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Police Beat Defenseless Man

In what is becoming a sad recurring situation, we’ve had reports of more police brutality out of South Florida.

Back in February, 50-year-old David Gonzalez was intoxicated and bothering the attendants at a local gas station. The attendant called the local police and asked for some assistance; when they arrived he asked them to give the drunk man a trespass warning. Things got a bit more “violent” than the attendant expected…

Look, I have no desire to beat up on the police. They have a hard job and most of them do their best to serve the public interest. But we’ve had a few instances lately of the police lying to cover-up their misdeeds.

According to the deputies reports, Gonzalez was under the influence of alcohol and “acting very belligerent” towards them.

At one point, according to the complaint affidavit, Gonzalez raised his hand and lunged at the deputy while screaming profanities before resisting arrest.

Gonzalez was forced to the ground, according to the report, in order to secure handcuffs.

According to an arrest affidavit, Gonzalez was also combative with fire rescue and medical staff and had to be sedated because of his “belligerent and violent” actions.

It’s clear by watching the surveillance video that Gonzalez was not “belligerent or violent.” Gonzalez does raise his arm before the police officer viciously attacks him and throws him to the ground face first.

David-GonzalezThe officer’s story just does not match the video of the encounter. In the news report we learn a few more facts too. The police claimed to have put Mr. Gonzalez against a wall in an attempt to handcuff him, but he was just too violent. If you’ll notice from the video — that never happens. It’s obvious the officers falsified their report in an attempt to cover their actions, but they didn’t realize that the store had surveillance cameras.

An eyewitness also disputes the “official” police account. “He didn’t fight back he didn’t resist or anything he was drunk almost unable to stand up on his own so they beat him up pretty bad for no reason.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this officer has gotten into a bit of trouble for being overly “aggressive” with other people.

This incident happened just three months after BSO shelled out $350,000 to settle a federal lawsuit involving Deputy Lambert, who allegedly beat and abused another Broward citizen.

Federal Documents obtained by CBS4 allege Deputy Lambert of “striking, pummeling and pounding” a party host while responding to a noise complaint in Dania Beach back in 2009.

Deputy Lambert ended up back on the streets, now embroiled in another internal investigation involving force. BSO says they are currently looking into why Lambert was allowed back on duty after that case.

Hopefully, other officers will read this story and use it as a cautionary tale.


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