President Trump’s Approval Ratings Defy Media Smears

Donald Trump’s approval ratings are comparable to (better than?) Obama’s and Reagan’s at this point in their Presidencies.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Donald Trump’s approval ratings are higher than Obama’s or Reagan’s at this point in their administations: 45 percent for Trump, whereas Obama and Reagan were both at 44 percent. That’s according to a Fox poll. According to Rasmussen, as Gateway reported, Trump’s approval rating is 47 percent while Obama’s was 46 percent.

So that’s probably within the margin of error.

But what about the media environment? Trump’s ratings come after unrelenting attacks and smears from the media, Democrats, and even from some prominent Republicans. Obama’s ratings came while the media was working in the opposite direction.

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Howard Kurtz writes for Fox News, “A Trump jump in the polls despite the media’s gloom-and-doom portrayal.

The bleak presidential portrait painted by the media keeps getting darker:

Donald Trump is spinning out of control, calling the Mueller probe unconstitutional, claiming he can pardon himself, embracing a lawyer who says he could shoot Jim Comey and not be indicted. He is slapping tariffs on allies and launching a global trade war. He couldn’t welcome the Super Bowl champs to the White House without being divisive. He is at war with a porn star. He is accusing the press of a disinformation campaign. He insulted Canada without even knowing the details of the War of 1812.

And Time’s cover portrays him as a lordly king, besotted by “visions of absolute power.”

So how is it that Trump’s approval rating has bounced back to 45 percent in the new Fox News poll, and 44 percent in the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll?

While that’s not a fabulous number, it’s roughly where Barack Obama was for several years, and hardly the statistic you’d expect from someone on the verge of political oblivion.

One obvious answer is the economy, stupid. […]

But it goes deeper than that. Much of the public simply isn’t breathlessly following all the scandal stuff and controversies and flap-of-the-day flareups the way the press corps is. Many voters shrug off his provocations and exaggerations because they think he is delivering for them on kitchen-table issues and like his economic warfare against China. Trump has also consolidated his Republican support to a remarkable degree; except for some contrarian lawmakers and conservative pundits, he is the GOP.

After more than 16 months in office, despite the media’s hair-on-fire approach, the country is growing more accustomed to his reality-show style.

Read the entire column.

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Joe Scudder

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