5D Chess? Trump to Allegedly Allow Citizenship for 1.8 Million Illegals

Is President Donald Trump playing 5D chess (formally known as 4D chess) with illegal immigrants?

I sure hope he has something up his sleeve as reports flood out about the White House endorsing 1.8 million illegal immigrants, AKA Dreamers, for U.S. citizenship. An immigration plan is set to be released next week according to officials.

In exchange for the amnesty that appears to be coming, Trumps is seeking $25 billion in order to build our much needed border wall.

Could this be an answer to our biggest problems? Legalize the ones that are here instead of spending time and money to deport them and then work harder to keep future criminals out?

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The Hill reports: 

Officials who described the plan to reporters framed it as Congress’s best chance to pass a fix for immigrants who benefit from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which Trump terminated last year.

The White House is urging the Senate to draw up legislation based on the plan and introduce it the week of Feb. 5, days before government funding is set to expire, though officials said they do not have an assurance it will be brought up.

“This truly represents a bipartisan compromise position,” an official said,  “We have no doubt that if this legislation were brought to the floor, it would easily garner 60 votes.”

The official said Congress failed to pass immigration overhauls in the past because lawmakers considered legislation that was too big in scope and only represented “the most liberal sections of both parties.”

Under the proposal, immigrants who are covered by DACA or those who are eligible but did not apply can apply for legal status if they meet certain work and education requirements that would be spelled out by Congress.

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