stein Franken

    Who wrote this piece of c–p? David Lawrence may have a Ph.D. in literature but this piece was awful.

    • SandraJ

      Great writing! More writers should be this succinct and they’d have more exposure because people would read it!

      • seeymour kleerly

        That’s why Righties are considered dumb as posts!

  • Bob

    Most folks with PHD’s lack what is called “common sense”.
    Klinton was a dirty old man who took advantage of a naivete young woman who had loose morals. That is pretty much the end of the story! And to those of you who say “well, it doesn’t affect his job performance” I have the following question for you. If your SPOUSE can NOT TRUST you, then how can the American voter/ citizen?

    Wake up and smell the coffee folks.

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