Smoking Gun Proof – the Obama Administration is a FAILURE

DUDE…it won’t be two years until this coming September 11. How quickly you wish we’d forget.

Did you see this guy with Brett  B.on Fox? He looked like Howdy Doody’s little brother …or grandson. I kept trying to see the wires and strings being pulled by someone above the camera’s view. His explanation of the “smokin’ gun” email explaining Benghazi was expected.  The “smokin’ gun” email came from some policy wonk/traitor in the White House. Howdy’s explanation of the Benghazi and the “smokin’ gun” email was a slight variation on “Leave ’em Behind” Hillary’s explanation for the entire incident and compete failure of State and the Administration to intercede in the six hour ordeal, involving torture, an electric cattle prod, burning buildings, RPGs, assault rifles, sodomization of dead and dying Americans (apparently, SOP for Islamic Libyan terrorists …ask Ghadaffi) and an American president more intent on getting his beauty sleep in preparation for a fund raiser in Las Vegas the following day than the fate of four Americans (one being the American ambassador to Libya). Oh, yes, I got so engrossed in that last sentence I forgot to quote Old Leave ‘Em Behind Hillary by saying …no…shouting …”What does it matter?” Exactly. Particularly with an election pending in less than a month. (I’ve often noticed when an argument is failing to persuade the person making the argument frequently starts shouting. But increasing the volume does not increase the logic and clarity of the argument. When Hillary started shouting, she gave away the farm.

5-5-2014Enough testimony under Issa has emerged from the slimy pit of DC that we now know much more than we did back when the simpletons leading us and the Kool-Aidees among us were trotting out that silly story about some “reprehensible” utube video/movie (unseen by everyone) causing Islamic people everywhere to riot. Apparently, young Islamic men who are constantly toting Kalishnikovs and RPGs are very susceptible to knee-jerk rioting if some poor schmoe makes a movie, which earns nothing at the box office (unless you count jail time for the guy who was producer/director/writer/composer/grip/casting guy/continuity person/story board artist/graphics editor/art director). Considering the fact no one ever seems to have seen the movie…it must be one of the most noteworthy movies ever (based on its impact on the world…or at least the two or three hundred Islamic young men who happened to be just hanging out draped with AK-47s, rocket propelled grenades and plenty of ammo in Benghazi that night). Wow…if some cop is behind in his quota for arrests and a “reprehensible movie’ is grounds for arrest…the cop should attend the Academy awards. And bring several paddy wagons.

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I read an article recently about the new career path in colleges being “resume pumping” and aiming low for a job in government. You can retire early and get a huge pension way above the pensions available in private industry for the same work. But, that’s a bad comparison. In private industry you get a lower salary, smaller pension, can get sacked for moral turpitude, plus you have to PRODUCE! Horrible comparison! (And don’t get mad …because I do not say this describes policemen, our military, firemen or (some) public school teachers. Those people PRODUCE.) But this seems to be the trend in colleges. The mediocre are encouraged to pursue meaningless government careers in which they have no fear of job loss or lay-offs…and the potential for some real fun harassing American citizens who have the temerity to work for a living and maybe create businesses where other Americans get hired.

obama_dunceThink about it. If you got hired at Energy when it was created by Carter (WPE2), with your sole purpose and job description being to “End America’s Dependence on Foreign Oil” you would be ready to retire and cash in on that big pension now. And how stressful could your job have been considering how the Department now has thousands of employees and private contractors, whose main job seems to be blocking domestic oil production while large tracts of the American mainland is sitting atop bigger oil reserves than the rest of the world combined (although I confess I don’t know how they estimate such things). It’s unarguable that the US is further from oil independence now that under WPE2. So the job was meaningless. How stressful could it have been?

So this is how we explain the existence of the Howdy Doody guy on Fox who said, “Dude…blah, blah….” He has a limited vocabulary, wears too much make-up, looks like he probably got a lot of “swirlies” in the gym class locker room, can’t even seem hip when he uses gym class locker room jargon, feels nothing for those four Benghazi Americans, probably has a Harvard degree and can’t read a calendar.

At least he inadvertently told us something about the Benghazi incident that we all already knew or suspected. The Prez was not in the Situation Room while those four Americans were being killed and tortured. The Prez was AWOL from the Situation Room for each of the six hours our fellow Americans were being tortured and murdered and their bodies desecrated.

Have you considered that the two retired Navy Seals (possibly the only guys shooting back) killed sixty, or more, enemy combatants. At least that many were still laying around later when the bodies were counted. There were probably many more terrorist dead. Two Seals dead, versus at least sixty pieces of human terrorist refuse.  The Seals simply ran out of bullets or they would still be there shooting. Their barrels would have melted. And Obama and “Leave ‘Em Behind” Hillary would still be dithering. And casting about for some other explanation for the (non-terrorist) attack, since the “Reprehensible Utube” excuse would have melted in the sun long ago. The Seals were tough, courageous, honorable and unwilling to allow the murder of an American ambassador. They were all the things the President and Secretary of State were/are not.

My only question, after seeing Howdy Doody’s grandson’s performance on Fox is why was a dweeb like him even allowed in the Situation Room? His presence tells us that even a geek like the Prez should have been allowed in the SR. And if Howdy III was there, why wasn’t Obama?

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Stephen Bowers

I am an attorney in Las Vegas who has always wanted to draw political cartoons, partly because I like drawing, but mostly because I enjoy ridiculing pompous know-nothings. Verbally debating them gets nowhere. They don't know they're beaten. But poking fun at them in a drawing leaves them without recourse or rebuttal. What can they do...? Call me names, whine, cuss me ... or maybe draw a witty riposte? Unlikely.
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