Ridiculous Reasons Republicans are Called Racist

Racism is an affront to God and should be an affront to all of us. Humans were created in God’s image and so any hatred based on our appearance (which none of us can control) is not just irrational, but a literal slap in the face of God. He made us just as He planned.

Even so, many Americans (and people the world over) are racist. Whether openly and loudly or quietly and only in the darkest places of their hearts.

This reality is what makes the modern debate on race so dangerous. Racism is real and should be treated as such – because it is only by honestly facing and fighting racism that we have any hope of ending it.

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But liberals and the Democrat Party in particular don’t want a real discussion about racism. They just want to win elections and power. Which is why the discussion on racism has devolved so tragically.

Need proof that the left has fallen into ridiculousness when it comes to racism? Let me provide some evidence…

Republicans are Racist if they don’t like Mexican Food. Seriously.

Political Humorist Mark Dice has been using his camera to show the logic of liberals for years now, but this may be the most egregious example of stupidity he has ever recorded. Not liking Mexican food as proof of racism… oh boy.

The second example also comes from California where a more serious situation has been unfolding for a few years.

cincoBack in 2010 a California school district decided that students could not wear American flag t-shirts during the Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the district, effectively telling Americans that their flag was too controversial to be worn in American schools. The case went to court and recently a panel of judges decided that the school was within its rights to ban the American flag shirt. This year a group of concerned and upset parents from the district decided to protest the decision by the district and the courts. They gathered together to wave American flags outside of the school on Cinco de Mayo.

Apparently, waving the American flag has now become a racist action… according to Twitter.

“What’s wrong with these white people holding up American flags in Morgan hill??? Racist a–holes,” wrote Gia Lee in a feed monitored by Twitchy.

Twitchy caught Davey D blasting the patriots: “Shout out to the racist a– adults, so-called patriots who are posted up at Live Oak HS in Morgan Hill protesting Cinco de Mayo #idiots.”

“The Gilroy Morgan Hill Patriots … what a bunch of racist d–k-heads!! I think they may be part owners of the LA Clippers. #racist,” wrote Jorge P. Gonzalez.

“Hey folks in Morgan Hill. You have some racist neighbors. You need to check those tea party a–holes,” said Al_Bondigas.

“F— your American flag. Racist as f—s. I’ll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one,” wrote Ivan Mora.

WWII is proof that certain forms of national pride can lead to xenophobia and racism. However, in this situation the students wishing to wear the American flag on Cinco de Mayo threatened no violence and no ill will. Quite the contrary, it was their opponents who threatened violence and actions which caused the school district to step in.

liberal-progressives-shout-racismLawyers from the American Freedom and Law Center had this to say.

AFLC’s Robert Muise noted: “Not only is the panel decision wrong as a matter of Supreme Court precedent, the decision affirms a dangerous lesson by rewarding student[s] [who] resort to disruption rather than reason as the default means of resolving disputes. The school district’s proper response should be to educate the audience rather than silence the speaker.”

It was pointed out that only violence from “Mexican” students was feared, not violence by those wearing the U.S. flag.

David Yerushalmi, also of AFLC, said the panel “reasoned that because the ‘Mexican’ students were not ‘targeted for violence,’ they were permitted to express their message.”

“Yet, because school officials perceived that the same ‘Mexican’ students might react adversely to the pro-America students, the latter group’s speech – wearing an American flag T-shirt for goodness sakes – should be silenced. This not only creates perverse incentives for student hecklers; it ultimately turns the First Amendment on its head,” he said.

The attorneys noted: “The panel went so far as to compare the wearing of American flag images with the wearing of the Confederate flag – an arguable symbol of racism – and to liken relations between ‘American’ and ‘Mexican’ youth in an American school – a distinction not clearly apparent on this record in that it is unclear whether the students referred to as ‘Mexicans’ were citizens of Mexico or of the United States – with racial tensions between white and black students.

“Of course, plaintiffs had a constitutional right to wear shirts bearing the American flag on their public school campus, even on Cinco de Mayo or any other holiday and regardless of the expression of ethnic pride asserted by people aligned with another culture. The obvious and odious premise underlying the panel’s opinion is that the American flag is a symbol of racial animus – an inherently flawed premise,” they argued.

The problem with seeing racism everywhere is that we miss the real examples of racism when they stare us in the face. There is a conversation on racism that needs to take place in America today. But there are racists on both sides of the political spectrum and with various shades of skin color. The simplistic and sadistic view of modern liberals on racism is making racism worse and keeping us from really putting an end to it.

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