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Mexican Military Repeatedly Invades the USA – Obama Does Nothing

In a disgusting display of ambivalence for the rights, freedom and safety of American citizens, President Barack Obama and the federal government in Washington, D.C. have allowed the Mexican military to invade the United States countless times.

You read that right – the Mexican military has invaded the United States at least 300 times in the last 18 years!

Residents along the border with Mexico have reported dozens, even hundreds of incursions by Mexican troops on to American soil. There have even been reports of Mexican soldiers drawing down on American Border Patrol and federal agents, as well as your average American citizen.

Just a few months ago, soldiers from a Mexican Army outpost on Arizona’s border opened fire on a young Tuscon man who was visiting family in an Arizona border town. He was shot in the arm and the side and spent a few weeks recuperating at the University of Arizona Medical Center and now owes almost $50,000 in medical bills.

mexicoA couple of months before the young man was shot, soldiers from the same outpost drew their weapons on a border patrol agent on American soil.

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) revealed details of the January encounter between soldiers from this base and the Border Patrol. In a letter to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Coburn said a lone agent encountered two Mexican soldiers 50 yards inside the U.S. The agent and the soldiers drew their weapons; the soldiers carried G-3 rifles.

In 2006 another border resident, Mr. Ronald Ayers, said that a Mexican Army helicopter crossed the border and landed in his yard. “A helicopter flew very low. Flew around behind the barn, landed and then several men got out all clad in black with masks over their face and body armor, carrying what looked to be full automatic weapons.” Sadly, since Mr. Ayers reported the incident he’s heard nothing back from the authorities about what is to be done.

That seems to be the common theme with the government’s response to these events. President Obama and his cronies do and say NOTHING. Even when a Senator gets involved… nothing seems to happen.

Sen. Coburn ordered the Homeland Security Department to produce answers into the Mexican Army incursion by early February. A senior senate aide tells KVOA News 4, as of this week, the agency hasn’t responded to the senator’s demand.

Silence and inaction seem to be par for the course in the Obama administration.

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