On stupid – California leads the way!

California is about to become the first state to ban gender exclusive bathrooms and locker rooms in its schools. Yep, there will no longer be a “ladies only” bathroom or a “men only” bathroom in school buildings throughout the state. The restrooms will now be men or women’s preferred.

California is trying to be sensitive to that large portion of “transgender” students who are tired of being forced to use a men’s rooms simply because they have a penis. So from now on, students in California will not be kept from gender specific activities solely on the basis of their actual gender… but on the gender they feel they are. Confused? Yeah, they are too.

Here’s a partial text of the bill that explains what the legislators are seeking to accomplish:

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“…be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.”

Some Republicans in the legislature are appalled at the very fact that they were even asked to consider the bill, let alone the fact that it actually passed through the legislature. Needless to say, Senate Republicans opposed the bill strenuously with Senator Jim Nielsen pointing out to CNN, “There are youthful sex offenders… I guarantee there would be those who would use this opportunity.”

Senator Nielsen is correct, sexual activity in our nation’s schools have become epidemic. Our more liberal states have already begun enacting programs to deliver contraceptives to students as young as middle school age. Those same states use sex education and health courses to begin teaching children about sex and safe sex practices as young as elementary school age. It seems that the more “progressive” we become sexually, the worse the problem of adolescent sexual behavior becomes.

unisexrrSenator Nielsen is right, this legislation could produce a very dangerous atmosphere for California’s female students. Bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports programs will become mixed gender, and it could lead to a severe rise in sex crime among teenagers. Will students be more likely to remain silent on issues like battery, rape, or other types of abuse for fear of their classmate’s reaction? California is setting a dangerous precedent.

Senator Nielsen focuses his concern on “youthful sex offenders”, but I would widen the lens to focus on young sexually active students as well. Our schools are constantly having to deal with young couples taking liberties with each other now, when we do not carefully monitor bathrooms because it is taboo for members of the opposite sex to enter gender specific areas. Imagine how much more difficult it will become to monitor student interactions in these places when teacher cannot even question a student’s motivation for using the “wrong” facilities. If I as a teacher say, “Young man, please don’t go in to the girls restroom”, the student simply needs to say “I identify as a girl,” and they can freely enter the room. It’s a recipe for more sexual activity.

California has made a lot of mistakes, but this one could cause irreparable harm to a generation of children and their families.


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