College Student Attacks Christians – Liberal Media is Silent

In a newly released video from Arizona State we see a student become enraged at the free expression of beliefs by a couple of older gentlemen. The video begins with the student screeching hatred at the protesters and very quickly escalates from there. Almost immediately the student turns to violence as he rushes the Christian protester and begins pushing and hitting him. Fortunately for the protesters, someone was recording the entire event.

(Be forewarned there is some profanity from the angry attacker.)

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This is just small example of the kind of mentality we are dealing with in today’s America, folks. The student himself sums up the entire episode near the end of the short video.

He says, “It’s Hate Speech, it’s Provoked Assault!”

Irony of ironies.

The student is the one who began the attack and he dares to claim that simply holding a sign or saying the things that you believe about a subject are themselves “provoked assault”? It’s incredible the lengths that the liberal mind will go to in an effort to justify their horrendous behavior and contradictory beliefs. The mental gymnastics that this young man must have to go through in his mind to believe that screaming obscenities, hatred and vitriol at someone is not hate speech — and that physically attacking them is not assault — but a lone man, holding a sign and calmly speaking what he believes, that is both hate speech and assault?

quiet free speechIs your mind blown yet?

Sadly for us, this is happening all over the country. Colleges and Universities, once the forum for thoughtful debate and disagreement, have become one sided propaganda peddlers. Anyone outside of the mainstream liberal ideology does not deserve to be heard – they don’t even deserve to THINK as they want.

Consider that Condoleezza Rice, former provost of Stanford University and a brilliant academic, drew protests from the faculty and student body of Rutgers University when they heard she would be their commencement speaker. Why? Because her politics were outside of “mainstream beliefs”! Rice is a former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor! Rice is a moderate-liberal Republican! And somehow she is out of the mainstream? Imagine if Rutgers had invited Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Rick Perry to speak – there would have been an outrageous clamoring against these men… and these are serious candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Does that seem sane to you? It’s not.

We conservatives don’t demand that liberals not be allowed to speak at events. We conservatives don’t boycott companies or schools when they share the interests or influence of a politicians we don’t agree with. No, we speak out when someone like the terrorist Bill Ayers is honored by academia. Or liberal groups persecute conservative people simply for being conservative. Anyone remember Chik-fil-A and the attacks on the Cathy family for being Christians?

The only reason we haven’t yet succumbed to a society where our beliefs and ideas are completely drowned out is that conservatives are the majority… even still. That’s why liberals can seem to be in complete control, yet they cannot force our nation at large to bend to their disgusting will.

Make no mistake – liberals want to demolish free speech. The only “free speech” in the liberal America is the speech that is politically correct, and what is politically correct will be decided by fringe leftist groups who are willing to wage guerilla warfare on everyone else. In a liberal America conservatives don’t have a “right” to free speech. We won’t even have a right to “free” thought.

If more conservatives don’t get involved in the ongoing culture war (and there is a culture war – the field of battle may be different than the one from previous generations, but the war is still here) then we can’t win. We are the majority and its time we started acting like it.

Freedom of speech must remain sacrosanct. Majority. Minority. Everyone must have the right to free thought and free speech. Even when it is offensive. Especially when it is offensive.

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