60 Girls Escape Muslim Kidnappers!

We’ve documented the horrors of Boko Haram and the many crimes that they’ve committed. (You can see it here, here and here.)

Everything we’ve ever said about Boko Haram has been about their heinous activities… but now we have some good news to bring from Nigeria.

Sixty brave women have escaped the clutches of these Muslim Monsters and may soon be back with their families. The Nigerian government had thus far been impotent to help return the girls to their homes, but they inadvertently accomplished the task when they were able to distract Boko Haram with combat.

More than 60 women and girls abducted by suspected Boko Haram militants have escaped their captors, Agence France-Presse reported Sunday. They were among the girls abducted in June near the town of Damboa in northeastern Nigeria.

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The girls took the opportunity to escape Friday when their captors were away fighting. “They took the bold step when their abductors moved out to carry out an operation,” local vigilante Abbas Gava said.

girlsislamThe Nigerian government has confirmed that more than 60 girls have returned home “safely” and they have also taken credit for killing at least 50 Boko Haram terrorist fighters. While I am ecstatic to learn that some of the more than 200 kidnapped girls have made it home… I can’t help but wonder if the Nigerian government is being less than honest about everything that has happened.

They have faced tremendous scrutiny since the girls were kidnapped, and many have openly wondered if the government actually had the wherewithal to protect their people. If everything has transpired the way that the government claims… then where are the other girls? Why didn’t the military follow the terrorists back to their camp? Why didn’t all of the girls escape? There are many more similar questions that need to be asked.

Perhaps the government of Nigeria is being completely forthcoming and perhaps they’re not… the bigger issue is the simple fact that Boko Haram exists at all.

And not just Boko Haram, but any of the hundreds of Islamic terrorist organizations that are so freely operating throughout the Islamic world. Can anyone think of any other religion on this planet with thousands (perhaps Millions) of adherents who are actively working to kill as many innocent people as they can? If Muslim terrorism is not “true” Islam… then “real” Muslims (and the nations they live in) should be doing more to stop the scourge of Islamic terrorism.

Stopping Boko Haram would be a start… but it would barely be scratching the surface of the work that would still need to be done. We must cut out Islamic terrorism from its roots – we must destroy the very philosophy and culture that allows it to exist. To do that we need help from the “non” extreme Muslim world. But are they willing to lend the help we need?

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