Disgusting Liberal Says “F *** You, Move the F*** On” About Benghazi

The Young Turks have gained fame in liberal circles for their frank (and often profanity laced) liberal perspective on politics. They are not looking to make friends with their style of confrontational and in your face opinion making. There are not many conservatives who will take the time to listen to what the Young Turks are saying, but in all honesty, they’re not trying to win converts – they’re preaching to the liberal choir.

Half of the Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, may have gone too far this time though. In an expletive filled rant, he demanded that Republicans “Move the F*** on” from Benghazi. Saying that while he too thought the administration had fudged and done wrong on Benghazi, Republicans had many more crimes to answer for… so they should just move on.

(Warning: foul language ahead)

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I didn’t realize that this was a game of tit for tat. That if Republicans do something wrong then Democrats should get a free pass when they do something wrong. I didn’t realize this was how politics was supposed to work.

The reason we won’t move on Cenk is that the administration is still actively lying to us about the Benghazi scandal. They allowed four Americans to be murdered, likely to cover up illegal gun running by the CIA, and then they lied and blamed an innocent American citizen for the entire debacle.

The difference between us, Cenk, is that we believe everyone should be held accountable for their actions. Everyone should receive equal treatment under the law. For years we heard liberals in the news telling us that the Bush administration lied to us about why we were going to war in Iraq, yet never did they offer any proof. Even today, the drum beat of Bush being a Liar marches on… though the Left’s favorite new faux-Republican Collin Powell continues to say that they acted on the intelligence they had.

Benghazi4Liberals are constantly playing these games of false equivalency. Notice Uygur’s comments “How about the f***ing nearly 3000 people who died under your f***ing watch?” It’s just an attempt to change the discussion. To divert attention away from the Obama administration’s terrible governing, in hopes of getting people to forget how massively mismanaged our current government is.

Cenk Uygur is crass, but there are things we agree on. He hits the Obama administration for their stance on net neutrality. He clobbers them for the warrantless wiretapping of every American, a crime which would get anyone else thrown in prison for YEARS. He also hits the administration for their unfettered use of drones and their willingness to kill Americans without giving them their day in court. But even as he mentions all these things – Uygur is simply working to distract people from just how bad Obama really is.

See, Uygur knows that while liberals may be angry about certain Obama policies, they will never dessert his camp. But a debacle like the Benghazi scandal has the energy to do much worse to Obama (and Democrats and liberals too) than any of the above problems. Because the Benghazi scandal reveals several things all at once. First, the Obama administration is willing to lie to protect themselves. So they are untrustworthy. Second, they completely bungled an operation on both a foreign policy and domestic policy front. So they are incompetent. Third, when pressed, they attempted to throw blame and an innocent American. So they could turn on the rest of us at any second. Fourth, they cared nothing about the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, as seen in Hillary Clinton’s callous statement “What difference does it make?” Their indifference could also be heard when the President himself declared the Benghazi murders “bumps in the road.” So the Obama administration is unconcerned with the cares of the American people – if four deaths and their attempt to frame another American are any evidence, the Obama administration doesn’t have any concern for the average American citizen.

You see, dear reader, the Benghazi scandal is the perfect analogy of the Obama administration. Every single action the administration takes is ALWAYS the wrong one. They are hapless. They are feeble. They are detestable. They are foolish.

The Obama administration and its tenure in office has been one long smorgasbord of horrible… and that is what Cenk Uygur is trying to distract you (and the rest of America) from.



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